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College Admissions - Larger Picture

More getting a deal on college
Greater Milwaukee Today,  USA - Apr 19, 2006
... Robert Shireman, executive director of the Project for Student Debt, said private colleges and public universities have been engaged in "discounting practices ...
Community College Leaders Urge Action to Ensure Higher Education ...
Yahoo! News (press release) - Apr 19, 2006
Funding Cuts Jeopardize Most Affordable, Most Accessible Entry Into College ...
Admission to elite colleges getting tougher
Kalamazoo Gazette, MI - Apr 15, 2006
There'e Kalamazoo-area kid who was accepted at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but relegated to a waiting list at Tufts University. The one accepted at Northwestern University but deferred at the University of Michigan. ...
The new college try
Boston Globe, United States - Apr 17, 2006
WHAT MAKES community colleges successful? Four-year colleges point to healthy graduation rates, but community colleges are like cities, where anyone can seek his or her fortune. Students may have families, jobs, and bills in their own names....
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Gender Gap

As number of qualified female applicants rises, college admissions ...
Daily Cardinal, WI - Apr 13, 2006
As more women apply to be undergraduates at UW-Madison, mathematically, more must receive the "thin envelopes." Recent increases in female applicants may have forced college admissions officers nation-wide to scrutinize female applicants a little more closely in fall 2005, according to a March 23 New York Times op-ed article by Jennifer Delahunty Britz. ...
The college gender gap doesn't reflect real world
University at Buffalo The Spectrum, NY - Apr 19, 2006
There has been recent talk in the news that female college students are outnumbering male college students at alarming rates (a 60-40 girl-boy ratio) and that somehow this data implies that boys have become less brainy than girls. Some college admissions officers are proposing affirmative action for men to make up for the gender gap...
A Leg Up for the Man
CU Columbia Spectator, NY - Apr 17, 2006
By Elizabeth Dwoskin. A March 23 New York Times op-ed by Jennifer Delahunty Britz, a Kenyon College admissions officer and mother, shocked me. ...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Stalking the big envelope: For many high school seniors, spring is ...
Fort Wayne News Sentinel, IN - Apr 20, 2006
It's the season of the Big Envelopes announcing college admission and financial aid packages - and, for many colleges, the Internet posting of admissions, deferrals and no-gos.
Last-minute college decision tips
Centre College News & Events, Kentucky - Apr 13, 2006
"April" in college admission-speak translates to "college decision time!" After many months of contemplation and evaluation, everything now comes together: all the research and comparisons, visits, conversations with admissions counselors, guidance counselors, ...
College quandary
Boston Globe, United States - Apr 19, 2006
There is nothing left but the choosing. No more information sessions with anxious parents asking college administrators overwrought questions about campus security, dormitory sprinklers, and library hours while mortified high school seniors sink ever lower into their seats....
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College Admissions Deciding Tours

Putting colleges to the test
Sacramento Bee,  USA - Apr 15, 2006
How students and their parents can make the most of campus tours...
College tour 101: Be prepared
Newark Star Ledger,  USA - Apr 19, 2006
Ask your question of the right person. "You set yourself up for disappointment when you look to the wrong sources for information ...
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Rejection 101
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - Apr 19, 2006
They studied, kept up their grade point averages and aced their ACTs and SATs. They played team sports, used their summers for enrichment programs and their spring breaks for research projects. They took advanced placement courses, performed service projects and volunteer work. They ran student governments, joined the National Honor Society. And when they didn't into their first-choice college, they learned a life lesson. ...
Guest blogger Liz Petow: College Admission: It's Over
Providence Journal (subscription), RI - Apr 17, 2006
When I received my first flat little white envelope, I was devastated. I wasn't upset, however, because the school had not been my first choice school. I hadn't wanted to go there. I was upset because the thin envelope meant I hadn't gotten in. And I really thought I would...
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Midwest News

College Mentors for Kids!
Indiana Statesman, Indiana - Apr 18, 2006
Thirty-five percent of Indiana high school graduates do not go to college, but with positive role models, such as those provided by College Mentors for Kids ...
UW-Madison and MATC agree on transfer credits
The Capital Times, WI - Apr 19, 2006
The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Madison Area Technical College announced a new agreement today that will allow MATC students to follow a path that will guarantee them transfer admission to UW-Madison...
OU clinging to tests despite national trend
The Post Online, OH - Apr 19, 2006
While more than 700 colleges in the United States do not require ACT and SAT scores, some seeing a boost in applicants, Ohio University continues to require one of the standardized test scores for admission. e ...
Plan to replace juniors' MAP gets mixed response
St. Louis Post-Dispatch,  United States - Apr 20, 2006
Local educators and parents expressed a mix of skepticism and support Wednesday over a proposal to require Missouri's high school juniors to take a college entrance exam, instead of the current state testing program.
California group pushes to change Michigan
Michigan Technological University Online Lode, MI - Apr 19, 2006
A California group may soon have a big impact on Michigan legislation. The group has worked for the placement of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative on the November 2006 ballot - a proposal that would end the practice of affirmative action as a way of diversifying the student bodies of state universities and colleges ...
UW feels effects of poor diversity
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel WI - Apr 8, 2006
Some firms end recruitment efforts until minority enrollment improves...
Bill on colleges, immigrants advances
Kansas City Star, MO - Apr 19, 2006
JEFFERSON CITY — Undocumented immigrants would be barred from attending public universities and colleges in Missouri under a bill the House gave initial ...
State wants to ensure Michigan colleges prepare teachers
The Bay City Times, MI - Apr 16, 2006
DETROIT (AP) — The state is developing a process to more thoroughly evaluate how well Michigan colleges prepare new teachers as part of an effort to make ...
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Forum & Blogs

A real forum for applicants
Daily Pennsylvanian, PA - Apr 17, 2006
It's easy for us to turn up our noses at the college process. After all, while I certainly remember agonizing over every detail of my applications, I almost have to laugh at the high-school students currently panicking. Don't they know it works out for the best...
Student blogs jog interest in St. Norbert
Green Bay Press Gazette, WI - Apr 20, 2006
But St. Norbert College officials hope a new Web site featuring student blogs, will take the popularity of those sometimes-controversial personal profile sites and use it to bolster admissions.
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Career Schools

Career schools - a no-frills path to a job
Fort Wayne News Sentinel, IN - Apr 17, 2006
BY BRIAN NEWSOME. Ah, college life. Students studying on the manicured lawns of stately campuses. High school graduates leaving the ...
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College Board's response to incorrect scoring of SAT inadequate
Black & White, MD - Apr 19, 2006
Officials from the College Board should have informed colleges of the correct scores of all students affected by a scoring error on the October 2005 SAT, regardless of whether the score the student received was higher or lower than the reported one.
Mixed opinion on SAT testing glitch
Kalamazoo Gazette, MI - Apr 16, 2006
While a recently reported SAT scoring glitch reinforces some educators' concerns about the college-admissions test, it's caused others to shrug. ...
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Finacial Aid - Scholarships

The ABC's of Financing a College Education
About - News & Issues, NY - Apr 19, 2006
... to uncover them. Most states and many colleges offer scholarships, so don't forget to inquire about them. College financial aid ...
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