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Question of the Week

Liberal Arts: There is a story today on Liberal Arts. It answers a question about the virtues of being a liberal arts major. Is this a question you are getting more of? Are students looking for a career versus and education when they apply to colleges.
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College Admissions - Larger Picture

Out of Control Admissions Hype
Inside Higher Ed- Apr 12, 2006
"It's not all in your head. It is harder to get in to college this year," begins a recent Washington Post article. It's one of many articles appearing of late in major publications that inform kids and parents just how steep the hill ahead is...
Is a liberal arts degree a waste?
CNN International - Apr 13, 2006
NEW YORK (FORTUNE MAGAZINE) - Dear Annie: I'm about to graduate with a bachelor's ... Karsh, head of JobBound (, another site for college grads. ...
Why Economics Makes Getting Into College So Hard
Bloomberg - Apr 9, 2006
College admissions this year have been positively nightmarish. Acceptance rates are way down. Was this just an unusually bad year, or a sign of worse things to come? ...
Minority scholarships must be left intact
South End, MI - Apr 11, 2006
A conservative revolution has quietly been taking place on college campuses across the country. Scholarships, fellowships and other funding programs previously earmarked for women and minorities are now being made available to white and non-minority students...
Evangelical colleges gaining popularity, IN - Apr 12, 2006
Evangelical colleges and universities are making a comeback -- after years of lower enrollment -- a trend that some experts say reflects a increasing interest in religion and Christian values. ...
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Gender Gap

Male 'affirmative action' examined in admissions
The Dartmouth, NH - Apr 7, 2006
While much of the debate surrounding college admissions in the last few decades has focused on affirmative action for minority students, a new issue affirmative action for men has recently garnered national attention...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

'How to write the killer college application'
Standard-Speaker, PA - Apr 8, 2006
New book helps students learn to write college applications that stand out from the crowd. Straight A's and perfect S.A.T. scores aren't enough to get accepted into the most competitive colleges anymore ...
More seniors using shotgun approach to get into a top college
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Apr 10, 2006
Michael Martin has done well in the college admissions sweepstakes, having been accepted by eight universities and rejected by one. But he expects to hear from 12 more colleges, including Georgetown, Wake Forest and UCLA. Worried about the increasingly competitive race to get into the nation's top universities...
Summer programs can be well ...
Pleasant Hill/Martinez Record, CA - Apr 12, 2006
THERE WAS a time when the words "summer school" implied slacker or dummy or both. No longer. Today, seemingly everybody and his uncle is into the act of offering all manner of programs -- something to satisfy a veritable cornucopia of interests and needs for high-schoolers and even middle-schoolers....
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The College Rejection Bonanza
American Thinker, AZ - Apr 7, 2006
It is rejection time for almost all the applicants to elite colleges and universities. America's most prestigious schools, which pride themselves on their ever-lower acceptance rates, are basking in their record rejections of hopeful aspirants ...
High school students make college decisions
The Journal, NY - Apr 12, 2006
So the envelopes have all come in, both fat and thin. That means the dreaded college application process has entered the final stretch and now you're agonizing over the ultimate question: Which school will you end up calling home?...
College Admission Battle Heats Up
NBC, DC - Apr 7, 2006
With the number of high school students applying for college hitting a record high, the fight for spots at top-tier schools has heated up. Officials said nearly 3 million high school students will apply for college admission this year...
For college applicants, stress, confusion reign
USA Today - Apr 10, 2006
If there is such a thing as the perfect storm in the college admissions process, it hit this year. Students applied to more and more colleges, and many schools received a record number of applications. At the same time, many high-achieving students zeroed in on the same selective institutions ...
Colleges can snub 'perfect'
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - Apr 12, 2006
In college admissions this year, perfect is no longer good enough. Adam Ammar scored a perfect 36 on the ACT college entrance exam. Only 251 students out of the 2.1 million who took the test -- .01 percent -- scored so well last year...
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Western News

Rising number of minorities entering college
Denver Post, CO - Apr 13, 2006
The number of minority students attending public colleges in Colorado has increased steadily in the past four years, but students of color are only slightly more likely to attend graduate school than they were four years ago, a new report says...
NAU, Maricopa Community Colleges expand working relationship, NC - Apr 12, 2006
Northern Arizona University and Maricopa Community Colleges have agreed to a deal that will allow NAU to develop a physical presence on all 10 MCC campuses. ...
SFSU seeks to redefine reputation, CA - Apr 13, 2006
SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco State University is using its growing pains as an excuse to redesign its image. No longer content ...
Tuition hike plan spurs protest
East Valley Tribune, AZ - Apr 13, 2006
By Emily Gersema, Tribune. More than 40 students marched through the Arizona State University campus in Tempe on Wednesday, urging ...
School Officials Concerned About
Valley Sun, CA - Apr 13, 2006
The rapid growth of has area school leaders taking steps to protect children, the site's main audience. Since MySpace launched as a social networking site in 2003, it has quickly become one of the fastest growing sites....
AmeriCorps seeks hosts from around Idaho
Lewis-Clark State College, ID - Apr 13, 2006
Lewis-Clark Service Corps at Lewis-Clark State College is seeking host agencies from anywhere in Idaho interested in hosting an AmeriCorps member for the ...
Community Colleges in Washington State Get Approval to Offer ...
AACRAO Transcript, DC - Apr 13, 2006
.The Washington Board for Community and Technical Colleges gave preliminary approval for four community colleges to offer four-year degree programs, reports The Seattle Times ...
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College Board sued over misscored tests
Daily Pennsylvanian, PA - Apr 12, 2006
A lawsuit has been filed against the College Board and a test-scanning company due to the incorrect scoring of 4,000 SAT tests. The class-action suit, announced on Friday, is being filed by three Minnesota law firms, representing a student who received an unfairly low score, against the College Board and Pearson Educational Measurement ...
Lower scores raise issues
Norristown Times Herald, PA - Apr 10, 2006
... not the students would be accepted to the college. ... of our main criteria for admission," Mandarano said.The SAT is the most common criterion used in the college admissions process by universities. Sure, there's the ACT, GPA and other three-letter acronyms that admissions offices use to evaluate the nation's students. But as any high school TV character going through the college search on prime time would suggest, the SAT is a biggie...
More Universities Drop SAT Requirement
AACRAO Transcript, DC - Apr 12, 2006
More universities are making the SAT or ACT optional in admissions, reports the USA Today. Drew University, in West Hartford, Conn ...
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Parents shifting cost of college to kids
Monsters and, UK - Apr 10, 2006
NEW YORK, NY, United States (UPI) -- Parents in the United States appear less willing to pay high college tuition and are shifting the burden to their children ...
Do Family Dinners Help Students Get In to College?
ABC News - Apr 6, 2006
As admission to college gets even more cutthroat, a key to getting in to one's first-choice school might be found at the family dinner table...
On Parenting: Keeping boys in the college game takes work
Daily Press, VA - Apr 11, 2006
The AP History project is done, and so far the only visible damages are the scratches in the coffee table from the Exacto knife used to trim images for the display board. That's OK. If we have to sacrifice the furniture to get a kid into college, we'll do it. ...
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Finacial Aid - Scholarships

Panel Considers Revamping College Aid and Accrediting
New York Times, United States - Apr 12, 2006
Months after suggesting that standardized testing should be brought to colleges and universities, a higher education commission named by the Bush administration is examining proposals to change sharply how the nation's colleges are accredited and how federal student aid is administered ...
Sallie Mae Gives Guidance on Selecting Student Loans for College
Yahoo! News (press release) - 6 hours ago
RESTON, Va., April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- A college education is an investment that creates an abundance of personal and professional rewards over one's lifetime. ...
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Gifted High School

First virtual high school for the gifted
San Jose Mercury News,  USA - Apr 12, 2006
Stanford University's Education Program for Gifted Youth is taking the next logical step: launching what is believed to be the nation's first online high school for gifted students...
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