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College Admissions - Larger Picture

Moving Ahead on Admissions Reforms
Inside Higher Ed, DC - Jun 20, 2006
Lloyd Thacker founded the Education Conservancy two years ago out of the belief that the admissions system is out of control and that obsessions over rankings, money, prestige and testing are hurting students ...
Making college affordable
Boston Globe, United States - Jun 21, 2006
FINANCIAL AID packages are too small to cover all the costs of college. Parents already know this. But last week the state's Board ...
News, Views and Careers for All of Higher Education
Inside Higher Ed, DC - Jun 22, 2006
Quick Takes: What the Press Covers, Hawaii Drops Patents on Taro, Student Distress Over U.S. Direction, College Costs, Hazing Scandal Fells Coach, Getting Students to Vote, Promoting Student Responsibility, Texas Cuts, Big Ten TV..
Parents Arrive as New Weapons in the College Admissions Game
GoDeKalb.com, GA - Jun 19, 2006
"Helicopter" parents (as in hovering), HOPE and hellacious competition for placement at prestigious out-of-state universities keep DeKalb's best and brightest close to home....
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College Admissions - Affirmative Action

New Arguments on Affirmative Action
Inside Higher Ed, DC - Jun 21, 2006
While courts continue to hear arguments about affirmative action and Michigan voters prepare to decide the issue in their state, another round of intellectual debate is brewing in law reviews. Two articles one just published and one forthcoming challenge some conventional wisdom about affirmative action in higher education ...
Demographic shift pushes colleges to diversify student body
MSNBC - Jun 19, 2006
By Joel Stashenko. Elite students don't wait anxiously around the mailbox at college admissions time these days, says Kenneth Durgans. Admissions officers do. ...
Navigating the System of Class Privilege in Higher Education
Toward Freedom, VT - Jun 21, 2006
In the United States, access to a college education is still a privilege not available to everyone. As the tuition rates continue to climb through the roof and competition for financial aid increases, more and more people are shut out of this system. What about those who do make it in?...
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Students do good, look good abroad
Boston Globe, United States - Jun 22, 2006
...Over the past decade, community service trips to Third World countries have become a popular summer option for public-spirited students, especially those from affluent families. Some college admissions officers and advisers believe the recent proliferation of such programs, for which students typically spend $4,000 or more for a month of volunteer work, stems from students' perception that community service looks good on college applications...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Top Ten List of Things I Wish I Had Known About College Admissions
Reading Little India, PA - Jun 15, 2006
... The college admissions process is difficult and plenty of people try to take ... sat through one too many slide shows with "college-admission professionals" trying ...
Making sense of college admissions
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Jun 16, 2006
As one college admissions cycle winds down and another begins, signs of trouble abound. The University of Washington has accepted too many students. Students have begun to send acceptance deposits to two or more colleges ...
10 Mistakes Freshmen Make
Newswise (press release) - Jun 20, 2006
Newswise Every year, many college freshmen fall victim to poor study habits, an overabundance of socializing or other poor choices that derail their higher ...
Selecting a College
Newswise (press release) - Jun 20, 2006
Newswise College is an investment. As with any sizeable commitment of funds, it pays off in the long run to do some homework ...
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Madison expands tech admission agreement
WBAY, WI - Jun 21, 2006
UNDATED UW Madison is expanding its technical college agreement giving good students guaranteed admission to the university. Some ...
Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) Announces Region-Wide ...
Yahoo! News (press release) - Jun 19, 2006
LOS ANGELES, June 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Docufide, Inc. today was awarded a contract for what will be the largest and most comprehensive electronic transcript contract in the nation covering 25% of the country' high school and college students...
New Trier High School
Pioneer Press Online, IL - Jun 22, 2006
... "Our hope is that colleges will take a look at our students no longer based just on their class rank, but based on the courses and rigor of their program ...
Lawmaker questions spending, graduation rates at tech college
Wisconsin Radio Network, WI - Jun 21, 2006
Are taxpayers getting enough bang for the buck, from Milwaukee Area Technical College. ..
State to issue grades to universities, colleges
Western Herald, MI - Jun 21, 2006
Members of the Michigan Board of Education unanimously approved a measure to issue annual grades to the state's universities and colleges Tuesday. ...
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Funding News

iCollegeCoach Publishes Report on College Funding
PR Web (press release), WA - Jun 19, 2006
A new report, "Top 10 Myths of College Funding," is available free to parents who are wrestling with the college costs problem. The report was published by iCollegeCoach, a college admission and college funding service, and is intended to give an introduction to how college financial aid really works ...
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Online Degrees

More students pursue degrees online
DetNews.com, MI - Jun 22, 2006
Angela Bostic will get her MBA in August from the University of Maryland University College, part of a dual master's degree she is pursuing. She has never met a professor, has never sat in a classroom and has checked out the Adelphi campus only once, long after she had enrolled.


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