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College Big Picture

College needs a consumer-warning label
Washington Post - The Big Idea  - Nov 29, 2011
We have, for decades, accepted that graduates earn $1 million more than non-graduates over their lifetime. That statistic is misleading for a number of reasons.....
In Tenn., A Possible Model For Higher Education
NPR.org  - Nov 27, 2011
The typical college student today isn't "typical" anymore: Only 1 in 4 lives on campus and studies full time. But part-timers and commuter students are much less likely to finish ...
Want cheaper tuition? Find religion
CNNMoney - Nov 28, 2011
With church membership dwindling and more families struggling to afford the cost of college, many private religiously-affiliated colleges and universities are slashing tuition and offering incentives to attract new students -- and to stay afloat....
How the Future Looks From High School
New York Times - Room for Debate  - Nov 22, 2011
This is a stressful stretch for high school seniors, who, to judge by the stories at the top of most-e-mailed lists, are taking the SATs, racing to file early-decision and financial-aid applications....
Colleges defend humanities amid tight budgets
The Associated Press. - Nov 26, 2011
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Like many humanities advocates, Abbey Drane was disheartened but not surprised when Florida's governor recently said its tax dollars should bolster science and high-tech studies, not "educate more people who can't get jobs in anthropology."...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

How to get ready for an admissions interview
Charlotte Observer  - Nov 22, 2011
The college interview used to be a standard component of a student's application file, but that was when students were applying to one or two colleges. Today, more and more students are applying to five,...
On College: Mind your manners while applying to college
San Jose Mercury News  - Nov 29, 2011
Every success one achieves is usually due in part to those who have helped one along the way. Going through the admissions process and getting into a college, grad school, or professional program is no different....
College Admissions: 4 Ways to Avoid Application Rejection
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Nov 28, 2011
As many students hit the “submit” button and send off their college applications, they forget that the application itself is just one part of what needs to be submitted...
Last Minute College Admission Do's & Don'ts
Forbes  - Nov 22, 2011
Many kids are in the final stages of applying to college. If your child is one of them, here are some essential tips to get through the last-minute stress of the college admission process....
Should You Apply to a Reach School?
The College Solution Blog - Nov 22, 2011
Many parents and teenagers don’t understand what the term means. I discovered just how elusive a concept it is during college talks that I occasionally give at high schools and other settings..
What's Wrong with The Best Fit College?
San Ramon Express  - Nov 29, 2011
That’s when I started to rethink the whole notion of ‘college fit.’ Clearly, colleges have latched on to the concept of ‘the right fit’ like no other and drench our high school students with glossy guidebooks filled with colorful photos of attractive students...
Middle Schoolers Getting Prepped for College
Education Week  - Nov 29, 2011
Middle school students are being asked to do much more than take prealgebra these days; they’re being asked to start launching their future careers....
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Essay in 4 steps: 1. Write. 2. Edit.3. Edit. 4. Edit
Charlotte Observer  - Nov 28, 2011
"Once and done" doesn't cut it with the college essay. Essays need to marinate and be reviewed, revised and edited again. Word or character length of college essays is critical. Fine-tuning an essay so that it says exactly what you want to communicate....
Don’t let grammar errors kill your college essays
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Nov 28, 2011
Once Aunt Jane and Uncle Howard pack up the sedan and kiss everyone goodbye, the Thanksgiving holiday is officially over and the excuse for not working on college essays departs along with the relatives....
The College Essay: Why Those 500 Words Drive Us Crazy
Newsweek  - Nov 21, 2011
High-school seniors hate them. Colleges ignore them. So why have those pithy personal essays become the bane of every university-hopeful?...
College Essays and Personal Statements that Win to Get You In
Denver College Admissions Examiner  - Nov 29, 2011
If you're a high school senior, you probably have your college applications almost finished, you've taken the SAT or ACT, your teacher recommendations are done, and the last thing you need to tackle is the college essay or personal statement...
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Advice For College Applicants And Their Families
NPR.org  - Nov 28, 2011
As thousands prepare recommendation letters, essays and financial aid forms, guest host Tony Cox gets advice on how parents and students can succeed in navigating the college admissions process. Cox speaks with Joy St. John, director of admission at Wellesley College....
Students Make The Call . . . NOT Parents!
mycollegecalendar  - Nov 17, 2011
If you have questions about admissions applications to colleges or universities, you (the student) should be the one calling the admissions office, NOT YOUR PARENTS ....
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How Not to Seem Like a High-Schooler When Visiting Colleges
Huffington Post  - Nov 23, 2011
How many campuses have we visited? It's 11 and counting. And it's just November of junior year. We've visited in sun, rain, wind. ....

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Dec 1, 2011
Helping your Students Make the Most out of the Next Three Weeks
They call these the lost weeks in high school, the three weeks between Thanksgiving recess and December break where learning is supposed to be going on ... More

Applying to colleges: Seeking counsel when there are too few counselors
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  - Nov 28, 2011
One of my favorite quotes in the new book “College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step” comes from Stanford University School of Education senior lecturer Denise Clark Pope on the issue of over-scheduled teens:...
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6 Steps Toward Prepping for the SAT, ACT
US News & World Report  - Nov 22, 2011
The SAT subject tests are not as well known as the classic SAT or ACT but may be a determining factor in college admissions for many college-bound high school students.7...
The SAT subject tests
Denver SAT Prep Examiner  - Nov 29, 2011
The SAT subject tests are not as well known as the classic SAT or ACT but may be a determining factor in college admissions for many college-bound high school students.7...
Admissions Cheating Probe Widens
Wall Street Journal  - Nov 28, 2011
As many students hit the “submit” button and send off their college applications, they forget that the application itself is just one part of what needs to be submitted...
SAT scandal shows tyranny of standardized testing
CNN  - Nov 28, 2011
As education scandals go, the news that students at some of the best high schools on Long Island paid others to take their College Board tests seems mild. The Long Island scandal pales behind the sex scandal at Penn State....
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Financial Aid/Scholarships

Does Financial Need Impact College Admissions Chances?
US News & World Report - UNIGO  - Nov 23, 2011
Times are tough and tuition costs are sky rocketing. Now more than ever, college applicants are in need of financial aid in order to attend school.....
Take First Step to Apply for College Financial Aid
US News & World Report  - Nov 29, 2011
If your child will be heading to college next fall, now is the time to prepare for applying for financial aid. Your first step is to know what type of financial aid applications you will have to complete....
Register now for a FREE no-strings-attached introduction to the FAFSA
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Nov 25, 2011
The National Association for College Admission Counseling(NACAC) offers many wonderful free resources designed to support students and their families throughout the college admissions process...

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Books & Guides

Don't just get into college, get funded
The Oregonian  - Nov 26, 2011
As many students hit the “submit” button and send off their college applications, they forget that the application itself is just one part of what needs to be submitted...
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In Texas, Keeping Kids In School And Out Of Court
NPR.org  - Nov 30, 2011
The sort of offenses that might land a student in the principal's office in other states often send kids in Texas to court with misdemeanor charges. Some schools have started rethinking the way they punish students for bad behavior ...
Study finds faults in S.C. colleges and universities
Charlotte Observer  - Nov 26, 2011
COLUMBIA Many South Carolina public colleges and universities are excessively expensive and have strayed too far from their core mission: educating students, according to a recent study by a Columbia-based think tank.....
More attend Georgia colleges, but some campuses lose students
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Nov 28, 2011
After years of rapid enrollment growth, Georgia's public colleges are adding students at a lower rate as the weak economy, reduced HOPE scholarship and tougher admission requirements blocked some students from attending...
College students across Florida rally against Governor Rick Scott
ABC Action News  - Nov 18, 2011
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - This week, college students at seven Florida universities are staging protests in defense of public education......
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Teen Dating Violence

Start the Conversation: Ending Teen Dating Violence
Huffington Post  - Nov 29, 2011
Let's imagine for a moment that a student walks into their first day of algebra class, takes a seat and is immediately presented with the final exam. It's safe to assume the student would probably fail the test. ....
Mentor program for athletes aims to cut teen violence, abuse
SacBee  - Nov 28, 2011
Steven Christensen had a basic grasp of how to treat others with respect, but he often saw others on his Mesa Verde High School campus grabbing girls inappropriately or sassing teachers....


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