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College - Larger Picture

Why Does College Cost So Much?
New York Times - Economix (blog) - Feb 18, 2011
Robert B. Archibald and David H. Feldman are economists at the College of William & Mary, a public university in Virginia, and the authors of “Why Does College Cost So Much?” ...
Fixing higher ed: College Board's Sandy Baum
Washington Post - College Inc (blog) - Feb 18, 2011
For the story, I sought help from several great leaders and thinkers. Some submitted their own thoughts on how to improve higher education. I'm posting them this week and next. Here is the second of those submissions, from Sandy Baum, an economist and policy analyst known for her annual College Board reports on college pricing and aid...
Revisiting the Value of Elite Colleges
New York Times - Economix (blog) - Feb 21, 2011
A decade ago, two economists — Stacy Dale and Alan Krueger — published a research paper arguing that elite colleges did not seem to give most graduates an earnings boost...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

College Admissions: 5 Must-Knows About College Visits
GoLocalProv - Feb 21, 2011
With February and spring vacations looming, families are flooding college campuses for tours and information sessions. If you have a sophomore or junior in high school, now is the time to visit! Think it’s too early?...
Applying to higher ed: Social media & college
MyFox Boston - Feb 21, 2011
Anyone with college-age students or anyone who's been through the process in the last 10 years or so, knows how daunting the task is to apply to college -- the forms, the essays, the resume and the waiting to find out if you or your child has been accepted...
Teens Tyrannized by College Admissions Pressure
Danville Express - Feb 21, 2011
A reader writes: I am worried about the stress levels at our high school campus and the effect it is having on my daughter. She is a junior and is quite anxious about getting into college. ...
College denial can be tough
Post and Courier  - Feb 21, 2011
For many high school seniors, the wait ends any day now. After months in limbo, they finally will get the news they've been waiting for and make a decision about what college they'll be heading for in August or September...
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College Admissions - Economy

Economy shuffles Princeton Review's Best Value Colleges
USA Today - Feb 22, 2011
The economy may be bouncing back, but college-bound students in search of an affordable education face a bumpy ride
Don’t Believe Princeton Review’s Best Value College List
CBS MoneyWatch.com (blog) - Feb 22, 2011 ....
Buying Your Way Into College
Wall Street Journal - Feb 19, 2011
Forget the standard advice that everyone should apply for financial aid. This year, forgoing aid applications may actually boost the chances of getting accepted....
No Financial Aid? Welcome to College
Washington Monthly (blog) - Feb 21, 2011
Despite lots of rhetoric among college administrators about keeping college affordable for low-income students while at the same time jacking up tuition, the Wall Street Journal reports that, no, this year a potential student’s ability to pay tuition, all of it, is going to matter a lot when colleges determine who gets to attend....
Schools tout efforts to keep tuition in check
USA Today - Feb 18, 2011
As colleges and universities begin setting tuition for the upcoming academic year, a few schools are already touting their efforts to keep costs down....
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What to Do as Colleges Cut Back on Financial Aid
Wall Street Journal -  - Feb 23, 2011
Amid greater financial pressures, colleges are scaling back their financial-aid packages to students in ways that are likely to give wealthier families an admissions edge...
63 Colleges With the Best Financial Aid
CBS MoneyWatch.com (blog) - Feb 18, 2011
What schools provide the best financial aid for college? It’s an excellent question to ask if you are going to need financial aid for school. Most families, by the way, fall into that category...
How to Measure a College's Financial Generosity
US News & World Report ) - Feb 22, 2011
Many families dream of their children winning a full ride to college either through brainpower, sports, or other talents. In reality, the chances of winning a full ride are infinitesimal. ....
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College - Guns

Texas considering concealed handguns on campus
CNN (blog)  - Feb 22, 2011
Texas lawmakers are weighing a bill that would allow professors and students to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. Before the voting begins, a public meeting on the measure will be announced soon on the legislature's site, ....
Guns on campus and college selection
Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog)  - Feb 22, 2011
So here are the questions: Would you be more or less likely to send your teenager to a college where guns can be carried? Would it make you feel safer, or more worried, to know that students with proper permits are carrying firearms?....
Gun safety, Texas-style
Los Angeles Times  - Feb 21, 2011
A Texas lawmaker's contention that allowing college students and faculty to carry firearms would make them safer is a spectacularly bad idea. When a 19-year-old sophomore named Colton Tooley opened fire with an assault rifle last fall near the UT Tower ...
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Tips help parents guide seniors
Shreveport Times - Feb 21, 2011
For most teenagers, senior year is about making memories, going to prom and walking the stage in spring, but it's also a time for students to look at different colleges and pick the right one for them...
College Admissions: What's a Parent To Do?
Poway Patch - Feb 21, 2011
I am a proud member of Generation X—a former latchkey kid who was raised to be self-reliant, independent minded and driven. As a child, I did my own laundry, cooked many of my meals and packed my lunch for school....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Feb 23, 2011
You Can't Go to College If You Don't Have the Money
I hope I'm not the only counselor who has problems getting students to apply for scholarships. I know seniors are pretty wiped out at this point, and really don't want to write one more college essay ... More

Role of Counselors
KATC.com - Feb 22, 2011
An educational committee in Baton Rouge is pushing for new guidelines to better define the role of school counselors. The Blue Ribbon Commission for Educational Excellence is a group of teachers, lawmakers, superintendents, business leaders and college faculty ..
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Distance learning connects classes in every Alabama high school
The Birmingham News  - Feb 20, 2011
Wesley Minor didn't want much. Just a shot at an advanced education he couldn't get at Cordova High School. Savanah Gilbert didn't want much, either. She had spent so much energy pushing the academic boundaries at Oak Grove High ....
HOPE cuts also affect students in private Georgia colleges
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)  - Feb 22, 2011
Many students and parents are upset that the new HOPE limits revealed yesterday by Gov. Nathan Deal will be applied to students already in college. Those students may have chosen Georgia public colleges based on an expectation that HOPE....
Florida Targets Big Cuts In Education
NPR - Morning Edition  - Feb 18, 2011
Federal stimulus money is running out and that leaves education in a hole. Florida Gov. Rick Scott says it was wrong for the state to accept the funds in the first place, and he's not going to try to replace them in the budget. That immediately cuts more than $2 billion from schools....
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Teen Suicide

Teen suicide: More schools bring issue out of shadows
Chicago Tribune - Feb 22, 2011
The paper handed to each freshman at Oak Lawn Community High School recently was filled with blunt and uncomfortable questions. Had they lost interest in everything? Did they feel they weren't as smart or good-looking as most other people? Were they thinking about killing themselves?...
Suicide turns attention to Fairfax discipline procedures
Washington Post - Feb 20, 2011
Nick Stuban was all about football, a quick-footed linebacker at W.T. Woodson High School in Fairfax County who did well in the classroom, too: four As, two Bs and a C for first quarter..


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