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College Big Picture

What's Behind The Rise Of College Tuition?
NPR.org  - Feb 19, 2012
Once a relatively affordable option for many families, the cost of attending public colleges and universities is getting out of reach. Host Rachel Martin talks to NPR education reporter Claudio Sanchez about the huge rise in public college tuition as states face a budget squeeze.....
Affirmative action in college admissions? Supreme Court to hear case
MSNBC  - Feb 21, 2012
WASHINGTON -- In a potentially momentous case, the Supreme Court will once again confront the issue of race in university admissions in an appeal brought by a white student denied a spot at the flagship campus of the University of Texas.....
College admissions: How diversity factors in
Washington Post - Feb 22, 2012
The Supreme Court just agreed to effectively consider whether affirmative action should be eliminated in college admissions via a case in which a white student claimed that she was denied admissions to the University of Texas because of race.....
3 reasons why colleges are in trouble
CBS News  - Feb 20, 2012
(MoneyWatch) The next financial bubble to burst could be loan debt owed by U.S. college students. That's just one risk confronting the country's higher-education system, according to a new Standard & Poor's study (no public link) that examined the nation's college affordability crisis....
College Admissions: Are Elite Colleges Losing Their Edge?
Golocalprov  - Feb 20, 2012
Blame it on demographics or economic fears, but after a decade of applications surging at competitive institutions, the tide has started to recede. Although not all colleges have posted numbers for the class of 2016,....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

How to "Demonstrate Interest" When Applying to College
About.com  - Feb 19, 2012
A study by NACAC, the National Association for College Admission Counseling, found that about half of all colleges and universities claim that an applicant's demonstrated interest in their school is either highly or moderately important in the admissions process....
8 ways to find great colleges
CBS News MoneyWatch  - Feb 17, 2012
Getting into college might seem like the toughest part of the college admission process, but what's even more challenging - and important - is assembling a list of great schools that will be worthwhile pursuing.....
High school students are hearing the call to volunteer
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Feb 21, 2012
Of all the descriptors used to characterize this generation of college applicants, “involved” is one of the most attractive. High school students are increasingly drawn to community service and are volunteering...
Keep on Track for the Community College Transfer Path
San Ramon Express  - Feb 21, 2012
My family can't afford to send me straight to a 4 year college. My dream is to attend a community college and transfer to UC San Diego....
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High School Seniors

Accepting or rejecting college admission letters
Doylestown College Life Examiner  - Feb 20, 2012
As the end of February rolls around many of you who have applied to your top picks for college have received your college packets in the mail. This may be good news or bad. Whichever envelope has arrived at your front door ...
The pressure is off some seniors who are college-bound
Sacramento Bee  - Feb 19, 2012
LOS ANGELES -- Among the college-bound crowd of America's high school seniors, this is the time to exhale. A happy few have been accepted by early admissions programs at the campuses of their dreams...
Colleges deferring more students
USA Today  - Feb 21, 2012
For several weeks now, many high school seniors have been shuffling through the purgatory of the college admissions process...
More to Life Than AP
Inside Higher Ed  - Feb 21, 2012
I was in New Hampshire at the kickoff for the FIRST Robotics competition – an international program for middle and high school students – a few weeks ago when a mentor of a team from California approached me with a look of dismay ...
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Dear Eighth Grader: So You Want to Apply to Harvard? Some Words of Advice...
Huffington Post  - Feb 17, 2012
Dear Eighth Grader: College interview season is drawing to a close. Hundreds of thousands of high school seniors would like to believe that they have secured admission to prestigious colleges by impressing alumni like me with their sterling credentials and conversational aptitude....
"What Do You Want To Major In?" - College Interview Tips
About.com  - Feb 21, 2012
Many, many college applicants are not yet sure about a major. So if a college interviewer asks you about your desired field of study, don't panic. You don't want to shrug your shoulders and dismiss the question,....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Feb 22, 2012
Everybody Needs Their Space—Especially Counselors!
Every counselor has an ideal office, complete with four big windows looking out on a beautiful garden, three secretaries, and classical music playing in the background. .... More

'Don't say gay' bill troubles Tenn. school counselors
USA Today - Feb 21, 2012
NASHVILLE – Inside a middle school bathroom, the boy didn't know what to make of his classmate's roaming eyes. So he went to see the school counselor.....
Learn to appreciate school counselors
Detroit Free Press - Feb 17, 2012
When I tell people I'm a school counselor, most of them walk away quickly, or look at their shoes and hope I'll walk away quickly. The few brave souls who actually respond to this news don't exactly offer bouquets of praise:....
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Financial Aid/FAFSA

If You Need Financial Help for College, Look to These Schools
Education Week - Feb 21, 2012
There are 62 schools in the latest U.S. News & World Report survey that claim to cover 100 percent of admitted students' financial-aid need. They include all the Ivies, as well as other schools across the country such as.....
Tool estimates education's cost
Charlotte Observer - Feb 21, 2012
Whenever I've written about financial aid issues, it's always been directed toward high school seniors, but a new tool in the marketplace has been developed that assists families of high school underclassmen predict the cost of college....
Maximizing next year's financial aid for college
CBS News - Feb 21, 2012
Since most folks need financial aid for college costs each year, it can also pay to think about financial planning now: Doing so can increase financial aid when you complete and file the FAFSA, or federal financial aid application, in future years.....
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Students Learn Better with Engaged Parents
US News & World Report  - Feb 20, 2012
As kids get older and advance to high school, talking to them about their school life can become more difficult for parents. With younger children, parents may have been required to sign off on report cards and progress reports...
On College: Preparing your middle schooler for high school
San Jose Mercury News  - Feb 20, 2012
Over the next few months, parents of middle school students will begin the process of registering their children for high school. Forms will have to be filled out, and courses will have to be chosen....
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College Costs: 'Don't Count Scholarships Out!'
Huffington Post  - Feb 15, 2012
The sticker-price for a new life in college is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. While there are thousands of scholarship opportunities for students to shrink down their college tuition....
Discover Scholarships for Atypical Students
US News & World Report  - Feb 16, 2012
It's a hectic time of year for high school seniors. As graduation approaches, most of you are busy applying for college and have narrowed down your choices to one or two schools. But in the midst of college application season, don't forget that this is also prime scholarship season....
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Career Training

Dump stigma on vocational training. It's key to rebuilding Michigan's economy, business leaders
MLive  - Feb 20, 2012
GRAND RAPIDS – A growing number of business leaders, educators and lawmakers argue that Michigan should drop the stigmas and rethink the role vocational – career and technical – training play in building a strong economy.....
Not Your Grandpa’s Wood Shop: High Schools Revolutionize Career Programs
Shelby-Utica.Patch  - Feb 16, 2012
Once known as "vocational education," today's career and technical education programs are changing the way students work and study in the 21st century.....
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Florida Set for New Cut in Spending on Colleges
New York Times  - Feb 20, 2012
MIAMI — Florida lawmakers contend that education is essential to high-wage jobs in the state, but the Legislature is again expected to slash millions of dollars from the budget for higher education and may usher in another round of tuition increases....
Lawmakers debate restoring funds to public schools
Houston Chronicle  - Feb 20, 2012
AUSTIN - Texas is rebounding from a severe recession with significant job growth, higher than expected tax revenues and a rosier forecast that should influence state leaders to resist more public school budget cuts next year, some Democratic lawmakers said Tuesday....
Lawmaker Wants ‘Career-Interest’ Tests Given to High School, College Students
Nashville Public Radio  - Feb 21, 2012
A state lawmaker wants to see high school and college students tested on their career interests and abilities. He says the proposal dovetails with the new pressure on colleges to improve their graduation rates.....
More Georgia schools converting to charter system
Augusta Chronicle  - Feb 19, 2012
ATLANTA — When Floyd County schools Superintendent Lynn Plunkett needed to hire new principals or redraw the bus routes for the district, she didn’t turn to her central office staff to do the job.....
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Teen Drinking

Alcohol in movies can nudge teens toward drinking
Washington Post  - Feb 19, 2012
Want to keep your teen from becoming a drinker? Keep an eye on what movies she’s watching — and the clothes she’s wearing, too.....
Kids Listen When Parents Say No To Teen Drinking
Minnesota Public Radio  - Feb 19, 2012
Parents are divided on how best to handle teenage drinking. Should they prohibit it outright, or let teenagers drink with parental supervision?....
Underage drinking: When parents don’t agree with the law
Washington Post  - Feb 15, 2012
Wednesday’s Post story about WUSA reporter Andrea McCarren pulling her name from her reports on underage drinking in the area is disturbing on many levels.....



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