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College Big Picture

A Radical Idea To Combat the Rising Cost of College
TIME  - Feb 2, 2012
What if you could go to college for free, and all you had to do in exchange was to agree to pay back a portion of your income after you had finished your studies?...
College Affordability: A Defining Issue That Won't Go Away
Huffington Post  - Feb 5, 2012
In the wake of President Obama's State of the Union Address last month, many Americans are talking about college affordability. As they have been. As well they should...
The Real College Cost Solution
Washington Monthly  - Feb 7, 2012
One of the better takes on President Obama’s college affordability plan comes from Cornell President David Skorton this week. As Skorton writes in the Huffington Post, sure, it’s time to cut college costs, but that’s not really the important fix here. As he writes:...
Another Wave of Scandals
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Feb 6, 2012
The second wave of college scandals began to hit last week, just after the din of outrage had barely died down from the Penn State sex abuse case and the highly publicized UVM frat survey ..
20 facts you didn't know about college freshmen
CBS News MarketWatch  - Feb 5, 2012
When students head off to college, they don't go far. Nearly 55 percent of freshmen attend school no more than 100 miles from home. More than 37 percent selected a college that's no more than 50 miles away away from mom and dad. ..
On College Applications, Some Asian-Americans Avoid The ‘Race’ Box
WBUR - Here and Now  - Feb 3, 2012
When it comes to college applications, some Asian-Americans are purposely not checking the race box. For many, it has nothing to do with their heritage, and everything to do with the high expectations that come with it....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Focusing on Quality and Value of Education in College Choice
Education Week  - Feb 6, 2012
In the next few months, high school seniors will make their final decisions on which college to attend. Many will be thinking back to their campus visits a year ago. Which school was it with the cool climbing wall? Best food? Newest dorm? ....
On College: How middle school affects the road to college
San Jose Mercury News - Feb 7, 2012
Q: My daughter is currently in fifth grade and will start middle school next year. How do we choose the best middle school for her? Does middle school make a difference for college admissions?....
What's Behind All That College Junk Mail?
Hartford Courant  - Feb 5, 2012
It was the free iPad2 offer in the email from Assumption College that made me think that things have changed. Sign up to learn more about the school by March 31 and register to win.....
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Students With Disabilities

How Should Students With Disabilities Find the Right College?
US News & World Report - UNIGO  - Feb 7, 2012
More and more each year, colleges are adjusting to accommodate students with a diverse array of needs. However, students with learning or physical disabilities may have to do a little bit more research...
College application tips for disabled students
Chicago Tribune  - Feb 7, 2012
There are about 1.1 million physically disabled undergraduates in the U.S., according to Steve Kaye, research director of the Disability Statistics Center at the University of California at San Francisco, citing data from the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau....
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Don't drop a course and pick up trouble
Charlotte Observer  - Feb 7, 2012
It's the beginning of February, and while high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors are bearing down, first semester is over and the pressure is off for seniors...
A Dean’s Advice to Seniors: Don’t Slack Off
New York Times - The Choice  - Feb 6, 2012
Your college applications are in. Time for the senior slack, right? Wrong. Here are a few reasons it is important to stay on track during your last semester of high school:....
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"Why Are You Interested in Our College?" - Interview Tips
About.com - Feb 4, 2012
"Why are you interested in our college?" It seems like such an easy interview question, and it is -- assuming you've done your homework and have some specific answers to provide. ....
"22 Audition tips for college theatre and music program admissions
NY College Admissions Examiner - Feb 1, 2012
With the National Unified Auditions for undergraduate B.F.A. programs in theatre and music starting this weekend in New York City, high school students applying to these college programs will be in the spotlight to show they've got what it takes...
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College Prep: Is 'Gamifying' SAT Studying A New Trend?
Huffington Post  - Feb 2, 2012
When you're about ready to pull your hair out after hours of studying for SATs and writing essays -- you know, that point where you're not sure whether to laugh or cry ....
PLAN or ACT Tests? What Are They and When Do You Take Them?
San Ramon Express  - Feb 7, 2012
What is the PLAN test? My daughter’s high school offers it to sophomores in the fall. And how does it relate to the ACT?.....
Top tips for ACT success, Part I: English and Reading tests
NY Test Prep Examiner  - Feb 4, 2012
For students strong in math and science, but weaker in vocabulary questions and open-ended essays, the ACT is often a better option than the SAT...
Pros and Cons of SAT Score Choice
Fox Business  - Feb 2, 2012
Navigating the admission process is stressful as high school juniors and seniors work to hit application deadlines and prepare for the dreaded standardized test requirements.....
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Princeton Review's 2012 Best Value Public Colleges
About.com  - Feb 6, 2012
I recently posted The Princeton Review's top ten best value private colleges for 2012. On the public side, the 2012 top ten includes seven of the same names as last year....
'Best value' colleges: Some have high price tags
USA Today  - Feb 7, 2012
The latest list of America's "best value" colleges includes several with the highest sticker prices in the nation, according to a new ranking released Monday....
U.S. college ratings game set for shakeup
Reuters  - Feb 6, 2012
An elite California college's admission this week that it tried to boost its reputation by inflating the test scores of incoming freshmen has stoked a heated debate over the outsized influence and controversial methodology of commercial "best college" lists....
As colleges obsess over rankings, students shrug
Yahoo News  - Feb 5, 2012
When US News & World Report debuted its list of "America's Best Colleges" nearly 30 years ago, the magazine hoped its college rankings would be a game-changer for students and families. But arguably, they've had a much bigger effect on colleges themselves..
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Feb 2, 2012
Scheduling Classes for Next Year? It’s Time Your Students Got Plowed
Like most dedicated school counselors, I have another job that pays for the privilege of being dedicated to my counseling job. .... More

Counselors Integral Student Success
Statesman Journal - Feb 7, 2012
National School Counseling Week, sponsored by the American School Counselor Association, is this week and focuses on the contribution of professional school counselors within school systems ...
Celebrate 'National School Counseling Week' with a hug
DC College Admissions Examiner - Feb 5, 2012
The high school guidance counselors I know won’t have much time to celebrate National School Counseling Week (February 6-10) this year. They’re way too busy...
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College Admissions Craze: Are We Making Our Kids Sick?
Huffington Post  - Feb 5, 2012
Clinical psychologist and parenting expert Wendy Mogel is fond of recalling an anecdote that sums up parental obsession with college admissions...
6 Ways Families Can Stay in Touch Through College
US News & World Report  - Feb 7, 2012
Parents and college students often have different ideas about how to stay in touch. Knowing the issues and managing expectations can help smooth the path. Here are some tips our family has found to be useful for communicating:,...
Helping Teens choose their college major and career plans
Houston College Admissions Examine  - Feb 7, 2012
In order to better prepare teens for making these life decisions, parents and educators should have many conversations with them. Not just one conversation and be done with it. Many conversations. ...
Parent Aptitude Test
Huffington Post  - Feb 6, 2012
Today is SAT day -- our daughter's first. It's 6:10. "You want the usual?" "Um... yeah," she says, eyes on her phone. As I pop the bagel into the toaster, my husband Bob scurries out of his office, still in his Life is Good pajamas...
The Parent Trap: Tuition Debt
BusinessWeek  - Feb 2, 2012
It’s not just graduates who are staggering under the weight of their educational loans. Parents, too, are borrowing record amounts to put their kids through college, jeopardizing their retirements,...

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Financial Aid/FAFSA

For college bound, a look at financial aid changes
The Associated Press  - Feb 8, 2012
NEW YORK (AP) — The mad dash to cobble together college funding will soon be under way. In the weeks ahead, colleges will begin mailing out their much-anticipated acceptance letters and financial aid packages....
NY Times Is Wrong About Maximizing College Aid Chances
Forbes  - Feb 3, 2012
Today’s article on the New York Times website, “Expert Advice on the Best Ways to Secure Financial Aid,” is a glaring example of more bad college advic....
One College Slashes Tuition by 22%, Promises No More Silly Financial-Aid Games
TIME  - Feb 7, 2012
Shopping around for a college education can feel a lot like shopping for a new car — in that very few people wind up paying the sticker price. ..
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Books and Movies

Priciest college rarely the best choice, authors say
News Observer  - Feb 6, 2012
After reading Carol Stack and Ruth Vedviks' book on college financial aid, I came to one inescapable conclusion: It's much better to be a payee than a payer....
Acing the SAT essay
Joplin Independent - Book Review  - Feb 3, 2012
How to Write a Killer SAT Essay in 25 Minutes or Less by Tom Clements (TC Tutoring) is a promising venture that appears to be two books in one....
Dean Wormer’s Guide to Some Fantastic Colleges
New York Times - The Choice - Feb 9, 2012
We at The Choice thought it would be fun for you to consider some of our favorite imaginary universities in film and literature, and to see how they inform your search for, well, actual colleges.....
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In Texas, a Backlash Against Student Testing
New York Times - Texas Tribune  - Feb 5, 2012
When Christopher Chamness entered the third grade last year, he began to get stomach aches before school. His mother, Edy, said the fire had gone out of a child who she said had previously gone joyfully to his classes.
Florida college presidents: Don't raise tuition
Miami Herald  - Feb 5, 2012
Bucking the opinion held by Florida's university presidents, a panel of presidents from eight of the state's community colleges told the Florida House Education Committee that they oppose tuition hikes...
More Georgia students taking AP classes and passing exams
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)  - Feb 8, 2012
Here is some good news about Georgia and how well our high school student are doing on the AP exams and how many are now taking them. This is from DOE:..

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Teen Dating

Teen Dating Violence in Focus This Month
US News & World Report  - Feb 6, 2012
To many, February is the month of love, as grocers stock up on heart-shaped candies, florists order red roses, and restaurants book a flood of Valentine's Day reservations. But February is also about the other side of the coin—it's National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month....
Teen Dating Violence
Huffington Post  - Feb 1, 2012
The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), enacted by Congress in 1994, focuses on four areas: domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence. ....


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Teen Dating



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