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College Big Picture

Degrees of Debt
New York Times - Degrees of Debt Series - May 15, 2012
This series examines the implications of soaring college costs and the indebtedness of students and their families....
Paying For College: More Tough Decisions
NPR.org - May 14, 2012
Middle age is prime time for saving money. From your late 40s through early 60s, you're supposed to squirrel away cash to cope with health care costs in your old age.....
Graduating College With $120K In Student Loan Debt
WBUR.org - Here & Now - May 15, 2012
College students graduating this month are leaving school with more than their degree. They also have record levels of student loan debt......
State grant aid goes increasingly to the wealthy
Washington Post - Campus Inc. - May 15, 2012
State grant and scholarship programs for college students increasingly favor students who aren’t needy, according to a new report....
Colleges adding high-class amenities
MyFox Boston - May 15, 2012
Two beds, two dressers and a desk was the typical college dorm experience; however, on some college campuses, higher learning has become high-class. ...
How much college debt is too much?
Boston.com - May 15, 2012
That's a question that I hear very frequently as an advisor. My answer is usually "it depends" which I know is not the answer most people are looking for ...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Why Daring to Be Yourself Is the Best Approach to College Admissions
Huffington Post  - May 16, 2012
Bottom Line - Colleges want high school applicants to present themselves in the most genuine, real and authentic way they can. They thrill at students who "dare to be themselves....
2012-13 Common Application previews available
Washington Post - The Answer Sheet - May 14, 2012
Previews of the 2012-13 Common Application for colleges and universities are now available online, meaning that today’s high school juniors can get an early start on their college admissions hunt.....
High school students take note: specialize don’t generalize
College Admissions Examiner - May 15, 2012
Three years ago, I addressed the myth of the well-rounded student. From the looks of what’s making news in college admissions, it appears this myth is still widespread. Where did it come from, and why won’t it go away?...
COLLEGE COUNSELOR: Students Should Show Intellectual Curiosity
Gazette Newspapers - May 15, 2012
According to the IECA’s (Independent Educational Consultants Association) "Top Ten Strengths and Experiences Colleges look for in High School Students," number nine is: “Demonstrated intellectual curiosity through reading, school, leisure pursuits, and more.”...
College Admissions: Why High School Rankings Matter to Colleges
GoLocalProv - May 15, 2012
High school rankings are always controversial. Parents feel slighted when their town doesn’t have a top ranked school. And everyone is left wondering---how much does it really matter?...
5 ways to cut the price of college for nonresidents
CBS News MoneyWatch - May 14, 2012
Ta growing number of students to look elsewhere for a bachelor's degree. For those hunting for alternatives, here are five ways to find an affordable bachelor's degree from public institutions outside your state. ....
Top Five Things to Know When Applying to Colleges and Universities
Huffington Post - May 10, 2012
From 20 years of working with student applicants, I have learned that this is the wrong question to ask. The more appropriate question is, "How can I help my child get into the best college for him or her?" College rankings...
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High School Underclassman

High school freshman: Getting ready for college
CBS News - MoneyWatch - May 16, 2012
It's easier to make the transition if students have a game plan for what they need to do to make sure they are ready for college. Here are six things that high school freshmen need to keep in mind:....
On College: Thinking about the future
San Jose Mercury News - May 14, 2012
Q: I am a sophomore in high school and my parents have been pushing me to decide what I want to do when I get older. I honestly just don't know what I can do as a career and am feeling lost. Any advice?...
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High School Seniors

Whoops-No place to call home next fall!
Charlotte Observer - May 14, 2012
There’s still hope. If things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and your child finds themselves staring at an assortment of rejection and wait-list letters, you’ll want to read further....
How to learn from college rejection
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - May 16, 2012
When Allison Singh was rejected from her dream college, she didn't handle it particularly well. Even though she landed at Dartmouth -- after being spurned by Princeton -- she spent her freshman year with a chip on her shoulder,...
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Gap Year

Gap Year: Congrats! You're Accepted to College, Now Go Away
ABC News - May 14, 2012
Sam Helderop received an acceptance letter from Michigan's Hope College this spring, but has no intention of going -- at least not in the fall of 2012....
Planning a post-high school gap year? Consider cost, structure and commitment to college plans
Washington Post - May 15, 2012
NEW YORK — Gap years are all the rage, and the rationales are many: Take a year off between high school and college to work, travel, learn a language or skill, or volunteer....
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College Admissions Essays

The College Admissions Essay: Finding a Topic
New York Times - Degrees of Debt Series - May 14, 2012
For your college admissions essay, you will be asked to write 500 flawless words on a subject that is deeply personal under circumstances in which the stakes are very high. Now how could that not feel like a daunting task?....
9 Ways to Improve the Style of Your College Admissions Essay
About.com - May 14, 2012
Your college admissions essay is the one place in your application where you can truly showcase your personality and passions. The success of your essay, however, isn't about just what you say, but how you say it. Even if you have a wonderful topic for your essay,....
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Making the right choice for SAT or ACT prep
Dallas SAT Prep Examiner - May 13, 2012
High school students can find themselves making dozens of important decisions each year. Which courses to take? Honors or AP? Baseball team or chess club? It’s tempting to make a relatively thoughtless decision when it comes to test prep. SAT prep is SAT prep isn’t it?....
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Financial Aid Practices in the 50 States
The College Solution Blog - May 17, 2012
When you take into account all the sources of college aid that are available to students in this country, roughly nine percent comes from state governments. Recently that amounted to $9.2 billion,...
Financial aid and scholarships: how to avoid scholarship scams
Denver College Admissions Examiner - May 15, 2012
Financial aid and scholarships are sought after by more and more families every year because they need help to pay for college. In fact, without financial aid and scholarships,...
Simple college scholarship application tips
Grand Rapids Community Colleges Examiner - May 16, 2012
When a scholarship judge has hundreds, and possibly thousands, of scholarship applications to read through, it is much easier to weed out the bad ones, than to mull over the good ones. The judges need to start somewhere and tossing applications into the “reject” pile ...
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Should college students 'break up' with their parents?
Minnesota Public Radio  - May 14, 2012
Having a close relationship with your parents is a good thing. But for college students, how attached is too attached? When is it time to 'break up?'...
Parents just say no to college tuition
Reuters - May 14, 2012
Tracy Repchuk's three children are still in grade school, but she's already got college funding figured out. The Repchuk kids are 14, 15, and 16 and when they head off to college in a few years, here's how much their parents will be chipping in: Zero. ...
Too Much Student Debt? Blame Your Parents
Huffington Post - May 14, 2012
I graduated from college in 1988 with about $11,000 in student-loan debt, which is slightly less, when adjusted for inflation, than the $27,000 that the typical indebted student owes today. ...
Quiz: Is your child ready for college?
Houston College Admissions Examiner - May 15, 2012
Part of the “American Dream” is to send children off to college after high school. We envision them living in dorms, enjoying the true ‘college experience’, learning and growing into adults. The reality is that some children aren’t ready for that independence....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - May 17, 2012
A Free College Isn’t Free Anymore (Sort Of)—Why That Matters to All Students
For those of you who like to read tea leaves about applying to college, I'm here to tell you the Boston Tea Party happened about two weeks ago in Manhattan.... More

Do School Counselors Have LGBTQ Competence?
goodtherapy.org - May 15, 2012
Acceptance of lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals has grown over the past decade. However, LGBTQ people still face many challenges. For LGBTQ high school students...
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Campus and Camp
Inside Higher Ed - May 15, 2012
That’s because the spending and choices associated with the American ritual of sending a child to summer camp today is a rehearsal for the kinds of decisions that will face a family about five years later...
Summer Bridge Programs Hold Promise as Model
Ed Week - May 11, 2012
Ramon Jimenez is a counselor at El Paso Community College who helps high school students make the transition to college. Often, students are overwhelmed by new environment and freedom. "They are a little bit scared,...

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NH colleges commit to increasing high-tech grads
Boston.com - May 15, 2012
CONCORD, N.H.—New Hampshire's community colleges and four-year campuses are working together to turn out more high-tech graduates, promising to double the number in the next 13 years.....
Why Massachusetts Gets an “A” for Education
GoLocalWorcester - May 16, 2012
Massachusetts was named the best state in the country recently by Slate Magazine, based in part on its superior education system. While the state has a reputation for prestigious universities, fourth- and eighth-grade math and reading skills topped the nation......
Maine Voices: Career-focused education needed for Maine's future workers
Portland Press Herald - May 13, 2012
Failure is not always a bad word. Think about it: Everyone has had an experience where they did not achieve a goal but used that experience to find another way to reach their destination....
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The Winning Essays Are ...
New York Times - Op Ed - May 17, 2012
Earlier this year, I announced an essay contest for teenagers about bullying. Some 1,200 essays later, we have our grand prize winner....
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Teen Safety

Teen driving safety stressed this time of year
YDR.com - May 15, 2012
York, PA - It is a sobering scene. Students watch as emergency responders rush to a mock crash depicting fellow classmates hurt or killed after drinking and driving....
Safety Tips For Proms And Graduations
Newcity.Patch.Com - May 15, 2012
As prom and graduation celebrations approach, we at CANDLE (Community Awareness Network for a Drug-free Life and Environment) want to share a few thoughts about this exciting time. We want teens to have fun, but like their parents, we also want them to be safe...



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