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Marketing to high school counselors on college admissions issues is always tough. They're busy, hard to reach, often skeptical. But these counselors are critical, every student planning for college talks to, and seeks the advice of, his or her counselor. High School Counselor Week is a great way to reach counselors.

New Emphasis on the Counselors – The powers that be are realizing how important those counselors are. Last year Michele Obama gave the keynote the ASCA conference. There are all sorts of new programs educating High School Counselors on the college admissions process. We have had many requests, asking for documentation from readers using HSCW for Continuing Ed credits. Reading HS Counselor Week is a way counselors stay current on what is going on -- real time -- in College Admissions

College Advice: Consider Your Counselors
Forbes - Oct 31, 2015
School counselors play critical role in college attendance   Education DIVE - Oct 12, 2015
School counselors' influence grows
District Administration - Oct 12, 2015

Not SWAG -- An Appreciated Resource – Counselors get lots of ...stuff: Posters, Frisbees, pens, etc. Give them something they use everyday. HSCW is an appreciated resource for busy counselors. The newsletter provides counselors a quick way to stay current, and judging from all the fan mail, our newsletter helps counselors do their job. Why shouldn’t sponsorship of your school/business be connected with such a trusted, appreciated resource?

Out-of-Sight, Out-of-Mind – Counselors are human, they tend to recommend what they’re familiar with. Read this quote from a parent in the NY Times:
“I am frustrated with the guidance office at my child’s high school, where the counselors seem to push the same colleges over and over. These colleges all fall within five hours of our town in the Northeast. Good colleges at more reasonable prices exist in other parts of the country, so why aren’t the counselors broadening their knowledge of schools beyond this area and recommending them?”
It’s true. What better way to have counselors become more familiar with you than for your name/logo to be in their inbox every week in HSCW?

Reader Quotes

"I've been a high school counselor (Montgomery Co. Public Schools, MD) for 24 years ... Your publication is definitely one of the most helpful I have ever seen, and I've seen and read a lot in 24 years. I look forward to reading it, and sharing it with colleagues, each week."

A. G. Montgomery Co. Public Schools, MD

"thank you so much! this newsletter saves me endless time and effort to keep us with the news!!!! thank you again,"

SE Director of College Counseling Hebrew Academy Miami Beach, Florida .

I really like what you are doing. I get a lot of these from all over and on a variety of subjects. This newsletter is fantastic!"

GM - Admission Insights

"Hello Gene,
Thank you. HS Counselor Week will be extremely valuable to me as I meet with my department every Monday morning. What a great way for the department to stay current together"

RP, Ed.D. West Haven HS

HSCW is a great tool for staying on top what's going on in the world of college admissions. It helps a range of people with an interest in this field take a step back and think about the work they do within the broader picture.

Justin Pope - AP Education Writer

Parents Too – Beyond reaching counselors, you can reach parents of prospective students. Through our syndication and branded version, many high school counselors share HSCW with parents when they include the link on their school's site. Some put the HSCW link in e-correspondence with their parents. Each counselor sends hundreds of correspondence. Wouldn’t you love to be part of that? What better way to get your logo onto a high school’s web page!

"We love recieving HSCW. We are requesting the ability to post it on our website".
Thanks, Jay -- Dec 3, 2015
Hello Mr. Kalb,
"I have been following your newsletter for many years and I just noticed that you invite schools and PTO organizations to add your newsletter to their websites for free. Is it possible that I may add your HS Counselor Week to my blog?"
Cynthia -- Nov 28, 2015

Exponential Reach – Counselors are responsible for hundreds of kids each year and can influence the schools they choose. Advertising targeted at the students and their families can only hope to reach kids one at a time. Why not supplement your reach of students through counselors familiar with your school? Put your school’s name before these influential counselors each week with the help of HSCW. And unlike marketing to potential students, counselors influence decisions year after year.

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