HS Counselor Week: News dealing with College Admissions and other topics.

Special Introductory Offer for Founder Sponsors!

Marketing to high school counselors on college admissions issues is almost always an afterthought. Typically, it has commanded a very, very small part of a marketing budget. But every student planning for college talks to, and seeks the advice of, his or her counselor. And there's the dilemma: an important influence is a dramatically underserved afterthought. Until now.

If you have wondered how to market to the high school counselors as part of your overall marketing plan, here is great opportunity to do so.

You can help launch a brand new newsletter targeted specifically to high school counselors involved in the college admission process. HSCounselorWeek, a free, weekly e-mail newsletter, is being launched in the 11 northeast states on January 12, with news relevant to those counselors gleaned from the nation's newspapers and magazines. It provides summaries, and links to complete stories, and is designed for quick scanning and selection of just the stories counselors need for their work. And for college and service marketers it is a great, and unique, way to keep your name and logo in front of these counselors week after week -- and for very little money.

We're brand new. We've been in beta for four months, working with as many as 200 HS Counselors, refining the newsletter. The comments have been universally enthusiastic. We are ready to launch a Northeast edition next week, Midwest in early Spring, South and West before September.

Because this is great marketing, and because so many see this newsletter as a profession-wide benefit for an underserved but key influence, we are looking for a few Founding Sponsors to help us launch.

Special Offer for founding Sponsors

Sponsorship for the first year will be $600. But for our Founding Sponsors, we will add 2 months to that first year... 14 months for $600! We put your logo beside the text, and we link to your website. Every week. That's less than $43/month. How does that compare with some of your other advertising, much of which misses high school counselors!

HSCounselorWeek is a unique and extremely inexpensive way to keep your name and logo in front of a crucial advisor in the college admission process.

Please get back to me. 781-271-0396 or email. And please consider becoming a Founding Sponsor in our very first issue. Thanks

Sincerely, Gene

Reader Quotes

I really like what you are doing. I get a lot of these from all over and on a variety of subjects. This newsletter is fantastic!"

GM - Admission Insights

"Hello Gene,
Thank you. HS Counselor Week will be extremely valuable to me as I meet with my department every Monday morning. What a great way for the department to stay current together"

RP, Ed.D. West Haven HS

"I was very impressed with both the format and the content of the newsletter. Of course we would find this useful and visit it regularly. There are few resources such as this for school counselors. The free part will really be welcomed."

TH Counselor Wellesley High, Wellesley, MA.

Your newsletter looks great to me, not only as a higher ed administrator, but as a parent..."

JC   Controller,
Colorado College

I think this is a great idea"

J.H. - BC Vocational-Technical School

Here's a link to last week's HSCounselorWeek if you missed it.