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What do students actually learn in college?
APM.org - Marketplace - Apr 22, 2014
At Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, N.Y., about ten students — all women but one — sit at a round table discussing Jane Austen’s “Northanger Abbey.”...
A Key to College Success: Involved Dads
The Atlantic - Apr 22, 2014
This month, millions of high school seniors across America are making important decisions about which college they will attend for the next four years of their life. Based on my professional experience talking to high school students ...
Supreme Court upholds Michigan ban on affirmative action in college admissions
PBS.org - NewsHour - Apr 22, 2014
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld Michigan’s ban on using race as a factor in college admissions. The justices said in a 6-2 ruling that Michigan voters...
Supreme Court Rules On Race-Based College Admissions
NPR.org - Apr 22, 2014
The Supreme Court ruled that a Michigan ballot initiative to ban racial preferences in college admissions is constitutional, overturning a lower court decision....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

A Q & A On Everything College
Huffington Post - Apr 23, 2014
What are some do's and don'ts for the admissions essay? A Few Starter Suggestions For Your College Essays: Brainstorm possible topics and discuss ideas. Slice of life stories can be very appealing and just as noteworthy ..
Learn How High School Classes Can Offer College Benefits
US News - Apr 22, 2014
High school and college are undoubtedly different worlds academically. However, high school students shouldn’t totally rule out the relevance their current course work could have in college. ..
10 things college admissions officers want to see
Newsday - Apr 22, 2014
High school students may wonder what colleges are looking for in future applicants. To help your children stand out from the rest of the applicants, Mandee Heller Adler, author ..
Taking Charge of College Admission
Lamorinda Weekly - Apr 23, 2014
Many parents can recall the days when they applied to one, or perhaps two or three colleges, got accepted to their first choice school, and were done. Today, when over 12 million readers across the nation eagerly await the release of the annual August issue of US News and World Report on college rankings ..
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Stuck on a college wait list? Here’s what you should doe
Washington Post - Apr 20, 2014
In the late 1990s, I had one of my few news scoops. It was a front-page story revealing that at some selective colleges the number of applicants on the wait-list approached, and sometimes exceeded,....
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Visits/Fairs and Interviews

How To Get The Most Out Of Your College Tour
Forbes - Apr 17, 2014
Unfortunately, too many college campus tours focus on the student union and amenities instead of visits to financial aid, career services and professors’ offices. However, students and parents can plan their own tours or preferably supplement the pre-planned tours offered by the college..
10 College Interview Mistakes
About.com - Apr 17, 2014
The interview is one of the few opportunities in the college admissions process for showing off your passions and personality, and it allows you to demonstrate your interest in a college...
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Letters of Recommendations

Juniors: Time to Ask Teachers for Recommendations!
True Admissions Blog - Apr 21, 2014
Many colleges require letters of recommendation from the people who know students best in an academic setting -- your high school counselor and teachers. Letters of recommendation from teachers tell admission officers how students contribute to the academic and intellectual life of their high school.. ...
College Corner: How to get powerful, personalized letters of recommendation
Tyler Paper - Apr 21, 2014
Every year, I work with students who wait until the last minute to ask a teacher or guidance counselor for a letter of recommendation. Sometimes, the student simply doesn’t think recommendations are that important. More often, it just gets pushed down the list of things to do....
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College Admissions: Will The New SAT Be Easier? Not Likely…
GoLocalProv  - Apr 21, 2014
Wednesday, the Collegeboard released more details and sample questions for the new SAT that is currently in development. Scheduled to be released in 2016,...
The new SAT: Aptitude testing for college admissions falls out of favor
Washington Post - Apr 21, 2014
There’s a reason the College Board scrubbed “aptitude” from the name of its big admission test two decades ago. The idea of a Scholastic Aptitude Test left the organization open to criticism that it believed some people were born to go to college and some weren’t....
He taught America to beat the SATs and now he’s answered YOUR questions
MSNBC - Apr 21, 2014
John Katzman founded the Princeton Review in 1981 after graduating from college. He spent years mastering the SAT, teaching American students to “beat it.” Over thirty years he has come to the conclusion that the assesment is useless, ...
On College: Ready, set, take that test
San Jose Mercury News - Apr 21, 2014
Students are getting ready to embark on a very busy testing season. Those who will be taking the Advanced Placement tests have between two and three weeks to finish their preparation. And those who are taking the SAT I or subject tests in May have only one weekend left ...
ACT versus SAT: Which is a better choice for you?
NY Test Prep Examiner - Apr 22, 2014
Until recently, ACT versus SAT was not a common question. Midwesterners took the ACT and students headed for colleges on the east and west coasts took the SAT. Now nearly all colleges accept either SAT or ACT, whichever the student chooses to submit. With the ACT making inroads as a graduation requirement – as of Spring 2014 ...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 17, 2014
The High School Where Every Counselor is College Ready
It' s time to make good on a debt. Last fall, I challenged America's school counselors to improve college advising in their building by requiring every new counselor to take a course in college counseling... More

College Advice From A High School Counselor
WBUR.org - Here & Now - Apr 17, 2014
Education Lab’s latest story focuses on the changing role of high-school guidance counselors. As traditional counselors’ face increased workloads, programs like Seattle’s Rainier Scholars and the National College Advising Corps are providing disadvantaged students with one-on-one assistance as they navigate the college application process.....
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The Good, The Bad and The OMG of College Admissions
Grown and Flown Blog - Apr 18, 2014
Mary Dell writes: As teenagers progress through high school, the warnings to their parents about college admissions become an ever-louder drum beat that is nearly impossible to escape. With my eldest child, I braced myself for his junior year terrified at my ignorance on the subject.....
Don't Waste Money Sending Your Kids To Those Fancy College Summer Camps
Business Insider  - Apr 21, 2014
Could putting 'Harvard' on your resume actually harm you? Possibly. The Ivy's $11,000 two-course, pre-college program is considered just smoke and mirrors for college admissions, according to some experts.....
As Teens Gain Independence, Parents Seek to Stay Connected
US News - Apr 22, 2014
Starting high school can be a difficult transition for teens. There are new friends, feelings and responsibilities. But it can also be a tough time for parents who may find their children may be less willing to share information about their lives and spend time with them.....
Want your child to go to college? Enroll them in extracurriculars early
Lodi News - Apr 18, 2014
For parents of Lodi’s middle school children, I offer this advice: If your child aspires to college, get him pointed in that direction this summer. By the time a student reaches his third or junior year of high school, the die is cast.....
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Financial factors to consider before choosing a college
Charlotte Observer - Apr 21, 2014
The May 1 National Decision Day will be here in just over a week. If your child’s college choice wasn’t obvious, you’ve probably already done the pro/con lists and maybe even revisited a few campuses during Accepted Students’ Days. ..
5 Uncommon Ways to Find and Win Scholarships
Teen Life Blog - Apr 21, 2014
Every parent and student dreams of getting scholarships to pay for college. The problem: it’s hard work and requires dedication. One scholarship expert even said to look at it as a part-time job while in high school......
Educate yourself on college financial-aid schemes
Albuquerque Journal - Apr 19, 2014
If you are the parent of a college-bound son or daughter, leaving no stone unturned in the search for financial assistance is certainly an appropriate strategy....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career & Technical Education

We'll All Be Better Off If We Can Just Agree That College Isn't for Everyone
Business Week  - Apr 23, 2014
Sometimes the national conversation gets off track. That appears to be the case with the deluge of ongoing studies, journal articles, op-eds, and blog posts debating the value of a college education....
What Obama's Manufacturing Hubs Mean for the Future of American Education
Huffington Post  - Apr 23, 2014
They're called "innovation institutes," but if President Obama's manufacturing hubs materialize as proposed, the real need for innovation will be in the education system. Outside of in-house training institutes that manufacturing companies ....
Archives - Career & Technical Education
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NJ Spotlight - Apr 17, 2014
Early reports indicate trials went off without major headaches, although some relatively minor glitches were encountered....
High school career academies prepare students for jobs
Washington Post - Apr 17, 2014
Jasmine Loftland held her hand over her left eye and squinted with her right. “It just looks like a big, white board,” said Loftland, 16, her contact lenses sitting in a green-and-white case nearby...
Six Vermont colleges make 'green' list
Burlington Free Press - Apr 20, 2014
Northern New England has made a strong showing in the Princeton Review's 2014 guide to "green colleges," with 18 colleges and universities receiving recognition. Vermont has six colleges that received the green ranking. Two of them, Middlebury College and Green Mountain College, earned the highest possible score...
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Teen Driving Safety

Teen Driving: Loud Talking & Rowdiness Are Risky Distractions
Live Science - Apr 17, 2014
Although texting and talking on the phone can be hazardous for young drivers, old-fashioned distractions such as loud conversations and rowdy passengers may be more likely to lead to car crashes and other dangerous driving situations, a new study suggests....
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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