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Higher spending may not help U.S. higher education outperform peers
PBS NewsHour  - Sep 9, 2014
The United States’ spending on higher education far outstrips that of other countries that make up the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, according to the group’s annual Education at a Glance report released today....
Not Everyone Can Afford the All-American On-Campus Experience
The Atlantic  - Sep 4, 2014
Living away from home gives students a chance to immerse themselves in new academic and social worlds. But that kind of college experience is available only to an increasingly privileged few....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

On College: Sit down for an hour and set your goals for new school year
San Jose Mercury News  - Sep 9, 2014
The new school year is upon us and it is time for students to plan ahead for the next nine months. While many students just dive into the year and take it day by day, the ones who set goals tend to have the best years. All you need to do is set a time where you can sit down for about an hour in quiet. When you have done that, answer these questions:..
5 Majors You Need to Choose Before You Apply
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Sep 8, 2014
While many students will apply to colleges with a major designation of “undecided”, there are pitfalls to doing that. In larger universities, it can be VERY difficult to switch from the colleges of arts and sciences into the business or engineering college...
College Corner: How to manage the angst of admissions process
Tyler Paper  - Sep 9, 2014
At a recent speaking engagement, I met a student who seemed to perfectly grasp the concept of preparing for college admissions. He carefully listened to me explain all the pieces that must fall into place ...
Help for the 6 Most Confusing Parts of the New 2014-15 CommonApp
Huffington Post - Sep 9, 2014
Everyone -- students, parents, high school counselors, teachers and college admissions officers -- were all in agreement last year that the Common Application offered many challenges. ....
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Early Applications
Charlotte Observer  - Sep 8, 2014
Ready or not, the college application season has begun. I know I’m not the only one who feels the college application process seems to be creeping earlier each year. There used to be a uniformity among colleges and their deadlines...
Understanding Early Decision in College Admission
Lamorinda Weekly  - Sep 8, 2014
Early Decision is an application program offered by many colleges and universities that provides an early admission decision in exchange for the student's commitment to enroll. A student may only apply ED to one college, and, if admitted ED, a student must withdraw all other applications and enroll at the ED school. This is common knowledge for most families in our savvy communities....
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Questions to ask at the college fair
Bay Area College Admissions Examiner  - Sep 7, 2014
One of the first steps in the college admissions process is attending the college fair. Many colleges can seem cool and interesting, but not all colleges will be the right fit for a student. ....
College tour guides ruin admission process
The Red & Black  - Sep 7, 2014
Most people look back on their college tour experience with a grain of salt. They remember cafeteria’s, the nice-looking people, the quads and dorm rooms. They also remember the early mornings, the miserable heat or cold, and the shall we say ‘socially awkward’ tour guides. ....
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Letters of Recommendation

How to Request and Get Fabulous Recommendation Letters
GoLocal PDX College Admission Coach  - Sep 10, 2014
Yikes! Colleges will see a letter about you that you didn’t get to see. You won’t know what it says and you have to trust the writer to help you put your best self forward. How can you increase the odds that your recommender will write a detail-rich letter that reinforces the....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Sep 10, 2014
College Counselor to Parents: Relax
It must be September, because the parents of high school seniors are panicked about college. As a high school counselor, I did everything but give away free gas to get parents to visit me in the spring, but usually to no avail... More

Counselors Work to Get More Students on College Path
Ed Week (registration required) - Sep 9, 2014
Kristin M. Chiasson and her team of guidance counselors have been ramping up efforts to foster more of a college-going culture at Wayne Memorial High School, near Detroit, where a majority of students would be among the first in their families to pursue higher education. ....
High School Counselor Rankings Methodology
US News - Sep 8, 2014
For the fifth consecutive year, U.S. News has factored high school guidance counselors' opinions into ranking the schools in the National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges categories of the Best Colleges rankings. ....

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7 Questions College Financial Aid Officers Wish Parents Would Ask
US News  - Sep 10, 2014
Before college begins, students and parents should enter the financial aid office armed with a list of good questions. Which ones are essential? We had financial aid officers weigh in on what they wish college hopefuls and their parents would ask. Skip these and you risk missing out on aid, borrowing too much or misjudging the affordability of a college....
The College Transition: How to Parent When Your Child Leaves Home
TIME  - Sep 8, 2014
Before college begins, students and parents should enter the financial aid office armed with a list of good questions. Which ones are essential? We had financial aid officers weigh in on what they wish college hopefuls and their parents would ask. Skip these and you risk missing out on aid, borrowing too much or misjudging the affordability of a college....
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Is There An Easier SAT Testing Date?
TheCollegeSolutionBlog  - Sep 8, 2014
So you thought your student was done with standardized testing. You were probably proud of yourself that you had finally mastered the differences between the SAT and the ACT, and then, surprise, up pops the very stealth-like SAT Subject Tests. What?..
National Merit© qualifying scores released for 2014
DC College Admissions Examiner - Sep 10, 2014
Under a cloak of secrecy involving sworn promises from school administrators to keep information to themselves, the National Merit© Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) released the national list of state-by-state cut-off scores for merit scholarship semi-finalists yesterday...
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Rankings, Rankings, and More Rankings!
Washington Monthly - Sep 9, 2014
We’re finally reaching the end of the college rankings season for 2014. Money magazine started off the season with its rankings of 665 four-year colleges based on “educational quality, affordability, and alumni earnings.” ....
2015 Best Colleges Rankings Released
US News - Sep 9, 2014
Washington, D.C. – Sept. 9, 2014 – U.S. News & World Report today released the 30th edition of its flagship Best Colleges rankings, which measure academic excellence ....
Why U.S. News' college rankings should make you mad
CBS News MarketWatch - Sep 9, 2014
U.S. News & World Report coronated Princeton today as the nation's No. 1 university while Harvard and Yale followed close behind. Williams College emerged as the No. 1 liberal arts college while Amherst and Swarthmore came in second and third. As usual, none of these results are surprising....
Top Colleges That Enroll Rich, Middle Class and Poor
New York Times  - Sep 9, 2014
Vassar has taken steps to hold down spending on faculty and staff. Amherst and the University of Florida have raised new money specifically to spend on financial aid for low-income students. American University reallocated scholarships from well-off students to needy ones.....
Is 'US News' responsible for selling bad data?
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Sep 8, 2014
Thanks to data made readily available by the federal government and managers of the Common Data Set (CDS)—the College Board, Petersons, and US News—college search and evaluation have become much more numbers driven than in the past. ....
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Career & Technical Education

Take a Fresh Look at Trade Careers
TeenLife Blog - Seo 5, 2014
Four years of a college education is one path to a productive and fulfilling life. But not the only one. Numerous trade professions today offer gratifying and lucrative careers. Nonetheless, many well intentioned parents, as well as teens themselves, believe white-collar work is the surest route to success.....
German-Style Training for American Factory Workers
Wall Street Journal - Sep 9, 2014
FRANKFURT—German robotics company Festo AG wants to make American factory workers more tech-savvy. As robotics take an ever more prominent role on factory floors, training workers and keeping their skills up-to-date has grown in importance......
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Pennsylvania’s 14 community colleges offer accessible, flexible and affordable higher education
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Sep 2, 2014
The Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges couldn’t agree more with the recent study by the College Savings Foundation showing that 26 percent of parents believe their most important cost-reduction strategy was to start at a two-year college. ....
Maine's mix of colleges and universities have created an 'education hub'
Maine Biz - Sep 8, 2014
Laurie Lachance admits that, until recently, she never expected to end up serving as a college president — though her background provides a unique perspective on what Maine higher education was, is, and could be in the years to come.....
Officials Approve Funding to Minimize College Tuition Hikes
Maine Biz - Sep 5, 2014
The Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education has unanimously approved an increase in state funding that they say will minimize tuition hikes at state universities and community colleges.....
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7 Tiny But Meaningful Changes Every High School Needs To Make
Business Insider - Sep 8, 2014
As a new school year begins, we have to acknowledge one truth: Kids in high school are maxed out. They are stressed about academics, friendships, relationships, life after high school and everything else in between...
Under Pressure
Arlington Magazine - Sep 8, 2014
Margie Adams* remembers being wary when her daughter, Natalie*, begged to take that fourth Advanced Placement (AP) class during her junior year at Yorktown High School. Natalie wanted to be in the same class with her friends. But it wasn’t long before her homework load and after-school activities reached a tipping point...
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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