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Are public universities becoming bastions of privilege?
Hechinger Report  - Mar 10, 2015
Is a a state university still fulfilling its mission if it enrolls nearly as many out-of-state students as in-state ones? Is a public university fulfilling its mission if it’s reducing the number of seats for low-income students while increasing spots for wealthier ones?...
Are Same-Sex Colleges Still Relevant?
New York Times -- Room for Debate  - Mar 10, 2015
Is there still a place for same-sex colleges? Do they play an important role in education, or are they outdated?....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

College Admissions: Job Shadows
GoLocal PDX College Admissions  - Mar 11, 2015
A job shadow is where you spend a full day with someone who does work that is potentially interesting to you. You see what a “day on the job” is like for that person......
Don't believe scary college admission tales
Post Crescent  - Mar 5, 2015
As the dean of admissions & financial aid at Lawrence University, I often find myself in the path of the college admission hurricane......
The College Search: Advice for You and Your College Roommate
Huffington Post  - Mar 9, 2015
I've worked in college admissions for the past 23 years, but this is the first year I've really started to get inquiries about the process from friends. So this year I find myself more self-conscious than ever before about dishing out advice on this complicated, highly idiosyncratic process.....
Expensive summer programs may not be worth it
Charlotte Observer  - Mar 9, 2015
Many students have probably been impressed with the fancy mailings they’ve been receiving notifying them, “You’ve been nominated” or “Congratulations, you’ve been identified as a strong candidate for our selective program.”.....
Your College Advisor: Juniors: Senior year is almost here, just like spring
North Jersey  - Mar 11, 2015
Will winter ever end? Will spring ever arrive? Stay tuned. As the seniors anxiously await their college admission results and their parents wait for the financial aid award letters, juniors you better get ready because you are up at bat next......
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Skip the College Wait List
The College Solution Blog  - Mar 11, 2015
This is the time of year when students are getting offered spots on waiting lists. I wanted to share a previous post that I wrote about waiting lists that is just as relevant today....
3 lessons you can learn from college rejection letters
USA Today  - Mar 7, 2015
This spring, millions of high school seniors will receive positive college admissions decisions. Unfortunately, many students will also receive at least one rejection letter....
Soapbox: How to handle college deferrals and waitlists
Coloradoan  - Mar 8, 2015
The hard work of filling out college applications was done last fall; now is the anxious waiting time, looking for a letter or an email to let you know if the hard work paid off....
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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do During College Visits
Her Campus  - Mar 9, 2015
College visits are an extremely important part of the college decision process. Often, visiting a campus can help you form an idea of what you are looking for in a college. Standard tours and sitting in on classes are pretty common, but there’s much more you can do while on a college tour....
Spring Into Powerful College Visits
Huffington Post  - Mar 5, 2015
Springtime is the ideal time of year for high school juniors and their families to visit colleges. Colleges are still in session so you can see authentic college life....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Mar 12, 2015
A Gentle Reminder There’s no such thing as “down time” for school counselors, but if there was ever a “crunch time”, this is it. Sure, the first round of scheduling is over, but the second round of scheduling is about to begin, ... More

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How to spot a college about to go out of business
Washington Post  - Mar 11, 2015
If you’re a parent in the midst of the college search with your son or daughter, you certainly don’t want to be considering schools on the brink of shutting down. But how do you know if a college is about to go out of business? . ...
A Warning For Parents About Student Loans
Forbes  - Mar 11, 2015
For families across the country, now is the time that big, life-changing decisions are taking place. For students, it’s the time to decide on where to go to college.. ...
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Ditch the SATs and ACTs
Boston Globe OpEd  - Mar 10, 2015
I WAS raised from an early age to be skeptical of how admission to elite schools works. My father, a black man who had been accepted to Harvard College in 1929 ..
How to use SAT subject tests to strengthen application weaknesses
EdWeek  - Mar 10, 2015
We have all been there – as you browse through a prospective school’s admissions requirements, you notice that it requires the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. Perhaps you groan. Perhaps you think, “Another test?”...
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2015 ‘up-and-coming’ colleges and universities
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Mar 11, 2015
For seven consecutive years, U.S. News has asked college presidents, provosts, and admissions deans to nominate up to ten colleges “…worth watching because they are making promising and innovative changes.. ...
Colleges Where Graduates Get The Most Bang For Their Buck
Huffington Post  - Mar 5, 2015
While graduates of engineering and Ivy League schools tend to make the largest amount money, graduates of public schools are more likely to have a higher annual percentage of return on investment, a new report from PayScale shows...
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Raise.me: A New Way to Earn Scholarships in High School
TeenLife Blog  - Mar 11, 2015
Every family and student loves to win scholarships. It’s free money for college. Most scholarship awards require time: researching the award, applying for the scholarship, and waiting for the decision to arrive. But what if you could earn scholarships while you attend high school? ...
College Admissions: 10 Scholarships ANYONE Can Apply For
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Mar 9, 2015
Before we discuss private scholarships, it’s important to point out that the largest source of financial aid is at the college and federal levels. . ...
The School Where Everyone Fills Out The FAFSA
NPR.org  - Mar 6, 2015
Every year, more than 2 million students who would qualify for federal Pell Grants fail to fill out the form that determines eligibility — the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. . ...
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Stigmatized In America, ‘Blue-Collar Aristocrats' Thrive In Germany
WGBH.org  - Mar 4, 2015
Employers in America are having a crisis in confidence when it comes to college graduates and their preparation for the workplace....
Demand for Welders Resurges, Community Colleges Offer Classes
New York Times  - Mar 4, 2015
After moving heavy boxes and furniture for $15 an hour, when his introductory welding class began at 10 p.m. By the time he arrived at Lone Star College north of Houston, ....
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Student Athletes

Recruiting column: When should college recruiting start?
USA Today HSS  - Mar 11, 2015
A few years ago, I sat in the bleachers at an exciting sporting event. Neither team could establish and hold the lead. The crowd was crazy; yelling at the umpires, screaming for their team and berating the other team’s players and coaches.....
Tips for Writing a Strong College Recruiting Mission Statemen
Stack.com  - Mar 11, 2015
When they evaluate recruiting prospects, college coaches look for strong students who meet or exceed their eligibility and admissions standards. They also search for direct-impact athletes who thrive at their positions and can drive their team to higher levels....
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The Source: Overwhelmed And Outnumbered, School Counselors In Texas
Texas Public Radio  - Mar 10, 2015
The State of Texas lacks public school counselors. According to a study by the Ray Marshall Center for the study of Human Resources, they were the first positions eliminated after the deep public school funding cuts of 2011. ....
Senator seeks limits on state-college 4-year degrees
Orlando Sentinel  - Mar 10, 2015
Stricter rules are needed to prevent state colleges from awarding more bachelor's degrees, a Florida senator said Tuesday.. ....
Report: Texas Prosecutes More Truancy Cases Than All Other States Combined
Texas Observer  - Mar 5, 2015
Texas prosecutes kids for missing school more zealously than any other state, according to a new report released this morning, and poor, minority and special education students are disproportionately targeted... ....
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Teen Dating

Victim Services: Adult awareness necessary of teen dating violence
Mcdonough Voice - Mar 8, 2015
Issues surrounding teen dating violence are multifaceted with the subject's narrowing statistics and widening definitions of abuse. But regardless of its scope, the lack of awareness, particularly among adults....
Teen Dating and the Absence of Communication
Huffington Post - Mar 5, 2015
Dating in high school can seem like walking through a corn maze that seems to take teens on many turns, hopeful exits and dreaded dead ends. Girl and boys are maturing quickly during these years and in today's media driven society.....
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