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Liberal Arts College Students Are Getting Less Artsy
Inside Gigher Ed  - Feb 21, 2017
Liberal arts colleges promise students a well-rounded education in core disciplines that will prepare them for a variety of careers and lifelong learning — not just a first job. Increasingly, though...
For-Profit Schools, an Obama Target, See New Day Under Trump
New York Times - Feb 20, 2017
Since Election Day, for-profit college companies have been on a hot streak. DeVry Education Group’s stock has leapt more than 40 percent. Strayer’s jumped 35 percent and Grand Canyon Education’s more than 28 percent.....
How Unlimited Student Loans Drive Up Tuition
Forbes  - Feb 21, 2017
Among the many sayings dubiously attributed to Albert Einstein is that the difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Lack of limits and stupidity have another overlap in the Parent PLUS loan program,....
College Can Improve Transfer Rates
Inside Higher Ed  - Feb 16, 2017
State policy isn’t the only way to tackle low community college student transfer rates, write Josh Wyner and Alison Kadlec. Institutional action matters, too. ...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

College admissions define ‘leadership’
Concord Monitor  - Feb 17, 2017
“The college invasion.” This is how my high school seniors describe the scene on our campus each fall. Admission visitors – like extraterrestrials – arrive in their rental cars with big smiles and stories of bright new worlds. Their message is always the same: “Take me to your leaders.”.....
Honors Colleges in the Carolinas can offer an ‘Ivy’ experience
Tribune News Service  - Feb 21, 2017
Shortly after the decisions roll in, high school seniors often find themselves deciding between a small private college and a larger university. One way to make a big school smaller is an honors program....
How to navigate college admissions process
WFXL  - Feb 17, 2017
It’s a long series of steps from when students walk the halls in high school to the time they step foot on a college campus. But these days, just about every moment matters......
A successful college search begins with the right questions
Des Moines Register  - Feb 16, 2017
With more than 1,600 U.S. colleges and universities to choose from, families may find the college search daunting at first. But fear not: The process can actually be fun and rewarding if approached in the right way. The key to simplifying this process is knowing what questions to ask yourself and the colleges you are considering......
Student volunteerism is a highly esteemed quality
CentralJersey  - Feb 20, 2017
Volunteerism is alive and well among young people in New Jersey, which comes in very handy when it’s time to apply for college admission. Students who have not yet become engaged in “giving back” can likely find an activity of interest on the Jersey Cares website which features activities to suit almost any personality....
I've been waitlisted -- what now?
Wicked-Local  - Feb 20, 2017
Right now, admissions officers at colleges and universities are well into reading season. They're looking for students to fill their classes with "just the right mix". Some applicants will be an immediate 'yes', while some will not have quite what the school is looking for. Still others will fall into Waitlist Limbo......
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Letter of Recommendation

Here’s How Much Teacher Recommendations Actually Matter to Colleges
Her Campus  - Feb 15, 2017
Recommendation letters might not seem like a very crucial part of your whole college application, but they say something about you that a school might not be able to get from your own essays, grades or extracurricular background. .....
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Social Media

College admissions now using social media like never before
eCampusNews  - Feb 13, 2017
A new survey reveals that college admissions officers' use of resources like Facebook and Google to gather more information on applicants has reached an all-time high....
Twitter Wars and Instagram Shade: What it Means for the College Admissions Process
Huffington Post  - Feb 18, 2017
n an era of Twitter wars, Instagram shade, information leaks, and fact checking, the need to effectively manage an applicant’s social media presence has become critical to the college admissions process....
The Importance of Cleaning Up Your Social Media
ULoop  - Feb 21, 2017
Social media has ingrained itself into society during the last decade. It’s a way to connect and keep up with people you don’t see often, receive news updates, share your opinions, and much more....
Archives - Social Media
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Students should plan now for summer Susan Alaimo
MyCentralJersey  - Feb 15, 2017
“What did you do during your most recent summer?” This is a popular essay prompt on many college applications, indicating that colleges want to be sure that prospective students use their time productively. One great use....

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Feb 23, 2017
Your State Legislature Needs to Hear From You
One state legislature wants to do away with school counselors completely. Another state has made filing a FAFSA a graduation requirement. ... More

School counselors help with things from academic support to grieving
KTOO - Feb 17, 2017
Juneau school counselors wear multiple hats. They help with career readiness, relationship counseling and last year some students had an unfortunate reminder that their counselors can help them grieve....
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SAT scam preys on parents' good intentions
KING-5  - Feb 21, 2017
A new scam is hitting Washington state, targeting parents trying to help their kids do well on the SAT, a test used by colleges and universities during admissions.....
What your college-bound kiddo needs to know about finance
The Advertiser  - Feb 21, 2017
College is an exciting goal for many high school students. Going to college represents a chance to explore new locations and study a wide range of topics.....
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College Board tightens SAT exam security, but key risk remains
Reuters  - Feb 23, 2017
The owner of the SAT college-entrance exam, which has been plagued by a raft of cheating incidents overseas, outlined new security measures but stopped short of remedying the test’s biggest vulnerability. ...
ACT announces July test date for 2018
Admission Intel Blog - Feb 22, 2017
Starting in 2018, ACT will begin offering students the opportunity to take the ACT test in July, increasing the number of national ACT test dates from six to seven. ...
SAT, ACT, Both BAD: The Problem with College Readiness Exams
Nyack News and Views  - Feb 20, 2017
America’s tool for measuring college readiness is failing us, and Nyack is not immune. For those who need a reminder, the SAT consists of four parts: reading, writing, math (with and without a calculator), and the essay. The ACT adds on a science ...
Close to Home: Don’t make mistake of only taking the SAT
Press Democrat  - Feb 19, 2017
If you grew up in California, there’s a very good chance that you never heard about the ACT when you were in high school. For many years, another college admissions test, the SAT, has been the test of choice for California students applying to college. ...
3 Preparation Strategies for the SAT U.S. History Subject Test
US News  - Feb 20, 2017
The College Board offers 20 SAT subject tests. Of those, the U.S. history exam is one of the most popular. Not only is this subject covered in virtually all American high schools, but success on this SAT subject test can lead to valuable college credit....
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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College financial aid awards and scholarships - getting your best offer
Lamorinda Weekly - Feb 22, 2017
Comparing student aid packages and figuring out the true affordability of any particular college can be both challenging and confusing. The essential first steps are to distinguish quality from quantity (more is not necessarily better) and to separate free money (grants and scholarships) and on-campus employment from loans that must be repaid....
‘My family still could not afford to pay’: Despite generous financial aid, a top student struggles to get by
Washington Post - Feb 21, 2017
My face was numb. My ears ached. My fingers were stiff from the cold despite my gloves. My toes tingled from the snow seeping into my boots. The wind whipping through the streets had scattered the stack of newspapers I laid down briefly to tie my shoe. I was ready to go home, but I still had 26 papers left to deliver before 4 a.m....
Why almost everybody should apply for college financial aid
MarketWatch - Feb 17, 2017
Question: I’m told I should fill out financial-aid forms for college, even if I think I don’t qualify. But realistically, how much income is the likely cutoff?. ...
How To Get The Best College Financial Aid Package
CBS News - Feb 20, 2017
NEW YORK (CBS NEWS) – It’s crunch time as families weigh financial aid offers from multiple colleges. And anxiety over the potential of going into six-figure debt can keep them awake for many a night.. ...
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Apprenticeships help fill manufacturing jobs
GoErie - Feb 19, 2017
At just 23, Mike Field has a life many of his high school classmates who went on to college can't even dream of yet. He has bought a house. He's engaged to be married. He even has a new puppy, named Ryder......
Community College Dropouts? Start With Middle School
EdSurge - Feb 15, 2017
In Tennessee, the education system made headlines a few years back when the state announced the “ Tennessee Promise”—an initiative granting thousands of high school students...
Archives - Career & Technical Education
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Student Athletes

Does college athletics = big bucks?
Greenwich Time - Feb 20, 2017
Families worrying about the increasing competitiveness of college admissions and how students can stand out, often think athletics is the way to increase the chance of being accepted and get scholarship money to boot. ..
5 Hard Truths About Athletic Recruiting
GoLocalProv College Admissions - Feb 20, 2017
Sports recruiting for potential college athletes is fraught with anxiety and mystery. Why do some kids get noticed and others don’t? Where is the best scholarship money? ..
How college coaches evaluate parents on the sideline
USA Today HSS - Feb 21, 2017
If the term “helicopter parent” tells us anything, it’s that parents are involved in the college decision-making process now more than ever—and coaches are taking notice. ..
Archives - Athletic Recruitment
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State wants students graduating from college sooner
Sun-Sentinel - Feb 19, 2017
Florida leaders hope to soon produce a new type of college student: one who graduates in four years. Although students often enter a university or community college with the hopes of earning a bachelor’s degree in four years, most fail to achieve that. Only 44 percent of freshmen at state universities finish in four years .....
Kentucky district expands college opportunities for high schoolers
Education Dive - Feb 17, 2017
Research has shown that students who are exposed to rigorous courses in high school do better in college, even if they don’t excel in the courses when they take them......
Education in Tennessee can and must keep improving
The Tennessean - Feb 17, 2017
Tennessee’s students are better prepared today than ever before. They are getting ready for college, getting ready for jobs and getting ready to be active, engaged citizens....
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Teens and Drugs

Can ‘Sober High’ schools keep teenagers off drugs?
Hechinger Report  - Feb 22, 2017
Skinny and teeming with nervous energy, Matt Langley grew up with an outlook that was anything but upbeat. “I guess I was never comfortable in my own skin,” he says. “Everything that came out of my mouth, I would second-guess.” ...
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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