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College Admissions - Larger Picture

Taming the Monster
New York Times, United States - Apr 23, 2006
THIS may be you, or someone you know: the student who took five SAT subject tests, eight Advanced Placement courses and prepped for even the PSAT; who played varsity soccer and tennis and cello; who spent three entire weekends writing 12 different essays for 12 different applications....
Fashion Sashays Into the Curriculum
Washington Post, United States - Apr 26, 2006
Kendall Barry set aside her textbooks and her worries about standardized tests yesterday morning to put final touches on her latest school project: a full-length, black satin Audrey Hepburn-inspired gown she designed and sewed..
On Education In College Entrance Frenzy, a Lesson Out of Left ...
New York Times, United States - Apr 25, 2006
CONSIDER this situation. An ambitious and talented person, having worked extremely hard for a decade or more, sees a competitor suddenly performing at an inexplicably higher level. That first person comes to believe the second must be obtaining secret, unacknowledged help. So, rather than risk being left behind, he pays for the same stealthy assistance...
Closing loopholes on 'diploma mills'
Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX - Apr 26, 2006
Academic integrity has been an NCAA legislative emphasis for the past two decades. Later this week, the NCAA's board of directors and executive committee will meet in Indianapolis to consider emergency legislation aimed at closing the latest loopholes being used to circumvent the organization's eligibility standards for incoming freshmen scholarship athletes ...
Katrina cuts into New Orleams college admissions
USA Today - Apr 25, 2006
In a year marked by uncertainty and upheaval, officials at New Orleans universities that draw applicants nationwide are not following the usual rules of thumb when it comes to college admissions...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

10 Antidotes to College-Application Anxiety
Washington Post, United States - Apr 24, 2006
The college search season is almost over. Letters have been opened. Decisions have been made. But there's always next year, which is already this year for those trying to get into the best college. How can students and parents reduce the stress? Admissions directors, guidance counselors and other admissions veterans have many suggestions. Here are 10:
Juniors should put off fears of college - until next year
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - Apr 27, 2006
By Fran Gerstein. Just as high school seniors are either breathing a sigh of relief or having huge pangs of disappointment over where ...
Colleges warn against forging essays
Baylor University The Lariat Online, Texas - Apr 26, 2006
An individual need not possess good writing skills to get into a university, law school or medical school. These days, applicants can simply buy them.
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It's White-Knuckle Time for College Officials Too
Los Angeles Times, CA - Apr 27, 2006
Estimating how many accepted students will enroll poses a math test no dean wants to fail. By Stuart Silverstein and Rebecca Trounson, Times Staff Writers.
At Decision Time, Colleges Lay On Charm
New York Times, United States - Apr 26, 2006
Let others offer simple campus tours or paid transportation. At Swarthmore College here, high school seniors deciding whether to accept the college's offer of admission can play indoor soccer with the dean. Or a round of stairball, a sport invented on campus...
Colleges court the 'in' crowd
Baltimore Sun, United States - Apr 23, 2006
When the Amtrak train pulled into Baltimore's Penn Station, the conductor announced in a baritone that the last cars were reserved for passengers headed to Brown University. A bunch of nervous teenagers jumped aboard ...
Colleges pressure students to say 'yes' to boost yields
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA - Apr 25, 2006
By Anne Marie Chaker, The Wall Street Journal. Azlan Guttenberg Smith of Santa Rosa, Calif., is a 17-year-old self-described book ...
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Gender Gap

As boys slip behind, some feminists reject helping them
USA Today - Apr 23, 2006
With its powerhouse basketball teams, famed chemistry department and high rankings in college surveys, the University of North Carolina shouldn't be lacking for qualified male applicants. But UNC's current freshman class is 60% female....
Leaving the boys behind
Arizona Daily Wildcat, AZ - Apr 25, 2006
Up through the 1980s, there was a major national push for women to do better in school. Corporations and government institutions stressed the importance of women in science and engineering; colleges tried to increase female enrollment...
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Thin envelopes and angst
Chicago Tribune, United States -(free registration required) Apr 24, 2006
Many kids start to polish their resumes for college applications when they're still in junior high. They play football or join the ...
Backup college list can help ease initial blow of rejection
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription),  USA - Apr 24, 2006
solid "A" average, a varsity letter in athletics and a community service record that makes Miss America look like a slacker....
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Midwest News

The Associated Colleges of Illinois to Launch New Support System ...
Business Wire (press release), CA - Apr 26, 2006
Just days after the release of data showing that only 35 percent of Chicago public high school students who enroll in a four-year college will earn a bachelor's degree within six years, the Associated College of Illinois (ACI) will launch ACI's College Success Network, a new initiative specifically designed to help more minority, low-income and first generation students succeed on college campuses ...
Transfer agreement bad for UW
UW Badger Herald, WI - Apr 26, 2006
Are you a high school senior with a bad GPA? Is your resume blank because of your lack of extra-curricular activities? Is the University of Wisconsin-Madison your dream school, despite your slim chance of getting in? Don't worry, just apply to the Madison Area Technical College and tough it out for two years...
IU study: 23% not ready for college
Indianapolis Star, United States - Apr 26, 2006
By Staci Hupp. Nearly a quarter of freshmen at Indiana's public colleges and universities are so unprepared that they need help with ...
Missouri Senate committee guts House higher education bill
St. Louis Post-Dispatch,  United States - Apr 26, 2006
A Senate committee gutted a controversial higher education bill Tuesday, rebuking House leaders for what it said were strong-arm tactics to push the legislation ...
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Guidance Counselors

Report: Students lacking counsel
Inside Bay Area, CA - Apr 26, 2006
Just before Genette Carter started her freshman year at Oakland High School, she discovered she was signed up to take algebra, the same mathematics class in which she had earned an A the previous year. She went to campus to change her schedule, but when she arrived at her counselor's office, she found a line of students waiting outside...
School counselors serve as scientists, coaches and marketers
NYSUT.org, NY - Apr 25, 2006
As a school counselor at Baldwin Senior High School on Long Island , Annette Senicola manages a case load of 250 students. Because more than 90 percent of Baldwin's students go on to college, nearly all of those students will rely on Senicola to shepherd them to admission ...
Counselors are feeling the crunch
NYSUT.org, NY - Apr 25, 2006
With rising caseloads, ever-changing curricular and graduation requirements, parental pressure, and more complex social issues, you'd think districts would be ...
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Private Counselors

Students turn to admissions pros for an edge
Naples Daily News (subscription), FL - Apr 21, 2006
When it came time to apply to college, Tricia Hassenfeld had a 4.0 grade point average, a combined score of 2150 on her SATs and four printed pages worth of extracurricular activities. But she still didn't feel prepared for the enormity of the college admissions process....
Helping navigate choppy college waters
Lexington Minuteman, MA - Apr 27, 2006
Andrea Jacobs, 17, is just about to enter one of the most stressful and uncertain periods of her young life - she is applying to college and taking her whole family along for the ride.
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MySpace etc.

Who's Talking Online?
Education World, CT - Apr 26, 2006
The Education World Tech Team discusses social networking and blogging sites should schools ban them or teach kids to use them?...
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