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There will be no HSCW published next week due to Thanksgiving.
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College Big Picture

New Yorker  - Nov 21, 2011
The protesters at Occupy Wall Street may not have put forth an explicit set of demands yet, but there is one thing that they all agree on: student debt is too damn high ...
Why Americans are choosing to study abroad in record numbers
The Christian Science Monitor  - Nov 14, 2011
American students are studying abroad in record numbers. According to a report Monday by the Institute of International Education (IIE), 270,604 American students studied abroad for academic credit in the 2009-2010 academic year,...
Why Do Top Schools Still Take Legacy Applicants?
New York Times - Room for Debate  - Nov 14, 2011
A recent article in The Times about the pressure felt by Ivy League alumni to get their children into their alma maters — and by those children to get into their parents’ colleges ...
Alumni of Liberal-Arts Colleges See Value in Their Degrees
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) (blog)  - Nov 16, 2011
Washington—When you’ve got a target on your back, you can run and hide—or you can commission a study. A group of liberal-arts colleges chose to do the latter, and now their leaders are trumpeting the results..
Demand for Jobs That Require High School Diploma Declines
Ed Week  - Nov 15, 2011
For all the talk of the value of a college degree, there are decent jobs for those with just a high school diploma. The problem is there are not enough of those jobs to go around ...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Waiting For My Fate
Huffington Post  - Nov 14, 2011
The most stressful and difficult part ofthe college application process is the waiting: waiting for your SAT and ACT scores, waiting for letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors...
What Activiites Really Count on College Applications?
San Ramon Express  - Nov 14, 2011
Our son has just started high school and we are wondering about extracurricular activities. How much do they really count on the college application and what tips can you share with us? We are parents who are trying to plan ahead....
Over-applying can hinder college decision process
Chicago Tribune  - Nov 15, 2011
More prospective college students are applying to a large number of schools than ever before, according to a study released in September by the National Association for College Admission Counseling ...
Should Middle School Students Be Thinking About College?  - Nov 16, 2011
Is middle school too early to be thinking about college? To a large extent, yes. Colleges will not look at grades or activities from before 9th grade....
How Much Should You Personalize Each College Application?
US News & World Report - UNIGO  - Nov 9, 2011
Widespread use of the Common Application has made it difficult for students to really personalize their application to a specific school. So what can you do? ...
Summer Pre-College Programs Can Enhance Your College Applications
mycollegecalendar  - Nov 15, 2011
Many colleges and universities offer summer pre-college programs (also called Summer Enrichment Programs) for junior and senior year high school students.....
What to consider when arranging to have recommendations sent electronically
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Nov 16, 2011
n a recent School Officials Update, the Common Application proudly pointed to the amazing uptick in the number of school reports and teacher evaluations submitted through their electronic system....
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Early Admissions

Which College Admissions Deadline Should You Choose?
US News & World Report  - Nov 16, 2011
Every year, students apply to college early for a number of different reasons, whether they found the school of their dreams or they just want to get through the process...
College Admissions: The Most Popular Colleges in Early Admission
golocalprov  - Nov 14, 2011
Early admission numbers are still being released since many colleges extended deadlines due to the fall storm that hit the Northeast...
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See the essay as a screenplay of your life
Charlotte Observer  - Nov 15, 2011
Over the years I've written dozens of articles on how to write a great college essay and read just about every book and article on the subject....
Invoke the power of words in your college application essay
NY College Admissions Examiner  - Nov 13, 2011
Joyce Reed, a former Associate Dean at Brown University, is a college counselor who advises students to think carefully about what makes their college essay true and worth reading...
How to Turn Your Story Into a Winning College Essay
Huffington Post  - Nov 15, 2011
Imagine you've got a week until your college essay is due. You think it's impossible. You're worried it won't be good enough. Even worse, you're convinced you don't have anything worth writing about. But you do...
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Colleges tours: Not for the faint-hearted, or sleepy  - Nov 15, 2011
How many campuses have we visited? It's 11 and counting. And it's just November of junior year. We've visited in sun, rain, wind. ....
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Guest post: Is the SAT the best way to spend a Saturday?
Washington Post - College Inc Blog  - Nov 15, 2011
Admissions officers are charged by our institutions with the recruitment and selection of the students who will most enrich our respective collegiate communities. ....
Admissions 101: Are the SAT and ACT to blame for the inferiority of U.S. schools compared to those Finland, Japan, Singapore, and Shanghai?
Washington Post - Class Struggle - Nov 15, 2011
In his new book “Surpassing Shanghai” comparing U.S. schools to those in countries (and the city of Shanghai) where students outperform us on international tests ....
SAT Wars, Changing Higher Education Admissions
The Epoch Times - Nov 15, 2011
SAT tests should be abandoned, according to experts. In a new book called SAT Wars: The Case for Test-Optional Admissions, admission experts and scholars write of how the SAT test do not really help colleges and universities find good students, ....
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Net Price Calculators

Good Luck Finding a Net Price Calculator
US News & World Report  - Nov 15, 2011
Can families easily find the new net price calculators that colleges and universities are now required to post on their websites? ...
Net price calculators add confusion to college costs
Sun-Sentinel  - Nov 15, 2011
When it comes to estimating the cost of college, sticker shock may now be replaced with sticker confusion. Colleges and universities are now required to include a "net price calculator" on their web sites to help people ...

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Financial Aid/Scholarships

Part 1: Answers to Your Questions on Scholarships and Student Loans
New York Times - The Choice - Nov 14, 2011
To help readers of The Choice navigate the maze of scholarships available to them — as well as to further their understanding of President Obama’s recent proposal to ease the repayment of some student loans
Part 2 - Answers to Your Questions on Scholarships and Student Loans....
Part 3 - Answers to Your Questions on Scholarships and Student Loans....
Part 4 - Answers to Your Questions on Scholarships and Student Loans....

Tune Into These Scholarships for Music Majors
US News & World Report  - Nov 15, 2011
Does your passion lie in tickling the ivories? Does the thought of making a living from blowing your own horn really give you something to sing about?...
Qualifying for Financial Aid: How Wealthy is Too Wealthy?
The College Solution Blog  - Nov 14, 2011
The definition of wealthy is admittedly too broad a term to use when talking about financial aid. ...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Nov 17, 2011
Effective College Counseling is Just Eight Minutes Away
School counselors have a new reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving season, thanks to a report released yesterday on the state of school counseling ... More

Counselors See Conflicts in Carrying Out Mission
Ed Week (registration required)  - Nov 15, 2011
Middle and high school counselors believe they have a unique and powerful role to play in preparing all students for good jobs or college, but they feel hamstrung by insufficient training...
School Counseling at a Crossroads
Huffington Post  - Nov 15, 2011
Tight budgets mean tough times, but pinching pennies should not mean less money for children in schoolhouses across America. One in four children fails to graduate from high school with their peers...
At college application time, pity the guidance counselor
Baltimore Sun  - Nov 15, 2011
High school guidance counselors have to write an obligatory essay as part of what is called the "Secondary School Report" submitted to universities along with the student's official academic transcript. ...
CollegeWeekLive Launches High School Counselor Network Enabling Colleges and Universities to Set Up Virtual Visits With High Schools Nationwide
Press Release  - Nov 16, 2011
CollegeWeekLive, the leading platform for live conversations between students and colleges, announced today the launch of its High School Counselor Network,...
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College Applications: Would I Have Met Today's Standards?
Huffington Post - Nov 12, 2011
If I were going to college today, I don't know if I could get in. In the freshman profile of several top-tier schools, over 90% admitted seem to come from the top 10% of their graduating classes.....
Home for the holidays can result in less freedom - Nov 16, 2011
Making the adjustment from life at home to the one in college can be quite the challenge, but when freshmen students return home for Thanksgiving Break, the transition back may prove to be just as difficult.....
What Parents Need to Know about Private College Counselors and College Admission
Denver College Admissions Examiner - Nov 17, 2011
Many Denver parents are turning to independent college counselors to supplement the college planning their students are receiving from their high school. Parents often feel their student needs more individual attention.....

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California school year might be trimmed by a week, report warns
Los Angeles Times - Nov 16, 2011
California's economic recovery is so sluggish it will likely force automatic budget cuts that could shave up to a week off the school year, according to a report Wednesday from the legislative analyst's office.....
Parents organize to push for better California schools
Los Angeles Times - Nov 12, 2011
Nancy Crop is a Palo Alto civil rights attorney. Cushon Bell is a Pasadena educational activist and former teacher. Teri Levy is a Los Angeles creative artist in fashion and photography.....
New poll shows rising worries about cost of California colleges
Los Angeles Times - Nov 16, 2011
A strong majority of Californians think that the rising tuition at the state’s public colleges and universities is a big problem and is keeping some qualified students from attending, according to a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California....
Colorado schools sell advertising space on report cards
Herald Sun - Nov 15, 2011
Jefferson County Public Schools expects to make $US90,000 ($A87,000) over three years from Collegeinvest, a college savings plan, for the 5cm ads on report cards issued by its 91 primary schools....
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Teen Dating Violence

Domestic Violence Roundtable discusses teen dating violence - Nov 16, 2011
WAYLAND — School-based programs are critical to teen dating violence prevention...
Advocate sees red flags with dating violence policy
Hernando Today - Nov 16, 2011
Nancy Crop is a Palo Alto civil rights attorney. Cushon Bell is a Pasadena educational activist and former teacher. Teri Levy is a Los Angeles creative artist in fashion and photography.....


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Teen Dating



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