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College Big Picture

Is College a Waste of Time?
US News & World Report  - Oct 12, 2011
College is getting a bad rap these days. Despite the fact that research repeatedly shows that people with college degrees earn more and face lower unemployment rates compared to people without college degrees, ...
The Race for Prestige Drives College Costs
Forbes  - Oct 10, 2011
There are many reasons why college costs are so high— a tripling of tuition and fees, after adjusting for inflation, over the past three decades. One of those reasons, indeed perhaps the most crucial reason, is that the current higher ed model is, more or less, driven by a prestige-maximizing incentive...
Starting to Worry
Inside Higher Ed  - Oct 10, 2011
If you glanced at Smith College’s "Futures Initiative," you might think the college, like a number of liberal arts colleges in the current economy, was in serious financial trouble....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

25 Colleges With the Happiest Freshmen
CBS News MoneyWatch  - Oct 10, 2011
When you are checking out colleges, here’s a great question to ask: How happy are the freshmen? It’s an excellent sign if freshmen are pleased enough with their school that they return for a second year...
You Won't Believe How Much It Costs To Get Your Kid Into College
Business Insider  - Oct 10, 2011
The debate rages on about whether a college degree is worth the price of admission, given skyrocketing costs, shady recruitment tactics, and a dearth of entry-level opportunities for graduates....
College Admissions Anxiety: Teens Share Their Stories
Huffington Post  - Oct 10, 2011
There's the economy, crippling debt, violence on campuses, falling admissions rates, and applications that require everything from a parent's educational....
How Can High School Seniors Improve Odds of College Admissions?
US News & World Report - UNIGO  - Oct 12, 2011
With all attention on applications and essays, high school seniors can easily lose sight of the importance that continuing good grades holds. Colleges need to be kept up to date with accomplishments, grades, and any other activities that can contribute...
College counselor offers tips on finding the right school
Daily Herald  - Oct 11, 2011
As high school seniors complete their college applications, high school juniors begin the tedious process of visiting schools, meeting with admissions staff and seeking scholarships and financial aid....
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College Interviews

Do College Interviews Count?
The Daily Beast  - Oct 5, 2011
Some colleges say they’re “optional”—and what about alumni sit-downs and information interviews? Steve Cohen and Mike Muska break down which really matter—and why some colleges are doing away with them altogether....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Oct 13, 2011
Attention Seniors—Apply to College This Week. All of You.
If you’re looking for a way to motivate your students to apply to college, North Carolina just may be on to something. ... More

Counselors are key for students' success
San Bernardino Sun  - Oct 11, 2011
One of the best friends students can make, whether they are in middle or high school, or have moved on to a community college or a university, is their counselor or adviser....
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Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities face academic, social, travel challenges on campus
USA Today  - Oct 10, 2011
Kedric Kitchens is in the minority. Not for his race or gender or religious beliefs, but for his mode of transportation. Kitchens, an Oklahoma University freshman, uses a wheelchair to travel across campus....
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Words of Wisdom: The Dreaded College Essay
Housatonic Times  - Oct 3, 2011
The most important task for high school seniors hoping to get into college—after earning the grades and having done reasonably well on the SATs—is writing a good essay, in which the scratchy voice of the 17-year-old comes through...
Shorter is better when it comes to essays
The Record  - Oct 7, 2011
While the prompts are the same this year, the instructions for the Common Application essay have changed slightly. Last year, students were asked to write a minimum of 250 words....

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FinAid & Scholarships

What is Your Expected Family Contribution?
TheCollegeSolutionBlog - Oct 11, 2011
Do you know what the term Expected Family Contribution or EFC means? Most of you probably don’t so I’m devoting the next couple of college blog posts to explaining what an Expected Family Contribution or EFC is and why it’s so important....
Guest post: Let’s be up-front about merit aid
Washington Post - College Inc  - Oct 7, 2011
You may have noticed that some colleges seem to be marketing their cost of attendance in a variety of new ways. Seton Hall University in New Jersey recently announced it was slashing prices by two-thirds for top students only....
Financial aid season starts with the CSS PROFILE
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Oct 7, 2011
October 1st marked the official launch date for the 2012-13 College Scholarship Service (CSS) Financial Aid PROFILE. The less familiar financial aid form...
10 Twitter Handles to Help With Your Scholarship Search
US News & World Report  - Oct 13, 2011
Maybe you use Twitter for fun, or maybe you use it to keep up with companies and causes you like. Did you know Twitter could also help you in your scholarship search?...
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Financial Aid “Calculators”

College Admissions: New Financial Aid “Calculators” & Their Pitfalls
GoLocalProv  - Oct 10, 2011
According to a federal mandate, all colleges in the U.S. must post a net cost calculator on their Web sites by October 29. The calculators will allow families to input their financial and student information....
'True' cost of college soon just clicks away
Houston Chronicle  - Oct 9, 2011
Students checking out colleges this fall shouldn't rule out any options based on price alone. The tuition and fees that schools publish online are often far more than what families end up paying....
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College Freshman

What to Do if You Don't Fit In at College
US News & World Report - Oct 12, 2011
So what happens if you realize—a month or two into college—that you just don't seem to fit in?..
Curing the homesick blues
Charlotte Observer - Oct 11, 2011
"You should be happy I'm NOT calling you!" That was my daughter's response to our frustration at not hearing from her when she was away one summer...
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Fairs and Visting Colleges

When the College Tour Takes a Detour to a Keg Party
New York Times - The Choice  - Oct 10, 2011
College freshmen expect to confront alcohol-fueled campus parties, and important decisions about underage drinking, as soon as their first weekend at college. Many students, however, are facing choices about under-age drinking on campus much earlier....
Early visits aim to motivate high schoolers for college
The Keene Sentinel  - Oct 19, 2011
They are greeted by college tour guides who answer their questions. During a recent visit, these ranged from “How many classes do you have a day?....
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Books & Guides

Hurrah! An upbeat, practical book on college admissions
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)  - Oct 6, 2011
First, it's well organized and readable. It's co-written by a former dean of admission at Stanford, Swarthmore and Sarah Lawrence and a journalist/parent. College Admissions covers the basics (getting ready, selecting colleges, the application process, paying for school...
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NY provides grants to help poor college students
Wall Street Journal - Oct 11, 2011
ALBANY, N.Y. — New York state is providing $2.5 million in grants to programs that serve thousands of low-income college students...
State launches college prep program for all
Boston Globe - Oct 9, 2011
Massachusetts education officials Wednesday launched an online clearing house for students, parents, and guidance counselors that aims to close the college preparedness gap for students with moderate to low incomes..
How Connecticut's new anti-bullying law works
Register Citizen - Oct 12, 2011
A new anti-bullying law went into effect in Connecticut on July 1 which has several goals. The Tolland Patch goes through the highlights of the new law and explains more about how these changes are going to be implemented...
Union County Crime Stoppers launches schools-based crime tips program
MyCentralJersey.com  - Oct 10, 2011
ELIZABETH — In what Union County authorities are describing as the first formal program of its kind in New Jersey, a volunteer organization has established a schools-based tips program to enlist the help of students in fighting crime...
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7 Ways to Clean Up Your Facebook Profile For College Admissions
Huffington Post  - Oct 10, 2011
At first, Lauren untags herself from any photos with red cups in sight. Next, she replaces obscene rap lyrics with sayings by Thoreau in her "Favorite Quotes" section. And finally, just minutes before ...
Facebook Posts Costing Some Students College Opportunity
Atlanta Post  - Oct 11, 2011
According to Kaplan Test Prep’s 2011 survey of college admissions officers the number of college admissions officials using Facebook to learn more about an applicant has quadrupled in the past year, ...
College kids’ Facebook posts could reveal drinking problems
Boston Globe  - Oct 7, 2011
While I occasionally peek at my two teenage kids’ Facebook postings -- okay, call it spying -- I think when they head off to college in a few years I should give them the option to de-friend me if they choose ...

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Bullying Prevention: Tips for Teachers, Principals, and Parents
Edutopia  - Oct 5, 2011
Approximately 32 percent of students report being bullied at school. Bullied students are more likely to take a weapon to school, get involved in physical fights, and suffer from anxiety and depression, health problems...
Putting a Stop to Bullying, On and Offline
Huffington Post MTVu  - Oct 10, 2011
Abraham Biggs was just 19 when he killed himself on livestream video. Online viewers tuned in as Biggs overdosed on prescription pills, some encouraging his destructive behavior, while others suspected a hoax..


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