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College Big Picture

Analysis: College costs shift to families
The Associated Press  - Oct 27, 2011
YPSILANTI, Mich. (AP) — It was a transformation that was, by historical standards, remarkably swift: The decade of the 2000s saw a fundamental shift in how Americans answer the question "Who will pay for college?"...
Public College Costs Surge 8.3 Percent
ABC News (blog)  - Oct 26, 2011
The College Board reported today that average in-state tuition and fees at four-year public colleges surged 8.3 percent this fall, just as President Obama...
The American Nightmare: Student Debt Will Be A Long-Term Drag On The Economy
Forbes  - Oct 26, 2011
With the Occupy Wall Street protests entering their fifth week and growing, one issue that’s frequently brought up is the crushing student debt burdens that many face...
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Schools Brace for More Budget Cuts
Time - Oct 24, 2011
(LANCASTER, Pa.) — Educators are bracing for a tough reality: As difficult as budget cuts have been on schools, more tough times are likely ahead....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

7 college admissions myths
Washington Post - The Answer Sheet - Oct 24, 2011
Help is here for the frantic seniors and their parents who are spending practically every waking moment fixated on getting into college...
15 college admissions trends worth watching
DC College Admissions Examiner - Oct 26, 2011
Every year, the Arlington-based National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) surveys its members to get a picture of what’s happening in the world of college admissions...
College Admissions: What Do Schools Really Care About
CBS News MoneyWatch - Oct 20, 2011
What do colleges want from their applicants? How about perfection? It’s easy to appreciate why many teenagers and their parents might feel that way, but most colleges and universities, beyond the most elite, don’t require perfection...
6 Factors to Narrow Your College Search
US News & World Report - Oct 25, 2011
Starting the college search is full of excitement and promise. Narrowing your results can be more difficult....
Top 15 Colleges With The Highest Application Fees
Huffington Post - Oct 22, 2011
Students who are searching for their future college home are generally advised by high school counselors to apply to multiple schools in order to broaden chances for admissions. In fact,...
Before Applying to College, Get an Appropriate Email Address
About.com - Oct 22, 2011
The least stressful part of a college application is your personal information -- name, address, phone number, and, of course, your email address....
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College Admissions - Early

HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Oct 27, 2011
Is it Smart to Apply Early? Maybe
With November 1st coming up, a good number of students may be coming to your door and asking the age-old college question, “Should I apply early?”... More

Applying early to college? Do your homework first
NorthJersey.com - Oct 22, 2011
With Nov. 1 early decision and early action deadlines coming up, it's important to understand the pros and cons of these college programs.....
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College Admissions & Technology

How Has Technology Changed the College Admissions Process
US News & World Report - Unigo - Oct 26, 2011
A majority of students now submit their college applications online. Essay writing and editing is overwhelmingly done on computers, ...
How colleges use, misuse social media to reach students
CNN.com - Oct 20, 2011
CNN) -- It was a joyous day for Lucie Fink when she received her acceptance letter from Johns Hopkins University. ...
College websites lack important info, review finds
AZ Central - Oct 23, 2011
For years, when prospective applicants searched the Internet to learn about for-profit schools, as well as some community- college programs, the facts were difficult to track down. ...
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8 steps for composing a winning college essay
Charlotte Observer  - Oct 25, 2011
We know that safe and predictable essays aren't memorable and don't work ( charlotteobserver.com/225). So how do you write a successful college essay?...
Can a Guinea Pig Be In a College Essay?
The College Solution Blog  - Oct 26, 2011
Last night my nephew Matt sent me his college essay to check out. We had talked a couple of weeks ago about what might make a compelling topic.,..
The Dreaded College Essay
Huffington Post  - Oct 25, 2011
To everything in senior year of high school there is a season. There is that excitement of starting school as a high school senior,..
What happens if Common App essays exceed 500-word limit?
Washington Post - The Answer Sheet  - Oct 21, 2011
The Common Application widely used by high school seniors to apply to college recently reinstituted a 500-word limit for its essay for the current college admissions season. But what happens to a student who exceeds the limit?..

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FinAid Scholarships

That Merit-Based Aid Offer Is Final, Universities Insist
New York Times - The Choice Blog  - Oct 26, 2011
At Purdue University, merit-based financial aid offers are final and nonnegotiable. “We put that on our Web site — in red,” said Pamela Horne, dean of admissions and associate vice provost for enrollment ...
Officials target college financial aid letters
The Associated Press  - Oct 25, 2011
NEW YORK (AP) — Financial aid award letters can be misleading. In one common practice, for example, colleges highlight the total "out of pocket" cost for attending. ...
A One-Page Form to Compare College Aid Offers
New York Times - Bucks Blog  - Oct 26, 2011
In its latest effort to simplify consumer finance, the new federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has teamed up with the Department of Education to create a one-page financial aid “shopping sheet.”...
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College Admissions Resources

The 50 Best Blogs About Secondary Education
Best Colleges Online  - Oct 25, 2011
High school is tough for students, teachers, parents and administrators alike. Deciding whether or not to pursue tertiary education, navigating the complex milieu of peers and pop culture -- #13 High School Counselor Week...
Get the Real College Costs
Wall Street Journal  - Oct 23, 2011
How much will college really cost? For families, the answer may soon become clearer. Starting Oct. 29, any college or university participating in federal student-aid programs must have a net-price calculator on its website...
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New security measures in store for SAT after scandal
STLToday  - Oct 26, 2011
FARMINGDALE, N.Y. • The SAT cheating scandal on Long Island will affect millions of test-takers worldwide...
Are students cheating their way into college?
CBS News  - Oct 26, 2011
(CBS News) The competition to get into a top college is driving some to cheat. On Tuesday, the College Board, which administers the SAT, said it's taking a close look at security procedures....
College Admissions: 5 Fixes for Low SATs
GoLocalProv  - Oct 24, 2011
Fall SAT results are out, and some students didn’t do as well as they hoped. Standardized tests are a key part of admissions decisions at many colleges...
Test scores just a piece of college admissions puzzle
Herald Net  - Oct 26, 2011
High school juniors and seniors who are uneasy about taking the SAT and ACT exams can take a deep breath....
Taking the Edge Off Taking Tests
Wall Street Journal  - Oct 26, 2011
Nearly every academic milestone in teenagers’ lives these days comes with a high-stakes test attached, from high-school graduation in many states, to college admission...
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Visits and Fairs

The College Visit Done Right
Huffington Post - Oct 21, 2011
Year after year, the autumn season prompts the falling of leaves from trees, football season, and the start of the college admission process. As a part of this process, many student and their families (including myself) visit prospective colleges....
Check out colleges in person, not just online
Omaha World-Herald - Oct 21, 2011
Colleges have embraced technology to draw the attention of prospective students. Some schools offer virtual tours of campus....
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The College Conversation: The choice between the 'racer' and 'pacer' path
Daily Pilot  - Oct 15, 2011
I've spent the last month sharing with our local PTAs a new presentation that I've named, "The New Reality of College Admissions."...
Helping your child apply for college
Hays Free Press  - Oct 26, 2011
Applying to college may seem overwhelming to you and your child but, with these tips, you can provide reassurance, even if you’ve never applied to college yourself....
Saving for College: What Parents, Students Need to Know About Custodial Accounts
Fox Business  - Oct 15, 2011
Saving money for college in a weak economy can seem insurmountable, especially with rising tuition costs...
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Best College Values A Special Report from Kiplinger
Kiplinger.com - Oct 20, 2011
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance announced its annual best values in private institutions....
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College, Working Hard to Learn High School Material
New York Times - Oct 24, 2011
In June, Desiree Smith was graduated from Murry Bergtraum High. Her grades were in the 90s, she said, and she had passed the four state Regents exams....
Most Grads Not Ready For College
Wall Street Journal - Oct 20, 2011
Nearly two-thirds of students who graduated on-time this year from New York City high schools weren't prepared for college, the Department of Education said Monday....
Maine community college tuition hikes called low
Boston Globe - Oct 27, 2011
AUGUSTA, Maine—A regional agency that watches trends in colleges says that during the past five years, Maine community colleges had the lowest increases in in-state and out-of-state tuitions and fees in all of New England....
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Facebook’s Impact on Student Grades
New York Times - The Choice - Oct 21, 2011
How does Facebook activity affect a student’s grades? Reynol Junco, a professor at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania, recently set out to determine exactly that....


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