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New Stuff and Sponsor Blog

HSCW Sponsor Blog - Sports Career?
Post - Sep 7, 2011
Do you have students who love sports? Being a superstar athlete is one career path, but ...
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College Big Picture

Back to School and Deeper in Debt
Huffington Post  - Sep 6, 2011
Two weekends ago, I dropped off my daughters at college. As any parent with children in college knows, this is a bittersweet ritual ....
20 Surprising Higher Education Facts
US News & World Report  - Sep 7, 2011
Every year, I love to dig into the latest issue of The Chronicle of High Education's almanac. While I cover the higher-ed world, some of the statistics that I find in the issue stun me each year....
The Out-of-State Solution to College Budgets
BusinessWeek  - Sep 7, 2011
Amid declining state financial support for universities, many schools are relying on nonresidents—and working hard to recruit them—to make ends meet ....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Follow 7 Steps to Manage the College Application Process
US News & World Report  - Sep 5, 2011
Earlier this summer, I wrote about "8 Strategies for Starting Your College Application Process," directed at rising high school seniors as they began to contemplate the process that loomed on the horizon....
How Do Colleges Actually Evaluate Applicants?
Danville Express  - Sep 6, 2011
Dr. LaScala, Is there any type of objective system that colleges use to discern what students they will accept? They receive so many applications, they must use some decision-making tools...
High school seniors must juggle stress
Charlotte Observer  - Sep 6, 2011
A parent asked me, "How do you get through the college admissions process without going crazy?"...
Surefire tips for earning grades colleges will notice
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Sep 6, 2011
At the top of every list of what colleges look for in applicants is a strong academic record. This means both grade point average and strength of academic program...
Is a Big-City School Right for You?  - Sep 5, 2011
If there is one difference between students going to college today and their parents, it has to be the high percentage of kids who think that they want (and need) to go to college in a city...
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Should I Use The Common Application?
US News & World Report - UNIGO  - Sep 7, 2011
Many students have heard of The Common Application but aren't exactly sure what it is or how to use it. This week, our question focuses on the pros and cons of The Common App...
The Dos and Don'ts of College Applications
The Street  - Sep 2, 2011
The beginning of a new school year brings mixed emotions for every student. But for high school seniors, this fall is especially nerve-racking, as it heralds the beginning of college admissions season...
Early Decision: 10 Things You Need To Know About Applying
CBS News MoneyWatch  - Sep 7, 2011
Every year at this time high school seniors, who are eager to boost their college admission odds, start wondering if they should apply early decision to their favorite school.....

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Letters of Recommendation

Getting Good Letters of Recommendation - Sep 5, 2011
Most college applicants put little effort into letters of recommendation. After all, the letters are the one part of the application over which you have very little control. Nevertheless, letters of recommendation do play an important par...
Look For 5 Qualities in Scholarship Recommendation Writers
US News & World Report - Sep 1, 2011
Many scholarship programs will ask applicants to submit one or more letters of recommendation along with their completed application...
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FinAid - Scholarships

Do You Enjoy A College Scholarship Advantage?
CBS News MoneyWatch  - Sep 6, 2011
A new scholarship study conducted by Mark Kantrowitz, the publisher of FinAid and Fastweb, explodes the myth that minorities receive more than their fair share of college scholarships....
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College Rankings

U.S. News college rankings are denounced but not ignored
Washington Post  - Sep 6, 2011
Bob Morse is a wonk, a number-cruncher who works in a messy office at a struggling publishing company in Georgetown.....
College Rankings 2011 - Least Rigorous
The Daily Beast  - Sep 6, 2011
Workloads at even the best colleges vary widely. Newsweek ranks the schools that will get you a top-notch degree for the least amount of work. ....
College Rankings that Are Ridiculous
Washington Monthly  - Sep 6, 2011
This time of year is a big season for college rankings. Just last week at the Monthly, for instance, we released our own look at what American colleges are doing for the country.....
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Campus Visits

College tours: Firsthand input on 7 do's and don'ts
The Star-Ledger - (blog)  - Sep 6, 2011
Now we are back to normal and assessing our five campus visits and revamping our approach to this important part of the college search....
Make most of college visits  - Sep 2, 2011
After visiting more than a couple college campuses with your high-schooler, things can become a bit blurry....
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College Freshman

5 Tips for College Students With ADHD
Huffington Post  - Sep 6, 2011
When you have ADHD, you thrive on a structured schedule. The challenge is creating that structure on your own. People with ADHD also benefit from having clear guidelines and expectations given to them ahead of time...
5 Commandments for college freshmen
Washington Post  - Sep 2, 2011
Beginning college is a milestone event in our lives. Like most events of this magnitude, how we handle and deal with the new challenges we face determines our ultimate success....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Sep 7, 2011
School Counseling for September 12th
The tenth anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001 seems to be everywhere. Talk shows are devoting the entire week to interviews and remembrances of those who were lost in the attacks. .. More

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How to lower college costs, revisited
Washington Post - Sep 3, 2011
I had written about ways that parents who send their children to college could cut their expenses. One tip — that students live at home and commute to classes — seems to have generated a fair amount of criticism. ..
Parental Dilemma: Whether To Spy On Their Kids - Sep 3, 2011
In the 21st century, parenthood and paranoia often walk hand in hand. For some, the blessed event is followed by high-tech surveillance...
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Michigan students pay only half of tuition costs, study says
The Detroit News  - Aug 31, 2011
As university students head back to campus, a study released Tuesday showed that most students pay only about half of tuition costs — the lowest percentage in years....
State to Test High School Students' Readiness for College, Workforce
The Detroit News  - Sep 6, 2011
Along with the ISTEP, Indiana high school students will soon be tested on their college and career readiness.....
Iowa officals unveil ideas for education reforme
Des Moines Register  - Sep 6, 2011
Iowa education leaders unveiled a framework Tuesday for overhauling Iowa’s education system that calls for high school exit exams.....
South Dakota College Prep Program Benefits Native American Students
Indian Country Today Media  - Sep 5, 2011
An intensive college prep program started in 2000 by South Dakota State University (SDSU) and Flandreau Indian School (FIS) to help Native American students go to college has seen real results......

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Teens and Jobs

Youth Joblessness Creates Ripple Effect  - Sep 3, 2011
Not having a summer or after-school job affects more than just a kid's wallet. It also has real consequences for his or her personal and economic development....
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New Anti-Bullying Laws Challenge Schools, Students - Here and Now  - Sep 1, 2011
New Jersey’s “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights” takes effect today and it’s being called one of the toughest laws against bullying in the nation...


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