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College Big Picture

The Gigantic Student Loan Problem
Washington Monthly  - Sep 19, 2011
The Forgive Student Debt to Stimulate the Economy plan, an initiative to forgive all students loans, now has actual legislation. Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-MI) has apparently introduced legislation seeking to forgive student loan forgiveness....
The College For-profits Should Fear
Washington Monthly - September/October 2011
John Robinson was working nights as an emergency medical technician in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, when he decided to pull his son out of school. David was a second grader with a penchant for acting out,...
Are High Schoolers Prepared for College? New Data Says Only 43% of Class of 2011 is Ready
Huffington Post  - Sep 20, 2011
There are many valid questions to be asked about the future of education in the United States, but there's one simple proposition with which I think most Americans would agree...
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Inside the Admissions Office

Clashes of Money and Values: A Survey of Admissions Directors
Inside Higher Ed  - Sep 21, 2011
Admissions counselors like to talk about finding the right "fit" for applicants -- a great match between a student's educational and other goals and an institution's programs...
A New 'Poor Students Need Not Apply' Policy at College?
TIME  - Sep 22, 2011
The retailer's favorite customer isn't the bargain hunter who purchases goods on sale, but the shopper who happily pays full price. Same goes for colleges nowadays. Many American universities admit ...
1 in 4 college admissions officers report outside pressure
Chicago Tribune  - Sep 21, 2011
About a quarter of college and university admissions officers experience pressure from senior-level administrators, trustees and donors to admit some applicants, according to a first-of-its-kind survey of admissions ...
More college officials learn about applicants from Facebook
USA Today  - Sep 21, 2011
The number of college admissions officials using Facebook to learn more about an applicant has quadrupled in the past year, underscoring the effect social media ...
Confessions of a Common App Reader
Huffington Post  - Sep 19, 2011
As a college application reader at several elite universities, I hear many concerns from students and parents about the process. Here are a few suggestions from the other side of the table....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Get Smart About College
Wall Street Journal - Sep 19, 2011
It's the time of year when families start to think about colleges. But very few take a crucial first step: thinking about how they think....
Should You Be Flattered By a College’s Red Carpet Treatment
College Solution Blog - Sep 19, 2011
I received an email yesterday from a friend of mine whose son is a brilliant high school senior. She wanted to know what they should think about invitations her son has received to apply to colleges through VIP or priority applications...
The Hazards of Applying To a Reach School
CBS News MoneyWatch - Sep 19, 2011
Is your child planning on applying to any reach schools? If you're thinking about applying to a reach school, read this first. It could save you thousands of dollars....
Decide if an Early Decision College Application is the Right Choice
US News & World Report - Sep 19, 2011
With the college admissions process looming on the horizon, an element of strategic thinking is beginning to emerge....
Last of 5 Parts: Answers to Your Back-to-School Admissions Questions
New York Times - The Choice - Sep 16, 2011
The Choice concludes its reader Q&A with the authors of a new book that bills itself as “the ultimate user’s manual” for college applicants and that loosely follows,....
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College Admissions Essays

Seven tips for writing your college essay
San Jose Mercury News  - Sep 19, 2011
High school seniors across the world are now embarking on the daunting yet exciting task of writing the all-important college essays. For many, this is the first time they have ever had to write a personal statement....
Your Admissions Essay, Live on Stage
New York Times - The Choice  - Sep 19, 2011
College applicants – and, in some cases, their advisers, friends and parents – spend incalculable time poring over the personal statement....

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Fairs and Visting Colleges

How to Get the Most Out of College Fairs
GoLocalProv  - Sep 19, 2011
The fall college fair season is upon us. School gyms and convention centers will be buzzing with parents and students exploring options and gathering information....
7 Tips For Making The Most Of Your College Fair Visit  - Sep 20, 2011
College-bound juniors and seniors know that fall is college fair season. Often held at local arenas or large gymnasiums, the fairs feature hundreds of college admissions representatives, each with an array of colorful brochures and give-away items...
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FinAid - Scholarships

Look to Parents' Employers for College Scholarships
US News & World Report - Sep 15, 2011
It was a great summer, wasn't it? You laid around the pool all day, hung out in the basement playing video games with friends...
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College Rankings

Has anyone come up with a ranking of college rankings?
Washington Post - Campus Overload  - Sep 14, 2011
Wait, wait, you don’t really care? Or you like to pretend that you don’t care? In that case, here are some off-beat rankings that are more entertaining (but still have substance):...
Are College Rankings Out of Step with America's Future
Huffington Post  - Sep 20, 2011
As U.S. News & World Report issues its newest rankings, we are reminded not only of the volatility and mystery surrounding these magazine rankings, but, much more importantly...
A+ Colleges For B Students
Huffington Post  - Sep 16, 2011
Want to go to a great college but only have average grades? Never fear! All is not lost!....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Sep 21, 2011
21st Century Skills are so Counselor Centered
There’s good news and bad news on the education front. For counselors, this creates yet another opportunity ... More

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A Manual for ‘Helicopter Parents’ to Land Their Aircraft
The New York Times - The Choice  - Sep 20, 2011
Having worked closely over the past four years with some parents who have tended to get a bit overinvolved, my suspicion is that the great majority are well-intentioned..
Surviving admissions madness
Chicago Tribune  - Sep 21, 2011
After his son's college entrance process, author has this advice for parents: Relax..
What role do parents play in the admissions game
Danville Express  - Sep 20, 2011
Don't be tempted to write your student's college essay. College admissions officers are wise enough to know when the writing comes from a teenager or from...
Five College Care Package Ideas for Parents
US News & World Report - Sep 14, 2011
Your student may have been in school for one week or one month. No matter when they started classes, however, they are undoubtedly feeling the stress of college life kick in...
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Saving For College

One More Reason Why You Shouldn't Be Saving For College
Forbes - Sep 19, 2011
Last week, in a post titled “Why You Shouldn’t Be Saving For College,” I outlined three reasons parents shouldn’t be putting money away for their kids....
Why You Shouldn't Be Saving For College Forbes - Sep 14, 2011
Will Saving for College Hurt Financial Aid Chances
CBS News MoneyWatch - Sep 14, 2011
Will saving for college hurt your chances for financial aid?...
Ten Things College Students Waste Money On
Forbes - Sep 15, 2011
When we made the decision to pay for my son’s college education many years ago, we never expected the price of tuition to almost double just as he entered the University of California. ...

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Colorado colleges greet large classes of smart, racially diverse freshmen
The Denver Post  - Sep 16, 2011
Huge numbers of freshmen are streaming into Colorado's colleges and universities this fall, and they are generally more brainy and ethnically diverse than ever, according to official enrollment figures released this week....
Military no longer a sure bet for Nev. job seekers
Las Vegas Sun  - Sep 21, 2011
LAS VEGAS (AP) — Brandon Smith wants to study finance at the University of Nevada, Reno and maybe become an accountant someday....
Utah colleges rank high for business initiative
Salt Lake Tribune  - Sep 21, 2011
Utah’s two leading business schools scored top marks for their entrepreneurship programs under national rankings released this week.....
California public school students decline in SAT scores?
Los Angeles Times  - Sep 16, 2011
Among the interesting details in the latest SAT results from the College Board: California's public school students scored much lower on the high-stakes.....
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Anti-Bullying Laws Get Tough With Schools - Weekend Edition Saturday - Sep 17, 2011
SCOTT SIMON, host: The problem of bullying has escalated in recent years, from schoolyard taunts to online slurs. This month, two new anti-bullying laws have gone into effect..
"48 Hours" shares what a bullied life looks like
CBS News - Sep 17, 2011
As a new school year gets under way, parents, educators and officials are taking a very close look at bullying..


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