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College Big Picture

The Pay Off Question
Washington Monthly - Apr 18, 2012
The justification people often use for higher tuition costs is that going to college “pays off” in terms of higher earnings....
Monica Yant Kinney: College: Indispensable and indistinguishable
Philadelphia Inquirer  - Apr 18, 2012
Nearly a decade ago, in his fearless standup act, comedian Chris Rock declared that a father's success can be measured by his ability to "keep your son off the pipe and your daughter off the pole." ....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

College Admissions: Top 10 College Admissions Websites
GoLocalProv  - Apr 16, 2012
Books, Web sites, magazines, blogs, newsletters! You could fill a local library today with nothing but college admission resources. The array of information is mind-boggling. ...
How Colleges Really Make Admissions Decisions
TIME  - Apr 12, 2012
Most colleges say they review applications holistically, taking into account a student’s grades, test scores, essays, recommendations and activities. But do they really?...
Avoiding College Snake Oil Salesmen
College Solution Blog  - Apr 16, 2012
For many years I was a financial journalist who wrote about such garden-variety investment topics as 401(k)’s, IRA’s, mutual funds, bonds and how investors can assemble a retirement portfolio that will last longer than they do. ...
College Admissions and the Importance of Volunteering
Denver College Admissions Examiner - Apr 15, 2012
April is National Volunteer Month. Many teenagers do not realize the importance of volunteering and community service for college admissions ...
How to Prepare for a College Admission Essay  - Apr 13, 2012
An admission essay is an important hurdle in the college application process. Good papers can get borderline applicants accepted, but bad ones can earn rejections for even the best applicants....
Applicants Should Trust College Student 'Ambassadors' Less, Experts Say
Chicago Tribune  - Apr 13, 2012
Tour guides and student ambassadors who are paid don't necessarily advertise that fact. Applicants and parents may find that touring colleges in person or via virtual campus visits makes them better informed school window shoppers. .....
Juniors – Begin Planning Your Summer Activities
My College Calendar  - Apr 18, 2012
At this point in time, juniors should begin planning their summer activities. Summer activities should build student résumés and help make next fall’s college and scholarship applications look outstanding....
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Students Offer College Selection Tips
US News & World Report - Apr 19, 2012
How will I ever decide? That's the angst many high school students are facing this month as they struggle with college-admissions offers. While parents may have allowed students to process their options for a few weeks,...
Countdown to May 1: Advice on Making the Final College Choice
Ed Week - Apr 17, 2012
How will I ever decide? That's the angst many high school students are facing this month as they struggle with college-admissions offers. While parents may have allowed students to process their options for a few weeks,...
Time to make the right college choice
NY College Admissions Examiner - Apr 17, 2012
Official college admissions decisions letters have all gone out and students now have a mere two weeks to make their decisions and send in those big checks. This is the time to reflect and analyze what really matters in order to make a wise choice....
Tips to keep in mind when choosing a college
STLtoday - Apr 17, 2012
So you’ve done your research and applied to several colleges that offer the academic program you want and a campus environment where you think you’ll feel at home....
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Why you should get off that wait list now
CBS MoneyWatch  - Apr 17, 2012
(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY I received an email recently from a teenager who desperately wants to attend the University of Notre Dame in the fall. There's just one problem: Her dream school has waitlisted her....
The Secret Sauce of the College Waitlist
Huffington Post  - Apr 13, 2012
Days before college admissions decisions were scheduled to be released, high school seniors refreshed their in-boxes on a minute-by-minute basis and kept their phones on even in movie theaters because they knew these decisions could arrive at any moment.....
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Pain of college rejection reconsidered
Washington Post - Class Struggle - Apr 16, 2012
April is a scary month for high school seniors. They worry about their futures. In a region with probably a higher concentration of college anxiety than any other, the admissions process dumps on them disappointments that are hard to handle. ...
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High School Seniors

5 Things High School Seniors Must Do Now to Prepare for College
US News & World Report  - Apr 16, 2012
While high school seniors are currently consumed with completing final classwork, addressing graduation announcements, and attending once-in-a-lifetime social events, college will be soon upon them. ...
5 College Myths Debunked
Huffington Post - Apr 15, 2012
I always promised myself that I wouldn't be that senior who gets sentimental about graduating, but here I am reminiscing about what I've learned over the past four years. As I reflect on my experience, I am reminded of all the advice my parents and friends gave me before I went off to college ...
Keeping senioritis at bay
College Admissions Examiner - Apr 16, 2012
It’s tempting. You’re already in. So, why bother with those end-of-the year projects and assignments, never mind finals? Your friends are partying, hanging out at the beach, sleeping in ...
Huffington Post - Apr 16, 2012
In a little bit less than three weeks, almost every single current high school senior in America will have made a decision that will affect the entire course of the rest of their lives. May 1. College admissions deadline doomsday. ...
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Best online resources for SAT prep
NY Test Prep Examiner - Apr 16, 2012
While it is certainly possible to prepare successfully for your SATs using books alone, why not take advantage of the additional resources online? Below are a few of the best. They are all free and really do supplement the best of the paper resources. ...
Cheating forces test security
Charlotte Observer - Apr 16, 2012
You probably heard about the SAT cheating scandal on Long Island where 20 teenagers were arrested; five weresuspected test-takers and 15 accused of paying from $500 to $3,600 for someone else to take their standardized tests ...
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Get your FREE guide to financial aid letters
DC College Admissions Examiner - Apr 17, 2012
As May 1st decision deadlines approach, more than one local parent will be spending the next couple of weeks puzzling over financial aid award letters from colleges to which their child was accepted...

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 19, 2012
Are College Counselors Really Necessary?
Admit it—at some point in your life, you didn’t really believe college counselors were all that important. After all, how hard could it be? You point the student towards a great online college search program, they plunk in their grades... More

New Facebook Effort Targets Educating School Counselors
US News & World Report - Apr 17, 2012
A new guide strives to help counselors better understand Facebook. With the fervent pace of social media and technology changes in today's society, a new guide is promoting a need for educators to be familiar with Facebook, the country's most popular social network...
College Consultants: Worth the Price Tag?
Fox Business - Apr 12, 2012
The college admissions process is never an easy one, but today, more parents are turning to professional consultants to help their children get into their top picks by providing help with everything from standardized testing to best practices for interviews.
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Yes, I Took My Ninth Grader on a College Tour (and It Was Worth It)
New York Times - The Choice - Apr 16, 2012
In early April, I felt a sense of near panic. Since the school year had begun, I’d intended to take my son Benjamin to visit colleges, but suddenly I realized there was less than a month till reading periods and finals. ...
Consider academic record and maturity before entering college a year early
San Jose Mercury News  - Apr 16, 2012
Question: My son is currently a sophomore in high school and mentioned that he wants to complete high school next year and apply for college one year early....
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Gap Year

Gap Years: What Is A Gap Year Before College (And Should You Take One)?
Huffington Post - Apr 11, 2012
Do you get tired just thinking about another year of homework and exams? Are you ready for a new adventure -- but not the kind that involves buying books and late nights in the library? While your friends sit through lecture this fall, you could be promoting HIV/AIDS awareness in Vietnam ...
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Teens - Summer Jobs

Teen Jobs Offer More Than Spare Cash, Expert Says - Apr 10, 2012
A quarter of U.S. teens between ages 16 and 19, who are looking for work, can't find it. Michael Saltsman of Employment Policies Institute says teen unemployment isn't just about buying pizza on Friday nights. . ...
4 Tips for Helping Your Teen Land a Summer Job
US News & World Report - Apr 16, 2012
By April, many high school students are already longing for summer. Prom and final tests are mile markers along the homestretch of the school year, and they're also cues for teens to start searching for summer jobs. ...
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New report shows two-thirds of Indiana high school seniors heading to college
WNDU - Apr 16, 2012
About two-thirds of Indiana high school graduates in the class of 2010 headed to college, according to a new report by the Indiana Commission for Higher Learning.....
Schools may get reprieve on new rating system - Apr 17, 2012
Ohio public schools will likely get a year’s reprieve from a tougher academic rating system on annual report cards, a state education official said Thursday....
Many Indiana students not prepared for college - Apr 17, 2012
Iowa students are increasingly vulnerable when it comes to paying for higher education, state officials said Thursday...
College aid hasn't rebounded in Iowa
Omaha World Herald - Apr 17, 2012
SOUTH BEND – A new study finds that many high school graduates heading to college in Indiana aren't ready for college courses. The study by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education...
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Teen Drinking

Report: A Quarter of Teen Drinkers Get Alcohol From Family
US News & World Report - Apr 18, 2012
For Jan Withers, Monday marked a grim 20-year anniversary: the day her 15-year-old daughter, Alisa, rode in a car with a teenage driver who had been drinking. Alisa was killed after the driver crashed into a guard rail...
7 ways to stop teens from drinking and driving for real
NBC News - Today Show - Apr 18, 2012
Alcohol-related car crashes are the number one killer of teens. These next two months, with graduation and proms, are especially dangerous times. You might think, “...



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