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College Big Picture

Not all college majors are created equal
Washington Post - Jan 14, 2012
I have this game I play when I meet college students. “What’s your major?” I ask The student might say, “English,” “psychology,” “political science” or “engineering.”....
Applications at Elite Colleges Slow
Bloomberg  - Jan 19, 2012
Elite U.S. colleges such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University are experiencing a slowdown or drop in applications for freshman admission after years of record increases...
The Shocking Truth About Graduation Rates
The College Solution Blog  - Jan 16, 2012
I met a teenage girl during the fall who was excited about applying to Hampshire College. She had visited the campus in Amherst, MA, had met professors and talked with students. She was smitten.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

5 Expert Tips: A Winning College Admissions Plan For Your Child
Forbes  - Jan 17, 2012
Last month was the first of many nail-biters for prospective college bound students: anxious high school seniors across the nation ....
10 very good reasons to add a resume to your college application toolbox
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Jan 17, 2012
Getting into college is a little like applying for a job: you need to persuade an organization that you possess sought-after skills and that you’re a great fit for their community....
10 Ways to Improve Your Chances  - Jan 16, 2012
A winning college application is about more than strong grades or high test scores. To get admitted to the country's most selective colleges, applicants will need to put together an application that shines in all areas....
3 Reasons to Consider Public, In-State Colleges
US News & World Report  - Jan 17, 2012
Public or private? In state or out? Theses are just some of the decisions a college-bound student will have to make....
What Do Students Need to Know About Transferring Colleges?
US News & World Report - UNIGO  - Jan 18, 2012
Almost one in three students end up transferring colleges, so if the thought has crossed your mind, you're certainly not alone. One of the hardest parts, though, is finding helpful advice on how to change schools...
5 ways to create your personal brand
USA Today  - Jan 14, 2012
Your college application could be the most important sales pitch of your life. The product, in this case, is you: the prospective student. Will you bring diversity to the class? Are you a natural leader? What unique passions and talents do you offer? Who are you?...
Social Networking Reshaping College Admissions
IReport CNN  - Jan 12, 2012
Facebook and other social networking sites such as, Twitter and YouTube have recently been reshaping the process of college admissions....
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If you could go back, what would you do differently in high school?" - College Interview Tips  - Jan 17, 2012
Your college interviewer is going to want you to talk about your high school experiences. One way to get this type of conversation rolling is to ask you what you would do differently in high school if you could go back in time....
Interview can make or break college admission
Post-Tribune  - Jan 9, 2012
Dear Mr. Bradshaw — I have applied to several colleges; now, I am preparing for my interviews. Some schools are willing to conduct interviews over Skype; others say I still have the option to be interviewed on campus or by an alumnus. ...
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When is the best time for college visits?
NY College Admissions Examiner  - Jan 16, 2012
Larry Dannenberg, owner of College Solutions college consulting, offers great advice for high school juniors and sophomores planning their college visits. He reminds students that as of January, "Ninety is the number of days you have to visit colleges and talk with students." Here are his tips:....
More college application tips
IndyStar  - Jan 16, 2012
Visit, visit, visit - "I just think the college visits are huge," said Nancy Herndon, director of guidance at Hamilton Southeastern High School. "You really can tell how (students) feel about a place as soon as they step out of the car.":....
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College Choice: Why Are We So Obsessed With Our Kids' Decisions?
Huffington Post - Jan 17, 2012
A woman I know -- let's call her Joan -- recently took a leave of absence from work in order to focus on her son's college search. "His choice of school will determine the outcome for at least the first part of his adult life,"...
Getting Into College -- Demystified
LifeGoesStrong  - Jan 18, 2012
Top universities are reporting record-breaking numbers of wanna-be students. Stanford, for example, admits only 2,400 or so freshmen each year but received 36,744 applications this year. What can you, the parents..
Save time and money on your kid's college search
CBS News - Jan 17, 2012
Applying to college is a difficult process. Guidance counselors are overwhelmed. It's tempting to pay $5,000 or more to a private college counseling service to help your child, but when you add in travel to half a dozen potential schools you're looking at a hefty price tag....
Please Submit a Transcript, Essay and… Reference Letter From Your Dad?
New York Times - The Choice - Jan 17, 2012
Admissions officers are inundated with information about prospective students. For many, an importunate letter from an applicant’s parents would quickly be consigned to a dusty filing cabinet, if not the wastebasket...
Admissions 101: Do legacies make private schools look good in college admissions?
Washington Post  - Jan 18, 2012
In The New York Times over the weekend, an article about private school students and families appalled by lower early decision admission rates,...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Jan 19, 2012
The Wrong Story on Applying to College
High school counselors may see an uptick in anxious college students this week. NBC Nightly News recently ran a piece on college essay writing, and since the title was “Cracking the Code” ... More

Counselors face challenges
Jamestown Sun - Jan 18, 2012
School counselors also provide individual counseling for students, ... School counselors also do group counseling, supporting children dealing with ........
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MTV’s Latest Facebook App is About Scholarships, Not Snooki
New York Times - The Choice  - Jan 18, 2012
MTV, home to television shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom,” might be the last place many students would think to turn for guidance about financial aid. ....
An Easier Way to Find Financial Aid and Scholarships
Huffington Post  - Jan 18, 2012
Millions of current and prospective college students are in need of financial aid. So why do millions of students fail to take advantage of the scholarships and other financial aid available to them each year? ....
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Financial Aid/FAFSA

Go ahead and fill out FAFSA
Charlotte Observer  - Jan 17, 2012
Why is it that even the most organized, buttoned-up and get-it-done families struggle to collect their information and complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid -
Financial aid applications typically more complex than college admissions
San Jose Mercury News  - Jan 17, 2012
Q: My daughter just finished her college applications. It's now time for us to start the financial aid process, but we don't really know where to start. How can we find out if we even qualify?....
Part 5: Answers on the Fafsa, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
New York Times - The Choice  - Jan 13, 2012
In this fifth round of responses to reader questions about financial aid, Mark Kantrowitz, founder of the Web sites and, addresses privacy issues, ....
Part 6: Answers on the Fafsa, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
New York Times - The Choice  - Jan 14, 2012
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UC applications up 13 pct. after admissions change
San Francisco Chronicle - Jan 10, 2012
The University of California on Thursday reported a 13 percent increase in students applying for undergraduate admission, driven by a surge in out-of-state applications and a new policy aimed at expanding the applicant pool...
Tax hikes won't stop school cuts, California budget advisor says
Los Angeles Times - Jan 12, 2012
Reporting from Sacramento -- Public school funds will probably be cut this year even if voters approve Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed tax hikes in November, the state's top budget advisor said Wednesday....
Facing poor college readiness, Utah eyes reforms
Salt Lake Tribune - Jan 16, 2012
Orem • Every day that teens walk through the front doors of the Utah County Academy of Sciences, the same image greets them: giant, colorful maps matching photos of the school’s more than 100 seniors with the colleges they plan to attend.....
Why Fewer Transfers to the University of California?
Washington Monthly - Jan 13, 2012
According to a recent article in the San Jose Mercury News, the University of California system has seen a huge increase in applications, but fewer transfer applications. As Matt Krupnick writes:....
Lawmaker takes issue with college barriers study
Washington Examiner - Jan 18, 2012
A state lawmaker is taking issue with a new report that suggests Idaho could help more students go to college by boosting the ranks of high school counselors....
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Teen Dating

Young, in Love and Sharing Everything, Including a Password
New York Times  - Jan 17, 2012
Young couples have long signaled their devotion to each other by various means — the gift of a letterman jacket, or an exchange of class rings or ID bracelets. Best friends share locker combinations.....
Obsessive dating is a form of abuse fast becoming a social crisis, says author
Winnipeg Sun  - Jan 17, 2012
Bullying comes in all forms, even disguised as love. And when love turns ugly, this danger often goes undetected. For some teens, love hurts; for Vicki Crompton-Tetter's daughter, love killed.....


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