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College Big Picture

Is College Tuition the Next Bubble?
ABC News  - Mar 24, 2012
At $1 trillion dollars, student loan debt has eclipsed credit card debt for the first time in American history. To make matters worse, come July 1 the interest rate on federally subsidized Stafford student loans will automatically double....
What's More Expensive Than College? Not Going to College
The Atlantic  - Mar 27, 2012
If you want to feel optimistic about the state of things for unemployed, disengaged, and dissatisfied youths in America, here's a way. Spin a globe. Stop it with your finger. If you touch land, the overwhelming odds are that the young people in that country are doing much worse....
Despite more college grads, U.S. workforce needs even more
USA Today  - Mar 27, 2012
The number of adult Americans who have earned college degrees has been increasing, but not fast enough to keep up with workforce demands, according to a report released Monday.....
Colleges slashing tuition, offering 3-year degrees
CNNMoney  - Mar 22, 2012
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- A growing number of colleges are taking extreme measures to attract more students by cutting tuition or speeding up the rate at which they graduate......
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Admissions Office looks for signs of senioritis
Dailiy Pennsylvanian  - Mar 28, 2012
For college applicants, admission to Penn is no excuse to slack off. As high-school seniors across the country are preparing to learn of their Penn admissions decisions at 5 p.m. today, ..
College Admissions: The High School Cheating Epidemic
Huffington Post  - Mar 26, 2012
For many years, I have had one or two students caught in situations of academic dishonesty in high school. However, this year is different because I have seen an unusually high number of students charged with cheating..
Worried About College Decisions? Take a Lesson From Sara
Huffington Post  - Mar 27, 2012
Sara came home from a softball game last spring and was surprised to see her father's car in the driveway. May was a busy month in his line of work, so he usually went back to the office after watching Sara pitch...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Mar 29, 2012
Two More Options as Colleges Send Decisions
Most of the Ivy League college news will land today, Thursday, at 5 PM. We’ve discussed some of the options students will receive when they open their e-mails or letters, but there are two other trends that deserve a little attention from the Class of 2012:... More

On College: What to do after getting back your college offers
San Jose Mercury News  - Mar 27, 2012
If you are one of the nearly 2 million students who applied to college this year, you have most likely started to get decisions back. Those decisions can include an acceptance, a denial or an offer to place you on the waiting list....
Before You Accept Admission to College, Finish the Three Must-Do’s Regarding Financial Aid
MyCollegeCalendar - Mar 27, 2012
High school seniors – Before accepting admission to your college of choice, you must make sure your financial aid awards are clearly understood. Three issues that typically must be clarified with college financial aid offices include...
6 Questions to Ask When Making a Final College Decision
US News & World Report  - Mar 27, 2012
As one of the rites of spring, high school seniors everywhere are in the process of making a college decision. As the May 1 deadline draws ever closer, a different approach may be necessary to make the final decision.....
Colleges Increasingly Give News of Admissions Electronically
Education Week  - Mar 27, 2012
Thick envelope or thin one? That's so yesterday. High school seniors are increasingly getting the word from colleges about their acceptance by phone, email, through the school's website—even by text message...
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Waiting in limbo: the ambiguity of college waitlists
SF College Admissions Examiner - Mar 24, 2012
Now and in the coming month, students will be opening envelopes, receiving emails or logging into websites to discover the result of their college applications...
Don't Let College Rejections Stand in Your Way
Huffington Post - Mar 26, 2012
This is an incredibly emotional time of year as high school seniors receive their college admissions notifications. Most receive great news that they have been accepted to their dream college or to several awesome colleges from which they must choose one to accept. ..
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Campus Visits/Fairs

Students, parents should do research before campus visits
Charlotte Observer - Mar 26, 2012
While we all recognize that the college admissions process is dramatically different today than it was just a generation ago, little has changed more than the campus visit.....
Tips for maximizing your college admissions visits
Washington Post - Campus Overload - Mar 26, 2012
It’s that time of year again, when high school juniors and seniors hit the road for a marathon tour of college after college after college....
Admissions 101: What are you getting out of the last-chance April college visits?
Washington Post - Class Struggle - Mar 27, 2012
Last week we discussed the April college visits for admitted students, and whether we should ask parents to butt out of these occasions. This week we return to the April visits ....
Colleges gear up for spring fairs
DC College Admissions Examiner - Mar 24, 2012
Once 2012 decisions are signed, sealed, and delivered, admissions staff will hardly have a moment to breathe before they’re expected to hit the road again for college fairs scheduled all over the country ..

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College Tour Tips for Parents
Huffington Post - Mar 28, 2012
Most parents of college-bound teens quickly learn that some college tours involve more eye-rolling and ridiculous reasoning than family bonding. This isn't unusual...
How to Plan a College Tour from Hell
Huffington Post - Mar 28, 2012
If you have a high school junior, you're probably ready to hit the road on an iconic bonding trip with your disengaged teen. Here are ten surefire tips to help organize a journey that will turn off your student to higher learning and destroy your relationship forever:..
Parents: Help or Hindrance?
Inside Higher Ed - Mar 28, 2012
PHOENIX -- Parents are getting a bad rap. So say researchers who studied the relationship between parental involvement and their children's development as college students over a four-year period -- and found that students whose parents were significantly involved in their lives did not have their progress hindered. ...
Secrets to paying for college
CNNMoney  - Mar 27, 2012
(MONEY Magazine) -- You knew it was bad, but now that your child is close or getting ready to go to college, you're starting to get a truer picture of how bad. This year's estimated $22,300 total price (including tuition, room, board, books, and fees) ...
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SAT’s Student Photo Database Draws Comparisons to Facebook Profiles
New York Times - The Choice  - Mar 28, 2012
The advice college counselors give to students is consistent: Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want your mother to see. If upheld, the principle would help college applicants keep a clean public image...
College Entrance Exam Security Tightened After Scandal
Business Week  - Mar 27, 2012
Security at U.S. college entrance examinations will be tightened this fall after widespread cheating was disclosed last year, testing officials and the Nassau County, New York, district attorney’s office said....
SAT Reforms May Have Negative Impact on Students, Counselors Say
New York Times - The Choice  - Mar 27, 2012
Students who take the SAT and ACT will soon be required to upload photos of themselves when they register for the college entrance exams, our colleagues report....
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Financial Aid Bait and Switch?
College Solution Blog - Mar 28, 2012
When families look at financial aid packages they often assume that a school’s financial aid support will remain the same for four years. That, however, is a dangerous assumption to make. ...
Stern Advice: How to haggle for that college money
Chicago Tribune - Mar 28, 2012
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Over the next week, most colleges will give high school seniors the good news -- who got in where -- and the bad news -- how much it will cost. ...
College Math 101: Calculating the Real Cost of Attending
Wall Street Journal  - Mar 25, 2012
The fat envelopes are rolling in for Rhianna Lawson, a high-school senior in Virginia Beach, Va. But her college pick won't come down to which has the greenest quad or best dorm. It'll be about how much her parents have to shell out. ...

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An easier way to apply for college scholarships
CBS News MoneyWatch - Mar 26, 2012
Searching for college scholarships can be a real pain. When using the typical student scholarship search engine, teenagers can end up slogging through an overwhelming number of private scholarships that are totally inappropriate....
The 12 Most Unique College Scholarship Winning Tips
Grand Rapids Community Colleges Examiner - Mar 24, 2012
12 Scholarship money, aaahhh….those coveted checks that are awarded to ease the pain of college tuition, not to mention books, housing, food, and all the other expenses that come with university living...
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Career Training

Vocational Training Is No Substitute For High School
Slate Magazine  - Mar 27, 2012
The number of adult Americans who have earned college degrees has been increasing, but not fast enough to keep up with workforce demands, according to a report released Monday.....
High-Tech Illinois Company Looks to Bridge Workers' 'Skills Gap'
PBS News Hour  - Mar 27, 2012
WTTW Chicago reports on an Illinois company trying to fill highly skilled, high-tech jobs and why other advanced-manufacturing companies are facing similar problems as parents and students shun manufacturing jobs over perceived stigmas and concerns about the long-term viability of the industry in America.....
Who Shouldn’t Go to College?
New York Times - Economix Blog  - Mar 23, 2012
Rick Santorum’s recent diatribe against higher education, in which he called President Obama a “snob” for wanting “everybody in America to go to college,” has reinvigorated the seemingly endless debate over whether college is worthwhile....
Vocational Education Is Vital to America's Future
The News & Advance  - Mar 18, 2012
The news Thursday that Central Virginia Community College, B&W and the Old Dominion Job Corps Center would be continuing their training partnership drives home a message we should all hear loud and clear:...
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Fake Facebook identities are real problem for schools
Star Tribune  - Mar 27, 2012
The impersonator posed as a real Cottage Grove sixth-grader, created a Facebook page and posted threats that he would bring a gun to school and shoot three students....
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College completion in Vermont
Burlington Free Press - Mar 27, 2012
The “big goal” for college completion, as promoted by the Lumina Foundation, is for 60 percent of the U.S. adult population to have a two- or four-year degree. Where’s the country now? The 2010 Census put the figure at 38.3 percent......
URI president says college loans rising because state aid is falling
Providence Journal Press - Mar 26, 2012
SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. -- Public discussion about the rising sticker price of a college education is often misguided, not taking into account that there's a "dollar for dollar" correlation between decreased public support and bigger studen...
New England embracing new standards
Maine Today - Mar 27, 2012
Maine is forging ahead of most states in adopting proficiency-based education. But it is not alone. All of the New England states except Massachusetts have formed the New England Secondary Schools Consortium, which promotes the education reform......
Senate panel considers NJ education budget today
NorthJersey - Mar 29, 2012
TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie's ideas for reforming public education will likely to be scrutinized when Democrats examine his proposed budget for schools.......
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Teen Driving

Electronics top distractions for teen drivers
CBS News - Mar 27, 2012
CBS News) A new study of teen driving behavior has found that the use of electronic devices is the leader among distracted driving behaviors, and that teenage girls are twice as likely as boys to use cell phones or other electronic devices while driving......
Better communication could foster safe teen driving
WAFF - Mar 27, 2012
HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - According to The Alabama Department of Public Health, car accidents are the number one cause of deaths for people ages 16 to 24. Parents and companies are taking this statistic seriously.......



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