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College Big Picture

3 reasons college still matters
Boston Globe Magazine - Mar 4, 2012
The American college is going through a period of wrenching change, buffeted by forces – globalization, economic instability, the information technology revolution, the increasingly evident inadequacy of K-12 education,...
Case Renews Focus On Race In College Admissions
NPR.org - Mar 1, 2012
College and university presidents are wringing their hands over the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to revisit the issue of affirmative action next fall....
Welcome Trend in College Tuition
New York Times - Mar 5, 2012
A small but growing number of private colleges are freezing tuition and rethinking policies that have driven up prices to unsustainable levels. According to the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Electives
Poughkeepsie Journal (blog) - Mar 5, 2012
My junior clients are in the process of finalizing their senior-year schedules and want my advice on how to strengthen their academic profiles. A question that often pops up in the course of this conversation is whether taking an “extra” AP course...
Counselor’s Calendar | March Checklist for Seniors
New York Times The Choice - Mar 6, 2012
Seniors, here is your college admissions checklist for March: Nuts and Bolts - Make sure you have submitted all application materials and required financial aid forms. If corrections to the Fafsa (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) are required, be sure to file them...
Counselor’s Calendar | March Checklist for Juniors
New York Times The Choice - Mar 5, 2012
Seniors, here is your college admissions checklist for March: Nuts and Bolts - Make sure you have submitted all application materials and required financial aid forms. If corrections to the Fafsa (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) are required, be sure to file them...
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High School

AP college arms race: how to survive
Washington Post - Mar 6, 2012
So how does a student avoid taking difficult AP courses he or she doesn’t want or need just to be competitive? It requires the right strategy and attitude, both hard to achieve....
Strike a balance when choosing high school classes
Mercury News - Mar 6, 2012
The beginning of spring brings about a new excitement at high schools around the country. With the end of the school year quickly approaching, students have to think about the next year....
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Too Personal Statements: Too Outside the Box?
Huffington Post - Mar 6, 2012
Do personal statements (a.k.a essays), really matter in the college admission process? The answer to that question is that it depends on the school. Some of the smaller liberal arts colleges read them with extreme scrutiny..
How to Handle Quirky Application Essay Topics
About.com - Feb 29, 2012
This morning I found myself looking at the application for St. Edward's University, a selective Catholic university in Austin, Texas. Like many of the 456 colleges that use the Common Application, St. Edward's has a supplement to the Common App...
Seniors’ college essays touch the heart
Chicago Sun Times - Mar 2, 2012
Of the entire college-application process, it’s the essay that generates the most fear for college-bound students...
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Holding the (car) key to daughter's college search
Chicago Tribune - Mar 4, 2012
One would think that with more than 20 years of university admission experience — including my current role at Drake University — my daughter (and wife!) would give some weight to my thoughts on the college search proces...
College Admissions: Parent Recommendations Welcomed By Some Institutions
Huffington Post - Mar 3, 2012
The letter recommending Christianne Beasley for admission to Smith College didn't come from the most unbiased of sources. But there was no disputing the writer knew this applicant as well as anyone...
Should You Force Your Kids to Stick with an Activity?
LifeGoesStrong - Mar 2, 2012
A friend told me that her teen daughters recently said they wished she had forced them to keep playing their musical instruments. But then, they also said they felt bad for a pal whose parents made her do activities....
Parenting secrets of a college professor
Salon.com - Feb 28, 2012
My 20-year old daughter, Allison, who has her own apartment in Philadelphia, sent me a text the other day: “I need socks and dandruff shampoo.” I laughed aloud and texted back, “I need deodorant and coffee filters.”....
The Parent Trap: Pay for Kids College or Save for Retirement?
Forbes - Feb 29, 2012
As tuition rises and 401(k)s shrink, how can a family balance the competing goals of saving for college and retirement? There’s no nice answer to that question....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Mar 9, 2012
Shopping for College Help Online? These Three Sites are a Must
Counselors are always looking for online resources to recommend to parents and students. These sites can’t replace strong school-based counseling programs, but they sure can supplement them nicely .... More

Six Great Reasons to Use a College Admissions Consultant
San Ramon Express - Mar 5, 2012
Judging by complaints from both students and parents, it’s no surprise that the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) finds that the average public school guidance counselor spends less than 25% of his or her time on college counseling....
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'Deferred' means you still have a chance
Charlotte Observer - Mar 6, 2012
You got deferred? What does that mean? "Deferred" is one of three responses students may receive when they apply to a college through an Early Admissions program, submitting applications in mid-October through mid-November...
Surviving the wait for college acceptance letters
The-Dispatch - Mar 1, 2012
The senior year of high school is a rat race. It is a race through applications, heavy class loads, research papers and explanations for your random bursts of spring fever....
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What If You Bomb on the SAT or ACT?
CollegeSolutionBlog - Mar 2, 2012
I recently got an email from a dad who was depressed because his son had performed poorly on the SAT test. He wondered what his son’s options are...
Top tips for the ACT Science test
New York Test Prep | Examiner - Mar 4, 2012
ACT Science is the one section of this test that has no counterpart in the SAT. It requires you to think logically and move very fast, often making decisions without fully understanding what you have read. Here are some smart tips to help ensure success in your ACT Science studies.
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College Admissions: What to Believe in College Rankings
GoLocalProv - Mar 5, 2012
College rankings remain one of the most powerful drivers in media and college public relations. Need evidence? Some schools, like California's respected Claremont McKenna College, cooked their test-score books to score higher rankings..

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Financial Aid/Scholarships

Scholarship scams part 1: Avoid high pressure marketing
DC College Admissions Examiner - Mar 6, 2012
Nearly everyone needs money for college. Even those who don’t, like the idea that hard work and academic achievement can be recognized through prestigious scholarship awards...
Scholarship scams part 2: Offers too good to be true
10 High Dollar Award Scholarships for College
Forbes - Mar 1, 2012
In today’s economic climate, it is even more vital for students to apply for scholarships. Last week, I wrote about scholarships that are available for the average student. This week we will explore scholarships for the high-achieving students. ...
Scholarship providers vet students' social networks
San Francisco Chronicle - Mar 6, 2012
Here's another reason not to post photos of your high school beer bash online: They could cost you a college scholarship. About one-fourth of scholarship providers who responded to a survey said they use sites such as Google, Facebook,...
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Student Athletes

Recruiting 101: What if you’re a HS junior and being overlooked?
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Mar 5, 2012
What if you’re a high school junior and feel like you’re being overlooked right now?.First of all, take a deep breath. It’s still relatively early in the recruiting process. However, you do need to get some things in order by the time the “peak period” of recruiting for a high school junior arrives in the spring. Here are the priorities:..
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GoLocal’s Super Ranking: Top New England Colleges 2012
GoLocalProv - Mar 5, 2012
For the first time, New England's schools--from major universities to liberal arts colleges--have been assessed in a super-ranking that combines the nation's top educational rankings with grassroots student-oriented assessments. The result: a fresh view of how the full educational experience stacks up...
High school may raise bar in math
Boston.com - Mar 4, 2012
Anticipating a change to state university requirements in 2016, the Sharon school district is considering requiring four years of math for high school graduation instead of three....
Vermont may boost school math standards
Burlington Free Press - Mar 4, 2012
MONTPELIER -- Vermont students could be required to take algebra and geometry to graduate from high school under plans announced Wednesday by the governor and education commissioner to better prepare students for jobs, training and college.....
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Teen Dating Violence

Myths and Facts of Teenage Dating Violence
Paw Print - Mar 1, 2012
Studies show that disturbing levels of ‘tweens and teens experience violence in their dating relationships. ....
Protect Your Child
bigbeargrizzly - Mar 3, 2012
Domestic violence isn’t limited to adults. Teens are abused every day. Parents need to wake up, because it’s happening all around them. Their children are victims and abusers.....



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