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Why Making College Free Isn’t Enough For First-Generation Students
The Atlantic - Sep 5, 2016
Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has a comprehensive plan for making public colleges and universities tuition free for families with annual incomes less than $85,000—and eventually, $125,000—during her first term. ..
College Graduates Weigh In On The Value Of Higher Education  - Sep 1, 2016
Throughout the last academic year, we've followed a group of students who graduated from high school a few years ago in Montgomery County, Md., just outside Washington, D.C. We spent the last year talking with them about their choice of public, private or community college. Was the cost worth it? What is the value of higher education?. ..
ITT Tech's Road to Closure
The Atlantic - Sep 6, 2016
The company behind ITT Technical Institute, the chain of for-profit schools in the United States, will shut down all of its campuses following financial sanctions from the U.S. Department of Education. ..
Why ITT Tech's closing leaves a big mess
Marketplace - Sep 6, 2016
ITT Tech, the for-profit college that has been the center of government investigations and lawsuits for years now, announced today it is closing. In a statement, the company blamed sanctions by the U.S. Department of Education freezing financial aid for students. ..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

3 Reasons to Skip Applying to College Early
US News - Sep 5, 2016
Early decision and early action are often presented as great strategies for college applicants. However, for some high school students, early application options can do more harm than good.The following three signs might indicate that you should consider waiting for the general application deadline. ..
College Admissions: 6 Reasons to Pick a State University
GoLocalProv College Admissions - Sep 5, 2016
As college admissions continue to increase in competitiveness, a debate has emerged among families on the value of private vs. public education. A growing number of parents seem to believe that a private college education is superior in quality to a public university education. ..
How to Make a College List for College Admissions
Huffington Post - Sep 6, 2016
Applying to college has become a science and students often ask us how to create their college list for college admissions. There are many approaches and ways to do this, but here at Synocate we have developed a series of metrics to help students categorize colleges. ..
Should You Go to College in England?
TIME - Sep 1, 2016
More than 350 U.S. colleges recently pledged to double the number of their students who study abroad, making the case that global competence is essential in a fast-changing workforce. But some high school students are taking it a step further: They’re going abroad not for just a semester or summer during their undergraduate years but to earn a full bachelor’s degree.. ..
‘Am I good enough?’ and other fears that paralyze college applicants
Washington Post - Sep 6, 2016
Applying to college is scary. Young people carry into the process all kinds of fears that can paralyze them, making it difficult to make good decisions and following through. In this post, Brennan Barnard looks at why it is so difficult applying to college and suggests how young people can get beyond their fears... ..
The College Audition Coaching Phenomenon
Backstage - Sep 2, 2016
It seems, of late, that there are independent college audition coaches popping up everywhere. Every month or so during the audition recruitment season, new services appear virtually all over the country, in big cities and small towns, in the Northeast, the Southwest, and the Midwest. . ..
How Much Time Should I Spend on College Applications?
Huffington Post - Sep 6, 2016
At Synocate many juniors and seniors in high school ask us how long they should be spending on writing admissions essays, filling out the Common Application, and interviewing for college. We have a unique view on this that probably differs from many in the college admissions world,. ..
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The 3 types of essays: Good, Bad, Risky
Tribune News Service - Sep 2, 2016
Let’s start with “The Risky.” One of the favorite stories being passed around by admissions officers these days is a young man’s response to an open-ended essay prompt: “Ask yourself a question, and then answer it.” So here’s what one bold young man chose to write:....
3 College Essay Clichés You Should Avoid
Her Campus - Sep 7, 2016
The college essay. It’s the most daunting paper you’ll ever write in your high school career —and for good reason. This is your first personal introduction to colleges and it has the potential to make or break whether you receive that huge ‘Congratulations!’ envelope in the mail or not....
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Campus Visits

Here's how your family can afford college visits
Deseret News - Sep 5, 2016
For many families, September means the start of college and, with it, the responsibility of paying tuition and other expenses. But for families with kids in the last years of high school, it’s also time to start visiting colleges of interest . ..
THe Jet Set: Wealthy Touring Colleges In Private Planes
Newsweek - Sep 5, 2016
On a late August morning, in the dusky haze of the San Fernando Valley, a former Los Angeles politician boards a Gulfstream G200 jet with his teenage son. Inside the 175-square-foot, overwhelmingly beige cabin, complimentary varsity swag i. ..

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Aug 31, 2016
College Advice to High School Ninth Graders
It always happens during schedule changes. “Excuse me, are you my counselor? My name is Josh, and I’m a new ninth grader, and I’d like to talk to you about applying to college.”..... More

6 Myths About Suicide That Every Educator And Parent Should Know - Sep 2, 2016
Every day, thousands of teens attempt suicide in the U.S. — the most extreme outcome for the millions of children in this country who struggle with mental health issues.....
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Back-to-college season poses difficulties for parents dealing with ’empty nests’
PIX-11 - Sep 6, 2016
The college season can also be hard on parents, who now have to adapt to not having their kids at home. Deborah Carr a sociology professor at Rutgers University, has some tips for parents dealing with the "empty nest" when their child goes off to their freshman year of college....
Biggest College Shocker? For Many Students and Parents It’s All Those %@!*# Fees
TIME - Sep 1, 2016
And what is a "student excellence" fee, anyhow? What’s the biggest financial surprise awaiting the families of college-bound students? For many it’s likely to be unexpected (and often baffling) fees, according to a MONEY/Barnes & Noble College survey of college students and parents......
The top 8 reasons you will overpay for college
USA Today College - Sep 2, 2016
Colleges have mastered the pricing model and students are at their mercy as invoices arrive in the mail. But long prior to receiving their invoices, students and their parents make many mistakes that cost them tens of thousands.....
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College Board SAT Designer Drawn Into FBI Investigation
EdWeek - Sep 2, 2016
A former College Board official who had a lead role in designing the new SAT—and then became an ardent critic of the process—has become part of an FBI investigation into possible security breaches in the college-entrance exam. Documents outlining his role appear to have been put under court seal.. ..
What’s up with test-optional admissions policies?
Huffington Post - Sep 6, 2016
Any student (or parent of a student) beginning the college search process is probably aware that the SAT and ACT often play a big role in the college admissions process. The question of “how did you do on your SATs” from classmates or relatives surfaces as soon as someone starts the college search ..
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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FAFSA has a new application date -- don't miss it
Chicago Tribune - Sep 2, 2016
There's a big change coming in FAFSA -- the Free Application for Federal Student Aid -- and those changes start October 1. Under rules enacted in 2015, the date for submission this year is earlier than in past years -- and if you delay you just might miss out on a lot of money!...
4 Financial Aid Tips for College Procrastinators
Huffington Post - Sep 7, 2016
We all have bouts of procrastination, especially in college. Pulling an all-nighter to crank out a paper you’ve had weeks to work on is practically the definition of a college student.. ...
States: Our financial aid needs major overhaul
eCampusNews - Sep 1, 2016
Although state financial aid programs can be powerful policy tools to defray the increasingly burdensome costs of college, many states’ financial aid programs are not in alignment with strategic postsecondary education policy goals, according to a new report from the Education Commission of the States (ECS).. ...
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Is Workforce Training The New Bachelor's Degree?  - Aug 29, 2016
Singapore and Switzerland have at least one thing in common. Both countries boast a low unemployment rate for young adults and some researchers say that's because of robust post-secondary vocational training. Lawmakers say the U.S. needs to step up its game and follow suit.. ..
Higher ed leaders discuss vision behind workforce development
Education Dive - Sep 1, 2016
The Department of Education recently debuted a pilot program to spur public and private partnerships benefiting workforce development, an unprecedented program which will pair colleges with for-profit companies to offer degrees and job training in select industries. ..
Archives - Career & Technical Education
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Student Athletes

Overspecialization, overtraining up injuries and burnout in kids sports
Reuters  - Aug 29, 2016
(Reuters Health) - Focusing only on one sport, year-round, can increase kids’ risk of injury and burnout, according to a clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). ..
Recruiting Tip: You need an athletic resume
USA Today HSS  - Sep 5, 2016
Every high school athlete looking to play in college should approach the recruiting process like a job search. Realistically, the process is the same. The college coaches are looking for players and you are looking for an opening. Unfortunately, college coaches don’t advertise available roster spots, so the openings are a little harder to find. Once you find the right opportunity, ..
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California’s first College and Career Readiness metric still being fine-tuned
EdSource  - Sep 6, 2016
Citing a lack of current data to measure how well high schools prepare students for careers, state officials have scrapped a key piece of California’s initial College and Career Readiness Indicator.....
Lobbying for California’s 2.3 million community college students with a $0 budget
East Bay Times  - Sep 4, 2016
For months they juggled classes, schoolwork and exams with testimony, endless meetings and midnight trips to Sacramento — all on their own dime.....
Colorado Community Colleges announces "Last Mile Scholarships"
Fort Morgan Times  - Sep 4, 2016
The Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges has announced a new and innovative "Last Mile Scholarship" program. Last Mile Scholarships are intended for students who are close to completing an Associate Degree but need financial assistance to overcome a financial obstacle....
California to be first state to require suicide prevention classes in schools
LGBTQ Nation  - Sep 1, 2016
All California middle and high schools will be required to provide mandatory suicide prevention education for children in grades 7 through 12, under a new bill headed to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown....
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Mental Health

Mental Health In Schools: A Hidden Crisis Affecting Millions Of Students  - Sep 7, 2016
Our public schools are struggling to handle millions of students with mental health problems. Here’s why.. ..
College Students Who Were Bullied as Kids Are at Higher Risk for Post-Traumatic Stress
Slate Magazine  - Sep 2, 2016
The damaging effects of childhood bullying can persist into young adulthood, causing lasting psychological trauma akin to that of childhood physical and sexual abuse. According to a new study of undergraduate students, those who were bullied as children were significantly more likely to have mental health troubles than their unbullied peers. ..
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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