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College Big Picture

Is Your College Degree Worth It? Find Out
Forbes - Apr 11, 2013
College has never been more expensive to attend. Now you can check if your degree is worth the cost. As the number of students enrolling in college has increased, college costs have climbed as well. Between 2000 and 2011....
Elite University Admissions in a Winner-Take-All-Society
Washington Monthly - Apr 9, 2013
Megan McArdle is surely correct when she notes how much is expected today of young people who aspire to attend elite universities. Her own experience as a teenager was different:.....
High-tuition, Not-High-Enough Financial Aid
Washington Monthly - Apr 8, 2013
A common line used by academic administrators and policymakers when colleges hike tuition is that there’s no real need to worry: scholarships will be available for the poor. That really high published price will apply only to the rich.....
How 'yield' figures into the admissions equation
DC College Admissions Examiner - Apr 8, 2013
Congratulations to the thousands of college-bound high school students currently in the enviable position of sorting through admissions offers. You are now officially in the ‘driver’s seat!’....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 10, 2013
How to Make the Most out of a College Fair
More and more high schools are offering spring college fairs to help juniors and their families focus on the qualities they’re looking for in the right college match. There’s nothing to replace a campus visit, but college visits cost time and money…... More

Juniors: How to ask Teachers for Recommendations
True Admissions Blog  - Apr 10, 2013
Before the end of the school year, ask two teachers for recommendations. But remember that writing letters of recommendation is not part of a teacher's normal job duties. So keep that in mind and approach your teachers with a polite considerate request. Here are some pointers:....
Colleges looking at applicants' social media in admissions process
Philly.com  - Apr 6, 2013
It's junior year and Ellie Likos is ready to start the college process. The first step: changing her name on Facebook. Since the explosion of social media just a few years ago, colleges across the country have increasingly used them to scrutinize applicants....
Making the grade: Inside the college admissions process
A & T Register  - Apr 10, 2013
PHILADELPHIA– The case before the admissions panel holed up in a small room at Lehigh University was complex. The applicant had scored 1300 on the verbal and math portions of the SAT, on the low end for the highly selective, private research university in Bethlehem, Pa....
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Part 1: Answers to Your Questions on Making the Final College Decision
New York Times - The Choice - Apr 8, 2013
Higher Grades vs. More Prestige Q. My son’s focus has changed since he applied to schools. He was rejected by three (one with an invitation to apply as a transfer next year), accepted by three, and is awaiting one rolling admission decision. He now wants to apply to transfer to five schools that were not even on his radar last fall.
Part 2: Answers to Your Questions on Making the Final College Decision
New York Times - The Choice - Apr 9, 2013
Part 3: Answers to Your Questions on Making the Final College Decision
New York Times - The Choice - Apr 10, 2013
Part 4: Answers to Your Questions on Making the Final College Decision
New York Times - The Choice - Apr 11, 2013
9 Things NOT To Do During Pre-Frosh Weekend
Charlotte Observer - Apr 10, 2013
You can browse through as many brochures as you want, but you won't know how you feel about a university until you set foot on its campus. As the decision deadline gets closer, many pre-collegiettes begin to realize the value of pre-frosh weekends...
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Waiting Lists

The odds of getting off a college wait-list
CBS News MoneyWatch - Apr 8, 2013
What many students don't realize is that today's wait-list invitations represent the polite way of rejecting a student. Applicants don't feel as badly if they get wait=listed. Believe it or not, some teenagers even brag about their wait-list invitations from elite schools.....
Playing the wait list game
DC College Admissions Examiner - Apr 10, 2013
Hope springs eternal. That’s why there are lotteries and wait lists. And colleges are unapologetic about using the hopes of waitlisted students to further their objectives, which largely center on filling freshman classes with the best and brightest high school students.....
About One-Third of Students Get Offers From College Wait Lists
Ed Week - Apr 5, 2013
April is the month of decisionmaking for high school seniors weighing their college options. It's difficult enough to compare the solid offers, but for many, there is the added layer of angst over being put on a wait list. ...
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A crazy, tough year for admissions
Charlotte Observer - Apr 8, 2013
Blogs on college admissions are burning up with comments from frustrated parents and students. Many of the most selective colleges received record numbers of applications and thus sent rejection letters to more students than ever before...
Getting Over Rejection, From College
NPR.org - Apr 8, 2013
Most colleges and universities recently let anxious students know who is getting in —and who is not— for the next academic year. And many applicants are dealing with rejection from their dream school. ...
5 Things to Do When You're Rejected From Your Dream School
PolicyMic - Apr 5, 2013
If you're startled awake to the harsh reality of not getting into your dream college, how do you move forward? To those who have been through college, that appears in hindsight to be an amateurish concern, a parting manifestation of adolescent theatrics and teen drama. But it does matter.....
No Acceptance Letters? What Now?
About.com - Apr 8, 2013
Every April I receive email messages from panicked students who have been waitlisted or rejected from every single college to which they applied. Such situations, unfortunately, aren't uncommon....
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The Hardest Colleges To Get Into In 2013
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Apr 8, 2013
Statistics for the Class of 2017 are staring to roll out now that regular decision season has come to a close, and the numbers are daunting at the big name colleges. 7 of the 8 Ivy League universities reported a lower acceptance rate...

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A Teenager’s Merit Scholarship Offers
The College Solution Blog - Apr 10, 2013
The Guardian newspaper in London published an article last week that suggests that children of upper-middle-class families are having to attend public universities because they are too affluent to receive need-based aid and they aren’t getting scholarship from private institutions. ...
April Financial Aid Checklist for Seniors
True Admissions Blog - Apr 10, 2013
It's decision time! Your financial aid award letters will usually arrive with your letters of acceptance, or soon thereafter. Even though you will be celebrating and contemplating your choices, you will also need to be focused and diligent about evaluating your financial aid offers. ...
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Debt And The Modern Parent Of College Kids
WBUR.org - Apr 10, 2013
It's college touring season, and many parents are on the road with their teenagers, driving from school to school and thinking about the college application — and financial aid — process that looms ahead....
On College: The do's and don'ts while waiting for offers
San Jose Mercury Press - Apr 8, 2013
College admissions and the ensuing college decisions are an equally emotional time for children and parents alike. They wait in anticipation for the congratulatory email or the proverbial fat envelope....
Coping with College Rejection: How Parents Can Help
Fox Business - Apr 5, 2013
Many high school seniors around the country are waiting for acceptance letters from their dream schools—but not all will get the news they were expecting.....
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Is All of 12th Grade Necessary for All Students?
Huffington Post - Apr 8, 2013
With the coming of spring, so comes the rite of senioritis, that time when high school seniors do very little of an academic nature, and, as a result, often get themselves into trouble due to having too much time, accompanied by too little structure. Actually, senioritis started last year when large numbers of 12th graders ...
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Conn. Bill Would Assure Parents Leave for School Activities
Education Week - Apr 8, 2013
A Connecticut bill that would allow parents to take up to 20 hours of parental leave from their employers to attend their children's school-related activities is under consideration. It was sent to the House Committee on Appropriations on April 3.....
Voke education 'dramatically' changing
wickedlocal.com/stoneham - Apr 3, 2013
Popularity of programs, enrollment numbers, plans for expansion — these are all things that vary among Massachusetts’ vocational technical high schools, but one thing they all share is a passion for education.....
Vermont schools testing tests
Brattleboro Reformer - Apr 3, 2013
BRATTLEBORO -- Schools across the state are taking part in a pilot program this spring to test the Smarter Balanced assessments, a new computer-based...
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Teen Drinking

How much do college students really drink?
Washington Post - Apr 9, 2013
College drinking is in the news again, as seen in my colleague Jenna Johnson’s story, here, about what happened at the University of Virginia this week when the student newspaper tweeted about reports that authorities were raiding dormitories to find forbidden alcohol.....
Success Over Teen Drinking
Daily RX - Apr 10, 2013
Alcohol misuse can start early but personality focused interventions may help (dailyRx News) Teenagers have an incredible capacity to learn, grow and change. And that capacity may be of service when it comes to reducing unhealthy drinking behavior among teens.....
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Teen Dating

Teen Dating Abuse
PsychCentral.com (blog) - Apr 10, 2013
Abuse knows no rules, no boundaries, and does not take exception with the wealthy or the poor. Abuse doesn’t care if you are the clever one, the beauty, or the hunk down the street. Anyone can find themselves in a potentially abusive relationship. Once in one of these relationships it may place you in a trance and you may find yourself unable to extract yourself.....


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Teen Drinking
Teen Dating


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