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College Big Picture

As Tuition Grows, Opportunities Shrink
BillMoyers.com - Apr 2, 2013
For many high school seniors, April is the month for tough decisions about colleges and universities — and how to cover their enormous tuitions. College tuition has been increasing far more quickly than household median income in recent years, and ProPublica reported last week that student fees — in addition to the tuition — are on the rise....
The Thin-Envelope Crisis
TIME - Apr 4, 2013
It's time for the fat and thin envelopes--the month when colleges across the U.S. send out admission and rejection notices to well over a million high school seniors. ...
Basic Marketing May Be To Blame For Fewer Low-Income Students At Top Universities
NPR.org - Apr 1, 2013
Audie Cornish talks to Caroline Hoxby, an economics professor at Stanford University, about her study on expanding college opportunities for low-income students. They discuss how providing low-income applicants with more information about selective college can improve application and acceptance rates.....
Ivy League Schools Accepting Even Fewer Kids
TIME - Apr 2, 2013
Gaining entry to an Ivy League school is getting tougher every year. The prestigious group of eight colleges and universities recently made their admissions decisions and all but one decreased their already-low acceptance rates....
The Absurd Lies of College Admissions
The Daily Beast - Apr 2, 2013
A high school student has penned an open letter to the colleges that rejected her, published in the Wall Street Journal. ...
Yes, Suzy Lee Weiss, The College Admissions Game Is Rigged
WBUR.org - Apr 3, 2013
It’s an open secret that a large percentage of applicants to elite universities are fully qualified to attend. So, admissions committees of these colleges could safely agree to accept five or ten percent of the applicant pool randomly ...
'Mean Girls' at college: Social whirl derails many, study finds
Phys.org - Apr 3, 2013
An in-depth look at the lives of young women who started college on the same floor of a large dorm at a middle-tier public university shows that the high school peer culture that divides students into homecoming queens, wannabes and nerds thrives in college, to the disadvantage of many.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

April College Checklist for Juniors
New York Times - The Choice - Apr 2, 2013
Juniors, here is your college admissions checklist for April: Maintain Your Focus - You have heard repeatedly that your junior grades are important, and they are. They give colleges a final glimpse of a full year of your academic work. Finish the school year successfully by staying focused in your classes.....
Juniors: Advice for students with talent in the arts and athletics
True Admissions Blog - Mar 25, 2013
For students with talent and interest in athletics or the arts, applying to college requires extra preparation and planning....
Begin your college application today
Orlando College Admissions Examiner - Mar 25, 2013
Here we are in the last quarter of your high school senior year. You may find yourself, the procrastinator, without having sent in any applications for admittance to your college choice. Many Universities already had a cut off date, which you missed....
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When it comes to college finances, read that acceptance letter carefully
Charlotte Observer - Apr 1, 2013
The wait is over. Or at least it is for most students. As of April 1, virtually all colleges have notified their applicants as to whether they’ve been accepted, rejected or offered a spot on the wait-list....
13 Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a College
Policy Mic - Apr 2, 2013
Admissions letters are coming in and you're excited, but anxious. The high of getting into schools is coming down and you need to make a choice — without a whole bunch of time to give due diligence....
April College Checklist for Juniors
New York Times - The Choice - Apr 1, 2013
Seniors, here is your college admissions checklist for April: Make Your Final College Visits - Whether or not you have visited campuses earlier in your search, making a visit to a few of your top choices in April is a wise decision,....
Tip Sheet: What to Do After Your Admissions Decision Arrives
New York Times - The Choice - Mar 29, 2013
Spring – the season of transformation, not just for flowers, trees, and hibernating animals but also for high school seniors. You are no longer an applicant; a decision has been made. Since the middle of March, college admissions offices have been sending out their decisions and your long wait is over.....
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You were waitlisted — now what?
USA Today - Apr 1, 2013
You’ve finally sent in all those college applications and all that is left is to wait for a simple “yes” or “no” — right? Wrong.....
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College Admissions: No Acceptances? Don’t Panic
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Apr 1, 2013
The wait is over. Or at least it is for most students. As of April 1, virtually all colleges have notified their applicants as to whether they’ve been accepted, rejected or offered a spot on the wait-list....
If Rejected from a College, Can You Appeal?
About.com - Apr 2, 2013
Most college decision letters have now been sent out, and, unfortunately, many students have found themselves the recipients of bad news -- the dreaded college rejection letter. The likelihood of a rejection letter is particularly high for some of the country's most selective colleges....
Moving on From A College Rejection
Campus Circle - Apr 2, 2013
Last year at this time, Kendall Livingston felt like a failure. The Fenwick High School senior applied to seven colleges and, despite her stellar academic record and test scores, didn't get accepted at any of them....
The paradox of the college denial letter
Washington Post - Mar 31, 2013
At the heart of college denial letters lies a paradox. The admissions deans who sign them almost always express sorrow or regret over their decision to turn down an applicant. And yet colleges seeking to attain or maintain prestige reap an undeniable benefit from the act of denial on a massive scale....
College Rejection: Hey, It's OK If You Didn't Get Into Your Dream School
Huffington Post - Mar 27, 2013
Whether it's coming from your crush or your dream college, rejection is never fun. But getting rejected is a simple fact of life, and none of us are immune to being turned down. With your career and future seemingly on the line, college rejection can be particularly difficult to cope with....
Why I Framed My NYU Rejection Letter
Huffington Post - Mar 29, 2013
I wake up, after my third attempt at shutting down my alarm. I aimlessly walk to my desk, turn on my never off computer, attempt to type my password in my near-conscious state, succeed at the ninth, and open my mail application on the taskbar....
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Still Apply

On College: You can still apply, but hurry
San Jose Mercury News - Apr 1, 2013
While so much attention gets focused on colleges that have released their final admissions decisions, the reality is that many of the more than 2,000 colleges and universities in the United States are still accepting applications. ....

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7 steps to boost a financial aid award
CBS News MoneyWatch - Mar 29, 2013
Millions of families have faced that dilemma, but there are steps that families can take to boost an inadequate aid award. If you are in this predicament here are seven steps to take: ....
Five College Financial Aid Pitfalls to Avoid
CNBC - Mar 28, 2013
Financial aid rules for college have become so complicated, you almost need a Ph.D to sort through it. The process of organizing family finances to maximize the help you and your student can receive with sky-high tuition bills seems to become more complex each year, and the potential pitfalls are many.....
How Final Is a College’s Financial Aid Offer?
New York Times - The Choice - Apr 3, 2013
The answer for many seniors may be heavily influenced by finances, among other factors. To help students narrow their choices, we’ve invited a few financial aid and admissions experts to join The Choice blog this week to answer some decision-related questions.....
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College admissions: Harder on the parents than the students
The Star-Ledger  - Mar 24, 2013
What do you say when you first see an ugly baby? Most of us have learned (the hard way) to come up with something other than what we’re thinking, which is, “Good Lord! What a massively ugly baby!”...
There's No Rejecting the College Admissions Game
Huffington Postt - Mar 28, 2013
Like most parents of high school seniors, we've been waiting all week to hear the news from the colleges our daughter applied to. We beseech thee, college admissions officers, to see the bright side in our eldest child, to find beauty in her imperfectionst....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 4, 2013
A College Access Study to Pay Attention To
Have you ever wondered if you’ve made a difference in the college plans of a student? If so, there’s some good news in this week’s New York Times—but you have to dig a little for it..…... More

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Tech-savvy kids prefer taking SAT with pencil, paper
USA Today - Mar 27, 2013
Only one in 10 students surveyed would choose to take the crucial admissions test online vs. using the traditional No. 2 pencil and fill-in-the-ovals sheet....
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Summer Jobs

Study urges teens to send right signals
Worcester Telegram - Apr 3, 2013
WORCESTER — Having your mom pick up a job application for a summer job from a potential employer sends a signal. So does talking on a cellphone while waiting for a job interview or taking along friends to see if a place is hiring summer help — none of them positive....
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RI Attorney General: Tuition Waiver Data Not Public Information
Diverse: Issues in Higher Educatio - Apr 3, 2013
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The Rhode Island attorney general's office says the names of state university and college workers getting free tuition worth millions of...
University of Connecticut rebranding as UConn
Capital Gazette - Apr 4, 2013
STORRS, Conn. (AP) — The University of Connecticut is officially rebranding itself as UConn. President Susan Herbst said in her annual State of the University address that the school plans to adopt the UConn nickname as the ‘‘primary visual word mark for the entire institution.’’...
Mass. sues for-profit school for false marketing
Boston.com - Apr 3, 2013
BOSTON (AP) — A for-profit school offered so little training that students who paid hefty fees to train as medical assistants never learned how to use a stethoscope, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday by prosecutors in Massachusetts....
RI Attorney General: Tuition Waiver Data Not Public Information
Diverse: Issues in Higher Educatio - Apr 3, 2013
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The Rhode Island attorney general's office says the names of state university and college workers getting free tuition worth millions of...
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Teen Resources

Crisis hotlines turning to text to reach teens
Capital Gazette - Mar 27, 2013
NEW YORK — They stream in from teens around the United States, cries for help often sent in by text message. "I feel like committing suicide," one text read. "What's the suicide hotline number?" Another asked: "How do you tell a friend they need to go to rehab?"...


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