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College Big Picture

More Companies Requiring College Degree for All Positions
New York Times - Feb 21, 2013
In “It Takes a B.A. to Find a Job as a File Clerk,” Catherine Rampell writes about how an increasing number of companies are requiring a college degree for all positions....
Colleges face pressure to justify soaring tuition
CBS News MoneyWatch - Feb 18, 2013
Teenagers often mistakenly believe they’re wearing a cloak of invulnerability: “It won’t happen to me.” It’s unfortunate that it often takes something bad to happen to someone else to make others believers....
Redefining College-Ready
Inside Higher Ed  - Feb 19, 2013
The growing crisis of students arriving at college unprepared to do college-level work has led to plenty of finger-pointing between high school and college educators. But two community colleges have learned that better collaboration with local high schools may be the best way to dramatically reduce the number of students who fall into the quagmire of remedial coursework. ....
The Trouble With Online College
New York Times - OpEd - Feb 19, 2013
Stanford University ratcheted up interest in online education when a pair of celebrity professors attracted more than 150,000 students from around the world to a noncredit, open enrollment course on artificial intelligence....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

It is Never Too Early to Create a College List
U.S. News University - Feb 14, 2013
Many college admissions experts consider the fall semester of students' senior year to be the ideal time for finalizing the list of colleges they want apply to. While it is always a good idea for individuals to look over their college list around this time....
College admissions experts say focus on five choices
Bloomington Pantagraph - Feb 17, 2013
BLOOMINGTON — Applying to college is a lot like catching fish. At least, that’s how Tony Bankston, Illinois Wesleyan University’s dean of admissions, describes it.....
Confessions Of A College Admissions Officer
BuzzFeed - Feb 20, 2013
For the past three years, I've been an admissions officer at a large university. I get to decide who gets in and who doesn't.....
Applying to College? The Three Keys to Success
Huffington Post - Feb 20, 2013
Now that most high schools have completed scheduling for next year, high school juniors are starting to feel like the Real Deal. There may be fifteen weeks until June and much longer until fall, but now that the Class of 2014 has next year's plan on paper, the end of high school is in sight--and the start of college plans isn't far away.....
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High School Seniors

High school seniors: Beware of the second semester letdown
Charlotte Observer - Feb 19, 2013
Teenagers often mistakenly believe they’re wearing a cloak of invulnerability: “It won’t happen to me.” It’s unfortunate that it often takes something bad to happen to someone else to make others believers....
How to survive senioritis
Silver Chips - Feb 14, 2013
It's that time of the year when the holiday season is finished and it feels like there is little to look forward to in February and March. However, for seniors, it also means the first semester is over and most college applications have been submitted. This can only mean one thing: senioritis is beginning to set in.....
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Gap Year

College Admissions: 3 Reasons To Take a Gap Year
golocalprov.com  - Feb 19, 2013
For more than a decade, taking a “Gap Year” between high school and college has been a popular option for European students. The time allows young adults to travel, explore their interests, mature and rejuvenate before attending college..
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Campus Visits/Interview

Juniors: Schedule At Least One Interview This Spring
Tru Admssions Blog - Feb 20, 2013
Juniors, we recommend you do at least one interview, if possible, in the spring of junior year in high school. As you visit colleges over spring break, go through the process of interviewing or if there is a college near where you live, schedule an interview there if offered....
Insider tips for the college interview
NY College Admissions Examiner - Feb 16, 2013
As an alumna interviewer for Brown University, I meet with Brown hopefuls every fall, interviewing them for admission to the university. At Brown and other highly competitive colleges, many factors affect admissions, and the interview is only one piece of the admissions pie. ....
College prep: Plan ahead for the optimal college visit
The Coloradoan  - Feb 19, 2013
Some families have plans for college visits during the upcoming spring break. But if your family doesn’t have that on the agenda and you have a high school student, or even a middle school student, it can be a worthy side trip to add a college tour or two to your plans...
Making the Most of a College Visit
U.S. News University-  - Feb 18, 2013
As spring quickly approaches, high school juniors should begin planning visits to the colleges they are interested in. This is often one of the best ways they can get to know their prospective schools and decide if they are right for them....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Feb 20, 2013
Some Hot Counseling Tips to Warm Up February
February is a tough time to be a school counselor. Your appointment book (virtual or otherwise) is bursting with students who have more needs than you have hours in the day. Your “other duties as assigned” ... More

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College admission essays: Promoting egocentricity or critical thinking?
voxxi.com  - Feb 18, 2013
Quick quiz: Which of the following is not an essay topic on the latest version of the common application to gain admission to U.S. colleges?...
Essay writing opens doors for college applicants
Canton Repository - Feb 19, 2013
Boston College added an essay requirement to its application for students who will start school this fall. That decision resulted in a startling 26 percent drop in applicants — from 34,000 to 25,000 — and was a pretty clear indication of how some students feel about essays...

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Battling college costs, one paycheck at a time
Charlotte Observer - Feb 17, 2013
BOONE If Steve Boedefeld graduates from Appalachian State University without any student loan debt, it will be because of the money he earned fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and the money he now saves by eating what he grows or kills....
College financial aid surprises to watch out for
Washington Times - Feb 18, 2013
CHICAGO, February 18, 2013 — It’s an interesting time of year to be a prospective college freshman. Applications have all been submitted, and there’s nothing left to do but wait for those yes or no emails....
Five Tips for Winning College Scholarship Money
Fox Business - Feb 15, 2013
Now is the time for incoming college freshmen to start applying for scholarships to help pay for growing tuition costs....
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Is There a Perfect Date to Take the ACT or SAT?
The College Solution Blog  - Feb 18, 2013
March is the worst! Avoid it like the plague! Don’t you dare take October; that’s when the smart seniors are sitting. All the jocks take December, that’s the surest bet for a high score! ....
Student Performance on AP Exams Improves
Ed Week  - Feb 18, 2013
Nearly one in five public high school graduates in the class of 2012 passed an Advanced Placement exam, reflecting a steady increase in performance over the past decade, new data released today by the College Board show....
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Testing Revolts

Student ‘zombies’ protest standardized tests
Washington Post - Feb 17, 2013
The year-long revolt against high-stakes standardized testing by teachers, parents, principals and superintendents and others is being increasingly fueled by students......
Testing Boycott Spreads to Portland High Schools and Beyond
US News & World Report  - Feb 18, 2013
Feigning sickness to avoid a big test is one of the oldest tricks in the teen playbook, but high school students at Portland Public Schools aim to take it a step further.....
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College Bound: High school kids need to make summer plans
WRAL  - Feb 18, 2013
Though it's still technically the middle of winter, it's actually the perfect time to start planning for summer. For high school students, it would help if that plan included some type of academic focus....
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A Degree Drawn in Red Ink
Wall Street Journal - Feb 19, 2013
Most people assume a degree in the arts is no guarantee of riches. Now there is evidence that such graduates also rack up the most student-loan debt. ....
Princeton Review’s 'Best Value' public colleges and universities for 2013
DC College Admissions Examiner - Feb 19, 2013
Earlier this month, the Princeton Review released its annual list of the nation’s “Best Value Colleges”—a project originated in 2004 and supported by USA TODAY since 2009....
U.S. colleges with the best professors
CBS News MoneyWatch  - Feb 19, 2013
(CBS Moneywatch) Many people assume that the country's most elite colleges and universities must naturally employ the best teachers. ....
Top Ten Colleges With The Best Return On Your Investment
Forbes  - Feb 19, 2013
Payscale.com has released their annual 2012 ROI Rankings of the 850 colleges with the best return on investment based on the sticker price you pay to attend versus what you get back in lifetime earnings (over 30 years)....
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For Some Vermont Students, School Choice Involves a Trip to Canada
7DVT.com  - Feb 17, 2013
Homework, backpack, gym bag. Those are the sorts of things most Vermont high school students grab on the way out the door each morning. But a passport? A handful of pupils can’t attend school without one....
Tuition increases on tap at state colleges
The Connecticut Mirror  - Feb 17, 2013
Connecticut university officials plan to vote on a proposal Tuesday that will raise the cost of college for in-state residents by 5.1 percent next fall and decrease the price for college-bound students from other states by 2.6 percent.....
Exam Shows More Mass. Students Are Ready For College
WBUR  - Feb 17, 2013
BOSTON — The number of Massachusetts high school students who are ready for college is rising after nearly 28 percent of those who took the advance placement exam last year scored a 3 or higher, which is considered a solid indicator of college readiness......
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Teen Dating Violence

Dating dangers: Young love's dark side
Chicago Tribune - Feb 20, 2013
Dating abuse among teenagers has reached alarming levels, and many parents aren't taking the necessary steps to help curb it, experts say....
Recognizing Signs of Abusive Dating Among Teenagers
New York Times - Motherlode Blog - Feb 20, 2013
I wish February had been Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month when I was growing up. I might have realized that in the era before e-mails or cellphones, my boyfriend’s demand that we speak on the telephone every night was unreasonable. ....
Video warning against teen dating abuse wins honor for Lake Zurich High students
Chicago Daily Herald - Feb 15, 2013
Four Lake Zurich High School students were honored Friday for their work on a video addressing the issue of teen dating abuse.. ....



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