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For-profit College Graduates Barely Earn More Than High School Graduates
Washington Monthly - Apr 29, 2013
For-profit colleges are very direct about why you should consider attendance: A college degree brings you more money. “We’re committed to your success” says the University of Phoenix. “Advance your career” commands Capella University. Rasmussen College is even more specific: “Earn Your Degree To Achieve The Career You Want.”....
Measuring A College's Worth: The Grateful Grads Index
Forbes - May 1, 2013
This is the time of year when high school seniors and their parents make their final decisions about which college they will attend over the next four years. ....
Court may limit use of race in college admission decisions
Yahoo News  - Apr 29, 2013
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Thirty-five years after the Supreme Court set the terms for boosting college admissions of African Americans and other minorities, the court may be about to issue a ruling that could restrict universities' use of race in deciding who is awarded places.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

College Admissions: 4 Things Underclassmen Should Do Before Summer
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Apr 29, 2013
It’s the home stretch for many high school students; just a few weeks remain in the school year. Although it’s tempting to lose focus as the warm weather and summer approach, this is a critical time for 9th, 10th and 11th graders.,....
On College: Life-saving skills as important as study habits on path to college
San Jose Mercury News  - Apr 30, 2013
Last week, one of our instructors had a seizure while teaching a class. She's fine and getting some much needed rest, but the incident scared everyone involved and fear cannot paralyze us.....
College-Comparison Tool Introduced
Ed Week  - Apr 30, 2013
Coming on the heels of the federal government's new College Scorecard, The Chronicle of Higher Education has just introduced its own tool for students to compare college costs and performance.....
College Confidential: a Field Guide
Chronicle of Higer Ed - Apr 29, 2013
Day and night the locals chatter. They counsel and console, bicker and rant. Their questions are endless. Though often hopeful, they never stop pounding the drums of worry. "Do I have a shot at my dream school?" pacgirl4101 wants to know.....
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As College Applications Rise, So Does Indecision
NPR.org - May 1, 2013
May 1 is when high school seniors have to send in their deposits to colleges to signal their decision to go there. Morning Edition visits Gonzaga High School in Washington, D.C. to hear from Eli Clarke at the College Counseling Office, and two high school seniors, about their choices.....
As College Applications Rise, So Does Indecision
TIME - May 1, 2013
Welcome to Decision Day, when high school seniors choose which college to attend and send in deposits to secure their place. It’s supposed to be the fun part — the reward for all those long nights spent writing papers, cramming for tests and putting the finishing touches on science projects.....
When a Friend Chooses a College, Be Happy or Be Quiet
New York Times - The Choice - Apr 30, 2013
When two friends were expecting their first child, they were very private about the name they had chosen for the baby. “We want our daughter to be the first person to hear it,” they would tell anyone who asked. It was a beautiful, touching sentiment.....
Double Depositing — It Does Have Consequences
About.com - Apr 28, 2013
May Day is fast approaching, the date by which most colleges require students to make a decision about whether or not they will accept an offer of admission. Some students, for financial or personal reasons, don't feel ready to make such an important decision yet...
After a College Decision, a Fear of Getting It Wrong
New York Times - The Choice - Apr 29, 2013
While everyone else was getting their acceptance letters, learning about their aid packages, and weighing their future college options, I spent the week doing something a little different: ....
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10 Ways To Recover From College Rejection (That Won't Make You Roll Your Eyes)
Her Campus  - Apr 30, 2013
"It'll be okay." "It's not the worst thing that could happen." "It just wasn’t meant to be." While family, friends, and relatives usually speak these words with the best intentions, they aren't always what a pre-collegiette wants to hear, especially after receiving an unwanted rejection letter...
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Wait Listed

Tips for working the wait list
Charlotte Observer  - Apr 30, 2013
What’s the one thing you don’t want to do if you’re on the wait list? Wait. Lots of students get put on the wait list, and just like you tried to set yourself apart in the initial application process, if you’re interested in getting off the wait list and getting into a college, you need to be proactive.
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - May 3, 2013
Why Every Senior Should Be Just Like Sara
Sara came home from a softball came last spring and was surprised to see her father’s car in the driveway.... More

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11 Bad Pre-Collegiette Habits to Ditch Before You Start College
Her Campus - May 1, 2013
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: being a high schooler is very different from being a collegiette. Believe it or not, some of your current study habits could hinder your life in college....
A Former MIT Admissions Officer Has Some Great Advice For College Freshmen
Business Insider - Apr 29, 2013
As an admissions officer at MIT, Ben Jones blogged frequently about the admissions process and life on campus. We recently came across one post from his blog (h/t Arjun Pillai) that struck a chord, even though it's been a few years since we graduated from college....
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SAT Preparations
Hurst College Admissions Examiner - Apr 30, 2013
Preparing for the SAT is all about putting yourself in the best possible position to be successful. Like most tests, avoiding it until the last minute, and then trying to cram the night before just isn’t going to cut it.....
The First SAT
Washington Monthly - Apr 25, 2013
The SAT has changed a great deal in the last 90 years. Smithsonian has thankfully published a copy of the first SAT, issued in 1926. Interested in archaic terms? Foreign word association? How about story problems related to your smoking habit?.....
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Rejection Is a Process
New York Times - The Choice  - Apr 30, 2013
Parenting would be so much easier if we could just give our children the fruits of all our hard-earned experience, and they would accept it, and go off on their young lives using our middle-aged knowledge as their template.....
What Parents Think About College
Inside Higher Ed Upcoming Webinar  - Apr 12, 2013
Parents of pre-college students offer their views on the most important reasons to go to college, why jobs matter, the liberal arts, money and affirmative action in an Inside Higher Ed survey conducted in conjunction with researchers from Gallup. In this free webinar,....
When to start the college process (Video)
Long Island College Prep Examiner  - Apr 30, 2013
Parents and their college-bound often start the college process during students’ high school years. Many advisors use calendars to assign certain key chores including studying for college admission tests, researching colleges, and completing college/financial aid applications....
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Campus Safety

College students network to stop assaults on campuses
USA Today  - Apr 29, 2013
Pressure on college and university administrations to take sexual assault cases more seriously is intensifying, and activists promise more lobbying as the school year nears an end...
Safety and Security on Campus
Poughkeepsie Journal  - Apr 29, 2013
How do parents trust that their precious children will be well protected at college when there’s no guarantee that will be the case in their own neighborhoods? Parents can start by perusing college websites, particularly sections devoted to campus safety and residential life...

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Tips for Negotiating Financial Aid for College
ABC News - Apr 29, 2013
High school senior Tyler Kozimor got into his dream school, Ithaca College. He’s taken the tours, applied and has his heart set on studying broadcast communications and wrestling.....
Financial-Aid Applications to Seek More Income Details From Parents
Ed Week - Apr 29, 2013
Students filling out federal student-aid forms next year will for the first time be asked for income and other data about their parents if they live together, regardless of their parents' gender or marital status.....
Juniors: It's never too early to start learning about financial aid
True Admission Blog - Apr 26, 2013
When it comes to financial aid, it’s never too early to start learning about what is a very complex and important topic. All colleges are required by law to have a financial aid calculator (sometimes referred to as a net price calculator) available on their website....
FAFSA recognizes unmarried and same-sex households
DC College Admissions Examiner - Apr 22, 2013
The U.S. Department of Education announced yesterday that beginning in 2014, students whose parents are unmarried but living together, as well as the children of married gay and lesbian couples, will be asked to list both parents when applying for federal financial aid....
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Navigate Summer Camp Options for Teens
US News & World Report  - Apr 29, 2013
Summer camp options abound for high school students, but narrowing thousands of programs down to the best fit for your teen can be challenging.....
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Maine schools A-to-F grading system to be unveiled
Boston.com - May 1, 2013
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine’s new grading system of the state’s schools is being unveiled by Gov. Paul LePage and state Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen.....
New Jersey approves $1.3 billion in college construction projects
Press of Atlantic City - May 1, 2013
New Jersey’s Office of Higher Education has approved $1.3 billion in construction projects for the state’s public and private colleges, approving 176 of 250 applications for funding......
Five steps to continue improving Delaware's education
Delaware Online - May 1, 2013
“What kind of impact has the $119 million in federal Race to the Top funding had on education in Delaware?” Three years into the state’s top finish in the RTTT competition, a number of people have asked me that question....
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Prom Safety

Auto World News - May 1, 2013
Approximately 23 percent of all teens admitted to driving while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or prescription drugs used illegally according to a new survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions.....
How to prepare your teen for prom night
FoxNews - May 1, 2013
It’s prom season, and while many teens are excited for a night of dancing and partying, parents know that this is a night filled with potential risks – for both their child’s safety and reputation.....


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