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With Gorgeous Dorms But Little Cash, Colleges Must Adapt
NPR.org - May 8, 2013
Private U.S. colleges, worried they could be pricing themselves out of the market after years of relentless tuition increases, are offering record financial assistance to keep classrooms full...
The tragedy of US higher education
Reuters - May 9, 2013
The tragedy of Cooper Union is endemic to most American higher education, outside a few community colleges; Cooper is just the special case where the blind rush to some kind of global greatness directly and explicitly violates the institution’s founding mission.....
Study: Community colleges lack rigor, but incoming students ill prepared
The Christian Science Monitor - May 7, 2013
Standards are too low both in high schools and at America's community colleges, if students are to be prepared for the careers they hope to have, says the author of a report on first-year community college requirements......
Colleges Cut Prices by Providing More Financial Aid
Wall Street Journal - May 7, 2013
Private U.S. colleges, worried they could be pricing themselves out of the market after years of relentless tuition increases, are offering record financial assistance to keep classrooms full...
Merit Consideration
Inside Higher Ed  - May 7, 2013
In pursuit of both prestige and tuition revenue, often to make up for declines in other forms of income, many four-year colleges and universities are making it more difficult for students from low-income backgrounds to afford a college education, according to a report released today by the New American Foundation......
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

How to avoid information overload
Charlotte Observer  - May 6, 2013
TMI: Too much information. I’m not referring to the fact that some students share too much stuff inappropriately in their college applications – though unfortunately some do....
One of College Confidential’s Founders Says Site ‘Turned Sour’
Chronicle of Higher Ed  - May 1, 2013
In an article this week, I describe the culture of College Confidential, the Web site many people love and/or hate. So far I’ve received several e-mails from readers who complained that my story was too negative....
What You Need to Know About College References
SayCampusLife  - May 7, 2013
Your admission to college is based on several factors including your grades, your test scores and your extracurricular activities. Another factor, sometimes not recognized for its importance, are the personal references you include with your application. Those references can make a difference between gaining acceptance to a college or not....
May College Checklist for Juniors
New York Times - The Choice  - May 7, 2013
Take Your Antibiotics -- Do not catch senioritis! At this stage, seniors have different priorities than you have, and while their energy around their college options, graduation, prom and other events may seem exciting, they can be a distraction......
Good and Bad Questions to Ask During Your College Interview
About.com  - May 6, 2013
Much of your college interview will be devoted to answering questions. Before you set foot in the interview room, be sure you have answers to these 12 common interview questions......
Twins and admissions
San Jose Mercury News  - May 6, 2013
In the past several months, I have had the opportunity to meet with several pairs of twins regarding their high school careers and college admissions. Without exception, the one piece of advice I have given to parents of twins is to make sure that the siblings are treated individually and given a chance to explore their unique interests.....
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New Stuff and Sponsor Blog

TODAY - Students Considering a STEM major/career - CollegeWeek Live Virtual Fair
Post - May 9, 2013
Interested in Science, Engineering, Technology and Math, aka STEM? Attend a Virtual College Fair May 9th at CollegeWeekLive to Learn More .....
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Seniors, Please Let ALL the Colleges where You Were Admitted Know Your Plans
True Admssions Blog  - May 6, 2013
Seniors, heads up! Terry Cowdrey, Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, issued this plea -- which is excellent advice -- for high school counselors and the seniors of the Class of 2013......
May College Checklist for Seniors
New York Times - The Choice  - May 6, 2013
End on a High Note - The euphoria of wrapping up the college application process and the clear sight line to graduation day might compel you to take your foot off the gas pedal between now and the day you receive that coveted diploma......
Find College Options for Late Applicants
US News & World Report - May 7, 2013
Decision day has come and gone, but that doesn't mean prospective college students are out of luck. As of Friday afternoon, 211 U.S. schools are still accepting applicants for fall 2013, according to the National Association for College Admission Counseling's annual Space Availability Survey......
Colleges Still Looking for Seniors--and Offering Cash!
Huffington Post - May 7, 2013
More than one senior gets to this time of the year and feels their college plans are all wrong. They may have changed their mind about being so far from home, or perhaps they've lost interest in the major they loved in September--or it could be that their dream college is just slightly out of reach of their budget after all.....
The Dos & Don’ts of Senior Skip Day
Her Campus - May 7, 2013
Let’s play a quick game of “Would you rather?” Which sounds better – a day filled with seven or eight periods of sitting in class staring out the window at the gorgeous spring day, or a morning spent sleeping in followed by an afternoon out with friends?.....
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Wait Listed

College Admissions: Most Outrageous Hidden Stats For Class of ‘17
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Apr 30, 2013
I don’t think most parents or students are surprised anymore when Harvard and Yale post all-time low acceptance rates of just over 5 and 6 percent respectively. What might shock families however are the numbers that appear when you pull back the covers on the class of 2017 admissions.
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - May 9, 2013
Advice for Your Juniors—Four College Plans to Make Now
Advanced Placement season is upon us, which means many juniors are spending every free minute with their nose in a book, reviewing notes,.... More

9 key ways independent educational consultants support students and families (Photos)
DC College Admissions Examiner  - May 7, 2013
According to a study by Lipman Hearne, conducted in cooperation with the National Research Center for College and University Admissions (NRCCUA), 26 percent of “high achieving” seniors are using independent educational or college consultants to support college search. Surprised?......
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Gap Year

Gap year gains make college education worth the wait
USA Today  - May 6, 2013
Sydni Heron treated machete wounds and helped deliver a baby at a small-town clinic in Ecuador following her graduation from Ames High School in Iowa....
Should American Students Embrace The Gap Year?
Huffington Post Live  - Apr 24, 2013
In the UK and Australia, taking a year off before college is the norm. What can students learn from stepping outside the classroom? Should this....

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Stop writing the same four cliched college essays
Quartz  - May 2, 2013
They’re mattering a lot more. The percentage of all colleges, public and private, for which the essay is a significant factor in selectivity, has increased from 14% in 1993 to 25% in 2012, according to the National Organization for College Admission Counseling in its latest annual report.....
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Bubble burster: ACT exams soon going digital
USA Today  - May 6, 2013
As early as spring 2015, ACT college admissions exams will be available digitally, the tests' provider said Monday, allowing students to see their results within minutes, not weeks, of clicking "submit" on a laptop, iPad or other digital device.....
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College scholarships are easy to obtain
CBS News MoneyWatch - May 7, 2013
(MoneyWatch) Faced with a growing number of families struggling to cover college costs, private colleges and universities are dispensing college scholarship awards at record levels....
Yes, Really: Private Colleges Offering More Financial Aid Than Ever
TIME - May 7, 2013
Call it the couponing of higher education. After years of skyrocketing tuition costs, many private colleges in the United States are ramping up their financial aid packages in an attempt to attract new students and boost sagging enrollments...
The Odds of a Full-Ride Athletic Scholarship
The College Solution Blog - May 3, 2013
I’ve met many parents who ask about particular sports and the odds of winning an athletic scholarship. I’m afraid a lot of families think that there are overlooked sports where pots of gold are hiding. Sorry folks, but that’s not the case....
Department Of Education 'Comes Out' On College Aid For Children Of Gay Parents
Forbes - May 6, 2013
The US Department of Education “came out” last week with changes to its Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that are clearly aimed at the LGBT community. ....

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How To Avoid Being 'That Mom' When Kids Head To College
NPR.org  - May 7, 2013
Thousands of American students and their parents have survived college admission season. Host Michel Martin is joined by the regular moms contributors who dole out advice on how to how to prepare your children emotionally, academically and financially to succeed in college.....
Tiger Moms Don't Raise Superior Kids, Says New Study
Forbes - May 8, 2013
When Yale Law School professor Amy Chua’s piece, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,” appeared in The Wall Street Journal two years ago, I was especially interested because my son, now 16, goes to Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan,...
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5 things you can do this summer to be ready to apply to college (Video)
Mainline Today - May 7, 2013
Summer’s just around the corner. While it’s important to get some rest and enjoy time with friends and family, it’s also a good time to get prepared to apply to college in the Fall. Here are 5 things you can do to give yourself a head start on the application process before the summer is over.....
How Students Can Make the Most of Their Summer Vacation
Mainline Today - May 7, 2013
Summer is a time to sleep in, enjoy evening cookouts, and head down to the shore. But for high school students – especially rising juniors and rising seniors – summer is a crucial time in the college prep process....
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Maine Democrats to unveil school evaluation system
NECN - May 8, 2013
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Democratic lawmakers are scheduled to unveil their own plan to evaluate Maine's public schools.....
The problem with Pearson-designed tests that threatens thousands of scores
Washington Post - May 7, 2013
It’s testing season in New York, which can mean only one thing: It’s open season on Pearson, the corporation everyone loves to hate. But this time, when they crossed a serious line, far too many state leaders and reformers are holding their fire......
Reactions To Rhode Island’s Top High Schools 2013
GoLocalProv News  - May 7, 2013
Top performing high schools in Rhode Island share “program personalization” as one underlying theme when touting the success of their schools in setting high performance standards......
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16 Percent of U.S. High Schoolers Victims of Cyberbullying: Study
Health Day - May 5, 2013
SUNDAY, May 5 (HealthDay News) -- About 16 percent of U.S. high school students are victims of cyberbullying, according to a new study. The study also found that many high school students spend hours a day playing video games or using a computer for something other than schoolwork.......
Megan Landry & Her Incredible Anti-Bullying Video, Stronger
PsychCentral.com (blog) - May 8, 2013
Despite recent attention — and even jail sentences — being handed out for teen bullying, it remains an all-too-common problem. School administrators and parents are often frustrated in trying to curb this behavior. It’s insidious, underground, and few teens want to talk about it openly — out of fear and stigma.....


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