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Big Picture

Can We Coach Our Way Out of the College Dropout Problem?
Washington Monthly - Oct 11, 2013
Maybe coaching struggling students to finish their educations can reduce the college dropout rate. The American college dropout rate is a big problem.....
Why College Freshmen May Feel Like Impostors On Campus - Oct 16, 2013
Psychologist Greg Walton has found that a simple intervention can help many students get the most out of college. The trick is in helping students see that setbacks are temporary, and often don't have larger implications.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Applying to College: Test Scores, Letters and Resumes
Huffington Post  - Oct 14, 2013
Seniors are starting to put the final touches on some of their college applications, which means it's time to look at some of the small details that, taken together, can make a difference in the way your application will be reviewed once it arrives at the college...
Juniors: The First Step in Crafting a Preliminary List of Colleges
True Admissions Blog  - Oct 10, 2013
Your task in the next few months is to turn a four-digit universe—2,675 colleges— into a two-digit preliminary list of possibilities: the dozen or more schools you think you might like to attend...
The New College Calculus
The Daily Beast  - Oct 16, 2013
Picking the right school is doable. You just need to ask the right questions—and demand that schools answer you. Jeffrey J. Selingo on the new college calculus....
College Admissions: 6 Steps To A Killer College Application
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Oct 14, 2013
Early admissions season is upon us, and students all over America will be racing to get their applications submitted. So, what are the fatal mistakes to avoid? What makes a truly great app? And how do you avoid the knockdown, drag out battles between parent and child in the final days before deadlines? ...
Few colleges check applicants' social media posts
San Francisco Chronicle  - Oct 13, 2013
To the teenagers who plaster their boredom, distaste for physics and bodily yearnings all over the Internet while still hoping to get into a good college, here's a cheerful message:....
5 Questions to Ask a U.S. College Admissions Representative
US News & World News - Oct 10, 2013
For prospective international students, having an admissions representative visit your home country is a great opportunity. You can ask admissions officers a lot of questions without worrying about being annoying....
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Common App Problems

College application insanity gets worse  - Oct 15, 2013
(CNN) -- Every college applicant knows about the "hardship essay," which asks a teenager to write about overcoming an obstacle. Here's a suggested approach:....
Online Application Woes Make Students Anxious and Put Colleges Behind Schedule
New York Times  - Oct 12, 2013
With early admission deadlines looming for hundreds of thousands of students, the new version of the online Common Application shared by more than 500 colleges and universities has been plagued by numerous malfunctions, alarming students and parents and putting admissions offices weeks behind schedule.....
Early decision deadlines changing as Common App crashes
College Admissions Examiner  - Oct 15, 2013
The Common Application, which is accepted by over 500 colleges and universities, has been plagued by serious problems since a new version was unveiled in August...
Students panic over online college application glitches
CNN Money  - Oct 15, 2013
The last thing they need is a major technological glitch. But in recent months, students across the country have encountered numerous glitches in the Common Application site they use to apply to more than 500 colleges and universities....
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The Truth About Applying Early Decision or Early Action
Huffington Post  - Oct 9, 2013
October is here, and with it comes the countdown to those looming "early" application deadlines. For most schools, early application deadlines fall on Nov. 1 or 15, but some, like the University of Georgia, can be as early as Oct. 15....
The pros and cons of applying Early Decision
Charlotte Observer  - Oct 14, 2013
Traditional college application deadlines had always been in January. But early admissions programs that include Early Action, Early Action II, Early Decision I, Early Decision II and a few other programs have become more popular and are forcing many high school seniors to hurry up and stress out...
Applying Early Decision: 5 Good (& 4 Bad) Reasons to Do It
Her Campus  - Oct 15, 2013
If you're currently a high school senior, chances are your life has turned into stacks of colorful college brochures, scribbled pros-and-cons lists and books about applying to college, all piled so high around...
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Tips for taking the awkward out of college interviews
USA Today - Oct 11, 2013
Your college interview may not take place in a windowless room with one hard-backed chair and a glaring spotlight, but it can feel like an interrogation if you go in unprepared.....
"Tell Me About a Challenge That You Overcame" - College Interview Tips - Oct 13, 2013
A big part of a college education is developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. It makes sense, then, that your interviewer will want to find out how you handle difficult or challenging situations......
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Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters: solicit assistance from those who care
Bay Area College Admissions Examiner - Oct 15, 2013
When I was in 9th grade it was customary at our school for students to carry their report cards from class to class for teachers to complete, documenting your grades and writing brief subjective comments....
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The Folly of the SAT Writing Section
The Atlantic - Oct 11, 2013
The SAT is changing. Again. For the second time in just over a decade, the College Board, which administers the exam, is planning to redesign the exam. The details of the redesign aren’t public yet ..
4 secrets to a successful SAT test day
SAT Prep Examiner - Oct 11, 2013
The SAT is perhaps the best-known college admissions tool. It is also one with a popular history of fear and foreboding. High school juniors and seniors dread their test days and enter exam centers with the single, paralyzing thought that this score determines their future university path. ..
Student angst over taking the PSAT – in five tweets
Washington Post - Oct 16, 2013
Several million high school students will take the PSAT on two days this week — Wednesday and Saturday — and you can bet that most of them aren’t exactly looking forward to it. ..
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Six questions to ask colleges about financial aid - Oct 11, 2013
Now more than ever, cost is dictating where students will attend college as many families are choosing schools that offer the best value and not the most prestigious name. But how exactly do you figure out that cost?.....
6 tips to winning college scholarships
CBSNews MoneyWatch - Oct 14, 2013
(MoneyWatch) If your teenager has contemplated looking for private college scholarships, now is a good time to search. Some of the biggest private college scholarship providers have fall deadlines for their contests. Another popular scholarship deadline is February.....
Why College Savings Usually Won’t Hurt Financial Aid Chances
The College Solution - Oct 14, 2013
Many parents worry that their college savings accounts will kill their chances for financial aid. Most families, however, who have saved for college are not hurt in student financial aid considerations.....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Oct 16, 2013
That’s Why it’s Called College Counseling
LPart of the goal in every aspect of counseling is to help students cope with a difficult situation by understanding more about themselves and their ability to manage the dilemma... More

New counselor curriculum at DHS to roll out in spring
Darien News Online - Oct 10, 2013
For the first time, the Darien school system will have a comprehensive program to give counselors more face time with students during their high school careers and to better respond to their needs.....

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Parents' Weekend at college: Why you might want to skip it
NBC News Today Show - Oct 11, 2013
It seems as if you just packed your college freshman off, schlepping all those boxes to their dorm room, and paying that hefty first semester tuition bill.....
The (First) Three Things Parents Want From Their Kids' College
Huffington Post - Oct 11, 2013
Running a college admissions office isn't easy. Colleges attract students with gorgeous postcards, up-to-date social media campaigns, and lots and lots -- and lots -- of phone calls.....
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Supreme Court to hear Michigan affirmative action case
CBS News - Oct 15, 2013
(CBS News) The Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in an affirmative action case. It's a challenge to a Michigan law that says race cannot be a factor in college admissions.....
Bill helping veterans in college passes
NBC 15 - Oct 15, 2013
(MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- The Wisconsin Senate has passed a bipartisan bill that would give veterans priority over other students when they register for University of Wisconsin System and state technical college classes....
Michigan bill seeks to combat cyberbullying in school
Macomb Daily - Oct 15, 2013
LANSING (AP) — It took Kevin Epling six years to successfully campaign for a law — named in honor of his late son — that requires Michigan school districts to have anti-bullying policies on the books.....
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Teen Development

Teens Are Still Developing Empathy Skills - Oct 8, 2013
The teen years are often fraught with door-slamming, eye-rolling and seeming insensitivity, even by kids who behaved kindly before. Some parents worry that they're doing something wrong, or that their children will never think of anyone but themselves......
Teens Really Are Monsters, Science Confirms
The Inquisitr - Oct 16, 2013
If your teenager is basically the worst person on Earth, take heart — a new study has shed light on why teens are such horrible jerks, and proves that science basically demands their jerkitude for the early teen years.....
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