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Is College Really Harder to Get Into Than It Used To Be?
The Atlantic - Apr 4, 2014
At a recent alumni dinner for my alma mater in Manhattan, a representative of the school welcomed us with these uncomfortable words: “Chances are most of us here would not even be admitted to this college today....
Shrinking as a Strategy
Inside Higher Ed - Apr 9, 2014
After surveying the fate of small private liberal arts colleges, Saint Michael's College in Vermont is now planning ahead for enrollment declines, inexpensive online classes for credit and debt-averse students and families...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Don't Count on a 'Hook' to Get You Into College
Huffington Post - Apr 9, 2014
As the number of students applying to college continues to grow, there's also an increase in the number of students who hope a special talent or life's story will give them that extra plus needed to get noticed -- and admitted -- by the college of their choice....
What to Know About College Admission Decisions
Huffington Post - Apr 3, 2014
With college admissions decisions recently released, those in high school can see how difficult it is to gain acceptance at more selective colleges. Regardless of a student's eventual college list, it is essential to take certain steps. ...
On College: Admission decisions aren't all based on meritocracy
San Jose Mercury News - Apr 7, 2014
The last few weeks have been really difficult for many students. Every year we brace ourselves for a more competitive admissions landscape and the notion that the bar is being raised to incomprehensible levels....
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Best, Brightest and Rejected: Elite Colleges Turn Away Up to 95%
New York Times - Apr 9, 2014
Enrollment at American colleges is sliding, but competition for spots at top universities is more cutthroat and anxiety-inducing than ever. In the just-completed admissions season, Stanford University accepted only 5 percent of applicants....
What to do if you didn’t get into your dream college
Charlotte Observer - Apr 7, 2014
It’s that nail-biting time of year: Colleges have commenced sending acceptance letters to high school seniors. “There’s still a lot of anxiousness out there,” said Thomas Griffin, N.C. State University’s director of undergraduate admissions.....
If Rejected from a College, Can You Appeal?
About.com - Apr 8, 2014
Most college decision letters have now been sent out, and, unfortunately, many students have found themselves the recipients of bad news -- the dreaded college rejection letter. The likelihood of a rejection letter is particularly high for some of the country's most selective colleges ....
Waitlisted: The odds are against you
DC College Admissions Examiner - Apr 7, 2014
It wouldn’t be surprising if oddsmakers in Las Vegas thought about taking bets on various college waitlists. Never mind the Final Four. How likely is it that any given student might be the one and only lucky applicant selected from 2730 spots offered on the Johns Hopkins University wait list?...
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How to make the final decision
Charlotte Observer - Apr 7, 2014
The colleges have made their decisions and now students are in the driver’s seat. By May 1 they must notify the college they choose to attend. All students, even those who received notification that they are on a college’s wait-list, must send in a deposit somewhere by May 1...
6 Things to Think About When Choosing a College
Her Campus - Apr 7, 2014
The college application process is hard, but sometimes the decision process can be even harder! While it’s nice to know you’ve been accepted to a few of your top schools, it can also put a lot of pressure on you when making your decision. ...
5 Signs a College is Right for You  Her Campus - Apr 3, 2014

Seniors: No Double Depositing
True Admissions Blog - Apr 8, 2014
May 1, the National Candidates Reply Date, is the deadline for formally notifying one college you will accept its offer of admission -- and sealing the deal with a check for the nonrefundable deposit...
College Admissions: How To Keep From Choosing The Wrong College
GoLocalProv - Apr 7, 2014
The "National Reply By Date" is just a few weeks away on May 1. Anxious seniors and their parents are scrambling, often confused as to how to make a decision among several colleges in a short amount of time. ...
College acceptances have arrived so now it’s decision time
Boston Globe - Apr 8, 2014
First the essays were written. Then the mailbox was staked out. Finally, the letters were opened. Now, high school seniors are faced with what could be the most difficult component of the college application process: deciding what school to attend in the fall....
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Visits/Fairs and Interviews

Five tips for those college visits
Times Dispatch - Mar 27, 2014
Spring is a great time to visit colleges with your high school student, but those visits require a little bit of preparation. Here are tips for making those experiences count...
Archives - Visits/Interview
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Read the Essay That Got Kwasi Enin Accepted to Every Ivy League School
People Magazine - Apr 3, 2014
New York, made the news recently when he was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools. Now, thanks to the New York Post, you can read the essay that made that possible. Enin's essay, "A Life In Music,"..

Archives - Essays
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3 ways the SAT will NOT change
SAT Prep Examiner - Apr 9, 2014
In the wake of the College Board’s announcement that the 2016 SAT will undergo significant revisions, a great deal of understandable attention has been placed upon the differences students expect to see..
3 Tips for Building an SAT, ACT Spring Break Study Schedule
US News & World Report - Apr 7, 2014
If you, like many high school students, put off studying for the ACT or SAT because the prospect of college seems distant, you aren't alone. When students take on schoolwork, extracurriculars, athletics and a whole host of activities...
Why the SAT drives us N.U.T.S.
Washington Post - Apr 2, 2014
What is it about the SAT that drives people nuts? Ned Johnson explains. Johnson is president and self-described tutor geek at Prep Matters, a tutoring and test prep company with offices in Bethesda, Md., McLean, Va., and Washington D.C....
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 10, 2014
The College Fair Students from Rockford, Illinois
The woman at the college fair walked over to me with some hesitation. The fair had been open for about thirty minutes, and we were just beginning to welcome the first of 50 busses that would bring nearly 2000 students from four counties to meet with 120 colleges. ... More

The Role of the School Counselor Continues to Change
1011-Now - Apr 4, 2014
LINCOLN, Neb. -- In an age where we're seeing school shootings and kids bringing weapons to school, counselors say they are feeling the weight of of responsibility now more than ever....
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Colleges Trick Parents on Financial Aid Awards
The Fiscal Times - Apr 8, 2014
The confusing and sometimes misleading financial aid letters that colleges send out this time of year can cause unsuspecting families to sign up for educations they can't afford, college experts warn -...
Send your teens away - for their own enlightenment
Philly.com - Apr 7, 2014
A few springs ago, I spoke at a graduation event for a Delaware County high school honor society, a group of smart, engaged students headed to terrific institutions of higher learning, public and private, affordable and not even close....
Archives - Parents

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What You Don’t Know About Financial Aid (but Should)
New York Times - Education Life - Apr 9, 2014
Marilyn Ferreira has solved her share of financial puzzles — running a business, buying a home and arranging a mortgage, raising six children as a single mother. But none of that compared to the challenge of understanding the cost of sending her brood to college....
First Test For College Hopefuls? Decoding Financial Aid Letters
NPR.org  - Apr 3, 2014
Around the country, millions of parents of prospective college freshmen are puzzling over one big question: How will we pay for college?...
Appealing a Financial Aid or Merit Award
The College Solution Blog  - Apr 3, 2014
What happens when the financial aid or merit aid package that a student receives from a school is inadequate? Is it possible to extract more money from a college?...
Appealing to a College for More Financial Aid
New York Times - Apr 5, 2014
The era of the financial aid appeal has arrived in full, and April is the month when much of the action happens. For decades, in-the-know families have gone back to college financial aid officers to ask for a bit more grant money after the first offer arrived....
Comparing Costs, Financial Aid and “Value”
Poughkeepsie Journal - Apr 8, 2014
At the same time, it’s important to remember that, just as with any purchase, “cheapest” is not always best. Many so-called second and third-tier (mostly private) colleges are discounting tuition (under the broad banner of “merit scholarships”) ..
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Six years for high school? Why two extra years is catching on
PBS Newshour  -
BROOKLYN, N.Y. — A new six-year Brooklyn high school has been called the future of vocational education in America. TIME Magazine recently profiled the school’s concept on its cover with the headline, “The Diploma That Works,” Act...
US Rep. Kennedy promotes bill to increase funding for vocational education
Herald News  -
ATTLEBORO — U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III announced during a press conference held at Attleboro High School that he would introduce a bill in Washington to reauthorize and update the federal Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act...
Archives - Career and Technical Education (CTE)
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Student Athletes

A path to campus: looking at the weight of recruitment visits and "early reads"
Bowdoin Orient - Apr 5, 2014
For prospective NESCAC student-athletes, the college application process involves much more behind-the-scenes interactions than it does for other prospective students. However, it ultimately boils down to the same basic steps...
Banded together: recruited athletes with sub-average academics can receive preference in admissions
Bowdoin Orient - Mar 28, 2014
With last week’s acceptance letters out, a total of 1,032 students have been offered spots in the Class of 2018. And of the admitted students slotted for participation in athletics at Bowdoin, many were given preferential treatment in the admissions process. ..
Archives - Athletes
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Pittsburgh-area schools consider graduation changes
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Apr 7, 2014
The Pittsburgh Public Schools board is considering changing high school graduation requirements, including eliminating the graduation project, adding more time for biology, and reducing the amount of time for physical education....
State's college push seems to be working
Delaware Online - Apr 7, 2014
All of the state's college-ready high school seniors have applied to at least one institution of higher learning – up from previous years when nearly one in five did not....
Manufacturing training program unveiled in Delaware
NewsWorks - Apr 9, 2014
Gov. Jack Markell announced a new program that will help prepare high school students for jobs in the manufacturing sector....
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Ways to prevent or keep your child safe from cyber-bullying
CBS-42 - Apr 8, 2014
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s a problem that’s harming more and more children every day. With the majority of kids online these days, cyberbullying is becoming a topic no parent should ignore. From receiving threatening texts and emails,...
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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