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Are College Degrees Inherited?
The Atlantic - Apr 11, 2014
Nothing is more American than the belief in second chances. But the latest College Board/National JournalNext America Poll suggests that the choices young people make as they complete high school echo with surprising power throughout their lives....
The College Faculty Crisis
New York Times - Apr 13, 2014
The public colleges and universities that educate more than 70 percent of this country’s students were burdened by rising costs and dwindling state revenues long before the recession. They reacted by raising tuition...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Are University Early Admissions Crowding out Qualified Students Applying Later?
Huffington Post - Apr 11, 2014
As a college sophomore, I can still say with confidence that the applying to college was the most nerve-wracking and difficult process I've ever experienced. Discovering that there's a country full of high-achieving high school seniors with even higher expectations...
20 public colleges where out-of-state students pay the most tuition
DC College Admissions Examiner - Apr 14, 2014
Somewhere along the line, top-ranked public institutions discovered that out-of-state students represented a serious source of revenue for budgets suffering from relentless reductions in state appropriations....
What You Need To Know If Community College Is Your Backup Plan
Forbes - Apr 10, 2014
Students expecting to attend a community college as their back up plan may be sorely surprised when denied admission. While community colleges try to keep admission open to everyone...
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3 Steps to Take if You Are Rejected From Your Dream College
US News - Apr 14, 2014
If you're like many of the students who applied to college this year, you probably waited impatiently for months hoping you would be accepted to the one college you fell in love with the moment you stepped on its campus....
Wait-listed for college? Here are 10 things you need to do
Charlotte Observer - Apr 14, 2014
It’s that nail-biting time of year: Colleges have commenced sending acceptance letters to high school seniors. “There’s still a lot of anxiousness out there,” said Thomas Griffin, N.C. State University’s director of undergraduate admissions.....
Moving off the college waitlist
The Intelligencer (blog) - Apr 11, 2014
After battling through the epic journey of the college application process, with all its emotional twists and turns, the torturous anticipation, the potential heaven of acceptance or hell of rejection, judgment day has finally arrived....
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The "Perfect" College Essay Does Not Exist
Huffington Post - Apr 15, 2014
Some students have a difficult time starting their college essays. Perhaps, it is a challenge selecting topics or a feeling that their essays must be perfect. The words "perfect essay" are engraved all over the media and Internet. ...
College Essay More Important Now Than Ever
Gazette Newspapers - Apr 14, 2014
The essay has always been an important factor in the admissions process: this year its import reached an even higher level. This observation is a product of the sheer number of applicants plying their qualifications for spots in the most selective schools...

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New SAT Sample Questions Released
U.S. News & World Report - Apr 16, 2014
While more than 1 million students are taking a college admissions test some say has been in dire need of updating, the College Board on Wednesday released new sample questions for the redesigned SAT that college-bound students will begin taking two years from now. ...
I taught America to beat the SAT. That’s how I know it’s useless.
MSNBC - Apr 14, 2014
Like many students whose standardized test scores got them into college, I liked the SAT. In my sophomore year, my mastery of the test got me a job tutoring high school students. After graduating in 1981, I started The Princeton Review....
Low ACT Scores? What Now?
About.com - Apr 12, 2014
There's so much hype surrounding a few of the country's most selective colleges that many applicants feel they need a 35 or 36 composite score on the ACT to get into a good college. The reality is quite different...
SATs Are Actually Astonishingly Good At Predicting Success
Slate - Business Insider - Apr 14, 2014
The College Board—the standardized testing behemoth that develops and administers the SAT and other tests—has redesigned its flagship product again...
SAT changes could boost lucrative test prep
CNBC - Apr 14, 2014
Jennifer Iadanza has already begun considering how recent changes to the SAT exam may affect her daughter Emma, an 8th grader at Roslyn Middle School in New York State who will be in one of the first high school classes to be affected by those changes...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 17, 2014
Making the Right Decision About Decision Day
It started out as a pretty simple idea. High school seniors would celebrate their admission to college by wearing a T-shirt or sweatshirt from their college on May 1,... More

In their own words: Students talk about high-school counseling, applying to college
Seattle Times - Apr 12, 2014
Education Lab’s latest story focuses on the changing role of high-school guidance counselors. As traditional counselors’ face increased workloads, programs like Seattle’s Rainier Scholars and the National College Advising Corps are providing disadvantaged students with one-on-one assistance as they navigate the college application process.....
Another Voice: School counselors are an increasing necessity, not a luxury
Buffalo News - Apr 10, 2014
Students who do not receive adequate counseling services are more likely to delay college or make uninformed decisions. By cutting counselor positions, districts are weakening the prospects of vulnerable students.....
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Helping Teens Deal with College Rejection
Teen Life Blog - Apr 10, 2014
Years ago, when parents told their teens that a letter had arrived from the college admissions office, the immediate question would be “thick or thin”? A thick envelope meant “acceptance” and a “thin” one unfortunately meant rejection.....
Six Words of Advice for Parents of College-Bound Juniors
Huffington Post - Apr 10, 2014
One group is more anxious about this year's college admissions decisions than the parents of this year's seniors -- and that's the parents of next year's seniors. Junior parents love their children, and they would welcome any advice colleges could offer that would give their child's application an inside edge....
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On College: How to weigh financial aid offers
San Jose Mercury News - Apr 15, 2014
High school seniors and their families are in the midst of a very exciting and anxiety-ridden process -- choosing a college. Among the many factors that families should consider, finances will be one of the most important......
Different Scholarship Results for National Merit Finalists
The College Solution Blog - Apr 16, 2014
As promised, today I am sharing my thoughts on the email that I posted on Monday from a disillusioned mother from Alabama, who is bitter about her brilliant daughter’s admission results.....
Finding and winning scholarships hiding in plain sight
Long Island College Prep Examiner - Apr 10, 2014
Ready or not college bills will be arriving soon for the college-bound and scholarships can help pay the invoice. Grants are need-based financial aid offered to students based on their financial need....
Six things colleges don't want you to know about financial aid Colleges
Vox - Apr 11, 2014
Most financial aid isn't really about helping students pay for college. Instead, it's part of an elaborate strategy colleges use to attract the students they want, admit the students they need and encourage others to stay away......
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Gap Year

Time Out: The Value Of A Gap Year
Forbes - Apr 9, 2014
After 13 years, 117 months and approximately 2,350 days of continuous school, Lindsay felt she needed a break. Instead of heading directly for her freshman year at a prestigious upstate New York college”...
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Student Athletes

After the acceptance: walk-ons and GPAs
Bowdoin Orient - Apr 5, 2014
Walk-ons -- The Barker report states, “Heavy recruitment and emphasis on finding athletic talent in the applicant pool can [make] teams become less accessible to students who have little or no previous training in the sport.” It goes on to say that “such ‘walk-ons’ are thus, to a large degree, excluded from intercollegiate sports because the teams are becoming filled with so many ‘rated athletes.’”...
UNC Review Claims Student Athlete Literacy Research Is Flawed
Huffington Post - Apr 11, 2014
Research data from a University of North Carolina reading specialist doesn't support claims of low athlete literacy levels at the school, according to reports released Friday from three outside experts. ..
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College Admissions: 8 Ways Teens Can Explore Careers This Summer
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Apr 14, 2014
As summer draws near, many families forget that summer is the perfect time for students to explore career options. With a tight job market, parents want to know that a six-figure investment will result in their child being able to launch a career when they graduate. ....

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Companies sign on to career training push
The News Journal - Apr 14, 2014
A planned hub for Delaware students to prepare and get experience for their careers before graduating high school has gotten a boost from 10 companies that have signed on to provide money and opportunities......
Siemens offers $660 million to help narrow skills gap
Boston Globe - Apr 15, 2014
It’s not your father’s factory anymore, and that’s the problem facing manufacturers in the US. Enter Siemens, the global industrial giant, which is donating nearly $660 million in software to a dozen technical schools and colleges in Massachusetts to help train a new generation of workers.....
‘We’re real parents in a real crisis’
Washington Post - Apr 14, 2014
QUEST, or Quality Education for Every Student, is a volunteer parent group in Massachusetts working to persuade state legislators to adequately fund public education and maintain the current cap on the number of charter schools.....
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Teen Suicides

Confronting Suicide Part 1: Teen Suicides
AZ Public Media - Apr 14, 2014
Daniel Moreno was - among many things - a wrestler, a long-distance runner, a cook and a poet. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and his mother Susan sought help for him, even taking him to the National Institute of Mental Health. Still, he died by suicide in 2005......
Teen suicide: Adults need to listen to kids, and it’s time to talk about the issue
Washington Post - Apr 14, 2014
Suicides, for the most part, remain in the shadows. Unless the dead person was famous or the death occurred in a public place, the suicide is seldom noted......
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