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No, the 'College Bubble' Isn't Popping
The Atlantic - Jan 9, 2014
When newspaper editors are in the mood to run a good old-fashioned screed about the collapsing value of college, they inevitably turn to Richard Vedder, an Ohio University economist who runs the Center for College Affordability....
How non-rich people can go to college
USA Today - Jan 12, 2014
I can't count how many roundtable discussions I've heard asking whether college is still worth the cost. They are important debates; college can be expensive. But most leave out an important point: There is more than one way to go to college....
What It's Like to Be the First Person in Your Family to Go to College
The Atlantic - Jan 13, 2014
When Harry arrived at Vanderbilt University in 2008, he became the first person in his family to attend college. His parents were immigrants from Nicaragua, and he had attended a so-called “academically and economically disadvantaged” high school on the North side of Miami....
Poll Suggests Mentors Influence College Aspirations of Youth
Edweek - Jan 14, 2014
Among all the strategies to get students to go to and complete college, simply having an adult to encourage them may be among the most promising. A new survey finds the most commonly cited benefit of formal mentoring programs for young people was receiving advice about school issues and school work...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

How To Show Demonstrated Interest
True Admissions Blog - Jan 6, 2014
Have you heard of "demonstrated interest"? It's one of those phrases that can cause some confusion for students -- and parents -- as they go through the college application process. ...
On College column: Don't let application drive what you do this summer
San Jose Mercuury News - Jan 13, 2014
Q: I am a junior this year and have been told that what I do this summer will be important for my college applications. What can I do that will guarantee an acceptance into a top school?...
Managing stress when navigating the college admissions process
Boston College Examiner - Jan 10, 2014
Are you so focused on getting into your first choice college that anxiety has gripped you? Do you wake up at night unable to breathe? Is fear ruining your high school experience? If so, you are not alone....
6 hard questions to ask colleges in a tough economy
DC College Examiner - Jan 10, 2014
The recent announcement of plans to drop seven varsity sports from Temple University’s roster of Division 1 offerings pretty much puts a face on what counselors and other admissions professionals have been warning about the impact of funding cuts on both public and private institutions.....
Early Applications Growing In Popularity
Gazette Newspapers - Jan 11, 2014
With the number of high school graduates ebbing, many believed that the competition for early admissions spots among the most selective colleges would ebb as well — quite the opposite occurred....
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Early Rejection/Deferment

Getting a College Admission Deferral
The College Solution Blog - Jan 13, 2014
What happens if your child recently received a college admission deferral letter? Plenty of students, who applied to schools via early action and early decision applications, have received deferral notices.....
What to Do When You’re Deferred From a College
Her Campus  - Jan 14, 2014
The biggest benefit of applying to college early decision or early action is finding out whether or not you’ve been accepted to your top choice school as soon as possible. So few things are more frustrating than going through the effort of writing the perfect college essay and taking standardized tests ....
Archives - Rejection/Deferment
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10 Ways to Ruin Your Next Campus Visit
Her Campus - Jan 14, 2014
You've finally narrowed down a few of your favorite colleges, and after stacking your desk high with college brochures, you're ready to take the next step. It's time to take a college tour! You have done everything right so far, from juggling extracurriculars to acing your SATs, ...
"What Will You Contribute to Our Campus Community?" - College Interview Tips
About.com - Jan 11, 2014
The college admissions folks have a sincere interest in your answer to this question. After all, they are not simply trying to admit students who have proven themselves academically. They also want students who will enrich the campus community...
Archives - Campus Visits & Interviews
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Gap Year

Gap year gives students - and parents - time to pause
Boston.com - Jan 13, 2014
The high school graduates who take a gap year before going to college may be better off than their peers, according to an opinion column in Monday's Boston Globe....
Save money (and sanity) in a gap year
Boston Globe - Jan 13, 2014
THE GAP year — in which college-bound students delay matriculation in favor of travel or community service — twinkles winsomely among choices offered high-school seniors after tossing their caps....
The Gap in the Classroom
Huffington Post - Jan 13, 2014
The "gap year," it seems, is here to stay. Along with gelato, 'Parisian chic' skirts and constitutional law, taking a year out before or during college is just the latest of many trends to cross the Atlantic from The Continent....
Save thousands on college by getting in-state tuition
USA Today - Jan 13, 2014
Your child has found the perfect state university. Unfortunately, it's in another state with steep out-of-state tuition. But there are ways for out-of-staters to pay affordable in-state rates. Here are four: Gap year? Move!....
Archives - Gap Year
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The Truth About Standardized Tests: How They Affect Your College Application
Huffington Post - Jan 6, 2014
The process doesn’t begin in earnest for another six months. But the tension is already building for high school juniors and their parents. Where to apply? What will it cost? ...
Juniors, Taking the ACT or SAT? Practice, practice, practice...
True Admissions Blog - Jan 6, 2014
The winter testing dates for the ACT and SAT are coming up soon: the SAT will be administered on January 25th and the ACT on February 8th. For many students, practice can improve scores....
Raise your SAT/ACT scores and get $ for college
Nashville College Bound Examiner - Jan 11, 2014
Those SAT/ACT scores in college do two important things for you: They can keep you from taking zero credit classes - you still pay for those even though you don't get credit. ...
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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Financial Aid Myths – Part 1
Charlotte Observer - Jan 13, 2014
Whether it is the parking lot after a PTA meeting or in the stands watching your kids’ basketball game, parents are sharing lots of misinformation about college admissions and especially about financial aid....
Seven mistakes to avoid on financial aid forms
Reuters - Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13 (Reuters) - Millions of families will fill out a key financial aid form in coming weeks, many for the first time. Unfortunately, mistakes on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are easy to make, education experts said....
The Big Mistake Students Make When Filling Out FAFSA
Lamorinda Weekly - Jan 15, 2014
As the flurry starts to die down around applying to colleges, there is a new issue for students and their families to consider. Students may have to be just as thoughtful about filling out the FAFSA as they were about completing their college applications.....
Lessening the confusion over college financial aid forms
Spokane College Examiner - Jan 8, 2014
January is the time for college bound high school seniors and their parents to begin filling out their financial aid paperwork. The most common form is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid,....

Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Can This Student Win an Athletic Scholarhip?
The College Solution Blog - Jan 8, 2014
The Scoop on Athletic Scholarships There is no need to approach Goucher College or any other Division III about athletic scholarships. Division III schools, which are primarily private colleges and universities, do not give out athletic scholarships. ....
Youth Sports World Is Insane
Huffington Post - Jan 10, 2014
Youth sports: a chance to run around, play sports with friends and have fun. At least that's how it used to be. Today, our kids' games have been hijacked by adults who professionalize them and attempt to meet their own needs through youth sports.. ....
Archives - Athletes
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Jan 15, 2014
Celebrating Our Work, Even in January
January can feel very hard on school counselors. We help students get over the post-holiday slump and back into the groove of going to school, we prepare for testing, we embrace a new round of schedule changes .... More

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Is it easier to get into college this year? Schools scramble as applicant pool shrinks
Star-Ledger  - Jan 12, 2013
MONTCLAIR — Here’s some good news for all those high school seniors waiting by the mailbox (or computer) for college acceptance letters: This should be one of the easiest seasons in years to get into college....
Bill allowing military recruiters in Maine schools sails through committee
Press Herald  - Jan 15, 2013
After a similar bill imploded amid bitter debate last session, a bipartisan bill allowing military recruiters to wear their uniforms while visiting schools sailed through the Legislature’s Education Committee on Wednesday....
VT Digger  - Jan 14, 2013
It’s time to re-evaluate Vermont’s education financing system and test its fairness to both students and taxpayers. That was the consensus at an education symposium convened Tuesday by Gov. Peter Shumlin and the Legislature.....
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Teen Drug Use

Students Smoke Weed Despite Drug Testing at Schools, Study Finds
US News  - Jan 13, 2013
MONDAY, Jan. 13, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- School drug tests don't deter teens from smoking marijuana, but creating a positive school environment might be effective, a new study suggests....
Research Confirms: It’s Time to Ditch School Drug Tests
Care2.com  - Jan 13, 2013
MONDAY, Jan. 13, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- School drug tests don't deter teens from smoking marijuana, but creating a positive school environment might be effective, a new study suggests....
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