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Big Picture

When Money Trumps Need In College Admissions
NPR.org - Apr 24, 2014
At some schools, the admissions process itself can work against low-income students, according to Georgia Nugent, former president of Kenyon College and a senior fellow at the Council of Independent Colleges......
Getting Into the Ivies
New York Times - Upshot Blog - Apr 25, 2014
Ask just about any high school senior or junior — or their parents — and they’ll tell you that getting into a selective college is harder than it used to be. They’re right about that. But the reasons for the newfound difficulty are not well understood. ...
The Adjunct Revolt: How Poor Professors Are Fighting Back
The Atlantic - Apr 28, 2014
Mary-Faith Cerasoli has been reduced to “sleeping in her car, showering at college athletic centers and applying for food stamps,” The New York Times recently reported. Is she unemployed? No, in fact, she is a college professor ...
End College Legacy Preferences
New York Times - OpEd - Apr 25, 2014
SOMEONE reading about the Supreme Court’s decision upholding Michigan’s ban on affirmative action — and by extension similar measures passed by voters in California, Texas, Florida and Washington — might develop the misimpression that affirmative action is on the wane. In fact, it’s alive and well: ...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

On College: A little etiquette can still take you a long way
San Jose Mercury News - Apr 28, 2014
We live in a society driven by technology, that allows individuals to interact through keyboards and some kind of screen. Unfortunately, this means that some people either lose their politeness or don't develop it in the first place. ..
How many college applications is too many?
Reuters - Apr 25, 2014
(Reuters) - On the surface, it seems to be a simple question: How many college applications should you submit? The answer may be more than parents may think, and the reason is that the admissions process has become less predictable, college consultants said...
Waitlisted for college? Here's why
MarketPlace - Apr 24, 2014
College admissions rates across the country hit some all-time lows this year. Stanford University, for instance, took only around five percent of applicants...
Conversations on Admitting: One-on-One with a Harvard Admissions Officer
Huffington Post - Apr 24, 2014
"When we're reading applications, the essay is usually the piece of the application that we get most excited about." -Jennifer Gandy, Senior Admissions Officer, Harvard University...
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23 reasons for choosing a college
DC College Admissions Examiner - Apr 30, 2014
UCLA’s CIRP (Cooperative Institutional Research Program) Freshman Survey is the largest and longest-running survey of American college students. Since 1966, more than 15 million first-time, first-year students have responded to an evolving list of questions designed to get at who they are and what they care about. ..
3 Reasons Not to Overthink Your Final College Choice
US News - Apr 28, 2014
Choosing which college to attend is one of the most challenging decisions a young student will have to make. Many students develop exhaustive lists of pros and cons, read reviews, scour financial aid options and visit each school on their "short list" to procure a substantial impression. ..
When choosing colleges, calculate the money factor
Sun Herald - Apr 28, 2014
This spring, millions of high school seniors are contemplating their college choices for next fall. Near the beach? Closer to big-city life at campuses in Seattle, San Francisco or NYC? Tucked into a smaller, more intimate college setting? ..
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Deconstructing the New SAT
Huffington Post  - Apr 29, 2014
The plot thickens. When we outlined last month the major changes coming to the SAT, we commented that the "new" SAT seemed suspiciously like a knock-off of the increasingly popular ACT....
Should You Take the SAT or ACT?
About.com  - Apr 29, 2014
The plot thickens. When we outlined last month the major changes coming to the SAT, we commented that the "new" SAT seemed suspiciously like a knock-off of the increasingly popular ACT....
Should you take SAT subject tests?
SAT Prep Examiner  - Apr 24, 2014
What is an SAT Subject Test? And should you sit for one (or more) of these exams, in addition to the ACT and/or the SAT? Because SAT Subject Tests, of which there are 20 exams in the broad fields of English, foreign language, history, mathematics, and science...
New SAT, same old standardized-testing problems?
USA Today  - Apr 24, 2014
WASHINGTON – You likely remember the anxiety of test day well. A sharpened No. 2 pencil, dozens of answer bubbles ready to fill and questions about topics and words you may or may not have heard of during your high school career....
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 17, 2014
The One Word That Leads to College Success
The lesson we’ve learned from this year’s college decisions couldn’t be clearer. More students are applying to more colleges, so colleges can be more selective about the students they admit. That’s just as true at the Top 25 colleges (whatever those are) ... More

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Gap Year

Get off the treadmill and go for the gap year
Charlotte Observer - Apr 28, 2014
Gap year experiences, where students defer admission to college and take a year off after high school, are becoming increasingly popular. Americans are jumping on the bandwagon big-time...
How a Gap Year Can Benefit Your College Success
TeenLife Blog - Apr 25, 2014
It takes a lot of maturity to recognize that you’re not mature enough for college yet. In that sense, my gap year was the most responsible decision I have ever made...
Archives - Gap Year
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A Window into the Psyche of Rising Seniors
TrueAdmissions Blog - Apr 29, 2014
Last year, we asked psychologist Michael Thompson, author of The Pressured Child, to weigh in on what parents can do to constructively advise -- and motivate -- their junior students as they begin the application process.....
We Are Done Paying for College
The College Solution Blog - Apr 24, 2014
Last month, my husband and I sent off our final college payment. Bruce and I made monthly payments for seven consecutive years for our daughter Caitlin (Juniata College grad 2011) and our son Ben, who will be graduating from Beloit College in May. We did not take out any loans to pay for college and neither did our children......
Archives - Parents
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Deciphering financial aid offers for college
Marketplace - Apr 25, 2014
Spring is the time of year when high school seniors prepare for college and their life after school. Though a typical undergraduate program lasts four years, paying off student loans can easily last decades if you don't properly plan. ..
Financial Aid Basics: What You Need to Know
NerdWallet - Apr 28, 2014
If you’re worried about the staggering costs of college, take a deep breath. Every year, the U.S. Department of Education awards nearly $140 billion to help millions of students like you who are wondering if they will receive financial aid......
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Campus Safety

Could College Rankings Solve the Campus Rape Crisis?
The Atlantic  - Apr 28, 2014
This fall, as high school seniors prepare to apply to college, many will scan the rankings provided by U.S. News & World Report. They'll compare colleges' class sizes, tuition prices, the student-faculty ratio, and—potentially—their sexual-assault statistics. That is, if some members of Congress get their way.....
College Admissions: How Widespread is Campus Rape?
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Apr 28, 2014
Scandal rocked the Brown University campus this week when it was reported that a student is being allowed back on campus after being found guilty of rape, illegal drug use and violence by the university's conduct board. After little more than a semester of suspension,....
Campus Sexual Assaults Are Targeted In New White House Report
NPR.org - Apr 29, 2014
Noting that one in five women is sexually assaulted in college, the White House is releasing new guidelines to help victims of that violence, and to improve the way schools handle such cases. Campus sexual assaults are notoriously under-reported, and schools' disciplinary processes vary widely......
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How to Squander Your Summer
About.com - Apr 28, 2014
I recently published some ideas on how to spend your summer so that you impress college admissions officers and build your resume. For the flip side of the equation,...
Why Is It So Impossible to Get a Part-Time Job?
Huffington Post - Apr 29, 2014
College decisions are rolling in, but part-time job offers are nonexistent. I have gotten into a multitude of schools from the best liberal arts schools in the country, to the best UC schools, to elite schools and even a few Ivy League schools! ...
Summer camp may improve college admissions odds
CNBC - Apr 27, 2014
How you spend your summer vacation isn't just fodder for first-day-back-in-school essays. It could provide a boost on college or job applications—especially if you went to camp....

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Report urges college for intellectually disabled
Boston.com - Apr 29, 2014
T BOSTON (AP) — A Statehouse task force is recommending students with intellectual disabilities and autism be included in higher education alongside non-disabled peers in Massachusetts.....
Traditional career-tech fields get modern
District Administration - Apr 27, 2014
Delaware’s New Castle County Vocational Technical School District offers 41 career programs in four technical high schools. And while some programs are in cutting-edge fields, like biotechnology, robotics and athletic health care, many are the same programs that have been offered for decades....
University of Maine System budget proposes 157 position cuts, takes $11.4 million from reserves
Bangor Daily News - Apr 29, 2014
BANGOR, Maine — The University of Maine System will cut 157 positions across its seven campuses and central office and dip deep into its rainy day fund if a budget plan it released Tuesday is passed by the system’s board of trustees next month.....
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Teen Dating

Ending Teen Dating Violence Is Aim Of New Effort
Hartford Courant - Apr 29, 2014
HARTFORD — The 16-year-old girl had been slapped, punched and pushed to the ground by her boyfriend when she arrived at an emergency room several weeks ago with facial injuries and a concussion.....
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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