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Big Picture

Have we abandoned the goals of Brown v. Board of Education?
PBS.org - Newshours - May 16, 2014
When 17-year-old Jessica Black walks to school, the neighbors she sees mirror her city’s diversity. There are white, Asian, black and interracial families living on her block, which sits at the Northern tip of Washington, D.C. But at Calvin Coolidge High School, where she is a senior this year, the tableau is different......
Is This Any Way To Pick A College?
NPR.org - May 20, 2014
There are more than 7,000 colleges in the U.S., and 21.8 million students enrolled in them. That's potentially 21.8 million opinions about what makes a school "the best." The penalty for a bad choice can be huge. The cost of a degree continues to soar, graduation rates vary widely from college to college.....
Who Should Provide Remediation?
Washington Monthly - May 16, 2014
About one out of every three American college students take remedial courses during their academic career, courses that don’t count in terms of credits for a degree, but for which they still have to pay......
No 'Silver Bullet' For Ending America's Dropout Crisis
NPR.org - May 20, 2014
Students at high schools across the country are wrapping up the school year, finishing special projects and studying for finals. A new study asks why many of them will never graduate. And the report, released today by America's Promise Alliance and the Center for Promise at Tufts University, t...
Making Public College Presidents Millionaires Correlates With Increased Student Debt, Study Finds
Huffington Post - May 19, 2014
It pays to be a public college president, and it seems only to be getting better for them. The number of chief executives at state colleges and universities earning at least $1 million more than doubled in fiscal year 2013, according to an analysis by the Chronicle of Higher Education....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Need a Plan B for college? There are options
Charlotte Observer - May 19, 2014
Let’s just say Plan A didn’t work out so well; you and your student were surprised by a few of the rejection letters. Hopefully you planned well and had a few solid safeties on the list, but maybe now, several months later, they are not looking quite so attractive. Do not despair, there is hope, there is a Plan B....
Plan B for Future Art and Music Majors
The College Solution Blog - May 19, 2014
Today I’m sharing a guest post that explains some excellent, but overlooked options for students who are interested in attending a music conservatory or an art and design school, which are often extremely expensive options with poor financial aid....
On College: Don't worry about finding your passion, just explore your interests
San Jose Mercury News - May 19, 2014
I had the great honor of sitting on a panel about college admissions last week. This was not your typical "get these grades," "ace the SAT," and the "secret to getting in." Rather, this was a panel to share with students the true value of a college education and how to best prepare for it.....
Consider attending private colleges and universities
Yahoo Finance - May 16, 2014
Choosing the right school when deciding on a college is complicated, and students need to find the right fit. But how do you pick between a state and private university? Cost is usually the overarching factor for many students, but other criteria should be looked at before making the final decision.....
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How to Fix the SAT
Slate  - May 19, 2014
Earlier this year, the College Board announced sweeping changes to the SAT. New vocab, less obscure. New essay, now optional. A repeal of the “anti-guessing” policy. A retooled and refocused math section. ...
One Piece of Advice No SAT Tutor Will Give You
TeenLife Blog  - May 19, 2014
Rosa Parks, Copernicus, and Hamlet. What do all of these have in common? According to graders of standardized tests, these subjects are some of the most commonly given examples in the SAT Essay Section. In my work as an SAT tutor, I'm often asked how to write a "perfect" essay, ...
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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How to Ace Your College Interview
TeenLife Blog  - May 17, 2014
n today’s college admissions climate, successful applicants need to present more than just the contents of their application. Sure, strong academic credentials are necessary, but they are no longer sufficient to earn admission into many selective institutions....
Archives - Visting and Interviewing
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - May 21, 2014
Starting at a Community College? Media coverage of the high cost of college is leading more students to consider community college as their starting point for life after high school. ... More
How Much Counseling Does A School Counselor Do? Not Much
NPR.org - State Impact Indiana - May 20, 2014
The Indiana Chamber of Commerce released a report today looking at the state of school counselors in Indiana. The main takeaway – counselors are doing little counseling with students....
Guidance counselors see success with graduations
Post Tribune - May 20, 2014
Thousands of Northwest Indiana high school graduates will walk across the stage to receive their diplomas in the next month. That rite of passage represents years of hard work put in by students, teachers, parents and administrators. In particular, guidance counselors help keep students on track....
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Gap Year

Is taking a gap year before college a good idea?
New York Post  - May 18, 2014
Taking a gap year is a growing trend and, if done right, can be an excellent decision. If you choose to do so, it is imperative you spend the year in a structured program that may include work, travel, community service, etc. ...
Archives - Gap Year
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College Admissions: 5 Must Knows About SAT/ACT Extended Time
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - May 19, 2014
For families with children who have a learning difference (LD), extended time can be a key factor in allowing students to achieve their full potential on college entrance exams. However, many parents don’t understand the timeline, requirements or hurdles involved. So, here are 5 things you need to know about getting accommodations for the SAT and ACT: ...
Navigating college with a learning disability
Rochester.Patch - May 17, 2014
The college admissions process can be stressful enough for the average family. However, college-related anxieties are often compounded when learning needs are present. In our experience, we have found that the two most frequent sources of consternation revolve around the disclosure of a learning disability and the procurement of learning accommodations. ...
Archives - Disabilities and College Admissions
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Expenses for senior year of high school add up fast
Orlando Sentinel - May 17, 2014
The message on the Timber Creek High School website provided a gentle warning to the class of 2014: "The senior year is filled with many opportunities to make memories," it read, "but unfortunately, these opportunities can become expensive."...
What the college-bound need to know and parents may teach now
Long Island College Prep Examiner - May 19, 2014
Grades and test scores reflect student academic knowledge learned at school but there are many skills that may be taught at home. One of the best ways to teach the following five things is by demonstration. ....
Archives - Parents
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Financial Aid/Scholarships

COLLEGE COUNSELOR: College Financial Aid Needs More Transparency
Gazettes  - May 17, 2014
As admissions into colleges and universities has become ever more challenging, applying for financial aid and understanding the financial aid letter once received, is an equally grueling, though often neglected, piece of the admissions process....
Don't fall for college scholarship scams
WCPO.com  - May 19, 2014
A student in Amarillo, Texas, received an exciting phone call last month: Damon Bennett, a high school senior, had been applying for grants and scholarships to help pay for college, and a woman called to tell him he received a $7,000 grant....
Navigating the landscape of increased college costs
CNBC  - May 15, 2014
Although college tuition has soared in recent years and much ado has been made about whether a higher education is worth the price tag, many American parents remain driven to send their kids to college. ...
Archives - FinAid and Scholarships
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Advice for Working on the Essay this Summer
True Admission Blog  - May 14, 2014
Fall of senior year is a busy time. So we strongly urge you to have at least your Common Application essay in good shape before senior year begins because writing the essays while attending school is like adding a class to your schedule -- remember, in addition to the Common App's, there are those in the supplements. ...
Summer Before Senior Year: Get Going!
LA College Admissions Examiner  - May 14, 2014
Your summer should be enjoyable with lots of vacation time. However, the fall semester will be here before you know it and, although you may not want to start your college process just yet, you'll be so happy you did once your senior classes begin...
Turn Summer Jobs Into College Scholarship Opportunities
US News  - May 15, 2014
Summer is approaching, and that means millions of students will soon be looking to earn some extra money through a summer job. These jobs can be a terrific way to get real-world work experience and cash for college. ..

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When 'senioritis' becomes epidemic
DC College Admissions Examiner  - May 20, 2014
For high school teachers and counselors, the symptoms of “senioritis” are all too familiar—an “I don’t care attitude” characterized by lack of motivation and general bad behavior....
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How to make college more affordable
Boston Globe - OpEd - May 20, 2014
Although the colleges and universities in Massachusetts are critical to the state’s economy, the rising level of student debt could temper our economic growth. Independent colleges and universities in the Commonwealth are acutely aware of their responsibility...
Schools adding computer coding to curriculum
Boston Herald - May 14, 2014
Students as young as kindergartners are learning computer programming as Massachusetts schools join a growing national movement to prepare students for 21st-century jobs. Once considered an extracurricular activity for geeks, coding increasingly is being seen as both an essential life skill and a potential pathway toward becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg. ...
R.I. Senate votes to delay standardized tests as graduation requirement
Providence Journal - May 15, 2014
PROVIDENCE — The Rhode Island Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to delay using any standardized test as a graduation requirement until the high school class of 2017. ...
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Teen Jobs

Teens and the Summer Job
Huffington Post  - May 19, 2014
It was Sly and The Family Stone who sang about "hot fun in the summertime," but they failed to mention the summer job. Spending the summer in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini sounds lovely, but without a summer job, we're talking wipeout...
Summer jobs for teens: weighing pros and cons
Tennessean  - May 15, 2014
What will your teenage children or grandchildren be doing this summer? Swimming, socializing and playing — or will your teen get a summer job?..
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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