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Is It Still College Without Football? - May 2, 2014
A small number of universities are starting to go against the grain, reducing amenities and frills in favor of keeping the costs relatively low. ..
Poll: Prestigious Colleges Won't Make You Happier In Life Or Work - May 2, 2014
There's plenty of anxiety in the U.S. over getting into a top college. But a new Gallup poll suggests that, later in life, it doesn't matter nearly as much as we think. In fact, when you ask college graduates whether they're "engaged" with their work or "thriving" in all aspects of their lives, their responses don't vary one bit whether they went to a prestigious college or not.. ..
State college tuition skyrocketed during recession, study finds
The Christian Science Monitor - May 1, 2014
As state budgets bounce back from the Great Recession, most are starting to increase their funding of higher education, an area of spending where cuts went especially deep. But all but two states – Alaska and North Dakota – still spend less per student than they did before the recession...
5 Ways to Fix College Admissions
TIME - May 1, 2014
Today, high school seniors across the country will make their final decisions about what colleges they will attend in the fall. This year headlines advertised that this was, yet again, the most competitive year ever. College admissions rates at schools like Duke, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Cornell and Penn are half what they were a decade ago. ..
How to fix the crazy competitive world of college admissions
CNN/Money - May 1, 2014
FORTUNE -- Two recent articles in the New York Times are getting many parents pretty frazzled: This year, only 5% of those who applied to Stanford University were admitted -- the worst acceptance rate among top colleges...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Junior Year College Preparation - May 4, 2014
Rising high school juniors have an important year coming up. Junior year is the last for which colleges will see a year's worth of grades, and ideally those grades will be as good as (if not better than) freshman or sophomore year ..
Managing the College Admissions Frenzy
Huffington Post - May 2, 2014
Students now apply to an average of a dozen universities to assure acceptance into a college because of the competitive nature of admissions. What has created this competitive environment and how are students empowered to take charge? ..
On College: Savor that next phase in life but do so with purpose
San Jose Mercury News - May 5, 2014
This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend four wonderful days with my business school classmates during our reunion. As we reminisced about the past few years, we started to realize that what matters most to us is not money and power, but rather family, finding passion in our work and finding purpose in our lives....
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Many Seniors Accepted To First-Choice Colleges Go Elsewhere - May 2, 2014
According to the American Freshman Survey, most students were accepted by their first-choice colleges last year ďż˝ but almost half of them actually enrolled in other schools, primarily for financial reasons. ..
It's National College Decision Day. So What?
Washington Monthly - May 2, 2014
May 1 is known as National College Decision Day, as it is often the deadline for students to make deposits to attend the college of their choice. Both local and national media love to highlight students who attend selective institutions...
Saying No to Northwestern University
The College Solution Blog - May 5, 2014
Will your child end up going to his or her dream school? The odds are that your child won’t if the college or university is a rankings alpha dog. And that’s especially true if you don’t enjoy a powerful hook such as being a celebrity or billionaire’s kid, a legacy or an athlete...
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Still Space

Getting into college past the deadline
CBS News - MoneyWatch - May 6, 2014
If your child isn't happy with the college that he or she is heading to in the fall, there are many colleges and universities that are still looking for applicants. ..
Hundreds of Colleges Have Spots for Students for the Fall
Inside Higher Ed - May 6, 2014
More than 250 colleges and universities have enrollment capacity for their fall 2014 semesters, the National Association for College Admission Counseling ..
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Pressure mounts to do well on the SAT and ACT
ABC2News  - May 6, 2014
It's no secret the college admissions process can be stressful for students, especially the dreaded standardized tests like SAT and ACT. Right now, the pressure to perform is greater than ever....
How to cancel SAT Reasoning or Subject Test scores
DC College Admissions Examiner  - May 6, 2014
A number of years ago, my son took the SAT in a room directly adjacent to the room where the German with Listening SAT Subject Test was being given in a school with notoriously thin walls. ...
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - May 8, 2014
Where You Go to College Does Matter—For a Different Reason
our students can stop worrying about college—sort of. A recent Gallup poll of college graduates show that a high number of them are engaged in work and thriving in at least one part of their personal lives. Their positive reports tend to be higher than those for Americans as a whole; ... More

Commentary: Curb school violence by letting school counselors counsel
Palm Beach Post - May 5, 2014
The Palm Beach Post had two very interesting articles recently discussing violence in our schools and in our communities. On Saturday, April 12, an article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette written by Mary Niederberger, Rich Lord and Joe Smydo was reprinted in the Post - School violence study says early help is keyť. ...
Marty O'Connell on the Lessons this College Season Offered
Huffington Post - May 8, 2014
College admissions offered a number of twists and turns this year to veteran college counselors-- but how was this year perceived by a college counseling newbie?...
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Eight Tips for Parents Who Have Saved Nothing for College
New York Times - Motherlode - May 5, 2014
A couple of days ago, a post here by a mother in Maine lamenting her lack of savings for her son’s college education inspired an outpouring of comments. A number of people questioned her and her husband’s decision to raise six children....
5 Facts Every Parent Should Know About the SAT
Teen Life - May 5, 2014
Parents are so inundated with information regarding the SAT that they often have trouble knowing fact from fiction, truth from hyperbole. For years, I've dealt with such misconceptions and uncertainty any time I talk to a parent. ...
Great gift ideas for the college-bound grad
Charlotte Observer - May 5, 2014
Cash may be still be king when it comes to what high school grads want to see when they open their graduation cards. But if you�re interested in a spark of creativity or trying to personalize your gifts, here are some fun suggestions...
Archives - Parents
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What College Admissions Officers Look For: How Do Colleges View Summer and Other Experiences?
The Jewish Voice  - May 6, 2014
What you do in the summer is somewhat of a controversial topic. Some students and their families believe that students need time off from school and that the summer is a time for fun and may include attending or working in camps...
Juniors, if you could do anything this summer...
True Admissions Blog  - May 6, 2014
When College Admission was in high school, summers felt long and slow, a time to earn some extra money and hang out with friends. We worked as a neighborhood babysitter and a proof reader at the local newspaper..

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College Admissions: 5 Hard Truths About Athletic Recruiting
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - May 5, 2014
Sports recruiting for potential college athletes is fraught with anxiety and mystery. Why do some kids get noticed and others don't? Where is the best scholarship money? Why aren't coaches calling me? Adding sports to the college admission process makes things MUCH more confusing and emotional..
Archives - Athletic Recruiting
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Princeton Review Pressured To Include Handling Of Sexual Assault In College Rankings
Huffington Post  - May 6, 2014
Activist group UltraViolet is pressuring the Princeton Review, an influential college rankings publisher, to begin surveying students about how their schools deal with sexual violence on campus...
Archives - Rankings
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Career & Technical Training

Vocational High Schools: Career Path or Kiss of Death?
US News  - May 6, 2014
When William Fuller graduates this spring, he'll be leaving with more than just a high school diploma. He'll also have a carpentry certification and a full-time job offer from his current employer, a custom cabinetmaker in Lester, Pennsylvania....
CTE: New face on an old program
Huntsville Item  - May 6, 2014
HUNTSVILLE - Vocational programs have been impacting students's lives for decades at Huntsville High School. Many former Hornets will remember attending ag classes, business classes and home economics. ...
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The Disappearing California Dream
Inside Higher Ed - May 6, 2014
My earliest memories are of looking out from the campanile at the University of California at Berkeley below and the blue sky that surrounded the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Sproul Plaza and bongo drums, Telegraph Avenue and the Hare Krishna, Cody’s Books, Kip’s and Top Dog ..
California Community Colleges Sign Pathway to Law School Initiative
News 10 - Stockton - May 4, 2014
My earliest memories are of looking out from the campanile at the University of California at Berkeley below and the blue sky that surrounded the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Sproul Plaza and bongo drums, Telegraph Avenue and the Hare Krishna, Cody’s Books, Kip’s and Top Dog ..
School Spending Plans Near Final Lap In Colorado
CBS Local - Denver - May 4, 2014
DENVER (AP) – After years of promoting hefty education reforms, Colorado lawmakers this term focused on a school overhaul that was both more popular and more problematic – giving schools money to make the reforms and backfill years of recession-era cuts. ..
California graduation rate moving in right direction
San Francisco Gate - May 2, 2014
After years of bruising budget cuts, California's high schools got some great news this week: The high school graduation rate has climbed to more than 80 percent...
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U.S. teen pregnancy, birth and abortion rates at historic lows - May 7, 2014
NEW YORK, May 7 (UPI) -- Since 1986 to 1991, when U.S. pregnancy, abortion and birth rates peaked; teen pregnancy rates dropped 51 percent by 2010 and the teen abortion rate declined 66 percent and the teen birthrate declined 44 decreased...
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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