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Private college scholarships less likely to go to poorest students
PBS Newshour - Apr 17, 2015
Yes, Malachi Zeitner has heard the joking references to Caddyshack, the comedy cult film with Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield about a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who more or less blackmails his way into a college scholarship from the country club where he caddies. ...
College “bait and switch”
Hechinger Report - Apr 20, 2015
Financial aid often declines after freshman year. Little-known practice threatens graduation rates, raises debt, say experts. ..
When a Two-Year College Degree Pays Off
TIME - Apr 17, 2015
You generally do better with a four-year degree, but sometimes a quicker diploma can launch you on the road to success. Steven Polasck of Corpus Christi, Texas, liked math and science in high school...
How the Rich Get Into Ivies: Behind the Scenes of Elite Admissions
Gawker - Apr 21, 2015
A million-dollar full-ride scholarship endowment to an Ivy League school is a good deed. But it doesn’t just earn you karma—it nets you fawning emails from the school’s development officials, customized campus tours for your kids, and private meetings with the school’s president, leaked Sony emails show..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

7 things high school juniors can do to prepare for college
Chicago Tribune - Apr 12, 2015
Now that seniors are committing to colleges and firming up plans for the year ahead, it's time for juniors to get serious about the future. ...
Would You Pay $47,000 for the University of Oregon?
The College Solution Blog - Apr 20, 2015
Last week at the exercise boot camp that I attend on Sunday mornings, I saw a mom who hadn’t been coming to the workouts for several months. The mom is divorced and is trying to support herself as a manicurist........
Why studying in Canada might be a good option, Part 2
The College Solution Blog - Apr 15, 2015
On a recent college tour in British Columbia hosted by the British Columbia Council for International Education we visited several art schools in Vancouver, BC that would give students a great reason to study in BC......
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Countdown to College: 6 Tips to help make the final college decision
Charlotte Observer - Apr 21, 2015
Just ask any family that is struggling with making the final college choice how envious they are of the families where it was a slam-dunk decision. It’s that time. A final college decision needs to be made and a deposit check needs to be received by May 1.....
"D" Day for College Is May 1: Four Steps to a Wise Choice
Huffington Post - Apr 22, 2015
We just passed "tax" day, but if you're a college-bound senior - or the parent of one - "D" day looms on May 1st. That's when students "decide" which school they'll attend, sending an official acceptance letter - with a "deposit" to hold space for the fall and reserve housing....
4 reasons to notify colleges you will not be attending
Bay Area College Admissions Examiner - Apr 20, 2015
Many students hurry to send in their tuition deposit to the college they plan on attending in the fall. Unfortunately, many of these students forget about the other colleges that sent acceptance letters......
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The Truth About Waitlists: What Are Your Chances of Getting in?
Huffington Post - Apr 22, 2015
It's the college admission decision that can cause more confusion and stress than even a rejection from your top-choice college: you've been offered a place on the waitlist. ...
What to do if you're wait-listed for college
NY City Life Examiner - Apr 15, 2015
Did you get wait-listed at one of your top-choice colleges? Depending on your perspective, you can interpret that as either good or bad news. It’s more encouraging than getting rejected....
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College Admissions: The Spring College Tour
Greenwich Free Press - Apr 20, 2015
I visit each Elite Eight and thirty top-tier colleges and universities every winter, spring, summer and fall. These visits are lots of fun and help me to see, feel and understand the many changes that occur on campuses so that I can discuss them directly with my clients..
Visiting prospective colleges key to selection
Scranton Times-Tribune - Apr 19, 2015
IWith nicer weather hopefully on the horizon, high school juniors and their parents should consider visiting some prospective colleges during the upcoming months. Planning ahead can help families get the most benefits from the campus visits...
10 Tips for a Fun and Productive College Visit
TeenLife Blog - Apr 17, 2015
In the past five years, my husband and I have taken our daughters on many college visits. We have found actually being on campus to be a valuable tool for our daughter’s in determining whether a college is right for them. But some visits have been more insightful than others...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 16, 2015
Picking a College? Don't Do This
It's getting down to the wire for members of the Class of 2015, who have until May 1 to put down a deposit at the one (and only one) college they'll be attending.... More

A guide for guidance counselors: How to help high school students find the right college
Deseret News  - Apr 20, 2015
Getting from high school to college is no easy task for low-income teenagers. Teachers are busy teaching. Parents, who usually did not attend college themselves, don't know where to begin. ..
Model for counseling
Steamboat Today  - Apr 22, 2015
When three school counselors addressed the Taos School Board at a meeting in March, one did all she could to hold back tears. The volume of standardized testing, they contend, is forcing them to give up their primary jobs — addressing the many and ever-changing emotional, social and behavioral needs of students. ..

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U.S. Parents' College Funding Worries Are Top Money Concern
Gallup.com - Apr 19, 2015
PRINCETON, N.J. -- More U.S. parents worry about having enough money to pay for their children's college education than other Americans worry about any common financial concerns...
The One Question All Parents Should Ask on College Tours
Yahoo.com - Apr 20, 2015
Sure, it’s important to ask questions about class sizes and financial aid and dorm rooms during each campus tour you take with your teen. But there’s also a question that no one really wants to ask or answer: “How does this school handle the issue of sexual assaults on campus?...
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3 Reasons You Shouldn't Take the New SAT
Forbes - Apr 20, 2015
The simple fact is that there are numerous good reasons that students shouldn’t take the new SAT next spring — they should opt for the ACT instead...
A Short, Thumb-nail Sketch of What's Going on With College Admissions Testing: The "New" SAT and "Old" ACT
Huffington Post - Apr 14, 2015
As you may have heard, there is a new SAT being released in 2016. Students should know that many colleges plan to accept both the old and the new, redesigned SAT for the 2015-16 (current juniors) application season. On the other hand, for the Class of 2016-2017 (current sophomores)...
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Getting More College Aid: How To Appeal
Forbes - Apr 17, 2015
If you don’t like the initial aid package, or simply want to reduce the amount of loans, you can appeal it. The appeal is called a “professional review,” and you can ask for it in writing to the college’s financial aid office. You are basically making a case why more aid is being requested. ..
5 Financial Aid Tips That Help You Choose the Right College
The Fiscal Times - Apr 20, 2015
College acceptances — and rejections — are now out and millions of students are trying to figure out how they are going to afford to go to college. Complicating that effort are financial aid letters sent from colleges, which can be so confusing as to be indecipherable. ..
How to Play the College Financial-Aid Game
Wall Street Journal - Apr 17, 2015
High-school seniors could be forgiven for thinking that comparing college financial-aid offers requires an advanced degree. The letters have been pouring in over the past few weeks. ..
Drug Convictions Can Send Financial Aid Up In Smoke
US News - Apr 15, 2015
Next week will be April 20, otherwise known as 4/20. People in some states may celebrate the occasion thanks to recently relaxed penalties for the use and possession of small quantities of marijuana.. ..
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Voc-Ed Makes A Comeback
Forbes - Apr 16, 2015
San Jacinto College, south of Houston, had no choice but to schedule a 10 p.m.-to-2 a.m. welding class. That’s how many students were trying to sign up. According to The New York Times, this uptick in technical enrollment has been caused by a surging demand for young people with specialized technical skills...
Could Vocational Education Be the Answer to Failing High Schools?
National Journal - Apr 15, 2015
For years, vocational education was dismissed as a path into blue-collar jobs for students who weren't going to college. But as career-training programs have become more diverse, and educators have acknowledged the benefit of practical skills-training for a wider variety of students, perceptions of vocational education are changing....
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand pushing bill designating 25 schools as 'manufacturing universities'
New York Daily News - Apr 19, 2015
New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand wants to help colleges across the country strengthen their engineering programs. Gillibrand is making a strong push for a bill that would designate 25 schools as “manufacturing universities” and provide them with incentives to align their curriculum with the needs of modern manufacturers.....
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College Admissions: 3 NE Colleges Where You Can Save $60K or Get Free Master’s Degree
GoLocalProv College Admissions Expert  - Apr 20, 2015
Too many students and families today are struggling to afford college and graduate school, drowning in a sea of loans. The sad thing is that it just isn’t necessary. Here in New England, Clark University, Wheaton College and Wesleyan University.......
College Contribution after Divorce in New Jersey
The National Law Review  - Apr 20, 2015
Many parents are confused in the midst of their divorce when the topic of “college contribution” comes into the conversation......
R.I. college-aid program faces overhaul
The National Law Review  - Apr 19, 2015
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Governor Raimondo has proposed changing the eligibility criteria for a program that awarded $8 million in scholarships and grants this fiscal year to more than 18,300 students to attend college.......
Anti-Test 'Opt-Out' Movement Makes A Wave In New York State
NPR.org  - Apr 20, 2015
Across New York state this week, some students are refusing to take a test, and they're not getting punished for it. The test is a Common Core-aligned, federally mandated exam, and students, parents and educators are part of what they're calling the opt-out movement....
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Teen Vaping

It's Time to Wake Up About Teens Using E-Cigarettes
Boston.com - Apr 21, 2015
E-cigarettes are a fact of life for teens, and parents need to catch up. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or more specifically the 2014 National Youth Tobacco Survey, e-cigarette use among teens has tripled in the past year. Since 2011, it's gone up 800 percent......
Teen Vaping Triples: E-Cigarettes, Hookahs Threaten Drop In Teen Tobacco Use
Forbes - Apr 17, 2015
Three times as many middle school and high school students used e-cigarettes in 2014 than in 2013, according to an annual survey on youth tobacco use conducted by the CDC and FDA and published yesterday......
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