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Many Colleges Offer Affirmative Action for the Rich and Powerful
TIME  - Apr 1, 2015
Survey finds 25% of college admissions officers felt pressured to admit influential slackers. Didn’t get into the college of your dreams? Maybe you weren’t qualified. Or maybe you weren’t connected, influential, or rich enough......
Colleges, how in good conscience can you do this to kids?
Hechinger Report  - Mar 30, 2015
This year has been a fantastic year for Science Leadership Academy college acceptances. We’ve seen our kids get into some of the most well respected schools in record numbers – and many of our kids are the first SLA-ers to ever get accepted into these schools.....
Research Universities: A Dirty Little Secret
The College Solution Blog  - Mar 30, 2015
Most students who hope to earn a bachelor’s degree will enroll at a university. The schools that students dream of attending are almost always research universities......
The coming revolution in college admissions
Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette  - Mar 29, 2015
This month, admissions officers at America’s most prestigious colleges are scrambling to put the final touches on letters admitting the Class of 2019. Just as students from around the world are vying for a limited number of spots in America’s best colleges, higher-learning institutions are competing to attract the best and the brightest....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

5 Admission Factors You Can’t Predict
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Mar 30, 2015
As the last few colleges release admission decisions this week, many families are puzzled by outcomes. Their child had GPA and SAT/ACT scores that fell within range for a specific college, participated in an array of extra-curricular activities,....
The Common Application announces 2015-16 essay prompts
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Mar 31, 2015
With feedback provided by the nearly 6,000 individuals who participated in a survey conducted earlier this month, the Common Application announced today final language for the 2015-16 essay prompts...
College Admissions Expert Cracks The Code To Getting Into Top Schools
CBS Local - Los Angeles  - Mar 30, 2015
LOS ANGELES ( — When students wave goodbye to high school, the next step in educationcan be both exciting and scary. Arizona Baskin is touring UCLA’s campus and weighing his options. He centered his college applicationsaround his 4.0 GPA.....
Ask a Collegiette: What Extracurricular Activities Do Colleges Want?
Her Campus - Mar 30, 2015
In terms of what specific activities colleges look for, this really varies depending on the person and the school. Overall, activities that show a commitment to a cause or community service tend to be good choices. Activities related to whatever you want to major in can also be a boost too......
Tips from an expert: How to wow top colleges
Burlington Free Press  - Mar 31, 2015
WEYBRIDGE – Attention high school students (and your parents): Do not write a college application essay about your community service trip to Africa. No one is interested.......
Seeing the College Admissions Glass as Half-Full
Huffington Post  - Mar 27, 2015
This week, two high school seniors I know got accepted to the same competitive college. One cried for joy as it is one of her top college options. The other cried in frustration, believing that if this school had accepted her why hadn't the others she wanted to go to more......
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The Truth About College Rejection Letters
TeenLife Blog - Mar 26, 2015
Those awful college rejections—a student’s worst nightmare. And yet, are they truly that awful? Is there any way to spin them into a positive? .
How to Deal With College Application Rejection
Huffington Post - Mar 30, 2015
To a very small subset of our population, March is seen as a joyous month, filled with blooming flowers and a new bright, yellow-filled wardrobe. But that lucky cohort doesn't have to face college application notification letters. Namely, Ivy Day. .
Some students feeling college-admission stress
USA Today - Mar 26, 2015
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — For a high school senior who thinks her future is at stake, applying to college can be incredibly stressful. .
The Anti-Karma of College Admission
True Admissions Blog  - Mar 31, 2015
Thank you to Teen Life for featuring advice from Christine VanDeVelde in Evaluating College Choices: If your teen has been accepted to several different colleges, first off, Congratulations! They should be very proud of this accomplishment .
Waitlisted or learning to live with uncertainty
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Mar 30, 2015
For the admissions office, it’s a safety valve—useful for controlling the flow of students admitted to the institution. But for the applicant who has waited six long months for a decision, the wait list feels like a one-way ticket to nowhere..
Archives - Waiting/Rejection/Deferred
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Countdown to College: Make that campus visit more meaningful
Charlotte Observer  - Mar 30, 2015
A few weeks ago I wrote about what NOT to do on your campus visit: Today, as we creep closer to the all-important spring break campus visits, let’s focus on the positive; things you should do during your campus visits that will make them more meaningful......
Addicted to college visits
Burlington County Times  - Mar 31, 2015
A lot of parents have to worry about their teenagers becoming drug or alcohol addicts. I can proudly report I'm not addicted to either of those, but I am addicted to something else. I'm a college visit addict......
Archives - Visiting/Interviews
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 2, 2015
Next Year’s Application Season Begins! The 2014 college application season officially ended this past Tuesday, when the last of the highly selective schools announced their decision at the end of the school day. This has traditionally given ... More
Report on Challenges for High School Counselors in College Advising
Inside Higher Ed  - Mar 26, 2015
High school counselors have significant time demands that keep them from spending as much time as many would like on college advising, according to a report released Wednesday ..
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The emotional impact of college admissions decisions — on parents
Washington Post  - Mar 27, 2015
Millions of high school seniors are eagerly awaiting the end of the long and grueling college admissions process, with the final April 1st deadline for acceptance or rejection by schools fast approaching......
3 Tips for Parents to Help Teens Battle Testing Fatigue
US News  - Mar 30, 2015
State-mandated tests, Advanced Placement exams, ACT tests and final exams: All of these are on the schedule for students at Lafayette High School....
Archives - Parents
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Will the new SAT be easier than the old one? A look at what the new test could look like
Washongton Post  - Mar 28, 2015
The College Board just released a sample of its revised PSAT, or the Preliminary SAT/ National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, which is taken by some 3.5 million high school students each year. The PSAT does not count for college admissions..
Perform to Your Potential With These AP Calculus Exam Tips
US News  - Mar 30, 2015
The Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam is one of the most challenging AP tests that students can take. Students must master a large number of math concepts and then draw from this knowledge to answer multiple-choice questions and free-response problems....
News on the New SAT Test
College Search Game Plan Blog  - Mar 30, 2015
Last week, our own Patrica von Trapp attended a College Board training session on what to expect from the brand new SAT in 2016. Here’s what she discovered...
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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Do You Earn Too Much To Qualify For College Financial Aid?
Forbes  - Mar 31, 2015
College aid formulas expect parents to contribute up to 47% of their after-tax income to college costs each year. Will your income throw your child out of the running for college aid? Use my EFC Quick Reference Table.....
7 questions every college student should ask about financial aid
Vox  - Apr 1, 2015
Paying for college can be more stressful than getting into college — and the way schools explain their aid packages doesn't always help.....
The list your college does not want to be on
Washington Post  - Mar 31, 2015
Hundreds of colleges across the country that are doing a poor job of managing their finances are on a federal watch list that could ultimately make it difficult to access financial aid dollars, a critical lifeline for universities....
Simple Mistakes That Can Hurt Financial Aid Prospects
Forbes  - Mar 26, 2015
Now is the time to find the most financial aid possible to help with the costs of school. It can be a challenge, though, to find financial aid, especially given the fierce competition and limited amount available.....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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The Case for Career and Technical Education
Huffington Post  - Mar 27, 2015
Robert Reich, the distinguished author and Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration, recently published an excellent piece on why a four-year college education isn't for everyone.....
Employers Are Integral to Career-Tech Programs
EdWeek (registration required)  - Mar 25, 2015
The rapidly changing job market and the new wave of career programs taking hold in schools are offering up a new challenge for educators: how to form deeper, longer-term relationships with employers in their communities....
Archives - CTE
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Student Athletes

Thoughtful Parenting: College tours, visits and interviews for student athletes
Steamboat Today  - Mar 29, 2015
The old adage is true: You only get one chance to make a first impression. Here’s a “to-do list” to help ensure your university, college or trade school visit is a success.......
For student-athletes, social media can doom a career
Clayton News Daily  - Mar 31, 2015
JONESBORO — You may have heard of one Mo’ne Davis, the young female baseball player that took the country by storm with her performance in the Little League World Series last summer.....
Archives - Student Athletes
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Putting a college advisor in every Michigan high school
Bridge MI  - Mar 26, 2015
IONIA – A 33 and a 4.0. Kylie Horrocks repeats the figures for emphasis, recounting the high school senior who had come to her for advice with a 33 on his ACT (in the top two percent of all the high school juniors in Michigan) and a 4.0 grade point averag.....
Newark works to draw kids to manufacturing
UT San Diego  - Mar 28, 2015
Across Ohio, communities are working to connect employers with skilled employees by identifying where candidates' skills are lacking, building relationships between employers and schools, creating niche programs and inspiring children to look at local industries when selecting a career.....
Some Kansas college students to face deeper financial aid cuts
Topeka Capital Journal  - Mar 27, 2015
Students attending four-year public universities and colleges in Kansas may see cuts in their financial aid due to a legislative action on a program that governs school grants......
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Teen Driving

Horror Movie: Watch These Distracted Teens Drive Right Off The Road
Forbes  - Mar 29, 2015
A teenager drives along a two-lane road, her eyes firmly cast downward at her phone. Six long seconds tick past. The road curves right but she drives straight—over the yellow line..
Chevrolet debuts teen driver tech at 2015 New York auto show
Newsday  - Apr 1, 2015
Starting with: changing clothes and doing homework Most of us will admit that we’ve done some multitasking while driving here and there — but a new study about what teenage drivers do behind the wheel is a tad alarming....
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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