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Are High School Exit Exams An Unnecessary Barrier To Graduation?
NPR.org - Jun 7, 2015
Eight times Brandon Lewis has taken Florida's Algebra I end-of-course exam. And eight times he's failed it, once coming just two points short of passing.....
The Heaviest College Debt Burdens Fall on Three Types of Students
Washington Monthly - Jun 7, 2015
With 17 percent of borrowers behind in their payments or in default on the nation’s $1.2 trillion in college loans, it’s not surprising that student debt is emerging as a campaign issue for the 2016 election.....
Do community colleges deserve better funding?
CBS News - MarketWatch - Jun 4, 2015
Americans have heard a lot of political talk in recent months about making community college free for students. But what has attracted far less attention is how underfunded many community colleges are as they strain to educate their current students ....
Op-Ed The truth about 'holistic' college admissions
Los Angeles Times - Jun 9, 2015
In May, 60 groups filed a complaint with the Justice and Education departments claiming that Asian Americans are held to a different standard — a higher standard — than other students applying for admission at elite universities. ....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

4 Reasons to Start Your College Applications NOW
GoLocalProv College Admissions - Jun 8, 2015
For many rising seniors, college still seems far away—but it isn’t. Deadlines for early action and early decision arrive just a few weeks after students return to school in the fall. That means that summer is the best time to do applications and avoid stress later ....
Princeton Review ‘Best Colleges’ still accepting applications for fall 2015
DC College Admissions Examiner - Jun 5, 2015
Out of 379 colleges and universities the Princeton Review has labeled “best” for 2015, at least 60 are still accepting applications for this fall..
Grades, clubs — and your discipline record? Many colleges weigh suspension in admission decisions
Seattle Times - Jun 9, 2015
Being suspended in high school can crush your chances of college acceptance, but many districts — including Seattle — have no policy on whether to release that information to colleges that ask for it...
Are remedial courses actually hurting community college students?
Washington Post - Jun 10, 2015
Four years ago, I stumbled across startling research that remedial courses in community colleges — a backbone of American higher education — often do no good,...
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Gap Year

Countdown to College: Think about a gap year
Charlotte Observer  - Jun 7, 2015
Every year more and more students and parents talk to me about the pros and cons of a gap year experience. Taking a year off between high school graduation and freshman year can be liberating and the perfect choice for the right student. ...
Gap year gains traction in Canada
Globe and Mail  - Jun 7, 2015
As a new generation of Canadian students prepares to make the transition from high school to college or university, a small number will consider taking a year off to travel, work, volunteer and carefully consider some of the most important decisions they will need to make in their young lives. ...
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What’s Your Teenager Doing This Summer? In Defense of ‘Nothing.’
New York Times - Motherlode - Jun 7, 2015
Another school year has come to an end. And here’s what summertime looks like for America’s “luckiest” teenagers: a full-time internship, learn-to-code camp or college classes (to show you can do college work before you apply to college)...
Best summer jobs for teens in 2015
Fortune - Jun 8, 2015
Forget summer internships. In 2015, employers are hiring, and teens can get land these summer positions, improving their resume for college and their bank accounts...
A Summer Checklist for Incoming College Freshmen
Huffington Post - Jun 5, 2015
By now, the difficult work of applying to college is complete. In addition to enjoying the summer, all that is left for you to do is to ensure that you are ready to start your college career. ..
A unique summer reading list — from college admissions deans and counselors
Washington Post - Jun 9, 2015
There is no shortage to summer reading lists — for kids and adults — but here is a unique one, a collection of recommendations from college admissions officers and counselors. ..
Maximizing your summer, part 3 - precollege options
Minneapolis College Admissions Examiner - Jun 8, 2015
Part three of this examination of summer planning options will examine what I call “precollege” options. While the summer programs I examined in part 2 are often organized and/or hosted by universities, precollege options, ..
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Jun 4, 2015
The Other Side of Better Training in College Counseling
“Principal Matthews?” “Hi Valerie. Come on in.” “Thank you.” “I want you to know, this isn’t an easy decision. You’ve done a lot for the school, and for our students—“.. More

Timeline: The History of Counseling
Counseling@Northwestern Blog - Jun 2, 2015
The Family Institute at Northwestern University (TFI) began in the living room of founder Chuck Kramer’s home in Oak Park, Illinois, and is now entering its 46th year of service. .....
No College Counseling Class, No Job
Huffington Post - Jun 9, 2015
A fable. For now. "Principal Williams?" "Yes. You must be Ms. Sanders." "Valerie. Here to talk about the school counseling position." "Of course. Please sit down. You've just completed your training?"....
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Ways for Parents, Students to Revise College Application Essays Together
US News - Jun 9, 2015
College application essays are intended to provide insight beyond the impersonal numbers of test scores and academic transcripts. Recommendation letters can provide a third-party perspective, but the essay is a student's best chance to speak directly to the gatekeepers of higher education.......
How to Deal With Your Teen’s Anger
TeenLife - Jun 9, 2015
When your cherubic, smiling little person seems to transform into a rampaging angry ball of hormones overnight, it can be hard to handle. While it is common for teens to direct their rage towards the people they feel safest with (that’s you), it is often very difficult for parents to deal with.. ......
More Parents Say They Won’t Pay Their Kids’ Tuition Bill
TIME - Jun 9, 2015
The reason: they can't afford it. As the cost of attending college continues to dramatically increase, parents of college-bound students are rethinking their role in helping their children earn degrees. ......
Parents, teach kids how to cope before they fly the coop
Chicago Tribune - Jun 9, 2015
r six months when I was in college, I just couldn't sleep. I dreaded going to bed; I knew I would wake up minutes later drenched in sweat, running tomorrow's to-do list through my head.....
7 Ways College Kids Home For The Summer Are Exactly Like Mice
Huffington Post - Jun 5, 2015
I have two college kids. One lived in a dorm room a couple hundred miles away during the school year, the other lived in a big house with friends just a short drive from here. Both have come home for the summer, joining their two younger brothers, the dog and me. Yay!....
Archives - Parents
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Everything You Need to Know About the New SAT
TIME - Jun 5, 2015
The big one: no, it won't be harder. The first time I met David Coleman, it was raining outside. Hundreds of higher-ed insiders were meeting in a Miami Beach hotel for the 2012 College Board ....
College Board, Khan Academy Unveil Free Online Prep Materials For SAT Test
Ischoolguide - Jun 8, 2015
Khan Academy and The College Board are now offering students free online practice materials to help them better prepare for the redesigned SAT college admissions test. The prep materials, available for both the PSAT and SAT, include interactive tests, practice tests, explanatory videos, and personalized recommendations.....
The SAT's 5-Minute Mess-Up
Inside Higher Ed - Jun 9, 2015
The College Board announced Monday evening that two sections of the SAT given on Saturday will not be scored. There are enough other sections, the College Board said, to provide valid overall SAT scores for those who took the test that day....
College Board decides against scoring compromised sections of June SAT
DC College Admissions Examiner - Jun 8, 2015
The College Board and the Educational Testing Service (ETS) announced this afternoon that sections of the June SAT compromised by a printing error in test booklets would not be scored and that scores would distributed to students within the usual time frame....
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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How To Lose Your College Financial Aid
Forbes - Jun 8, 2015
When deciding which college to attend, students consider factors such as academics, prestige, location, and size. Even though these features are all important when making a final decision....
Flustered by the FAFSA? What you need to know
CNBC - Jun 4, 2015
Earning a college education is one of the best investments for your future, but it can become a nightmare if you do not take the careful measures into fully understanding how student financial aid actually works.....
Will You Qualify for Federal Student Loan Aid?
Huffington Post - Jun 5, 2015
If you’re looking to attend college, there’s a good chance that you might need financial aid. An important factor that determines student loan eligibility is the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Let’s find out how the EFC is used and calculated.....
Kane Offers Tips for Avoiding Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams
Gant Daily - Jun 5, 2015
HARRISBURG – Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane has offered guidance to parents and students regarding scholarships and financial aid for higher education.....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Where the Manufacturing Jobs of the Future Will Be
Wall Street Journal  - Jun 2, 2015
In a tough economy, factory work has begun to look surprisingly attractive. Though job growth is slow in U.S. manufacturing (1.5% over the past 12 months) and unlikely to speed up much in an era of increasing automation, the Labor Department estimates 320,000 positions were open in March...
Partnership merges high school AP courses, applied science
in.chalkbeat.org  - Jun 2, 2015
Should top students who are interested in both career technology fields, like engineering, and advanced academic courses, like physics, have to choose between them?..
Archives - CTE
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Student Athletes

College Admissions: Key Steps to the Athletic Recruiting Process
GoLocal PDX College Admissions  - Jun 10, 2015
Athletic talent can provide wonderful opportunities and open many doors for student/athletes in the college search process. While it can present unique advantages, it also poses its own set of challenges. ...
Archives - Student Athletes
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NH launches dual admission for state community, four-year colleges
Nashua Telegraph  - Jun 7, 2015
CONCORD – With the launch of the New Hampshire Dual Admission program, state higher education officials are hoping to create a seamless path for students between community colleges and four-year universities... ..
Tightening labor market tilts in Mass. workers’ favor
Boston Globe  - Jun 7, 2015
The balance of power between employee and employer is shifting, with workers in Massachusetts increasingly able to bargain for higher pay, find new jobs quickly, and even choose between competing offers.. ..
Workforce training program expands to Sussex County
DelawareOnline  - Jun 3, 2015
A program enabling high school students to earn college credit by learning manufacturing skills from area employers has been expanded into Sussex County... ..
New York Continues Expansion of P-TECH High School Model
EdWeek (registration required)  - Jun 4, 2015
New York is investing another $3 million to open seven more high schools that focus on training at-risk students for highly-skilled jobs.... ..
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Teen Driving

Tougher Night Driving Rules for Teens May Lower Crash Rates
HealthDay - Jun 8, 2015
MONDAY, June 8, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Tougher rules for night driving by teen drivers in Massachusetts reduced their risk for serious and fatal crashes, a new study shows....
License to Kill; the Troubling Truth About Teen Driving
Huffington Post - Jun 8, 2015
Driving while under the influence is the culprit behind countless deaths each year in the United States. While drivers under the age of 21 only make up approximately 10 percent of licensed drivers....
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