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Underestimating the true cost of college
Hechinger Report  - Jun 1, 2015
How much does it cost to live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? According to Drexel University, students who donít live on campus should budget $18,365 for their living expenses over a nine-month academic year. ..
For the Poor, the Graduation Gap Is Even Wider Than the Enrollment Gap
New York Times - Upshot  - Jun 2, 2015
Rich and poor students donít merely enroll in college at different rates; they also complete it at different rates. The graduation gap is even wider than the enrollment gap.....
To get into elite colleges, some advised to 'appear less Asian'
Boston Globe (subscription)  - Jun 2, 2015
Chen founded Asian Advantage College Consulting 20 years ago in response to what he considers bias against top Asian students in elite college admissions. His firm, which is based ....
Why college tuition is just as bad as bundled cable bills
Washington Post - Jun 1, 2015
Whether itís high-school seniors graduating with top scores on Advanced Placement tests or college students taking a class or two during the summer break, their goals are usually the same: to save a few dollars on the tuition bill by finishing their degrees early.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Estimating Your Eligibility For College Merit Aid Money
Forbes - May 31, 2015
Merit aid money is coveted among top students looking to cash in on their good grades while attending a high quality private college....
5 Steps to Choose How Many College Applications to Send
US News - Jun 1, 2015
There are more than 1,000 four-year colleges in America. Most experts agree that it is important to submit college applications to several of them, but how many is "several"?....
Most Colleges Weigh Student Discipline Records in Admissions
Education Week (registration required) - May 29, 2015
In a little-known practice that could harm studentsí chances of getting into the college of their choice, the vast majority of colleges and universities use disciplinary records to help determine whether to accept or reject a studentís application, according to a new study.....
Deciding Exactly Where to Apply to College
Huffington Post - May 28, 2015
It's usually the most important two decisions you'll make in the entire college process: Deciding exactly where to apply... and how to pick the right college.....
Huge year-end mistakes high school juniors should avoid
DC College Admissions Examiner - Jun 1, 2015
As the weather improves and spring fever turns into summer anticipation, high school attention begins drifting away from academics to some more entertaining seasonal activities like weekends at the beach or prom.....
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Gap Year

Hereís How to Make a Gap Year Before College Count
TIME  - May 29, 2015
American students are taking gap years at record numbers Over the next three months, many high school graduates across America will start college. Some, unprepared for the challenges of higher education or the independence it requires ...
3 Myths About the Gap Year
TIME  - May 29, 2015
A gap year is not a vacation The term ďgap yearĒ traditionally applies to the year between high school graduation and college matriculation. For many students, the gap year is a time for adventure and personal exploration. ...
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College Corner: What To Consider Before, During & After Junior Year College Trips
Cape News  - May 29, 2015
The spring of junior year in high school can be stressful for students. In addition to high school studies, activities, and exams there are college tests, college visits, proms, and lining up a job for the summer. It is a sensitive time for the students as they begin to prepare for the time that they leave the nest..
Tips to prepare for college visits, on-campus or online
Statesman Journal  - Jun 3, 2015
Scio ó For many families, now is the perfect time of year for parents of college bound high school students across Oregon to help their children explore higher education opportunities. Visiting a college campus during high school is a crucial step in the process of choosing a college..
When to visit collegesó before or after acceptance?
Mercer Island Reporter  - May 28, 2015
Question: I was thinking of visiting colleges once I know where I got accepted. Is that ok? Answer: Unfortunately demonstrated interest may play an important role in whether or not you will be accepted..
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Jun 4, 2015
Why Take a College Counseling Course?
A recent article gave readers a list of outcomes they should expect when taking a class in college counseling. This list has been praised, but it's also led some counselors to ask, "Just what will I get out of a college counseling class?" .. More

Career guidance helps students figure out their paths
EdSource - May 26, 2015
San Diego high school student Sharon Tamir is spending four weeks of her junior year in Vancouver, Canada, interning at an historic school for girls and delving into the teaching practices surrounding project-based learning.....
Confessions Of A High School Counselor: Communicating With Parents And Students
Eagle & Time - May 29, 2015
Parents may remember visiting their high school counselorís office to plead to be moved from one class to another or to drop a difficult class. If summoned it could be to discuss a discipline problem or to be handed a stack of college application forms but todayís school counselors are considered vital members of the schoolís education team......

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Preparing parents for empty nest syndrome
Tyler Morning Telegraph - Jun 1, 2015
One sunny afternoon, a parent called to schedule a meeting with me to discuss her childís college plans. By the tone of her voice, the parent seemed upset, so I managed to get her in right away......
A Parent's Mixed Emotions On Graduation Day
Huffington Post - May 29, 2015
On June 7, 2014 my youngest child, walked across the stage at a local college's gymnasium and got his high school diploma. As it was when his older sister and then his older brother did it.....
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A solution for mediocre SAT and ACT scores
CBS News MarketWatch - May 28, 2015
Surveys repeatedly show that one of the scariest parts of the college admission process for teenagers is taking the ACT and/or SAT. And it's no wonder since the stakes are high. Many colleges and universities routinely use the test scores to make admission decisions.....
College Board, Khan Academy team up to offer free SAT prep program
Los Angeles Times - Jun 2, 2015
The revised version of the SAT college entrance exam won't be offered until March but students can start preparing for it Tuesday with a new, free online study program affiliated with the test. ....
Can Khan Academyís Free SAT Prep Level the Playing Field?
Wired - Jun 2, 2015
ITíS A TECHNOLOGICAL truism: Create a system of measurement, and somebody will try to game it. Google search algorithms give way to search-engine optimization. ....
High school students accelerate SAT test prep in single Turbo Tutoring session
DC Higher Education Examinernbsp;- May 29, 2015
A single Turbo Tutoring session gives college-bound students complete instruction on the SAT examination process to accelerate their test prep, saving time and money.....
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Scholarships Abound for a Variety of Hobbies
US News - May 28, 2015
With summer rapidly approaching, it's finally time for students to take a breather after a long school year. That means more time outside, more time with your family and friends Ė and more time to spend on your favorite hobbies.....
How 529 Accounts Impact Financial Aid for College
TIME - Jun 2, 2015
Q: Iíve saved a small amount for my daughterís college expenses in a 529 account. Now Iím worried it will hurt her chances of getting financial aid when she applies in the fall. What should I expect?....
Report: Students Need Concise, Targeted Information on Colleges and Aid
US News & World Report - Jun 2, 2015
Q: When it comes to choosing a college, financial concerns are one of the main factors influencing the decisions students and families make. ....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Addressing the Inequity Gap
Inside Higher Ed  - May 28, 2015
Community colleges tend to receive the least amount of public financial support compared to other institutions, yet they are asked to push high numbers of low-income students into the middle class with few resources. A report released by the Century Foundation today -- "How Higher Education Funding Shortchanges Community Colleges" ...
Outdated vocational education needs a makeover: Guest commentary
Daily Breeze  - May 30, 2015
Itís graduation season in communities across California, that annual rite of passage when hundreds of thousands of high school seniors take those first steps, degree in hand, towards what we all hope is a bright future....
Archives - CTE
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Student Athletes

College Admissions: Can You Play Your Sport in College?
GoLocal PDX College Admissions  - Jun 3, 2015
Sometimes my job involves being a ďdream crusherĒ. Itís not a part of the job I like. I often have parents come into my office with the expectation that their son or daughter will be able to play his or her sport in college. ...
How Social Media Can Hide Signs Of Trouble Among Student Athletes
Huffington Post  - May 29, 2015
Madison Holleran's online persona depicted the life of a thriving college freshman, filled with friends, family and a love for running track. But behind the social media facade, the student athlete was dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. On Jan. 17, 2014, ...
Archives - Student Athletes
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Get it Done Over the Summer: 9 Tips to Tackling the College Essay
TeenLife Blog - May 29, 2015
The college essay looms dark and foreboding like the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. But it doesnít have to be that way. There is a path to tackling the monster and the essay. ...
College Admissions: 6 Last-Minute Summer Ideas for HS Students
GoLocalProv College Admissions - Jun 1, 2015
Summer vacation is just around the corner, and many teens still havenít made plans. While most teens want a job, they can be tough to find. So, here are some other ways to make the most of your summer and impress admissions officers: ...
3 Paths for High School Seniors to Consider This Summer
US News - Jun 1, 2015
Teens who have reached the end of junior year and don't know what they want to do after high school shouldn't panic. ...
Maximizing your summer with an eye toward college - part 1
Minneapolis College Admissions Examiner - Jun 2, 2015
What should I do this summer that will be helpful for me in my college applications? Five words: do something interesting and productive.. ...
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Task force told: N.J. colleges should rethink tuition, aid
Philadelphia Inquirer  - May 28, 2015
RENTON - New Jersey's colleges should reconsider the traditional "high aid, high tuition" funding model long in place, a task force on college affordability was told Wednesday.. ..
Does Every Vermont Student Get An Equal Chance At A Good Education?
Vermont Public Radio  - May 29, 2015
Does getting a good public education in Vermont depend on whether or not your teacher and principal are experienced and well paid? If so, are urban kids better off, or worse off, than rural ones?. ..
UPDATE: Footage shows missing SATs left building
Loudoun Times  - May 29, 2015
Four brown boxes filled with used SAT test booklets were received at the New Jersey location, Loudoun County Public Schools confirmed. . ..
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Teen Health

Worried about a teen's mental health? Go ahead: Ask.
Houston Chronicle - May 28, 2015
A recent World Health Organization report points to depression as the leading cause of illness and disability worldwide in 10- to 19-year-olds. Suicide by teens is ranked as the third leading cause of death in this age group.....
Teenagers Seek Health Information Online, but Donít Always Trust It
New York Times - Well Blog - Jun 1, 2015
Four out of five teenagers turn to the Internet for health information, but they donít always put much stock in what they find, according to a national survey released on Tuesday.....
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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