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Fast Company - May 18, 2015
The college experience has been roughly the same for the last 100 years: You pick a major, find a school, buy the books, attend the lectures, write the papers, take the tests, get the grades, graduate, work to pay off debt....
How public colleges use merit aid to compete in the out-of-state student arms race
Hechinger Report  - May 18, 2015
The University of Alabama’s dominance on the football field is legendary. The Crimson Tide’s success comes from aggressive recruiting around the country. Last year’s recruiting class included 27 players from 15 states, many of whom were four- or five-star prospects.. ...
Among state universities, a fight for rich students
CBS News MarketWatch  - May 18, 2015
State universities are increasingly becoming bastions of privilege. In order to boost their revenue by moving up in popular college rankings, public universities are increasingly awarding merit scholarships to affluent students who live within their borders -- and beyond. ...
The In-State Tuition Break, Slowly Disappearing
New York Times - Upshot Blog - May 18, 2015
A few weeks ago, I took my daughter to see the latest Disney movie. Because it was early in the afternoon, and my daughter is 5, I expected to get a significant discount on the price of our tickets.. ..
Asian Americans file complaint alleging discrimination in Harvard admissions
Washington Post - May 16, 2015
More than 60 Asian American organizations filed a complaint (see below) with the federal government on Friday alleging that Harvard University discriminates against Asian Americans in the admissions process and calling for an investigation.. ..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

College application advice from high school seniors - May 15, 2015
Michael Foster cannot wait to start his college career. The high school senior is graduating from University Prep Academy High School in Detroit and will start studying social work this summer at Bowling Green State University. ..
Common Application makes changes for 2015-16. Here they are.
Washington Post - May 16, 2015
The college admissions season never actually starts and ends because it is always ongoing for one group of students or another. Even when high school seniors are learning where they have been accepted in the late spring and are deciding where they will go in the fall ..
Davich: Do colleges look at prospective students' social media?
Chicago Tribune - May 17, 2015
Do colleges and universities look at prospective students' social media sites to help vet their applications? I believe some schools do despite what they say publicly....
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Graduating Seniors

Advice for the High School Class of 2015
Huffington Post - May 19, 2015
Another year has come and gone too quickly. I've had the good fortune of working with some wonderful young people who are destined for great lives, and they will always be a part of me, even though it's likely I will not see most of them ever again....
Sample College Update Communication
GoLocal PDX College Admissions  - May 20, 2015
In last week’s column (link here to the 5/13 column) I talked about sending thank you notes to the people who helped you throughout high school. I also suggested that college-bound seniors send an update to people at the end of each semester of college...
3 Questions, Answers From Current Students on Choosing a College Major
US News - May 13, 2015
"What's your major?" might be the most commonly asked question when getting to know a college student. Not only does the college major determine most of their course requirements and map out a great deal of their college experiences, it also acts as something of an identifier for students...
Don't Catch Senioritis! It Could Cost You Your College Acceptance
NBC News - May 17, 2015
e college application process is over, graduation is approaching and spring is in full bloom, making conditions ripe for a highly contagious phenomenon among high schoolers: "senioritis."...
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Countdown to College: Revisiting Admissions Decisions
Charlotte Observer  - May 18, 2015
The last two weeks have been extremely stressful for two students I know. It wasn’t just AP exams and prom preparations, it was bigger than that. ...
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Successful summer college visits
Bay Area College Admissions Examiner  - May 12, 2015
Sometimes summer is the only time students can visit college campuses. However, many experts will advise students against summer college visits because they will not get the full college visit experience. While it is true summer college visits will be different than visits during the bustling academic year, ...
College Corner: Sophomore Year College Trips—Details To Consider
Cape News  - May 19, 2015
Finally we can smell fresh cut grass and see the budding hyacinths and azaleas. It is a pleasant reminder that we finally got through winter and are having a late but beautiful spring. After spring comes summer, and this article is designed to help parents keep the summer stress free while getting students ready for choosing a colleg ...
Archives - Visiting/Interviews
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - May 14, 2015
The “Other Duty” That Tests a Counselor’s Nerves
High school counselors across America are breathing a sigh of relief, as they say goodbye to the May chore they like the least—supervising Advanced Placement testing. Brand new counselors know this is the biggest job that falls under the contractual obligation of “other duties as assigned” .. More

12 key ways independent educational consultants support college-bound students
DC College Admissions Examiner - May 20, 2015
Hiring an independent educational consultant (IEC) to help navigate the college admissions process is a growing trend, especially among “high achievers,” according to Lipman Hearne, a marketing and communications firm that closely tracks college recruitment strategies.s...

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College Admissions: Why Every Child Should Help Pay for College
GoLocalProv College Admissions - May 18, 2015
While many students in America review financial aid packages and struggle to figure out how to pay for college next year, a fortunate few have no concerns. Their parents have sufficient savings or earnings to foot the bill. However, I tell even my wealthiest clients that students should still be responsible for part of their education cost....
5 Tips to Help Launch Your High School Senior
KOAA - May 18, 2015
The last first day, the last school dance, the final round of exams – it's the home stretch for high school seniors. Although many seniors may relish checking off each day on the countdown to graduation, it can also be at time of great change and uncertainty...
3 Challenges Facing Parents of Teens With Learning Disabilities
US News - May 18, 2015
Helping a child with a learning disability transition to life after high school can be a challenge for parents....
Archives - Parents
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Seven Questions To Ask Before You Hire That SAT or ACT Tutor
TeenLife Blog - May 18, 2015
With summer fast approaching, this is the time many parents begin to look for an SAT or ACT tutor. If you’re one of those parents, chances are you may have already heard from a friend or teacher about a tutor in your area. ....
College Corner: Take The ACT, Part 2
Cape News - May 15, 2015
It is my hope that everyone is enjoying this spring; after the winter that we had, we certainly deserve it. Last week we noted that since all colleges accept either the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT)....
Study shows ACT may not be best success predictor
North Platte Telegraph - May 17, 2015
High school juniors and seniors have long disputed the validity of college entrance exams as a measure of their intellectual prowess and ability to succeed in a college environment. Now there is a study that may prove their instincts correct.....
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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College financial aid letters can get complicated, but are rarely trickery
Hechinger Report - May 13, 2015
Financial aid letters are far from perfect, but critics who say colleges are intentionally misleading, as did some of those quoted in a recent Hechinger Report article, are mistaken. For critics to say this is standard practice serves no one — students, families or colleges....
When the financial aid game goes into overtime
DC College Admissions Examiner - May 18, 2015
The clock is definitely ticking down. But wherever you are in the process, there are still ways to play to win the 2015 financial aid game in overtime. In fact, with a few properly-executed strategies, you might still have a significant impact on what financial aid is offered and how close it comes to meeting your needs.....
Lock in College Financial Aid Before Senior Year of High School
US News - May 15, 2015
College didn't register on Billie Jo Day's radar when she was a child in small-town Shoals, Indiana. "There was no way to conceive of going to college," says Day, 35, whose parents didn't have college degrees at the time....
The number one winning scholarships tip
Long Island College Prep Examiner - May 19, 2015
There is a lot of competition for college scholarships so it’s important for students putting in the effort to apply, take their best chance to win. Unfortunately, the most advantageous advice is easily overlooked because it is so obvious. Worse, not following this tip is the reason many lose out......
Four things you need to know about paying for college - May 15, 2015
The price tag for colleges and universities has been steadily on the rise. For the 2014–2015 academic year, the nonprofit College Board reports that, on average, a "moderate" college budget for an in-state public college falls at about $23,410, while a "moderate"....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Vocational degrees that pay off
Hechinger Report  - May 18, 2015
A four-year college degree isn’t for everyone. Especially for students who never liked school. The conventional advice for these folks is to master a technical skill in order to have a career more rewarding than serving fast food. ...
Archives - CTE
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Colorado governor signs education bills to boost workforce development
Colorado Springs Gazzette - May 19, 2015
DENVER - Colorado students could soon be able to graduate in six years with a high school diploma and an associate's degree - all on the state's dime. ..
UC freezes undergraduate tuition for Calif. students
Bay Area Higher Education Examiner - May 14, 2015
Undergraduate California students at University of California campuses will see no tuition hikes for the next two years. In a statement from the UC Office of the President released May 14, UC President Janet Napolitano announced an agreement was made with Governor Jerry Brown to provide “significant” new revenue.. ..
Boom Budget in California
Inside Higher Ed - May 15, 2015
California is raking in a surprising amount of tax revenue. And on Thursday Jerry Brown, the state’s governor, said he wants to send some of that surplus to California’s public colleges.. ..
Task force working to help colleges fulfill promise of career tech education
California Economy Reporting - May 14, 2015
The promise of Career Technical Education (CTE) programs has been that students can jump into a well-paying career without having to get a four-year degree. But the peril has been the risk and cost of creating more CTE programs, often making California colleges averse to offering them. ..
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School Bullying, Cyberbullying Continue to Drop
US News - May 15, 2015
The percentage of students who reported being bullied or cyberbullied reached a record low in 2013, but female students are still victimized at higher rates, according to new data from the Department of Education. . ..
10 things we know about bullying
CNN - May 15, 2015
(CNN)Nothing like timing. Just as I was sitting down to write a story on what we've learned from 40 years of research on bullying, comes news that bullying -- at least at school -- may be on the decline.. ..
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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