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College enrollment drops among low-income students
MarketPlace  - Nov 24, 2015
Despite billions of dollars invested in helping more students from low-income families go to college, a new analysis shows enrollment by those students has dropped sharply....
A dozen unconventional ways to improve college admissions
Washington Post - Nov 24, 2015
Every year like clockwork the college admissions process takes over the lives of students, teachers, parents, counselors and admissions officers — and every year like clockwork there are complaints about the process from just about every constituency...
A Whole Lot of Students Don't Have a Safety School
US News - Nov 20, 2015
A majority applying for federal student aid are targeting just one college or university, which isn't good news for the Obama administration.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

What Is a Research University? Part I
The College Solution Blog - Nov 23, 2015
If you are hoping that your children ultimately attend a university, the schools on your dream list are probably all research institutions. Universities with the best-known brand names fall into this category.....
The 5 Most Common College App Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them)
Her Campus - Nov 20, 2015
College application deadlines are right around the corner! But before you hit the submit button on your dream school’s application, you need to make sure you’re not making a mistake that could affect your chances of being accepted....
Experts Weigh In On Common College Application Mistakes
CBS Local - Pittsburgh - Nov 19, 2015
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A lot of high school seniors are applying for college right now, and some of them are likely making mistakes on their applications that are sending them straight to the trash.....
8 Ways To Win, Or Lose, A College Admission Offer
Forbes - Nov 21, 2015
About the same time that US News & World Report started ranking everything in sight, another more important publication hit bookstores: Howard Gardner’s Frames of Mind, in which the Harvard scholar promulgated his theory of Multiple Intelligences.....
Frequently asked questions as college application deadlines approach
College Examiner - Nov 20, 2015
The wave of early action and early decisions deadlines has come and gone. Some students have clicked submit and are anxiously awaiting decisions. But for the majority of students applying to college via regular decision, deadlines are rapidly approaching...
The 10 Most Expensive Public Colleges for Out-of-State Students
Motley Fool - Nov 22, 2015
Everyone knows that college costs a lot. A lot of people know that college costs even more when you attend a state-run, taxpayer-funded college as an out-of-state student. But few people realize just how much more public colleges charge their out-of-state students, versus their in-state favorites....
How Many Colleges Should I Apply To?
TIME - Nov 19, 2015
For most students, between six and eight is plenty. The ease of online applications and today’s high-stakes, competitive college admissions process have led college-bound high schoolers to apply to a growing number of schools in recent years....
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Getting In: Why Do Some Applicants Get Interviews and Others Don’t
Slate  - Nov 25, 2015
A mother in Portland wonders why some students get interviews and others don’t. A sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, his backup college, wonders if it’s worthwhile to transfer to a more selective school. And a father in Virginia, exploring options for his daughter, is curious about “guaranteed admission”.....
4 Things to Know About College Student Shadowing Days
US News - Nov 23, 2015
Despite the many resources available to high school juniors and seniors who are deciding where to apply to college, some students struggle when determining whether or not to apply to schools that are on the cusp of their short lists....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Nov 25, 2015
The After Thanksgiving College Talk
Thanksgiving is a time to step back and take in everything you’ve done this school year. This is especially important with college counseling, where it’s too easy to get caught up in the minutiae of transcripts and letters of recommendation and forget about the reason behind all of that e-documenting More

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Countdown to College: Walking the Thanksgiving tightrope
Charlotte Observer - Nov 19, 2015
College students are homeward-bound. For many freshmen it will be their first visit back since packing up last August. Thanksgiving, the uber-American family togetherness holiday, can be equally tough for parents and their college students....
7 Questions You’ll Be Asked About College Over The Holidays (& How To Respond!)
Her Campus - Nov 23, 2015
It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the holidays! The joy will be spread amongst the world through holiday music, festive décor and (dreaded) family dinners, but there may be one thing dampening that joy: questions about college...
College Admissions: Must-Have Books
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Nov 23, 2015
Parents, are you wondering what to get your college-bound student this holiday season? Students, are you struggling with the perfect gift for your parents?...
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Current SAT vs. New SAT: Which Should I Take?
Forbes - Nov 19, 2015
The 2015-16 school year is a unique one for the SAT because students in the class of 2017 — today’s juniors — have the option of taking two different versions of the exam....
Which Test Is It Better to Take -- The New SAT or the Current One?
Huffington Post - Nov 24, 2015
Many students are asking the question should I take the current SAT or the ACT or take the New SAT which will be offered in March 2016. Some things you should know about the current ACT and New SAT both of which are quite similar.....
FREE downloadable guide to college admissions testing
DC College Admissions Examiner - Nov 20, 2015
A remarkable aspect of the college admissions industry that often gets unnoticed is the degree to which experts in the field are willing to freely share information and resources in an effort to level the playing field a little bit for applicants and their families....
Gilmore Girls: A Case Study in Discussing Your PSAT, SAT and ACT Scores With Classmates
Huffington Post - Nov 23, 2015
When I was in high school, The WB (now CW) premiered the television show Gilmore Girls. These days, it's available for bingeing on Netflix. In real-time during its original run, the character Rory Gilmore was a grade ahead of me in school:....
Daily Texan Online - Nov 22, 2015
A remarkable aspect of the college admissions industry that often gets unnoticed is the degree to which experts in the field are willing to freely share information and resources in an effort to level the playing field a little bit for applicants and their families....
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How Divorce and Separation Can Affect Financial Aid
TeenLife Blog  - Nov 20, 2015
When students apply to college, there are many forms to complete. And if they are applying for financial aid, the FAFSA is No. 1 on the list...
Before You List Colleges on Your FAFSA, Read This
TIME  - Nov 24, 2015
The rules are changing this year, but the schools you list and the order you put them in can still affect your financial aid. You probably know that your income and assets are important factors in determining your eligibility for college aid. ...
Understanding the 2 Types of College Financial Aid
Nasdaq  - Nov 24, 2015
My family and I just returned from Charlotte, North Carolina, where my two boys competed in and won their first Jiu-Jitsu tournament. On the ride home, one asked if he could get a college scholarship if he continued to win tournaments...
8 Tips to Maximize College Financial Aid
Bacstage  - Nov 23, 2015
Parents ask me each year, how they can find resources to help them pay for the rising cost of college tuition. Here are some ways you can prepare and educate yourself in the process....
College scholarships are not free money
Minneapolis Star Tribune  - Nov 21, 2015
It is National Scholarship Month, which means high school seniors are being exhorted to scoop up free money for college. What they are often not told is that scholarships won from corporations, nonprofits and other “outside” sources can reduce..
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Why German-Style Education Is Coming To America
Forbes - Nov 22, 2015
Minnesota State Senator Terri Bonoff gets a lot of requests to attend ceremonial openings. But when Swiss-German manufacturing company Bühler asked her to cut the ribbon at its new apprenticeship program, it sparked her interest...
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UConn offers scholarship program for community college graduates
CTPost - Nov 24, 2015
Starting in 2016, the University of Connecticut is guaranteeing qualified Connecticut community college transfer students $8,000 in scholarships to complete a bachelor’s degree. ...
Pa. budget impasse holds up $420M in student financial aid
Philadelphia Business Journal - Nov 23, 2015
Pennsylvania has been without a state budget for nearly six months now. Social service agencies are worried about shutting down. School districts are borrowing huge sums of money. And in-state college students are anxiously awaiting news about their state- funded financial aid. ...
NH replaces standardized test with SAT for 11th-graders
KSL.com - Nov 23, 2015
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire education officials have received permission to replace the 11th grade statewide assessment test with the College Board's SAT exam next spring. ...
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Teen Drinking

Parents who host teen drinking parties: Not cool, not smart, but they do it anyway
Washington Post - Nov 12, 2015
Dude. Your dad is so cool,” one teen might say to the other, sloshing beer out of his red Solo cup as a serious game of pong soaks the cherrywood table and Dad taps another keg....
20 Students on What Drinking in College Is Really Like
Teen Vogue - Nov 18, 2015
On Monday, we reported about how alcohol hurts your brain. On Wednesday, we talked to experts about the risks of binge-drinking, and how it can be avoided. Drinking in college is a personal choice, and there are so many different ways to approach it. Here’s what 20 real college girls have to say:...
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