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Big Picture

Recruiting Students Overseas to Fill Seats, Not to Meet Standards
New York Times  - Apr 20, 2016
BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — “Hurry Up!!!” the online posting said. “Spot Admissions” to Western Kentucky University. Scholarships of up to $17,000 were available, it added. “Letter in one day.”..
How Effective Are ‘Career Academies’?
The Atlantic  - Apr 19, 2016
Ask a group of preschoolers, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and firefighter usually makes the list of dream jobs—as do ballerina and superhero. Firefighting is a profession glorified in media and children’s books, but most childhood aspirations don’t become a reality. ..
Why America's Schools Have A Money Problem
NPR.org  - Apr 18, 2016
Let's begin with a choice. Say there's a check in the mail. It's meant to help you run your household. You can use it to keep the lights on, the water running and food on the table. Would you rather that check be for $9,794 or $28,639?. ..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

5 Ways to Get Started on College Apps Before Senior Year
Her Campus  - Apr 16, 2016
High school seniors everywhere are sitting next to their mailboxes, anxiously awaiting decisions from their respective colleges. ...
Will Dual Enrollment Classes Help You Get Into College? What to Consider
NBC News  - Apr 14, 2016
As high school students mull which classes to take next fall, many are hoping to get a leg up in the college admissions race by choosing "dual enrollment" courses ...
The secrets of a winning college application essay
MyCentralJersey  - Apr 14, 2016
The recent acceptance of a high school senior by five Ivy League schools as well as Stanford University went viral. But it wasn’t the student’s stellar grades, ...
3 Individuals to Turn to for High School Mentorship
US News  - Apr 19, 2016
Many accomplished individuals have found that working with a mentor made all the difference in their lives. In a student's academic journey, mentorship is an integral part of college, graduate school and the professional world....
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Campus Visits

7 huge reasons to visit campus as an ‘admitted’ student
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Apr 18, 2016
Now that college acceptance letters have mostly arrived, the need to decide from among various admission offers is becoming a reality—a reality with a May 1 deadline....
Play College Tour Bingo!
TIME  - Apr 18, 2016
Does every college tour you go on seem to follow the same script? Print out our special bingo cards and play along. If you’re a college-bound high school student, or the parent of one, odds are you will visit more than one college campus to get a good look at a prospective school.....
Tips for attending a college fair
St. Louis Post-Dispatch  - Apr 14, 2016
Here are some useful tips from the National Association for College Admission Counseling for students planning to attend one of its college fairs....
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Gap Year

College Admissions: 3 Reasons To Take a Gap Year
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Apr 18, 2016
For more than a decade, taking a “Gap Year” between high school and college has been a popular option for European students.¯ ...
How a Gap Year Can Pay Off After College
TIME - Apr 15, 2016
A gap year is something that takes place before a student heads off to college, but Ethan Knight, executive director of the American Gap Association, explains that a gap year can really pay off after a student graduates from college.¯ ...
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Wait Listed

What limbo looks like: A sample of college wait list offers from Harvard, Stanford, U-Penn
Washington Post  - Apr 18, 2016
Limbo looks like this to many college applicants: Words of praise from the dean of admissions, plus an offer of a spot on a wait list in case space in the class opens up....

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 21, 2016
Ethics in College Counseling
Is it OK for a college to ask a student for a list of all the colleges the student is applying to? Can a student send an enrollment deposit into more than one college? Can a counselor tell a student one college is just plain better than another? ... More

Why High School Career Counseling Steers Kids Off Course
Fortune  - Apr 13, 2016
When late great author Kurt Vonnegut remarked, “Life is high school,” he had a point, in more ways than one. It’s not unusual for seniors to choose a college major that leads straight into a particular line of work, of course...
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How To Measure College Grad Salaries
The College Solution Blog  - Apr 18, 2016
When searching for schools, parents are increasingly asking admission reps this question: Will my child earn a good salary after graduating from your college?.¯ ...
The College Graduate's Future: Looking Ahead With The Bureau Of Labor Statistics
Forbes  - Apr 18, 2016
With college costs increasing and job prospects seemingly so limited, I thought I’d check out a few fields to see what a college graduate can expect in terms of growth. ¯ ...
Archives - Parents
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What do test-optional admissions really look like?
eCampusnews  - Apr 15, 2016
The number of schools that “de-emphasize” the ACT and SAT in admissions decisions in U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges Guide (2016 Edition) currently exceeds 200—an indication that the “test optional” college campu...
SAT advice from an expert: Keep calm and bubble on
Spokane College Examiner  - Apr 15, 2016
The spring is flying by, and many high school juniors are prepping for the SAT and ACT tests taking place soon. With the advent of the redesigned SAT, studying for these tests has taken a dramatic turn.....
3 Ways Parents Can Support Teens Ahead of AP, IB Exams
U.S. News & World Report  - Apr 19, 2016
Summer vacation and graduation are on the horizon for high schoolers in May, but first, many have to make it past one more hurdle: Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate testing....
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5 Strategies for Appealing a College Financial Aid Package
US News  - Apr 18, 2016
It's the time of year when high school seniors are aglow from college acceptance letters and the only obstacle is the price tag.....
How to eke out more aid for college
Charlotte Observer  - Apr 18, 2016
If your first choice college offers everything you want but the price tag is making you waver, consider appealing the college financial aid office for more money. While colleges and universities won’t encourage it....
Will Colleges Send Out Financial Aid Packages Earlier Next Year?
Washington Monthly  - Apr 13, 2016
I’m looking forward to college students being able to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) three months earlier next year. Instead of being able to submit starting January 1 for the 2017-18 academic year...
What every student should know about scholarships and tuition discounting
USA Today  - Apr 15, 2016
Many students and their families tend to think of scholarships as something they earn through an awesome GPA, amazing test scores, winning an essay contest, or excelling at an extra-curricular activity. ...
How To Reap The Most College Aid
Forbes  - Apr 18, 2016
If qualifying for financial aid was a simple matter, they’d have an app for it and anybody could do it on their mobile device. Unfortunately, it’s an opaque process. You never quite know what you’re going to get — if you get anything at all....
Figure Out if You Qualify for a Legacy College Scholarship
US News  - Apr 14, 2016
When you're looking at colleges to find your best-fit school, chances are you'll get lots of family members recommending their alma maters....
You want financial aid? Answer 108 FAFSA questions
USA Today  - Apr 19, 2016
The 108 questions that glare at you from the computer screen range from your age to whether you receive combat pay. Filling out the form takes hours..
Yes, you can haggle with your college over financial aid
CNN/Money  - Apr 14, 2016
Freddy Chang was ecstatic when he was accepted early to the University of Pennsylvania. But then he took a look at the financial aid package, and his heart sank...
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education a key part of revitalized ed outlook
Education DIVE  - Apr 7, 2016
It is no secret that there is a gap between the skills employers want and those recent graduates entering the workforce possess. According to a recent survey by the Business Roundtable, 95% of American CEOs believe their companies suffer from a skills shortage....
The Next Steps for Career Prep
US News  - Apr 15, 2016
Are we ready to expand career and technical education offerings as the next frontier in education policy? "College and career ready" has been an aspirational label in education for years, though many in the know recognize the label is generally used as a stand-in for the Common Core State Standards,...
The skills gap may be bigger than we think
Fleet Owner  - Apr 18, 2016
Recently, there’s been lots of talk about the growing skills gap among younger workers, especially when it comes to professions critical to this industry, such as truck technicians....
Archives - CTE
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Student Athletes

Recruiting Column: The Perfect Recruit
USA Today HSS  - Apr 15, 2016
In my profession, I have had the opportunity to speak about recruiting with college coaches all over the country. From football coaches to baseball coaches and from the NCAA Division I level down to the junior college ranks,...
Archives - Student Athletes
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In-state tuition at Maryland public universities might rise 2 percent next year
Baltimore Sun  - Apr 14, 2016
Students at Maryland's public colleges would see their tuition rise by hundreds of dollars next school year under a proposal that's expected to win approval Friday....
College attendance lags in Central Mass. urban districts
Worcester Telegram  - Apr 19, 2016
SWhatever the reason, school officials in the region’s urban school districts are starting to become more involved in solving the problem of the college attendance gap, which up until recently was not well documented statistically, they said....
Connecticut launches new education portal website
WTNH  - Apr 18, 2016
HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Are you interested in learning more information about your child’s school district? A new web site called EdSight has been launched by the state, and it’s designed to give parents key information ....
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Teen Depression

Should all teens be screened for depression?
MarketWatch  - Apr 20, 2016
Emotions run wild during the teenage years, and there is no stopping that. For most, the highs and lows tend to balance out after a yearslong roller-coaster ride. But for a significant number of others, the suffering during those low periods can lead to full-blown depression.....
Counseling in primary care clinics helps speed recovery for depressed teens
Science Daily  - Apr 20, 2016
Depressed teenagers who received cognitive behavioral therapy in their primary care clinic recovered faster, and were also more likely to recover, than teens who did not receive the primary care-based counseling, according to a study......
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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