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Big Picture

The Growing College-Degree Wealth Gap
The Atlantic  - Apr 25, 2016
The nation’s colleges continue to graduate far fewer students who grew up in poor households. With the country’s economic potential possibly hanging in the balance, a new report urges the United States to dedicate more resources and know-how to closing the college-completion gap between wealthier students and those from low-income backgrounds.....
Most high school seniors aren't college or career ready, says 'Nation's Report Card'
NPR.org  - Apr 27, 2016
The latest results of the test known as the Nation's Report Card are in. They cover high school seniors, who took the test in math and reading last year. The numbers are unlikely to give fodder either to educational cheerleaders or alarmists: ....
Designing Next-Generation Universities
Inside Higher Ed  - Apr 19, 2016
Predicting the future is a fool’s errand. But that shouldn’t keep us from trying to imagine what lies ahead. After all, it is often an inspiring vision of the future that drives change. There has been much recent talk about the future of residential universities. ....
Finding the Right College
New York Times  - Apr 24, 2016
Readers discuss how to make college admissions less stressful and ensure a good match. To the Editor: I read with interest your April 12 article about college selectivity and the increased pressure to apply to lots of very selective schools (“Common Application Saturates the College Admission Market, Critics Say,” nytimes.com)....
Getting In Episode 8A: Does Moving to a “Better” School District Improve My Child’s Admissions Chances?
Slate Magazine - Podcast  - Apr 21, 2016
A dad in Pennsylvania says his high-achieving daughter, a junior, “has no idea what direction she wants to go” or what she wants to study and he’d like some advice on what sort of schools to look at. And a mom in Indiana wonders whether moving to a “better” school district will improve her children’s college admissions chances. ...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

How (Not) To Make Your College Application Stand Out
Forbes  - Apr 23, 2016
Every college applicant wants to stand out, but in your efforts to show what makes you distinctive you need to make sure you don’t end up blending in.....
Is community college a stepping stone? That depends
CNBC  - Apr 25, 2016
If you could pick up a college degree for about half the sticker price, you would, right? ....
College Admissions: Top Ways to Explore Majors and Careers
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Apr 25, 2016
As the end of the school year draws near, many families forget that summer is the perfect time for students to explore career options. ....
Digging Deeper When Researching Colleges
The College Solution Blog  - Apr 25, 2016
When researching colleges, many families gravitate to what they call “great schools” without having any idea of whether these institutions merit their reputations. In reality, no college or university is a monolithic entity that is uniformly excellent, average or mediocre..
College Admissions 101: Determining a College List
Huffington Post  - Apr 26, 2016
Many students and parents worry about a college major or the essays, but the first major step is really the college list. The college list is a list of schools that a student chooses to apply to...
The Coalition releases essay prompts and brings back ‘topic of your choice
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Apr 23, 2016
Not that it ever really went away, but the much-loved and possibly over utilized “topic of your choice” prompt will be included among essay questions revealed yesterday by the Coalition for Access...
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Making the final decision on college choice
Charlotte Observer  - Apr 24, 2016
For some students it’s super-easy; no pros/cons chart, they just know where they want to go and are happy they were accepted. But for others, it’s a dilemma....
Think through all pros, cons of college choices
Poughkeepsie Journal  - Apr 26, 2016
Congratulations to all who have worked hard and have been admitted to college for next fall or spring! If you’ve received multiple offers, you’re in an enviable position because you get to choose where you’ll enroll. ..
5 Last-Minute Tips for Choosing a College You Can Afford
TIME  - Apr 24, 2016
Before you make your final decision, be sure you know what you're getting into financially. For many students, a “dream college” is also an expensive one. But funding that dream with debt can lead to a severe case of buyer’s remorse after you leave school and have to start making payments...
Now That You’ve Done College Signing Day, Here’s All the Stuff You Need to Do Next
TIME  - Apr 26, 2016
You’ve decided on a college, settled on a financial aid package, and sent your deposit in. Maybe you even posted a picture of yourself in school garb for the White House’s College Signing Day festivities. ..
6 Things to Think About When Choosing a College
Her Campus  - Apr 25, 2016
The college application process is hard, but sometimes the decision process can be even harder! While it’s nice to know you’ve been accepted to a few of your top schools, it can also put a lot of pressure on you when making your decision.....
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Gap Year

Student Question | Would You Want to Take a Gap Year After High School?
New York Times  - Apr 26, 2016
Two articles in The Times this month suggest that at least some students should consider taking a gap year after they graduate from high school before heading off to college.ť ...
Should students take a gap year or go straight to college?
KATV - Apr 25, 2016
Is going straight to college the best path for success for graduating high school seniors? A local education organization says waiting a year could increase the amount of success a student has.ť ...
Archives - Gap Year
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Wait Listed

4 Strategies to Get Off the Waitlist for Students Who Hate Waiting
TeenLife Blog  - Apr 25, 2016
I wish I could say I was a patient person, but the truth is, like everyone else in our culture of instant gratification, I want that YouTube unboxing video to load in seconds, my Chinese food to arrive 10 minutes after I order it ....

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 28, 2016
Odds and Ends at the End of College Season
May 1st is the date many colleges ask students to submit an enrollment deposit, so it’s largely seen as the end of the college application season. Since May 1st is a Sunday, it’s being extended by one day ... More

Positive Impact of School Counselors on Our Students
Huffington Post  - Apr 26, 2016
Our school district sent out a survey recently about school counselors. It asked questions about parents’ and students’ experiences with their school counselors in an effort to improve their services and systems...
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The 7 Words That Can Break A Parent’s Heart
Huffington Post  - Apr 26, 2016
When my oldest child left home for college the morning of August 29, 2013, I truly understood for the first time the emotions of my older friends who’d talked ad nauseam about the anguish they’d endured at that moment...
How To Get The Best-Possible Deal From Public Colleges
Forbes  - Apr 27, 2016
I talk to parents every week about how they are trying to get their children through college without incurring debt. It’s not easy, but many families will do whatever it takes to get a debt-free degree...
If you think these ‘elite’ summer programs will get your kid into college, guess again
Washington Post  - Apr 24, 2016
Getting into a well-regarded college is an obsession with many parents. They develop their own ideas of what admissions offices are looking for and try to “enhance” their child’s résumé by pushing them into summer programs that they believe are so prestigious that participation will give their kids a leg up on the competition....
Archives - Parents
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Mastering Math for the new SAT
NY Test Prep Examiner  - Apr 24, 2016
With the introduction of the redesigned test this year, SAT math has changed tremendously, and most students agree that it is significantly more difficult overall. Yes, the error penalty is gone and you only have to choose from four answer choices ...
Manage Time Wisely on the ACT Writing Test
US News  - Apr 25, 2016
Time management can be challenging for students taking the optional ACT writing test. Rather than asking an open-ended question or for an opinion on a particular statement, ...
Khan Academy, College Board create an SAT practice program, but impact unclear
EdSource  - Apr 21, 2016
Ten students, most of them 11th-graders striving to become the first in their families to attend college, gathered recently for an after-school program at the Boys and Girls Club in San Pedro ...
Five SAT exams were given using exact same questions and answers available online for more than a year
NY Daily News  - Apr 23, 2016
At least five times in the past three years, U.S. high school students were administered SAT tests that included questions and answers widely available online more than a year before they took the exam, a Reuters analysis shows....
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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When and How to Appeal a Financial Aid Award
NeedWallet  - Apr 26, 2016
Your latest financial aid award letter arrives, and you tear it open, eager to find out how much money you’re getting — but you’re met with disappointment.....
7 Tips for Reading College Financial Aid Letters
Parade  - Apr 22, 2016
This time last year my daughter Annie was fielding a number of college acceptance letters while her father and I were crunching the numbers as we made our way through financial aid offers. Some of them were quite generous, with one college, in essence, offering Annie a 60 percent discount. .....
Understanding college financial aid
New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio  - Apr 21, 2016
Q. I have grandchildren who will be entering college in the fall and I would like to be educated so I might be able to help them. What is the step-by-step process for applying for financial aid, asking for more aid after the initial offer and if needed, applying for loans?....
Making The Most Of College Financial Aid: 7 Tips You Should Know
Queens Tribune  - Apr 21, 2016
What do parents of toddlers and parents of high school students have in common? Both worry about paying for college. With the constantly rising costs of higher education, ...
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Career education making a comeback in US high schools
Colorado Springs Gazette - Apr 27, 2016
ANTIOCH, Calif. (AP) - There was an emergency in Room 14. Three girls injured, one with a broken thighbone and maybe something more serious. Snapping on sterile gloves and kneeling before the worst-off patient, two 17-year-olds went to work....
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How Massachusetts Became The Best State In Education
NPR.org - Apr 26, 2016
It was 1993 when Massachusetts Gov. William Weld declared: "A good education in a safe environment is the magic wand that brings opportunity." ...
Massachusetts offers tuition rebates for community college – with a catch
The Christian Science Monitor - Apr 21, 2016
Massachusetts officials have announced what they call a “first in the nation” education plan that would make college more affordable than ever before.. ...
Passing high school tests in Maryland will get increasingly difficult
Baltimore Sun - Apr 21, 2016
Over the next four years, Maryland will gradually raise the passing score on new math and English tests needed to graduate from a public high school...
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Teen Depression and Suicide

Parents of suicidal teens say they feel alone. Here are resources to help.
Washington Post - Apr 25, 2016
When I wrote about my son’s depression and suicidal ideation, I was afraid to read the comments. I expected the Internet to tell me what I still feared deep down: it was all my fault...
Study: Increased social media use linked to depression-like symptoms in teens
WKRN - Apr 26, 2016
GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT)- The more social media teenagers engage in, the more likely they are to develop depression-like symptoms, according to a new study....
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