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Big Picture

Many who pass state high school graduation tests show up to college unprepared
Hechinger Report  - Feb 18, 2016
Looking back on her junior year at Saint Agnes Academic High School in the College Point neighborhood of Queens, Viktoria Mertiri admits that trigonometry “was the death of me. I never understood it.”...
How to Help More College Students Graduate
New York Times  - Feb 21, 2016
The United States has a dropout crisis. Sixty percent of people go to college these days, but just half of the college students graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Some people earn a shorter, two-year associate’s degree...
An 'A' in Kindness? College Admissions Movement Places Less Emphasis on Tests
NBC News  - Feb 19, 2016
Reading, writing, arithmetic — and kindness? A report last month from the Harvard Graduate School of Education recommends college admissions officers de-emphasize standardized tests and AP coursework, and instead encourage applicants to volunteer and participate in their communities....
Study: When Colleges Fall in Rankings, Tuition Goes Up
Inside Higher ED  - Feb 18, 2016
When colleges move down in the rankings, they respond by raising tuition, according to a new study.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

What Really Goes on in a College Admissions Office?
TIME  - Feb 18, 2016
A former admissions officer debunks some common misconceptions and explains what applicants need to do to get into their dream schools. An early 1980s American Tourister television commercial showed a happy couple checking in at an airline counter......
Four Important Things To Consider When Choosing A College
Forbes  - Feb 18, 2016
The college admissions process goes year-round these days, but the activity and the associated stress level peaks twice a year: once in the fall, when high-school students have to decide what schools they want to apply to, and again in late winter/early spring.....
4 Things I Would've Done Differently During My College Search
Her Campus  - Feb 23, 2016
High school seniors, I salute you. As if it isn’t enough to have to worry about making the most of the little time you have left with the people you’ve spent the last four or more years with, throwing in the need to master the SAT and graduate with an impressive GPA only adds fuel to the fire.....
On college applications, the questions some say shouldn't be asked
The Christian Science Monitor  - Feb 19, 2016
They seem simple enough requests amid the many details that college applicants divulge: Check here if you’ve ever faced disciplinary action at school. Check here if you’ve been convicted of a crime.....
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Gap Year

Why Students May Not Consider Taking A 'Gap Year,' But Should
NBC News  - Feb 23, 2016
Despite barriers, from financial challenges to the stigma surrounding deferment, more and more American students are taking a "gap year" — a break between high school and college. There's no data on exactly how many students do this, but the industries they choose to participate in during their year off are experiencing growth....
How to Negotiate a Gap Year
TIME  - Feb 23, 2016
Should a graduating high school student take a gap year? What should that gap year look like? This can be a tricky negotiation for parents and their college-age students. Maybe parents are afraid their child will fool around and lose his or her way....
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How to Avoid Having Your College Acceptance Rescinded
Her Campus  - Feb 19, 2016
“Dear Pre-collegiette, Congratulations! On behalf of Awesome University…” Phew! You can breathe a sigh of relief, because you’re in. Now that you’ve gotten that acceptance letter, your future is safe, and you can finally take a break from school for the first time in 14 years.....
The Waitlist: Colleges' Safety Valve, Students' Purgatory
Forbes  - Feb 22, 2016
At this moment in the middle of winter, admission officers at four-year colleges and universities everywhere are deep into reading season. They’re combing through hundreds or thousands of applications to find students with the talents and abilities to power their campuses...
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Campus Visits/Interviews/Fairs

Make sure you make the most of the upcoming campus visits
Charlotte Observer  - Feb 22, 2016
My campus visit mantra is: “It is worth more than two hours of your time if you might spend four years of your life there.” I am a strong advocate for visiting colleges early and often....
10 questions to ask career services during campus visits
USA Today  - Feb 21, 2016
Choosing a college is never easy and the variety of published information does not make it any easier. Universities present career-related outcomes differently, making it difficult for you to draw conclusions or compare institutions. Asking critical questions navigates this landscape and enhances your decision making.....
The Four Must Dos on College Campus Visits
Pleasanton Weekly  - Feb 21, 2016
Among the most exciting parts of the college search, and certainly one of the most important, is the campus visit. There is no better way to find out if a college is the best fit for you than to register for an information session and arrange a campus tour....
5 Ways To Ace, Or Blow, Your College Interview
Forbes  - Feb 21, 2016
I recently participated in a Mock Interview Session at Millbrook School, and for months I have been interviewing applicants to Drew University. Practice is a good idea, because a lot can ride on a college interview. If one is offered—some colleges have abandoned the practice—find out if it will be Evaluative or Informational...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Feb 25, 2016
Is Early Decision Doomed?
Cracks are starting to appear in one of the oldest, and most mysterious, elements of college advising. For years, students who have found THE college they simply can’t live without have been urged to apply to that college through an Early Decision program. ... More

Editorial: Re-examine role of school counselors
The Coloradoan  - Feb 19, 2016
When a child dies of suicide, it’s heartbreaking. The deaths of four youths in Larimer County this past year — 11-year-old Ariana Cordova among them — recently became a public touch point for the still-taboo social challenge of suicide.....
Students to School Board: Please Hire More Counselors
EdWeek (registration required)  - Feb 19, 2016
Advocates for adolescents have long pressed policymakers to bolster the counseling ranks in high schools. But this week, the students themselves stepped up to demand more counseling support.....
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Hispanic, black parents see college degree as key for children’s success
Pew Research  - Feb 24, 2016
Hispanic and black parents are significantly more likely than white parents to say it’s essential that their children earn a college degree, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. ....
Transferring to another college can be bumpy. Here’s how to help your child through it.
Washington Post  - Feb 23, 2016
My husband knew early in his freshman year at the State University at Buffalo in New York that he wanted to transfer. He had a variety of reasons for wanting to leave, but 33 years later, he can clearly recall the moment that sealed the deal: ....
3 Things Parents of High Schoolers Need to Know About ‘Study Drugs’
US News  - Feb 22, 2016
The second half of the school year can be a stressful time for high schoolers with the SAT, ACT, final exams and other important academic events on the agenda....
9 Things All Parents Of College Kids Do But Hate To Admit
Huffington Post  - Feb 24, 2016
As the mother of three teenagers, I've been through a lot -- broken limbs, broken hearts, broken curfews. But nothing prepared me for the moment on the morning of Aug. 29, 2015 when I had to give a final goodbye hug to my oldest as he headed off to college....
Archives - Parents
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Don't Fall For These Five Misconceptions about the SAT and ACT
NBC News - Feb 23, 2016
Few college prep experiences cause more anxiety than the SAT and ACT tests. And the only thing that can make that anxiety worse is not knowing what's true and what's just a rumor about how your standardized test results will affect your college applications.. . ..
What students should expect on the newly redesigned SAT exam on March 5
Canada Universities Examiner - Feb 23, 2016
High school students intending to take the newly redesigned SAT exam on March 5, 2016, are facing an unknown exam, which their future depends on. Although much has been discussed and published about the College Board's changes to the exam most focuses. . ..
Obscure SAT Vocab Words Are Out, and Here’s What They’re Being Replaced With
TIME - Feb 19, 2016
Starting March 5, college-bound students will take a new version of the SAT. There’s some concern about whether students are prepared for the new exam—and probably a fair share of anxiety among the soon-to-be test takers. . ..
Karin Klein: Applying to college is now big business
Sacramento Bee - Feb 22, 2016
A college professor friend whose older daughter is at Harvard literally threw up her hands in frustration about the new PSAT, imploring me to explain it after her younger child had just received her scores. ..
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Financial Aid 101: Earlier FAFSA Provides More Time To Line Up Tuition
NPR.org  - Feb 20, 2016
High school students nationwide are filling out college financial aid forms — and it's not just seniors this year. Some changes are on the horizon to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid,..
New FAFSA timeline could result in major changes in admissions
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Feb 24, 2016
While applicant attention has been largely focused on such headline-grabbing college admissions issues as new tests, new score reports, new applications and the proliferation of portfolio development tools..
The Five Biggest Mistakes When It Comes To Financial Aid
NBCNews.com  - Feb 19, 2016
College Game Plan NBC's Olivia Sterns gives you tips to avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to financial aid..
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Career and Technical Education

Career Technical Education has transformed high school
Desert Sun - Feb 18 2016
Grant Flores didn’t take school seriously. He refers to his freshman self as a “slacked off kid," who spent more time drawing and painting than paying attention in class.....
Celebrating Career and Technical Education success
Delaware Online - Feb 18 2016
February is designated as national Career and Technical Education month, which makes it an opportune time to recognize how Delaware’s three vo-tech school districts have worked collectively to establish model tech high schools...
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Student Athletes

Recruiting Column: The 5 worst recruiting tips (of all time)
USA Today HSS - Feb 24, 2016
Once the word gets out that you want to in play your sport in college, the “experts” will come out of the woodwork. Everyone has advice on what will help you achieve your dream. For that reason, if you are looking for recruiting advice, make sure you are listening to the right people. Your Uncle Billy who knew someone..
NCAA Athletes Need Education On Long Odds Of Making Pros, Study Finds
IB Times - Feb 24, 2016
A study from the University of Texas at Dallas released Wednesday found that NCAA athletes need a better education about the long odds of playing sports professionally and the importance of academics...
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The war for tech talent escalates
Boston Globe  - Feb 19, 2016
How fierce is the competition for technical talent in Massachusetts? Software developers right out of college can command starting salaries of up to $90,000. Once in their jobs, they can get as many as 20 recruiting calls a day trying to convince them to leave for another company..
Remedial courses still common, but progress made
Delaware Online  - Feb 23, 2016
Too many Delaware students are having to take remedial classes when they get to college, and one way to change that is to encourage more kids to take tougher classes in high school, state leaders said in a report released Tuesday..
State-related college presidents push for budget deal
Phiadelphia Inquirer  - Feb 23, 2016
For eight months, Pennsylvania's four state-related universities haven't seen a dime in state funding. Collectively, Pennsylvania State University, Temple University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Lincoln University are out about $600 million...
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Teen Dating

Teen Dating Violence: Red flags and how to get help
WBAY  - Feb 23, 2016
– February is Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness month as designated by Congress. It’s a time to talk to our kids and teens about what a healthy relationship looks like and when they’re not being treated right...
Teen Dating Rules: 5 Guidelines Parents Need To Implement
Parent Herald  - Feb 22, 2016
Whether parents like it or not, the time will come when their kids will start to date. However, parents can still implement some guidelines for their teens once they start dating...
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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