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Why Elite-College Admissions Need an Overhaul
The Atlantic  - Feb 14, 2016
March madness is almost here. No, I'm not referring to the college-basketball playoffs; I'm alluding to the anxious waiting of young people and their families of word about their fate from the highly selective colleges of America ....
Getting In: Will Gaming the System Ever Go Away?
Slate  - Feb 14, 2016
Host Julie Lythcott-Haims and expert Amy Young react to the criticism that's bubbled up around the Harvard report proposing sweeping changes to college admissions. Plus, they get an update from Getting In senior August Graves who this week received a notification from a college. And Julie and Amy answer listener questions.....
Should Students Get Admission Preferences for Community Service?
Washington Monthly  - Feb 12, 2016
A January report called "Making Caring Common" sponsored by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and endorsed by dozens of researchers and enrollment management professionals made headlines for calling on students seeking to attend elite colleges to focus less on college preparatory tests and more on community service while in high school. ....
Why Is Tuition So High
Slate  - Feb 16, 2016
Higher education's critics tend to blame high prices on overpaid professors or fancy climbing walls. At public colleges, lobbyists tend to blame reductions in state support. But a new study places the blame elsewhere: the ready availability of federal student aid.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Education guide 2016: What steps are key in choosing the right college?e
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  - Feb 12, 2016
Choosing the right college is easy for some and confusing for others, but experts agree it's one of the most important decisions -- and many times the first important life decision -- students will face......
How Applications are Evaluated and Decisions are Made
Huffington Post  - Feb 17, 2016
So, just how are college applications evaluated and decisions made? Below are some of the important variables in the process. When competition is as keen as it is with highly selective colleges, many factors play a role in the admissions process, but the basic factors continue to be exceptional academics, character and personal accomplishments....
5 questions to ask any college you're considering attending
USA Today  - Feb 15, 2016
The great diversity of colleges in the U.S. and beyond means there's definitely a school that is right for you. However, this diversity can also cause some confusion, because trying to compare schools can feel like comparing apples to engines....
3 Times When Applying Late to College Makes Sense
US News  - Feb 15, 2016
Many colleges and universities in the U.S. have very strict admissions deadlines. These deadlines can make the fall of senior year a stressful time for high school students, who must navigate writing essays and requesting recommendations for both early and regular decision deadlines for multiple schools, while also taking a full load of classes and participating in extracurriculars......
The Common App answers questions about 'Account Rollover
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Feb 15, 2016
Last fall, officials from the Common Application announced that applicant accounts created during 2015-16 would roll over into 2016-17. It was assumed that the new 'Account Rollover' plan would work similar to the system by which recommender accounts already carried from one year to the next....
141,000 Freshmen Say Their Major Reason for Attending College Is...
TIME  - Feb 15, 2016
The importance that college students place on the cost of a college and getting good jobs after graduation continues to grow, according to a major annual survey released today. About 85% of freshman this year said getting a better job was a major reason for going to college, and six in 10 considered a college's ability help its graduates get good jobs .....
Video Chat Your Way Into College: How Tech Is Changing The Admissions Process  - Feb 10, 2016
Before he arrived in Omaha as a doctoral student in computer science, Jason Jie Xiong says, "I didn't even know there was a state called Nebraska.".....
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Campus Visits/Interviews/Fairs

Gearing up for campus visits
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Feb 17, 2016
It’s getting close to that time of year again—the time of year when college campuses shift gears and formally welcome a whole new crop of prospective applicants coming to check out facilities, tour grounds and otherwise feel the vibe....
College Admissions: 6 Questions You Need To Ask On College Visits
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Feb 15, 2016
With school vacations around the corner, families are packing up the car for road trips and campus tours. If you have a sophomore or junior in high school, now is the time to visit! Most families will sit obediently in information sessions soaking up what is said, but few will raise their hands and ask the tough questions....
Spring break is the perfect time for college tours
myCentralJersey  - Feb 11, 2016
High school students who want to put their spring break to good use might consider touring some colleges during their week off. This is often a perfect time for campus visits, as colleges tend to have their spring breaks in early March while high schools favor late March or early April. ....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Feb 18, 2016
We're only about a month away from the first administration of the new SAT, and it's safe to say no other upgrade has received half the attention this one has. Between College Board's groundbreaking test-prep partnership with Khan Academy... More

Exposure a key element to preparing for college
Gwinnett Daily Post  - Feb 14, 2016
SNELLVILLE — Having a student succeed beyond high school, and pursue any of a range of opportunities out there, comes down to exposure. That was the sentiment of several college representatives and an assistant principal at Brookwood High School earlier this month as the school hosted reps from 56 colleges and universities.....
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How parents ruin the college application process
Boston Globe Magazine  - Feb 9, 2016
It was a high-stakes night as 800 parents and teenagers filled every seat in the auditorium at Lexington's Cary Hall. Many came with the same hope: that the five college admissions officers sitting next to me would reveal the answer to securing a bright future. So many people showed up that a fire marshal had to turn away the overflow....
5 Ways Parents Hurt Their Kids' Chances For A Scholarship
Huffington Post  - Feb 12, 2016
With college applications submitted and decisions trickling in, most parents are now focused on the scholarship phase -- how to actually pay for things. A H/T to Tyler Hakes, marketing director of CollegeRaptor, for these tips on what some parents may be doing wrong.....
Want More Financial Aid? Get a Divorce
TIME  - Feb 12, 2016
By the time their kids are ready for college, many parents are either divorced or in the process of getting one. Just from a financial aid perspective, that can actually be to their benefit. Students whose parents are divorced—or have been separated for at least six months—will in many cases be in line for a more generous financial aid package....
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A free, personal tutor for one college admissions exam. But will it work?
Hechinger Report  - Feb 17, 2016
The regular registration deadline has already passed for students interested in taking the March sitting of the redesigned SAT, but there is still time to register late, or for one of the other SATs being held this spring. ..
Don't freak out about taking the redesigned SAT
USA Today  - Feb 12, 2016
The regular registration deadline has already passed for students interested in taking the March sitting of the redesigned SAT, but there is still time to register late, or for one of the other SATs being held this spring. ..
Lower-Than-Anticipated ACT Writing Scores Add Further Stress to Admissions Process
Education World  - Feb 12, 2016
The anxiety behind the college admissions process is heightened for some students who have received lower scores on the college admission test, the ACT, after a change in the writing portion.. ..
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How colleges award financial aid — and how to estimate yours
The Christian Science Monitor  - Feb 17, 2016
Understanding how college financial aid work is one of the most important steps to paying for your education. Here's how colleges typically calculate awards, and how to figure out how large your own aid package may be....
And the Financial Aid Award Goes to...
Huffington Post  - Feb 16, 2016
The Academy Awards are scheduled for the beginning of March, but families with students heading off to college in the fall are likely more focused on financial aid awards...
FAFSA help is here
Charlotte Observer  - Feb 14, 2016
If you've been avoiding completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), procrastinate no longer, help is here...
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Outdated Pell rules may discriminate against low-income students
Hechinger Report - Feb 16 2016
John Davis had been working as a shelf-stocker at his local grocery store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for more than a decade when he realized there was no way he would be able to help his ailing mother on his salary....
10 good jobs that don't require a degree
Seattle Times - Feb 16 2016
A four-year college is not for everyone — especially given crushing levels of student debt — but finding a good-paying job is far more difficult without a bachelor's degree...
Career School Administrators Meet for Summit
GANTdaily - Feb 17 2016
STATE COLLEGE – South Hills School of Business & Technology recently partnered with the Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators (PAPSA) to hold a special summit at the State College campus for career school administrators and other top ranking business leaders from across the state.....
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Student Athletes

Student Athletes More Likely to Thrive After College Than Non-Athletes, Survey Says
TIME - Feb 16, 2016
Former student athletes are more likely to be engaged at work, involved in their community, and driven to meet goals, according to a survey released today. And even though collegiate athletes have considerable time demands due to training and competitions,..
Recruiting Tip: Be Realistic
USA Today HSS - Feb 15, 2016
The best advice we can give any high school athlete looking to play at the next level is to be realistic about their abilities. Most high school students shouldn't have Ivy League schools on their list of colleges to consider and most high school athletes shouldn't be counting on a scholarship from an SEC or Big 12 powerhouse program...
4 Tips for Would-Be College Athletes
TIME - Feb 12, 2016
High school students who are applying to college and hoping to play a sport at the college level need to remember that colleges consider more than skill level. Grades and other extracurricular activities are important to have on your transcripts as well. High school students need to be their own advocate and seek out the NCAA and coaches ..
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Fixing Minnesota’s school counselor crunch: If not now, say advocates, then when?
MinnPost  - Feb 11, 2016
Derek Francis, the only school counselor for 320 students at Minneapolis' North High School, knows that in order to support students academically, he first needs to connect with them on a personal level. If students' basic needs aren’t met, they’re less likely to be able to focus in the classroom...
Illinois moves ahead with new testing plan, replacing ACT with SAT
Chicago Tribune  - Feb 11, 2016
It's official, according to the state: Testing giant ACT is out and the College Board's SAT is in, bringing a new college entrance exam into Illinois public high schools....
Career and technical programs focus of statewide college campaign
Star Herald  - Feb 13, 2016
Nebraska community colleges have started a campaign to accentuate the quality career and technical education programs they provide. Among these colleges is Western Nebraska Community College, where half of the students take a career and technical education course at some point.....
Illinois colleges in crisis
Politico  - Feb 11, 2016
ILLINOIS COLLEGES IN CRISIS: If the potential for layoffs, furloughs or even a full-blown shutdown didn’t have Illinois colleges worried enough, now they’re bracing for accreditation sanctions.....
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Teens Cutting

Disturbing behavior of 'self-cutting' on the rise among teens
KDVR - Feb 12, 2016
DENVER -- Self-cutting, a teen and preteen trend, is alarming and heartbreaking for parents. Family therapists said over the past 10 years, they have seen a dramatic increase in the number of kids deliberately cutting themselves to relieve stress or emotional pain....
Cutting and self-harm
Attachment Parenting Examiner  - Feb 12, 2016
As many as 46% of high school students report engaging in cutting and other forms of self-harm, yet many parents are completely blindsided to find out that their kids are taking part in this worrisome practice.....
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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