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How To Fix A Graduation Rate Of 1 In 10? Ask The Dropouts
NPR.org - May 28, 2016
On San Jose State University's lush inner-city campus, students in their graduation gowns pose with their families in front of ivy-covered buildings. They're the lucky ones. ..
Most For-Profit Students Wind Up Worse Off Than If They Had Never Enrolled in the First Place
The Atlantic - Jun 1, 2016
The for-profit college industry appears to be facing its moment of reckoning. The closing of Corinthian Colleges in April of last year, once a big player in the industry, left thousands of students in debt and without degrees. ..
How One College Increased Diversity By Focusing On Class
WGBH.org - OnCampus - May 27, 2016
Any day now, the United States Supreme Court is expected to decide on affirmative action and whether the University of Texas at Austin can consider race in admissions. Meanwhile, a small, private college in Poughkeepsie, New York ..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

On student loans, proceed with extreme caution
Boston Globe - Jun 1, 2016
They’re everywhere you turn: horror stories about student debt. Graduates in their 20s and 30s — even their 40s — buried under loan payments, unable to buy a house or start saving for retirement. According to a survey by Citizens Bank, 36 percent of millennial graduates said they would not have gone to college if they had known how much it would cost. ..
4 Ways to Bounce Back from a Subpar Junior Year of High School
US News - May 31, 2016
By most measures, the most important year of high school is junior year. It is the last full year in which students can build their application profiles and impress colleges. How well students perform in junior year classes ..
3 Helpful Advices on College Rejection You Haven't Heard Before
University Herald - May 31, 2016
By most measures, the most important year of high school is junior year. It is the last full year in which students can build their application profiles and impress colleges. How well students perform in junior year classes ..
The Four Types of Activities for College Admissions
Huffington Post - May 31, 2016
At Synocate, parents and students often ask us questions about extracurricular activities and how important they are for college admissions. We’ve developed a mental model we call the Activity Matrix to think about the different types of activities..
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Getting In Episode 9B: Summer Planning Tips for Juniors
Slate - Podcast - May 31, 2016
The old adage is true, especially when it comes to the college admissions timeline. You may wonder… “Is it really that big a deal? You pick a few schools, write a few essays and you’re done — what’s everyone getting so anxious about?” ..
7 Things You Need to Do the Summer Before College
Her Campus - May 29, 2016
While applications are now over and your decision has been made, there’s still plenty to do to prepare for college! The summer before your first semester of college is a transitional period that serves as a great chunk of time to get things done before shipping off to school. ..
Timing IS everything… get with the program this summer
College Admissions Strategies Blog - May 31, 2016
The old adage is true, especially when it comes to the college admissions timeline. You may wonder… “Is it really that big a deal? You pick a few schools, write a few essays and you’re done — what’s everyone getting so anxious about?” ..
College Admissions: 6 Last-Minute Summer Ideas for HS Students
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - May 30, 2016
Summer vacation is just around the corner, and many teens still haven’t made plans. While most teens want a job, they can be tough to find. So, here are some other ways to make the most of your summer and impress admissions officers: ..
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Gap Year

Why A Gap Year is Important Before College
TeenLife Blog - May 31, 2016
Do you yearn to be in the real world and discover life beyond a classroom? Consider a gap year before college. Whether you spend it volunteering, traveling,...
Archives - Gap Year

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Jun 2, 2016
College Access and Your Principal: An Essential Partnership
The Internet is already full of the pictures that hold a special place in the hearts of school counselors. Dressed in cap and gown and beaming ear to ear, an incredibly delighted high school graduate... More

Let guidance counselors guide
Tallahassee.com - May 30, 2016
Why do some children from poverty or stressed backgrounds struggle so hard in school and what can be done to help them succeed in life? These are the two questions that I have spent most of my adult life trying to answer and they are not idle questions....
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The Best Way to Help a Grandchild With College
New York Times - May 28, 2016
A COLLEGE education — even at a highly rated private institution — was once regarded as a relatively affordable route to lifelong prosperity, but in recent years it has become a hobbling financial burden for many families. ...
How Parents Can Avoid Crushing Student Loan Debt
Next Avenue - Jun 1, 2016
Student loan debt continues to grow rapidly, with more than $1.2 trillion outstanding. While much has been written about the impact that this debt will have on graduating students, parents are not immune from the burden. Fortunately, there are ways for them to avoid crushing student loan debt. ...
Archives - Parents
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SAT vs. ACT: College Board And ACT Locked In A Dispute Over College Testing Scores' Differences
Parent Herald - May 27, 2016
The ACT and the College Board are locked in a disagreement over the two rival college admission tests in the United States. The ACT has questioned the College Board over its interpretation on scores based on the revised SAT standard.. ..
College Connection: Why students should do the new “optional” SAT essay
MyCentralJersey.com - May 27, 2016
In re-designing the SAT, one of the biggest changes College Board made was to place the essay at the end of the test and make it “optional.” . ..
Why The SAT And ACT Should Worry About This New Anti-Common Core Alternative
Forbes - May 26, 2016
In December 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) swept through Congress, largely unopposed by leaders on both sides of the aisle. It is perhaps the only piece of legislation during Pres. Barack Obama’s time in office that appears to have pleased politicians of every persuasion. ..
Tell Your Teens To Read Forbes; This Stuff Is On The SATs
Forbes - May 31, 2016
If you’re a college-bound teen — or have one in your household — you know everyone’s buzzing about the redesign of America’s best-known college entrance exam, the SAT. ..
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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Playing the 2016 financial aid game into overtime
DC College Admissions Examiner - Jun 1, 2016
The clock continues to tick down. But wherever you are in this year’s financial aid process, there are still opportunities to play to win the financial aid game in overtime ...
Changes to the 2017-2018 FAFSA
Palo Alto Online - May 31, 2016
A recent Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) update was circulated by the College Board to college counselors, and I wanted to pass this useful information along. Your high school college counseling staff will have more details, as well as visiting FAFSA’s website. ...
What to do if you lose your financial aid
USA Today - College - May 26, 2016
When you first started college, you might have assumed that your financial aid package would be solid for the next four years. But now spring has rolled around and you’ve been blindsided: You’ve learned you’ll be getting less money next year....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Vocational Education Now More Than Ever
Education Week (registration required) - Jun 1, 2016
The case for vocational education continues to fall on deaf ears in the belief that without a bachelor's degree prospects for a gratifying and well-paying career are bleak ....
Determining a Student's Place
Inside Higher Ed - May 26, 2016
More community colleges are moving away from relying on placement exams alone to figure out whether incoming students need remediation, but establishing a substitute system can be tricky. ....
Archives - Career & Technical Education
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Student Athletes

Offbeat Sports Scholarships Offer College Cash
US News  - May 26, 2016
Often when people think of sports scholarships, they may think those awards are only available to the star quarterback or the top home run hitter. ..
Recruiting Column: 3 quotes that will change your recruiting life
USA Today HSS  - May 27, 2016
I once heard leadership described as “doing the next right thing or making the next right decision, regardless of what happened in the past.” I love that. It is such a simple idea that can literally turn anyone into a leader, right now ..
Archives - Student Athletes
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UMass targets out-of-state students with merit money
The Boston Globe - May 31, 2016
The University of Massachusetts’ flagship campus awarded $22 million in merit scholarships to out-of-state students last year, joining other public universities across the country in aggressively recruiting high-paying applicants ..
Why Is a High School in One of America's Richest Counties Still Failing?
The Atlantic - May 31, 2016
BRIDGEPORT, Conn.—The inequalities that afflict Connecticut’s largest city have been evident since 1961, when the veteran journalist Nancy Hendrick wrote a blistering column in the Bridgeport Sunday Herald. ..
To cut costs and strengthen public schools, Vermont plans massive consolidation
PBS.org - NewsHour - May 31, 2016
In Vermont, voters will decide next week whether to okay the largest public school reorganization in 125 years. A new ballot measure would merge smaller schools and do away with perks that let parents use tax dollars to send their kids to private schools ..
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Teen Drinking

The Biggest Problem in Teen Drinking: Parents
Preston Hollow People - May 27, 2016
Teens often celebrate graduation and the start of summer with parties. In an effort to maintain control, some parents may decide to provide alcohol in the safety of their own homes. But is that really the solution? ..
Online alcohol marketing linked to drinking among European teens
Reuters - May 26, 2016
(Reuters Health) - Adolescents in Europe may be just as susceptible to online alcohol marketing as their counterparts elsewhere, according to a recent study in four countries that links the ads with kids' likelihood of drinking and of binge drinking. ..
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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