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The Missing Piece in the Debate Over College Costs
The Atlantic - Jun 2, 2016
Hundreds of colleges are offering programs that simply aren’t worth the expense. And while it’s difficult for families to figure out which schools are a good deal, a new report from Third Way suggests the reality is: depressingly few.. ..
Graduation Odds of Students Who Get Fed Loans for Private College Just 55 Percent
NBC News - Jun 2, 2016
The odds that private college students who fund their educations with federal loans graduate on time are barely better than a coin flip. ..
For-Profit College Industry, in Freefall, Convenes in Florida
Huffington Post - Jun 5, 2016
Today, the troubled for-profit college industry’s troubled trade association, APSCU, begins its four-day annual convention, at the Rosen Shingle Creek resort in Orlando FL. Unlike past years, there is no big name keynote speaker, ..
Student Debt
WFAE-90.7 - May 12, 2016
It’s commencement season and graduates are throwing their caps in the air as they prepare to approach the real world. But many will do so with record amounts of debt – more than $37,000 per student on average. ..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

How colleges evaluate applicants
College Admissions Strategies - Jun 6, 2016
How do colleges make their admissions decisions? What goes on beyond those closed collegiate doors? While there’s a lot we don’t know, for the most part, the admissions process is rational. Decisions are based on two basic sets of student qualifications: objective and subjective criteria. ..
Life Lessons From the College Admissions Process
Huffington Post - Jun 6, 2016
We have arrived at many high school parents’ nightmare: five percent admission rates for colleges like Stanford and Harvard. Top public colleges like UC Berkeley and the University of Virginia are not much better either. Many frustrated parents and applicants criticize the college application process ..
College Connection: Colleges accept most applicants
MyCentralJersey - Jun 2, 2016
Not everyone is an A+ student with perfect SAT scores. Students with less than stellar grades and test scores should not think they have to “settle” as there are many extremely impressive colleges looking for students who are the right match for their programs. ..
Cappex enters the college application market
DC College Admissions Examiner - Jun 6, 2016
Cappex thinks the process of applying to college should be simpler—much simpler. In a market threatening to collapse under the weight of supplements, portfolios, questions designed to gauge interest or loyalty, fees and fee waivers, Cappex plans to introduce a college application on September 1 that will have none of that..
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Getting In Episode 9C: Tips for Athletes, Summer Essay Writing, and Our Take on Test Prep
Slate - Podcast - June 2, 2016
The podcast answers listener questions about summer essay writing and test prep for college-bound students. ..
9 Things You Didn’t Know About Orientation
Her Campus - Jun 7, 2016
You haven't been able to sleep for days, and your heart beats a little faster every time you think about it. No, not that cute guy you met a few weeks ago—college orientation, of course! ...
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Campus Visits

Use family vacation to visit prospective colleges
Tennessean  - Jun 8, 2016
When I was in high school decades ago, I never did any college visits. I was either going to attend the University of Oklahoma or Oklahoma State, and since OSU was closer, that was where I went.. ...
Tips on Nailing the College Interview
ACCIS Blog  - Jun 8, 2016
Do any of your summer college visits include an admissions interview? Don’t let your nerves get in the way! These tips will prepare you for the conversation anytime - summer, fall or winter.. ...
Archives - Visits/Interviews/Fairs
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Warming Up to the Idea of Writing Your College Essays
Huffington Post - Jun 6, 2016
Just as in sports, where you warm up before actually playing, it’s a really good idea to “warm up” before sitting down to work on your college essays. By gradually preparing your mind and body for the more vigorous activity ahead ..
Good admissions essay may mean more financial aid
Huffington Post - Jun 7, 2016
Some colleges, especially private schools, require an essay as part of their admissions process for college freshmen. That essay may also help when it comes to paying for college, according to the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority..
Archives - Essay

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Jun 9, 2016
You’re Worried About the Changes in College Admission. Your Students Aren’t, and Don’t Need to Be
It’s easy to understand why some school counselors are nervous about next year. SAT changes, a new multi-school college application, and major changes in financial aid deadlines are more than enough to concern ... More

College Admissions: 7 Things Your College Counselor Won’t Tell You
GoLocalProv College Admissions - Jun 6, 2016
Summer is a popular time for rising juniors and seniors to visit college campuses. With early action and early decision deadlines looming just around the corner, here are seven crucial things you should know about college admissions that you may not hear from your guidance counselor.....
College Counselors Spill 6 Financial Aid Secrets
Nerd Wallet - Jun 6, 2016
High school juniors, soon-to-be seniors: As you’re headed into a year of varsity letters, last hurrahs and anticipation for the new beginning that’s now just around the corner, don’t forget about college applications and financial aid forms......
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‘I will not help you hide your money when you apply for financial aid’ — and more straight talk from college admissions officers to parents
Washington Post - Jun 6, 2016
'Take a silent meditation retreat the week before the start of your child's senior year. Better yet, do this every year of high school. ...
Ways Parents and Counselors Can Help Students Earn Scholarships
US News - Jun 2, 2016
Finding and applying for scholarships while simultaneously completing high school coursework can be extremely stressful and overwhelming for the average 18 year old. Parental guidance and college counseling can not only help alleviate some of that stress ...
Why helicopter parenting doesn’t stop when kids hit college
MarketWatch - Jun 2, 2016
For many parents, successfully shepherding students from birth through age 18 and finally dropping them off at a decent college is both an accomplishment and a time to perhaps take a step back from the most intense responsibilities of child rearing. ...
Archives - Parents
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How Many SAT II Subject Tests Should You Take? College Counseling 101
Huffington Post - Jun 6, 2016
Many parents and students come to us at Synocate and ask us a few questions about SAT II subject tests. Over time, the subject tests have become increasingly important for college admissions. ..
Why The New SAT Format Could Mean The Famous College Exam Is Dying
IB Times - Jun 3, 2016
Thirty years ago, before she was a successful lawyer with her own practice in San Francisco, Eunice Chang had to take the SAT like everyone else. Armed with a practice book, she studied obscure vocabulary, solved elaborate equations and soaked up advice . ..
Students Who Benefit From Test-Optional, Test-Flexible Admissions
US News - Jun 6, 2016
In some ways, it is possible to state that the U.S. has a passion for academic testing. With a simple standardized exam, a complex human can be distilled to several numbers...
I Took The SAT. Here's What I Learned.
Forbes - Jun 5, 2016
As I write this, tens of thousands of high school students are hunched over desks, filling in little circles with number 2 pencils, laboring to complete the SAT, a test that will have an outsize impact on where they go to college ..
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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Paying for college: Six tips for navigating financial aid options
The Christian Science Monitor - Jun 6, 2016
High school juniors, soon-to-be seniors: As you’re headed into a year of varsity letters, last hurrahs and anticipation for the new beginning that’s now just around the corner, don’t forget about college applications and financial aid forms....
Gaming College Aid
New York Times - Jun 6, 2016
As the president of a private university, I am acutely aware of the financial challenges many lower- and middle-income families face in helping their child choose a college. ...
What to Do If You Lose Your Financial Aid
NerdWallet - Jun 6, 2016
When you first started college, you might have assumed that your financial aid package would be solid for the next four years. But now spring has rolled around and you’ve been blindsided: You’ve learned you’ll be getting less money next year.. ...
7 Top Financial Tips From College Gurl
Black Enterprise - Jun 6, 2016
I was delighted to meet the Howard University graduate at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit in Miami Beach, where we chatted about her work—calling, really—to educate students and families about the intricacies of paying for college without drowning in debt... ...
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

A state embraces the idea that not everyone needs to go to college
Hechinger Report - Jun 6, 2016
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Dasani Johnson, a sophomore at Southern High School, is using a machine to create a baseball bat out of a piece of foam. Standing over her, as she readies to start the machine, are her teacher and two classmates.....
The Education System Needs a Transformation. Career Technical Education Can Help
Real Clear Education - Jun 6, 2016
What if we had a potential answer to the skills gap, a way to engage students, and a method to ensure students are not only college, but also career-ready?....
Demand grows for career-oriented teachers
WBAL-TV - Jun 6, 2016
ESSEX, Md. —There is a growing demand in Baltimore County for school teachers with backgrounds in fields like engineering, construction management and business education......
Archives - Career & Technical Education
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Student Athletes

Recruiting Tip: Ask the experts
USA Today HSS  - Jun 6, 2016
Over the last several years we’ve had the opportunity to interview some of the best college coaches in the country. Their advice on the recruiting process is invaluable. Here are three of the best answers to our recruiting questions. ..
Archives - Student Athletes
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N.H. Community College System freezes tuition again
Portland Press Herald - Jun 3, 2016
CONCORD, N.H. — The Community College System of New Hampshire is freezing its tuition for the 2016-17 academic year....
Mass. Needs More College Graduates, Report Says
WBUR.org - Jun 8, 2016
More students need to earn bachelor’s degrees if Massachusetts is to meet employers’ needs, state education officials say in a report released Wednesday.....
Pennsylvania's state universities could face faculty strike in fall
Philly.com - Jun 3, 2016
Having gone nearly a year without a new contract, union faculty members at Pennsylvania's state universities are considering a possible strike this fall, a move that would be a first in the 107,000-student system's history....
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Technological Advancement And The Dawn Of The Cyber Bully
LA Technology Examiner - Jun 7, 2016
We are all aware of the alarming rate that smartphones, tablets and just about anything with a screen are becoming faster and given more features than ever before...
Sanford Horowitz: What You Need to Know about Cyber Bullying and How to Fight It
NoozHawk - Jun 5, 2016
The power of technology nowadays is undeniable. From using Yelp to quickly find a new restaurant in your area to posting pictures of your latest vacation, technology seems to know no limits...
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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