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Big Picture

Where College Admissions Went Wrong
The Atlantic  - Mar 29, 2016
"Far too many students are learning to do whatever it takes to get ahead--even if that means sacrificing individuality, health, happiness, ethical principles, and behavior."...
How college admissions has turned into something akin to "The Hunger Games'
Washington Post  - Mar 28, 2016
Anyone remotely involved in the college admissions process in the past few decades knows it has become, for too many students, high stakes and very, very high anxiety. In this piece, a college admissions counselor looks at the reality and makes a call for a new approach. ....
The Absurdity of College Admissions
The Atlantic  - Mar 28, 2016
Right about now, anxious high-school seniors around the globe are obsessively checking their mailboxes, awaiting decision letters from the U.S.'s elite colleges. For all but a tiny handful of the hundreds of thousands of teenagers who applied--pouring countless hours into agonizing over forms, editing personal essays, sitting through standardized tests,...
Which colleges are best at enrolling and graduating low-income students?
PBS.org - NewsHour  - Mar 25, 2016
For years, popular rankings of universities and colleges have been blamed for pushing universities and colleges to shift financial aid away from needy students to wealthier graduates of top private and suburban high schools who can help them raise their standings., ...
Why Is College Admissions Such a Mess?
Huffington Post  - Mar 29, 2016
In my twenty-five years of working as an independent college admissions counselor, I have never been so bombarded with requests for information and help. Students are having difficulty with many aspects of colleges admissions, ...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

10 things college applicants need to understand
USA Today  - Mar 28, 2016
Somewhere between being a high school student and being a college student, there’s the complex phase of being a college applicant. While parents and counselors may spend a great deal of time helping students make the transition, ultimately the applicant will only be successful if they understand a few key facts for themselves....
4 Ways for Out-of-State Students to Get In-State Tuition
Her Campus  - Mar 26, 2016
So you just got into this fantastic college that makes your parents sigh with relief. There's just one catch--you're an out-of-state student, and the tuition that you have to pay makes you cringe every time you look at the long line of digits. If you cry a little inside just thinking about what could've been if your parents had just picked a different state to live in, you've come to the right place...
Stunned at College Rejections
The College Solution Blog  - Mar 28, 2016
I've been getting emails from parents, who are bitter that their bright teenagers have been getting rejection letters from elite colleges and universities. What follows are two email excerpts. From a dad named Jeff:...
3 Ways to Get Into a College That Rejected You
TIME  - Mar 25, 2016
More than half of all colleges offer at least one kind of alternative admissions option for students who don't quite make the cut for regular fall admissions. But each of the three main kinds of alternatives has both advantages and drawbacks, such as potentially higher costs, as you'll see below....
College rejection a distant fear as life's lessons take hold
Chicago Tribune  - Mar 25, 2016
This is the story of a woman who feared her life was ruined when she was rejected by the college of her dreams. Her name is Ashley Bunnell, and in 2003, after getting a rejection letter from Dartmouth College, she wrote me in search of what she called "perspective."....
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Gap Year

Countdown to College: Advantages of taking a Gap Year
Charlotte Observer  - Mar 25, 2016
Taking a year off after high school or a "gap year" has become an increasingly popular and accepted decision here in the United States. In Europe, Australia and New Zealand, gap year experiences have long been considered one of many traditional ....
NBC News' Tom Costello: Taking A 'Gap Year' Before College Changed My Life
NBC News  - Mar 25, 2016
Taking time off between high school and college may not be the traditional route most students take, but for some, a "gap year" is exactly what they need to succeed...
Archives - Gap Year
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Wait Listed

Wait Listed by Your Dream College? Here Are 6 Steps to Take Now
TIME  - Mar 25, 2016
Boost your chances of getting out of the "friend zone" and into the class of 2020. When college acceptance letters are mailed out this month, tens of thousands of students will open a mixed bag.....
How to Get Off A College's Wait List
Huffingtn Post  - Mar 25, 2016
The college admissions season is coming to a quick end, and by April 1st, all students will know whether or not they got accepted to their colleges. Some students, however, receive a much more confusing, less understood decision: waitlisted....
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College Admissions: How To Keep From Choosing The Wrong College
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Mar 28, 2016
April 1 is just one week away, and most college acceptances will soon be received by anxious high school seniors. Often, students and parents have a difficult time making a decision. While a "gut feeling" based on a campus information session and tour is one good factor to consider, there is other information that needs to be considered.....
7 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Committing to a College
Teen Vogue  - Mar 26, 2016
Choosing a college is no small decision: After all, the path you take will play a huge role in not only your academic, but also your social and emotional future. But how do you even start to make such a huge choice? How do you process the countless mailed brochures, email newsletters, and social media opinions to weed out what's wrong for you and hone in on what's right? ....
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Campus Visits/Interviews/Fairs

College Prep: Making the most of your campus visit
South Salem Parenting Examiner  - Mar 28, 2016
Springtime signifies a time of new beginnings and interesting adventures. For high school juniors and seniors, it is usually the time of year to make visits to the colleges they are interested in attending. Making visits to potential colleges can be both exiting and anxiety provoking. ....
Maximizing college visits while minimizing the cost
Tyler Paper  - Mar 28, 2016
Every parent knows college is expensive. But what you might not have factored into your budget is the cost of visiting prospective schools, especially if your student has a big, or far-flung wish list. A generation or two ago, freshmen often didn't step foot on their new campus until fall orientation. ....
College Visiting Essentials
HamletHub  - Mar 28, 2016
'Tis the season to college visit and prepare for a long treacherous journey that will last until college applications are due. It's scary and exhausting. Around springtime, it is imperative that students, mostly juniors, get started with their college visits. Not only is visiting a good way to learn more about a school....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Mar 24, 2016
Bill Helps Counselors Stay on Top of College, Career Change
Many college admissions decision come out this week, and most school counselors agree, the end can’t come soon enough. We are certainly excited for the students who are receiving good news, and more than sympathetic to the students who receive other news ... More

Counselor: Financial Aid Process Burdens Low-Income Students
Nacacnet.org -- Admitted Blog - Mar 29, 2016
The process is burdensome, he notes. Worst of all, it can discourage talented students from accessing the financial support they need to attend college. One reason applying for aid is different for low-income teens? In order to qualify, America's neediest students are routinely asked to submit a supplemental form, often called an income-expense report.....
American Graduate: State Standards For School Counselors Coming
KPCC.org  - Mar 30, 2016
The Ohio Department of Education has adopted new common standards for school counselors. They require counselors to be ready to provide a range of services including academic assistance, career development, and emotional support for students.....
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Tax Tips for Parents of College Students
Huffington Post - Mar 25, 2016
Paying for higher education expenses is challenging and stressful, even for families that have done a respectable job of saving and planning ahead. The good news is that there are a number of tax benefit provisions that can help ease the burden,..
Help! My Freshman Already Wants to Transfer
TIME - Mar 24, 2016
Q. My son started college this past fall, and he's already talking about transferring. I keep thinking he just needs time to adjust to college life and the heavier academic workload (no matter where he goes). Is there any rule of thumb for how long kids should give a college before transferring?..
Squeeze the Parents: New Student Loan Goes Straight to Mom and Dad
Fortune - Mar 29, 2016
With lower rates and no fees Private student lenders and banks are starting to train their student loan offerings at one demographic who could afford rising tuition rates: parents...
Archives - Parents
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As SAT was hit by security breaches, College Board went ahead with tests that had leaked
Reuters Investigates - Mar 28, 2016
Part One: Internal documents show that the U.S. college entrance exam has been compromised in Asia far more often than acknowledged. And the newly redesigned SAT retains a key vulnerability that the test-prep industry has exploited for years.. ..
ACT, CollegeWeekLive Partner To Put Students in Touch with Admissions Officers
The Journal - Mar 28, 2016
ACT and CollegeWeekLive have partnered to integrate the latter's chat application directly with ACT Profile to allow students to chat with college admissions representatives while researching schools. ... ..
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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Let's make it easier for low-income students to apply for financial aid
The Boston Globe  - Mar 25, 2016
In just a little over a week, many colleges will be sending out their decision letters. This is generally a quiet time in the news cycle about the college admissions process. Applications are in and now all the seniors have to do is sit back and wait -- or so the narrative goes....
Three Easy Ways to Vet Financial Aid Offers
TIME  - Mar 29, 2016
Been there, done that. But the most important question should be is "what's the best-fit, no/low-debt school?" For me, this is where the rubber meets the road. This time of year, colleges send out their acceptance/denial/wait list letters along with initial financial aid offers....
How to Compare Your College Financial Aid Award Letters
TIME  - Mar 29, 2016
Discover what you'll really pay at each school on your list. Off Mortgage. If your child has been accepted by one or more schools, you've probably received letters spelling out how much aid each college is willing to give....
he Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Financial Aid Letters
TeenLife Blog  - Mar 29, 2016
Awaard season is upon us and financial aid packages are arriving. Each letter should have these key components: the full cost of attendance, grants and scholarships, loans, work study, the net amount you will pay after the financial aid is deducted, and your expected family contribution (EFC). ...
Deciphering the financial aid award
Spokane College Examiner  - Mar 23, 2016
This is the season for excited high school seniors to rip open the thick envelopes (or congratulation emails) from colleges, see they have been accepted into a college and shriek with delight. Then comes the financial aid award, and often the response is less dramatic.....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

A program that mixes academics with vocational training
MarketPlace  - Mar 10, 2016
More than 1,200 students come to the Carroll County College and Career Academy on any given day to take career classes. The school is west of Atlanta, near the Alabama border. Students here learn fields as varied as culinary arts, welding and auto mechanics....
What it takes to land a manufacturing job today
KPCC.org  - Mar 23, 2016
In Southern California, manufacturing work is becoming increasingly specialized, and industry leaders say job seekers often lack technical skills to land a job....
Archives - CTE
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Find the Right Pre-College Summer Program
US News  - Mar 25, 2016
As the college admissions process grows more competitive, many high school students are enriching their summers with pre-college summer programs ....
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It's Not Too Late for Summer Enrichment
Summer is right around the corner! It's a great time for students to discover and develop new interests, prepare for college, and explore new cultures and ideas. The good news is, it's not too late to find something meaningful for them to do this summer. Some of the best summer programs in your region still have available spots. Feel free to share this list of summer programs in the Northeast with students and parents. ....
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Tuition going up for Connecticut state college system
KSL - Mar 29, 2016
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- The cost of tuition is going up at all 17 campuses of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system. The Board of Regents for Higher Education on Tuesday approved the increases ..
PA community colleges, State System universities sign statewide "reverse transfer' agreement
Fox-43 - Mar 30, 2016
Harrisburg, Pa -- Students who began their studies at a community college in Pennsylvania before transferring to a university within Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education might already have earned enough credits to receive their first degree. ..
Budget Crisis Ends in Pennsylvania, to the Relief of Public Colleges
Chronicle of Higher Ed - Mar 24, 2016
Nearly nine months after the start of Pennsylvania's fiscal year, the state's budget deadlock came to an end on Wednesday, with Gov. Tom Wolf withdrawing a veto threat on Republican-backed legislation and public colleges and universities among the recipients of state support that breathed a sigh of relief. ..
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Teens Depression

Would you know if your teen was depressed?
Harvard Health Blog - Mar 24, 2016
Parents of teenagers, here is another post that I hope will be helpful to you. Moms and dads of teens -- and the doctors who care for these children -- know how difficult it can be to identify depression in adolescents. When is your teen simply feeling down or irritable, and when is it something more?....
Teens are using a secret language on Instagram to talk about self-harm
Fusion - Mar 30, 2016
t was over a decade ago that I sat alone in my college dorm room and cut myself for the first time. My life felt out of control. My father was dying a slow death from a terminal illness...
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